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Video: Lil Wayne & Eminem Perform “No Love” In Sydney, Australia x More

Sat, Dec 3, 2011 by

Lil Wayne and Eminem performed one of my favorite songs of all time, “No Love“, live together on December 2nd in Sydney, Australia at the Sydney Football Stadium, which you can watch above. You can also watch footage of Tunechi performing some of his other tracks live in Sydney after the jump below! This was Weezy‘s last stop on tour in Australia, but he will next be performing in Cape Town, South Africa at the Bellville Velodrome on December 7th.

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”

Lil Wayne performs “Right Above It”

Lil Wayne performs “Got Money” with Mack Maine

Lil Wayne performs “She Will”

Lil Wayne performs “Mr. Carter”

Lil Wayne performs “Blunt Blowin'”

Lil Wayne performs “Lollipop” with Shanell and “How To Love”

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  • 1st!!!!!!! Niggaz lil wayne is a living legend!!!!!!

  • drek

    being first proves you have no life lol

  • @drek well actually mother fucker i do have a life im at wrk makin money and just got bored so stfu pussy and ill b ova there later to nut on your mom tities!!!!!!! B)

  • Weezyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!!!

  • LIkeMe


  • junie

    EMENIM is one of the greatest musicians of all time straight up

  • live

    @Junie agreed 100 percent homie

  • Brendan74

    Best night ever em an weezy were soooo good!

  • GC

    @Junie. I agree

  • WEEZY is the king of hip hop he is in the throne us YMCMB we winning we the best we the business we # 1

  • @Danny M
    What about I Can Feel My Face ?

  • ton56
  • lilo

    that concert would have been crazy!
    like him or not, eminem is extremely good at what he does.
    they perform well together. 🙂

  • lol

    eminem has zero stage pressence.

    both of them are wack now anyways.

    eminem hasnt been good since the eminem show
    Wayne hasn’t been good since the carter 3

  • Tune:|

    I tink there’s sum beef goin on around this two, wayne said in No love: throw dirt on me and grow wild flower; but its fuck the world get a child out her’…EM says in nt afraid: 4get the earth he’s gat to pull is dick from the dirt nd fuck the whole universe….another example of the beefier evidence is ”Bitches try to kick me while am down i’ll break ur leg. In cinderella man, EM says: its a rap i was down i was kicked i got up i’m bout to punch ya to the ground ya trickd, its a trap… In forever wayne says: let the king talk, check the price nd pay attention…. EM in nt afraid: you said u was king u lied tru your teeth, so far that fuck ur feelings instead gettin crownd u gettin capped……..What Y’all Think Bout This ??

  • scooty_mofo

    wayne a beast

  • sean

    haha wayne opened mid day!

  • sean

    what i think about it is EM has wayne opening for him. wonder who won that battle.

  • damn this is awesome ymcmb 🙂

  • georgiaboy87

    @junie em is only a rapper & thats all he knows how to do (yes he is good at it) dont be saying he’s one of the greatest musicians because they can do more than one thing like rap, rock, sing, r&b etc also they can play instruments

  • Y U MAD

    You keep hating on Lil Wayne but The rapper you all put faith in all admitted and confessed way back, whats wrong with you people.. just admit it:


    Talk To Myself- “I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne, It’s like I was jealous of him, cause the attention he was gettin’, I felt horrible about myself, He was spittin and I wasn’t”

    Jay Z

    Mr Carter- Young Carter, go farther,Go further, go harder, Is that not why we came? And if not, then why bother?……I took so much change from this rap game, It’s your go!


    Carter 4 outro-A monster nigga, and I don’t really like doing songs with niggas
    There go my nigga Wayne, let them niggas hate

    So what more do you want!!!!!!!!

  • @yumad i agree with u 100 percent dude…keep it up wit those facts

  • Wayne head

    @ y U Mad true.. 2012 = Waynes year

  • waynefan

    @Y U MAD ….can you give a link of that


    Talk To Myself- “I almost made a song dissin Lil Wayne, It’s like I was jealous of him, cause the attention he was gettin’, I felt horrible about myself, He was spittin and I wasn’t”

    Jay Z

    Mr Carter- Young Carter, go farther,Go further, go harder, Is that not why we came? And if not, then why bother?……I took so much change from this rap game, It’s your go!


