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Lil Wayne Will Release A Book This Year About His Time In Prison

Thu, Jan 12, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Will Release A Book This Year About His Time In Prison

On November 28th this year, Lil Wayne will release a memoir titled “Gone Till November” through Grand Central Publishing (a division of Hachette Book Group). The book will detail Weezy‘s experience in jail and show the diaries that Wayne wrote while locked up behind bars in 2010 for 8 months. Also included in the journals will be Tune‘s thoughts and feelings, the people he met, his plans, his family, his children, his past and his future.

“We are thrilled to be publishing Wayne’s prison memoir,” said Ben Greenberg, executive editor at Grand Central Publishing. “He kept detailed journals of his inner and outer life while he was on Rikers Island, and they certainly tell a story. They are revealing.”

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  • BDL


  • youngmealticket

    fuck a book release a mixtape

  • WeezyFbaybe

    will this book be released in the uk?? 😀

  • tunechick

    Fuck yea, cant wait to get the book! go Weezy!!

  • Agatha

    To book was translated into Polish. !!!

  • Interesting. I’D Like 2 Read it. I support Wayne. WHATEVA HE DO.


    im going to buy it

  • joyce wann

    Congrates look forward to reading it..

  • d-boy

    I really love wayne , but I dont give a fuck .

  • D book gon be wack bliv me…Dwayne Carter rules though

  • Hell yeahhh, this gonna be my very first book i like, i mean shit i dont read at ALL!! so this gonna be my first. I Dont Usaully Read But Wayne This Gonna Make Mi Read.

  • Neezy

    weezy is growin to be legend .he’ll be bigger than pac ….and fuck lil wayne’s fans since 2008 (lollipop fans) and shout out to “tha drought 3” fans .ohh yeahh bloood till i die

  • Tommy

    what is he gonna say about it? that they didn’t allow him to listen to his mp3?

  • Ed

    Way you say that Men.His a Fucknin Allround Talent no a Giniuos fuck men ya now.

  • MaRTiaN

    Fuck a book release a mixtape

  • Angolan Ymcmb fan… Young Pereira Mula

    Weezy on top! Can’t wait for that book and to make me happier drop with a mixtape above

  • As a Law student I’m encouraged to Read so yeah I’ll try and cop a copy of that book, what would be even better is just before the book the should release a Mixtape base on the dairies he kept. (Or even a full Album) YMCMB!!!!

  • I lov wat weezy doooo

  • Weezi anifin ‎​U̶̲̥̅̊‎​ do we wan it gooooo on YMCMB

  • WeezyFanPoland

    Cool, sounds interesting. Gonna get my copy definitely 🙂

  • Sanity_Kills

    I’ll bet my shoes it doesn’t come out til 2013 and we get “Sorry 5 Tha Wait: Tha Preface”

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  • spacejamjordans

    This is what the Carter IV should have been based on, just like C3 was based on hurricane Katrina. This could be a great book if they do it right, but I imagine it will get pushed back 10 times and then won’t live up to its potential

  • i cant wait for the book to come out. i will defiantly be buying it. porbabaly pre-order from amazon.


  • fuck niggers

    why release a book? niggers don’t read. shit they can’t even form a proper sentence without using the words “dat, dey, wat, or wRiTe LiKe ThIs.” pointless to write a book unless he only wants asians and white people to read it.

  • Birdman jwz

    Let tha nigga do his thing, he gonna make a lot of money with that book

    cash money young money bissenus

  • Young Money

    Weezy use to tell his stories thur his raps:( I with dude up top, release a mixtape not a book…..

  • Real Nigga Doe

    Fuck a book release a mixtape

  • youngmealticket

    god damn everyone stealing my swag

  • youngmealticket

    young money so true mane

  • I Love Wayne

    I can’t wait to read it but I can’t help but to wonder why Wayne didn’t publish it under the book publishing division of Cash Money that wouldve been good for them.

  • So thrilled to hear this! I am very excited and intrested to read his thoughts on what happened. I want his prespective.

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    hahah hell yeah, wait till they start hustlin books. its gonna be 5 years before he even starts writing it haha

  • Its CeeJ motha fucka

    he’s mad he couldnt get in a movie. maybe someone will make a movie of his book.

  • exavon

    i have to get in im the biggest wayne fan ever nd who ever thinks they r add me on facebook name is ( tunechi alexander dumas ) nd inbox me thx

  • fuck em all

    this dude @DILLION talking bout he a fucking law student and i see him up here every fucking post talking un educated as hell why niggaz come up here lying bout shit when c4 dropped u was saying u was blazing up listening to it a weed smoking law student REALLY??? maybe u should watch what u say in yo comments and i remember all the dick riders comments well u went from weed smoking real nigga to a law student overnight lmfao u been exposed with yo lying ass

  • Dougie
  • Jonas

    This will be very intersting

    YMCMB 4 life !!


  • Mycol Joe

    Impressive Wayne, thanks for remaining my inspiration. You inspire me to work hard, and ima work hard to attain my Chartered Accounting Degree, you are the man!!!!

  • phuQ this

    0n the ril th0 I’m s0 phuqen tireD of goin on lilwayneHq anD hearing about shitt dat has nothin 2 do with lil waynes music th0ugh,like shitt about him sk8in,da sports corner shitt…phuq it he’s my favorite rapper and all bt I’m startin 2 dislike dis nigga #riltalk

  • ymsalute

    Wow!weezy is doing everythng bt music ryt nw,a clothing line i can respect a book 2 bt nt about his tym in prison.F**k tht do a book abt ur whle life,tht book would b ur legacy nd I’m sure it well sell.Mixtape??sory 4 da wait ws aight bt we would all lyk 2 c Mixtape Weezy again 4 da last tym n IANAHB2??

