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Video: Lil Wayne & Birdman Perform “Y.U. Mad” At 2011 Sucker Free Awards

Tue, Dec 6, 2011 by

Above, you can watch Lil Wayne and Birdman perform “Y.U. Mad” live at MTV2’s 1st Annual Sucker Free Awards in South Beach, Miami at the LIV Fontainebleau. If you missed some photos from the show, then you can view them here.

After the jump, you can check out YMCMB accepting their Sucker Free award for “Crew Of The Year“!

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  • Jayboss

    1st but can’t see the video

  • tim yungsun

    first comment :DDD

  • I don’t wanna say 1st. “Crew of the year” go YMCMB

  • weezy F and The F is For A Bunch Of Shit

    Weezy is a beast to say the least…YMCMB C5(:

  • chal

    there is nobody like this guy right here. W4L!

  • Can’t see the fuckin video:(..
    But its grt to knw dat YMCMB is Crew Of The Year!:D
    Weezyy the best!!


    Why I can’t see the video?


    Maybe cause I live in Paris?!

  • can’t see the video fuck mtv !!!!!!!!!!!

  • William Wayne

    try to put another version of video danny boy everytime you do that and you know people out of U.S can’t see that

    • I’m trying to upload these videos on YouTube, but they keep getting took down for copyright 🙁

  • blackgurl

    love weezy all day u dig

  • Aldo

    weezy the boss

  • eu

    FUCK MTV! I can’t see the videos cause I’m not from USA.

  • guest

    danny could you kindly upload a youtube rip of the video ?

  • wayne needs to make she will video… no video from CIV wtf… wayne suck 4 that

  • @Danny M. Any word on when we can expect that “She Will” Or “Mirror” Video’s?


    @Dillon wayne shoot already the mirror video

  • Fool

    Is this dude wayne outta his mind like really how gay can he get leapord skin kapris captain crinch hat a fanny pack and some dam red gay ass snow boots wassup with this dude its bad enough his lyrics are gettin shitty

  • Jojo

    Dude got on leapord skin shorts smh somethin wrong

  • James

    @FUCKEMINEM correct english please are u slow my guy

  • twistedfuk

    Haters gonna Hate…
    worry about getting yourself straight…
    not what what Lil Wayne’s wearing…
    his clothes are paid for…

    Maybe he should wear jeans two sizes to big,
    with his boxers showing… very original

  • Junie

    Lmaooooo dont that hat look like the captain crunch hat


    @James why u start again


    kanye west wears leather skirt with skinny jeans &peform in chicago haha faggot

  • James

    How do u know he shot the video yo retarded ass aint no A&R rep for cash money fuck do u know u just as clueless as everyone on here

  • James

    You call kanye a fag but he doesnt kiss men on the mouth he doesnt wear womens pants he fucked plenty of models including fine ass amber rose so what u talkin bout wayne enjoys kissin his so called daddy birdman he says shit like im the only one he kiss thats some gay shit

  • MAX B

    @james i remember when i saw an episode of 106 when free asked baby how do u kiss girls with them diamonds in your teeth and waynes gay ass says im the only one he kisses and they kissed for like 10 seconds now i know wayne aint gay but he dam sure aint straight lol

  • Devontae

    james you need to stfu cuz you know good and well that Tunechi is the best rapper alive and gets plenty pussy!! you on lilwaynehq cuz you must me some type of fan so stop fakin bruh.!!

  • Devontae

    i dont believe that @MAX B

  • Devontae

    AND @JAMES kanye do wear skinny jeans, stupid ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MAX B

    @devontae my dude its on you tube type up wayne kisses birdman on 106 and park plus i saw the dam thing on tv i wouldnt make that shit up u probably wanna kiss him


    @james your moma should slap you fuckin head retarded child get some friends.