    Carter 4 outro-A monster nigga, and I don’t really like doing songs with niggas
    There go my nigga Wayne, let them niggas hate””””

  • waynefan


  • Most-Shady

    That girl in the she Will performance video is hot!!!..she For Sure Pop it For A Real Nigga.I Guess She Did Yes She Did…lol

  • @lol I agree with you. Eminem never had stage presence, from when he bacame a professional rapper. @junie Eminem a great “Musician” uhm that’s a stretch dude sorry but all he can do is rap (one of the best to ever do it I’ll admit) but his far from a musician. A musician can do more than one thing in the music industry , you can say Lil Wayne is a musician and get away with it because his able to do more than one thing (lol Eminem is a one-trick-ponny). And to the rest of ya’ll that doubt Wayne just look at @Y U Mad’s post that tell you the story of the respect wayne gets from 3 (even tho I don’t like jay-z I have to add him) of the greatest rappers to ever do it.

  • all gay and support men who kisses birdman

    Yall nigga gay. Yall ridindg lil wayne like he is feeding yall family. I know he is az good rapper but shouldnt it be obvious that he dont need yall to remind him. Yall gay. If you not a girl posting the comments up here and you bragging about another nigga you should look in the mirror and ask your self are you 10 years old or gay. Not to mention the carter 4 suck compared to the c3 and c4 and that he wnet hollywood sense c2.But how can i juge a nigga who claim to be a thug and kiss another man and called him his his daddy and by the way wearing tight pants in the blood game is a vilation

  • Wiz Khalifa aka not really

    Y U Mad.LOL. And just for the record i agree with guys posting comment that is all over websites like this period but some peoplw are just fans showing love.So i guess we can all agree not to go over board like some niggas do and bieng first do mean u have no life nigga.How u like them apples?!!! And tight pants is a vilation in blood gangs in different areas and he is a skateborder now and rich so i dont think they care to much

  • FuckEminem

    Eminem is Lip SYNC ….Fake Ass


    lol faggots here

  • Andrea 3000- i don’t save hiphop, people like Lilwayne does. Jayz- Wayne’s a very talented rapper. Eminem- Wayne’s one of d greatest rapper in d motherfucking rap game. Drake-I fear Wayne’s cretivity Lloyd-Wayne’s shit is out of dis World Kanye west- bow down in d presence of rap genius like Wayne….Big rap artist like dis got much respect 4 Wayne while bitch ass niggas like junie nd d rest of dem haters be talking shit on Lilwaynehq.


    @F.E.M junie want some dicks from roc nation

  • @fuckeminem (Point of correction)it’s cock nation, nt roc nation anymore ha ha. Junie wan’t some dick 4rm cock nation.

  • junie

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  • quan



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  • @quan your fack ass makes as if you never kissed your father bitch please, all ya’ll kissed you daddy already, kissing your father is a sign of great respect, so just stfu wit that shit dude (lol your dad probably come to tuck you in at night with a lil kiss). and that whole jay-z verse wayne has tatted on his leg well you can put that down to wayne just looking up to jay-z no matter how much most of us hate jay-z his been instromental in the rap game (must admit).

  • @junie & quan. U cunt faced nigga aint got shit on Wayne, u can go ahead nd finger ur pussies at d sight of Gay-z picture 4 all i care, yall bitch made boys.