  • fuck_ya

    stfu if hes writing a book he probs already has songs and will make more on jail. if you have a book it means your better than everyone pretty much. weezy dont want to be remembered as some dumb kid who for the most talked mainly money, pussy, weed with the odd fucken master peice inbetween. weezy is a god, he fucken called it. 20 years down the track weezy will still be getting spun at clubs. bookmark that ma fuckers


  • fuck idiots everyone should know how it feels to be in the prison .stupid kids 8 months in jail is awful

  • tinaphooo

    The best book I will read! This year!

  • lil kunechi

    Dat books gonna be dope…gettin it for sure…fuckin waitin for a mixtape YMCMB!!!

  • Mj

    Birdman: this gon be the best book ever written. We bout to do 5 mill first week

  • yeah i hope he will drop a mixtape or an album
    i dont give a fuck about the book!!!


  • #realtalk
  • Well well well wud u luk at tht! I thot this nigga said he dnt ryt# remembr on nino brwn? “I jst wrote a book 2” othr guy says oh yeah wats it calld? Hez lyk “I’m jst playn, gt no tym 4 no sh#t lyk tht”…oh well I’m still a fan though#weezyfbabyallday

  • Bassel Hazimeh

    lil tunechi till the world ends1

  • toηy_moηταηα

    Ok wait,wayne saiD he’s gonna retire at 35 and that’s like 5yrs from now,why didn’t he jst wait till then and write a book about his whole career including his time in jail and stuff…I’m jst sayin,dat was gonna mke more sense…!

  • colins

    If you wasn’t so busy bitching about him not doing what you want him to do, you would of noticed that it is made up of journals that he wrote inside so your nino brown 2 quote is irrelevant.

  • Don Ibrowayne @nigeria

    It gon be a nice book !! Am yo no1 fan 4rm Nigeria !!

  • waynesofficialgirl

    I love tunechi and I bet the book will be awesome!! It will lots of quotes… Wayne u rock!

  • waynesofficialgirl

    I love tunechi and I bet the book will be awesome!! It will have lots of quotes… Wayne u rock!

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lmfao he’s trying to suck every dollar out of you stans when I said c4 should’ve had more emotion and subject instead of recycled punchlines corny one too I was called a hater man c4 should’ve been about jail just imagine that he actually put more thought into c4 and in between verse on at the ending of songs read parts of his journal or turn his journals into verses imagine how dope that would’ve been shit would’ve been a classic made it sound like it was hell and he was going crazy if he put more thought into songs like abortion and president Carter abortion was a good beat to make it sound like he was losing it in jail but no instead he bitched us real fans you stans would settle for anything if Wayne just groaned for 3 minutes that’s enough to please you stans I can’t believe he turning it into a book like you was in jail for 8 months now 8 years how interesting is that book going to be on top of that you was in pc

  • Yeah I will be waiting

  • chrispatriots24

    He’s going to make pretty good money with this.

    People hating on it.. stop. He’s being much more productive in his life. What are you doing? Same shot everyday.

  • kayleigh

    Def gettin this book… hope he does a signing in NYC too!!!

  • Rebecca

    I’m so excited about a book from Weezy!!! I am definitely getting this.

  • AGA

    yeá…im so happy to hear that. I just got a hope that i will b able to buy it in Poland…come on someone get ur ass up and translate it when it gets out 🙂 love Weezy and all da family. must havethis book…whateva!

  • mass d-struxion

    yeah piru blood keepin it real…salute dawg,fuck yall hu dnt accept or appreciate wat tunechi is already givin us…yal r ungreatful,dnt 4get he makin music 4 us!



  • letticia

    Can’t wait 4 the book, m sure we gonna b inspired.

  • Star

    Ey wayne do ya ting man nvr mynd thm h8rz..

  • TunechiLee

    @Mj lmfao Birdman would say tht shit!!! xD

  • how cn we reach this book in africa man …?

  • sandwynsky

    i’m not much of a reader but Lil Wayne’s ‘Gone till November’will be my’ it book;

  • sandwynsky

    i’m not much of a reader but Lil Wayne’s ‘Gone till November’will be my’ it book am sure am gonna be inspired

  • Andrabia

    I luv lil wayne and i wanna get a copy, but damn! I’m livin’ in Nigeria how could i get 1???

  • mrszcarter

    OMG yessss i <3 tunechi #wayniac

    is it gonna be released in the uk??????????????/

  • Tor-anyiin princewill

    My girlfrnd gets jealous wen i talk lil wayne’s stuff, am from Nigeria, jst want to tell u we crazy about u here. Am a medical student, but see u as a prophet,nt jst a Rapper. Thanx wayne

  • Nashief DAVIDS

    Okay so to al the HATERS..get real niggas..LIL WAYNE is the mastermind behind music..he doesn’t do it for the money,he does it for us… Wayne is no fake ass nigga like the whole RocNation crew.. YMCMB is 1 big happy family,DON’T HATE JUST APPRECIATE.. South africa cape town fan

  • Bianca Pereira

    Vem para o Brasil amoooooooooooooor ♥