  • junie

    @devpntae it is true nigga and they kissed on rap city but that 106 and park shit made it clear that wayne and baby do things to each other on the low lol

  • U know wat they say Wayne, haters make us famous.


    ppl dont get life i being a dickrider as a hater smh u dick on your fav rapper like gay-z & gayfish. gayz black album is against jesus!! go youtube “jay-z illuminati”
    you will find it

  • Junie

    @FUCKEMINEM shut yo wierd ass up you must get a check every month or something

  • Olivia Forston

    @MAXB i just saw the video smh wayne just lost a fan

  • CeeJ

    Wayne aint gay hes just attracted to one man and thats birdman


    @Junie james&junie are the same faggots

  • Junie

    i want come big black balls deep in my pussy 😀

  • Junie

    Got niggas usin my name and shit pretending its me lol grow up dont get mad cuz wayne is confused with his sexual preference

  • Junie

    jay-z is my secret lover ;(

  • CeeJ

    Lil wayne is bisexual people

  • CeeJ

    jay-z has a vagina & beyonce a white penis

  • Junie

    @FUCKEMINEM u really are slow my nigga i can see that thats u because of ur gravatar lmao u dumb fuck grow up and get a brain dumb nigga


    can someone give me a reason why ppl still come to this site although they hate him whatever he does smh. i bet you have no reason why u still on his site

  • CeeJ

    @Fuckeminem really dude i can see that your using the same gravatar like how old are you 10

  • James

    @FUCKEMINEM U really dont get out much do u lol fuckin pathetic ass nigga

  • James

    @devontae i said womens jeans dickhead ass nigga

  • william



    lol u faggot on my nuts fuck off this site if dont like this

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  • James

    Dude above me needs help lol foreal

  • James

    Not ghost theater though


  • Tune

    To everyone who keeps saying make c4 videos he did 6’7, John, how to love, and now mirror so that 4 videos it’s time to move on from c4

  • junie

    C4 is garbage anyway i wanna see some take care videos

  • who the fuck wants 2 see mirror video all we goin 2 see is wayne tryin 2 cry… she will is what we fucking want… To tha stupid fuckz chatin and talking shit go 2 twitter they give a fuck over der


  • Alex

    yo Danny M. when does ‘the motto’ music video drop?

  • Hanbarn

    I’m a real nigga, stand still nigga!!, if you think wayne went hard in inkredible then say ‘hanbarn’

  • let me set this straight everytime we ask a hater on here why are they still on here they try to change the subject plz tell us why are you here if you dont know then your seriously screwed up in the head because so many of these artist have haters but dang you guys take it to the exetreme and it makes you guys hating dickriders . TELL ME HOW DOES LIL WAYNE WEARING WHAT HE WANTS AFFECT YOUR LIFE IN ANYWAY EXACTLY BEFORE YOU TALK SHIT SHUT YO FUCKIN MOUTHS AND GET THE FUCK OFF THIS WEBSITE

  • Wonder wat hiphop would have looked like without Wayne, men it’ll be as shitty as fuck.

  • To those dudes saying Kanye ain’t a faggot please, I remember Kanye was the one who went on national Television and cries his ass out when he was asked what happen at the MTV Music Video awards a couple of years back. If that’s not a faggot then I don’t know what is…

  • hi everybody !!
    dis is my 6’7′ version 🙂

    hop u enjoy it & (my English) because i’am from Morocco
    Weezy the Best in dis era 🙂

  • I finally get why most of ya’ll haters hate Wayne because his able his a guy get away with it and then turn around and steal your bitch. Ya’ll haters gotta stop being so petty.

  • ogeezy!


  • Mj

    First he scraps the drake colab album, now he scraps the t-Wayne album?

  • mr boston

    man yall crazy as hell fussing ova a fucking rapper if u a fan just stay a fucking fan yall getting mad when ppl opinions ain’t the same as yall’s calling them haters and shit wayne say he not worried bout haters so why the fuck is yall goddam ppl can say wut the fuck they wanna say it’s obvious we all fans cause we up here some ppl just don’t like the shit he on rite now and the other half like everything he fucking do so one a hater and the other a dickrider to yall smfh grow the fuck up carter 2 was fucking hot and c4 was fucking wack so im not a fan no more cause i said that?? he kissed a grown ass man in the mouth 3 times, he wear not just skinny but female style jeans with a fanny pack and i hate him skateboarding am i not a fan for saying that too??? fuck what some of yall think i been a fan of wayne and i still am but if yall don’t like one of my comments to something I don’t like ima hater or a fake fan the man getting money and entertaining he not a fucking GOD some of yall need to stop catching feelings all the fucking time

  • Smh

    WTF!!! LIL wayne decides to get a vasectomy so he wouldnt father anymore children… i am no longer a fan!!