  • quan

    my pops kiss me but not on my godam mouth shit and that aint even waynes real dad waynes confused with his sexual preference i saw an episode of 106 a long time ago when free asked baby how do u kiss with them diamonds in ur teeth and waynes gay ass says im the only one he kiss i mean if that aint the gayest thing in the world to say then idk what is and shit they probably fuck on the low for all we know and as far as the jay z thing as great as he is and he is great i will never get his verse tatted on me its bad enough he put the verse on mr carter and wack ass megaman

  • jermain

    Dillon FUCKEMINEM and F.E.M dam yal dudes ride waynes dick super hard i mean dam imma fan but yall niggas sound like some groupies god yal act like yal related to wayne or somethin dam grow the fuck up take his dick out your mouth


    @jermain yall say @junie quan & you jermain yall get no life but u have time to insult wayne although u never know anything in his person life

  • jermain

    lol what nigga are u mental reatarted or something fuck you talkin about

  • Swagg

    All the real Wayne fans kno his swag and lyrics been off…. The nigga says all about my riches my name should be Richard cmon Mann.. I didn’t want to admit at first but he don fell of a lil but Waite till he smoke weed agin and drink that lean he’s ganna be back on top where he belongs shittin on gay z and cock nation so u haters just Waite till 2013 when Wayne get off probation

  • Ms Weezy

    Whats this rumour going around about Wayne and Dhea being married!? Damn I hope NOT!!! He my boo!!!!

  • @jamaine fuck wat u think of me, dis fuck boy called me a dickrider but i sure get more pussies than u, faggot ass bitch.

  • I love the footage! Does anyone know if their coming to Philly, Philadelphia?

  • To Swagg come on now you know he down wit Aloha 🙂

  • @FUCKEMINEM im sorry man i really am a huge wayne fan im just so jealous that everyone is too cuz i wanna b the only wayne fan on here cuz i secretly wannabe waynes slut and his only so everyone stop commenting cuz only i want to do it I LOVE YOU WEEZY F AND I ALWAYS WILL 🙂

  • #1111111111111 0r last

    If u get offended when some one talk about lil wayne and your not related or havent even met the nigga plus your a guy chances are your a dick rider.Just like F.E.M. Because 9 out 10 lil wayne havent gave him a penny out of 100 million dollars he says he has and why yall dissing other rappers like jay and eminem because chances are if they offered you money youll take.They need to change lil wayne hq from #1 souce to find lil wayne updates to #1 source to run into a dick rider.Reply of you wanna because i couldnt care less about the comment and you internet gangstas.

  • junie

    Wassup with these no life having ass niggas like u really have no life if u prentendin to be somebody on a fansite like grow up nigga get some pussy or somethin

  • @junie stfu pussy u aint nuffin but a stoopid wayne hatin bitch and dont got nothn else to do but to but put your 2 cents into everything, but hey ur gonna continue to put your comments so what can i say smh guess sum ppl gotta b virgins 4eva and b gay hatin bitches…on another not this is a wayne fansite so of course niggas goin to give him praise so everybody stop saying everyone is dickriding cause once again THIS IS A LIL WAYNE FANSITE!!

  • Aden

    Weezy played a show last night on the 4th in sydney again with eminem i was there, i only went to see weezy! get him back to do his own tour <3

  • @11 11 11 or The last nd Junie. Fuck yall nd er’thing u’all represent, u guys can go ahead nd eat a big dick. Niggas like u die young, nd they die wit a big dick stucked in their ass.

  • bethany

    damn!!! so wana go to his performance in belville, i live soo close just cant go, i feel so crap now!!:(

  • dreadrastanig

    The original CeeJ mufucker is back! Gotta give it to em. To me, he owns the rap “game”. And said he isn’t a tru musician bitch he has numerous platinum albums and was the main character of his own movie, who gives a piss if he can’t play the airguitar.

  • steph

    dwayne michael carter jr aka lil wayne the best rapper alive!
    The show was amazing, wish i was there!
    love u wayne!:-D<3

  • Leah

    seeing Lil Wayne & Eminem on stage together gives me the chills! I love them both! I used to be so obsessed with Em, I still love him, but Weezy is definitely my favorite =)

  • ronie

    damn weezy sick… europe waitin for wayne

  • damn @y u mad u fucking right. keep up those fact about my nigga wayne rolling in. damn i would love a mixtape or full album collabo of weezy and em, together

  • Fatima

    i love how eminem was wearing black and wayne was wearing white (No Love vid)

  • donutesh

    Weezy the king. Stop frontin. relevant to current life. he pushin fo beda tomoro. success his been blessed to hold it without doubts bout it.

    Yung Moola baby.