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Lil Wayne Nominated For 2011 MTV VMA’s x On Set Of Lil Twist’s “New Money” Video Shoot

Mon, Jul 25, 2011 by

Lil Wayne Nominated For 2011 MTV VMAs x On Set Of Lil Twists New Money Video Shoot

MTV recently announced the nominees for their Video Music Awards, which will air live on August 28th at 9PM EST. Weezy picked up 2 nominations for “Best Hip Hop Video” for “6 Foot, 7 Foot” and “Look At Me Now“, and 1 nomination for “Best Collaboration” for “Look At Me Now“. You can see the full list of the nominations here, and don’t forget that Tunechi‘s Tha Carter IV will be able to purchase as soon as this show ends.

In other news, we can expect to hear a Maino and Lil Wayne collaboration some time this year, and you can check out some footage of Lil Wayne and Mack Maine on the set of Lil Twist‘s “New Money” video shoot after the jump, courtesy of DG.

Haha, Tune was doing his “hustle” dance again 😛

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  • lil wayne


  • lil wayne

    and second haha

  • LilWaynefan21o

    first! from holland

  • Dennis


  • Cart3r

    5th biatch!

  • Shizzle97

    Swag !

  • Make Me

    So Wayne a skater now ay ?

  • morris

    i had this page opened FIRST but i took my time to comment …so i am THE OFFICIAL FIRST HOES

  • Nak Nak

    nigga wayne clownin with that dancin.. hahah crackin me up

  • From ANGola, Luanda, bitchies

  • Tha Carter IV tracklist is out! No lie.

  • powpowpow


  • if u not first shut da FUC* UP sayn it

  • June

    He actually has 3 hes two for best hip hop which is 67 and look at me now and best collab for lamn

  • fly DUNGAS!!!

    yo wayne and tez should drop those 7 songs that didnt make it onto sorry 4 the wait on aug 8 so nobody buys watch the throne 😀

  • fly DUNGAS!!!

    yo thats the same ass fake tracklist clown

  • damn my whiteboy drama tryna make it big

  • June

    I saw that same tracklist on vlad with the deluxe album artwork

  • powpowpow

    this website is slow…where is inkredible 3??? Who ever runs this website has to stop being is always slow postin things up

  • young stunner

    Why his simple daughter, look so busted on his ex tv show? I mean, if he really stunnin like he say. Why would u let your daughter look so fuck up? Makes no sense! Lookin like she took sum man cum

  • Fly DUngas u rite i wish watch the throne gets 400k first week H.A.M is a rilly stupid song

  • young stunner

    I’m serious, toya lookin like she took a load to her face, busted ass looking as well! Not that if he didn’t have money or fame, that anybody would pay him attention! Ugly ass dude! I mean I’m young stunner, so I’d suck him off, but I’m not gay, just a star chaser!

  • WEEZYFanForever

    Weezy acting funny and crazy at same time like always haha

    twist is dumb who has a mohawk thats an afro it only looks good on people that dont have afros

  • June

    Who has mohawks period that shit is soo 2008 and ham is good ass song stiop that hatin shit please

  • real-talk

    that wasnt the hustle dance bruh bruh

  • Tune

    @powpowpow is the incredible 3 a blend? Or is it an original verse?

  • Tristan

    Damn I remember when drama used to be rob dyrdeks house assistant and now he is working with young money. He making it big

  • powpowpow

    its a real song…not song fake ass dj blending it

  • powpowpow

    i meant…it isnt some fake as dj blending it

  • men feelin ur G6 swag

  • rattyrat
  • like our music page on facebook !!

    tryina get as big as #liltunechi

  • YM Motha Fucka

    Tune We need a Tracklist for C4!

  • The Kid

    Gonna Be Crazy I Already Know Keep Doing Ya Thang Twist YMCMB 4 Life

  • Deonte Hill
  • ma
  • man this looks like a real “Fun” video cnt w8 2 c the real thing

  • just goin thru the reviews of weezy’s i am stil music tour (since i cnt attend live a whole ocean away) but man with all those good reviews C4 gna open up BIG! inda first week.

  • did you guys know that wayne is gonna make his own clothing line? <333333333333333

  • Akilleeesssss

    so waynes a skater now?

  • Congrats! I would say im surprised to hear about it but im not. who does it better???

  • vodafon
  • Cipc
  • Converse

    Who heard about The Game wanna sign with Cash money? If you havent heard about, its posted on RR.

    Who thinks its a great idea? Bc I do

  • Fly Dungas

    aight cipic thats pretty dope

  • Micheal

    @Converse 4reat that would be dope! game and weezy my fav rapper!

  • Ogeezy210

    Wat ever happen to that bow wow n weezy song

  • charlie sheen

    cut your hair. it is not cool just because it’s different. it means you’re trying too hard.

  • MJ

    @fly dungas

    i know we all wayne fans here and want c4 to sell and be more sucsessfull than watch the throne, but damn, easy on the hate. Its a hov and ye album! i would be bumping that for 2 weeks straight till c4

  • Luiseezy F. Crazy

    @Danny M hey men this dude “the_chronic” keeps on getting me banned first he lied about me only getting banned for just one week. I just want to be able to enjoy the weezy forums that YOU created with out having an administrator cursing me out just because he can’t get banned. i respectfully reply to him but he just kept calling me a retard and fucking stupid. well i just hope you understand that all i want it was to discuss about LIL WAYNE NOT THEM!! but apparently im not allow too because 1 person decided that. I HOPE YOU CAN HELP ME GET BACK DUDE. I’LL HIT YOU UP ON FACEBOOK. THANK YOU!

  • #team TUNECHI

    so is kanye taking shots at drake and weezy?
    Sum1 reply out da and wat was drake and weezy s reaction

  • Tune(Man on the Moon)

    50 cents album won’t appear anytime

  • PIMP! dats hottt weazzy



  • MJ

    game going cashmoney after his contract expires, pain going youngmoney after his contract expires. damn lol everybody runnin over there

  • Fly Dungas

    dude I hate jay-z hes overrated to begin with and is even worse now
    he disses tupac after he is already dead
    he probably stole most of his good rhymes from big L
    he told kanye he shouldn’t rap
    jay-z is a loser and i dont give a shit how much money he has that has nothing to do with music. ill pay half price for watch the throne, on week 2. because i fuckin love ye but he shoulda slapped jay for H.A.M.

  • young stunner

    @fly d i thought i was da only 1 who thought jay z is WACK AS FUCK bt i respect him for his hustle

  • lilsandy96
  • Jordan


  • dey both crazii but my heart shall forever stay wit weezy

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  • Chenga Athumani

    Like lil wayne works,..he does good.

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