  • Put it on Vimeo or another video site, YT sucks now…
    THX for the help

  • Hunter

    its called…drop some music wayne.

  • Goku with a little Naruto = Nerd

    @smh i hope thats not true . If so that would be gay as hell.Lil wayne need some weed so he can think straight

  • i love lil wayne sooooo much i was just playing he is not gay he has 4 kids by some of the most beauitful women n the world

  • @junie u pussy even tho thatz not u lol but u still a bitch & “nigga u gay” (riley voice)

  • ym

    @ mr boston u talking hella shit bout lil wayne but u always on his seeing what he is doing thats crazy how u doing that

  • damn its crazy how niggas could get on some 1 fan page where fans come in seen what there fav rapper is doin then the haters come on n talk shit but they hella falke bcause they say they wont b fans no moe bcause what he wearing or bcause u haters say he music aint good no more but i bet yall gone b on his fan page seeing what he doing

  • mr boston

    @ym because ima fan asshole r u slow or something u shoulda really read wut i was saying i was making points why some ppl not haters if they saying true facts ppl getting mad at other ppl opinions up here and i don’t they can say wuteva the fuck they want and so can i goddam i like most of wayne shit but if i don’t like him kissing baby and dressing homo dats just how the fuck i feel dats still my dude tho get yo shit straight before u scream my name

  • junie

    im gay i just love coming on this site to suck other peoples cock. please forgive me guys…i looooove cock

  • congrats ymcmb 🙂 weezy is the best 🙂

  • Keepin it real

    #1 why post this like we didn’t know. And when I started using this website you had some exclusive shit but now it seems like the same garbadge as everyone else. Weezy whuts good with a video for carter4 yur kinda waiting to long . Ymcmb crew of the year what was the competition again

  • ym

    @ mr boston bra shut the fuck you wasnt making no damn points about shit the only point u had was the way how he is dressing now but who gives a fuck every rap rapper wearing skinny jeans get with the times aint no rich nigga wearing baggy clothes n bra about wayne kissing baby you cant believe everything u see on you tube or the internet

  • Topher86

    GUYS I MAKE THIS A SERIOUS POINT. I THINK DANNY SHOULD PUT HERE A PART OF CHATTING, what do you think? this comment thing is not enough for the fans of a BEAST like Weezy, We have things to put across, we can complain, debate, post proof ourselves like photos and some music or clips from videos or documentaries and even from interviews, if U r with me, keep on the demand too!!!!!!!!!!


    tygas careless world drop on 24 january 2012.


    wayne should works in the future with lex luger or alex da kid for IANAHB II

  • The motto remix video drops Dec 10!!!!! Are u ready guys 🙂

  • Junie

    can someone give me a fat dick 😀

  • gerald

    c’mon wayne snap out of it already!!!…go back to your old self


    tyga peforms still got it. tyga is ready for the YM war with cock nation fuck gay-z suck balls.

  • LilMama :)

    Lil Wayne i Love You Baby! 🙂
    Hater’5 Are Gone Hate 100’d But Juss Know You Did Yoo Thang Out There On Da 5uckerFreeAwads , And Fuck All Des Lame A55 People!:)


  • LilMama :)

    &&& Juss Know i’m Your Bigge5t Fan Fashoo,<3

  • What happened to the ICFMF album? Or YM album??!
    Wayne you’re slacking 🙁

  • Ldub

    Tha.block is hot
    Og shit none of u kids know that


    @Ldub sure i got the album

  • Lil Wayne’s tweet about his Concert in Cape Town South Africa: “@LilTunechi: Cape town was the best show in years! Missing my 4 munchkins tho” Go Cape Town!!!

  • If I’m correct the “Tha Block Is Hot” the title track was voted by VH1 in the Top 100 best Hip Hop tracks. Weezy the best!

  • @ldub child plz I know all of lil Wayne album even doe I been a fan seen 2004

  • Nina ♥

    fuck you hate on wayne for like rele have no lives
    commentinq on a video to hate yeahhhhh umm ur cool . . . Not
    no one cares about your oppinon you think he is nahh i dout it he prob like
    they haten again dammm . . . . . . . . fuck ummmmm 😀 hahahahahaa

    Im Lil Waynes Number 1 Fann


  • kybanga

    y da fuck cnt i c 🙁