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DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj)

Mon, Mar 26, 2012 by

DJ Khaled Take It To The Head Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj

Out of nowhere, DJ Khaled drops the first single from his forthcoming Kiss The Ring album, due out this summer! The track is called “Take It To The Head” and features Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross and Nicki Minaj. You can listen and download the song that was produced by The Runners below.

Download: DJ Khaled – Take It To The Head (Feat Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, Rick Ross & Nicki Minaj)

Updated the link above with the CDQ version, courtesy of Khaled himself.

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  • Fir$t 😉 NiCeeeeeeee <3<3<3



  • Swaggy

    fuck wayne fuck pussy i like vagina
    Weezy need to stop skating i started a month ago and i just grinded yesterday

  • Dmoney9106

    Shit go hard af wayne verse strizzy “I kill them hoes” Like Jason

  • M Prince~~~

    Love it!

  • tunechiii7

    niceeee shittttt

  • @ImADopeBoy


  • Swaggy

    Seriously if yall niggas think waynes verse was cold at all.
    The average age on this site ranges from 10-16
    and on that average fucking dwindles

  • Lucci_Mania

    Dis shyt boo

  • BRITT_1A

    Lovee it 🙂 Great work husband (lil wayne)

  • i want more songs wow in 3days there 2 songs i need more

  • H*A*M

    This song would b real if u cut out Chris Brown. Bitch sings like a girl!!

  • theg33kBRU

    again…straight garbage and another feature..

  • zack

    wayne kills this!

  • yoloswaggym

    bitch ass niggas hating what’s new #TeamTunechi #WeTheBest #YMCMB #ThisShitGo’s

  • tunechiii7

    no more feature plzzz we wantttttt fknn 3min verse

  • Not Wayne

    Yeah ill take it to the head,
    liquor got me faded, im hanging on by a thread
    Twisted, cant understand whaa she said.
    She wants to fuck, but shell never see my bed.
    This hoes are hungry, but will never get fed
    She poison me like her voice is lead.
    Cause it led me to think we should wed
    But fuck these hoes and these bitches.
    I think im on, but naa, this shit switches.
    But my swag, ahh, shits off its hinges.
    Hang on if you can, got this game like leeches
    All these girls wanna fuck, so I lay em like beaches.

  • Jay

    Waynes trash his lyrics is repetitive as fuck and he’s a gay ass illuminati puttet like all them devil worshipping ass niggas like jay kanye eminem drake puffy all them fags I watched a video of him saying he would kill baby’s and shit throwing up devil horns and pyramid signs on his eyes he’s a fuckin devil open your eyes

  • Jaime

    another garbage feature, this time he gets killed by Nicki Minaj.

    Lil Wayne you rap like a faggot, anyone who likes your flow is gay, you fell off bad.

    I’ll keep checking for songs, hopefully you will have something tolerable to listen to this summer.

  • Y U MAD

    Weezy had a chill out verse… why do you expect him to snap on a chill out beat? He aint no Eminem who just snaps even when its not warranted.

  • yoloswaggym

    @YUMAD exactly these faggots always want him to ape shit on everything he’s on that’s fucking ruining the mood

  • Michael ymcmb

    Wayne’s verse was tight, not the best tho, Nicki KILLED that motherfucker

  • Nak Nak

    damnit man i cant even listen to this shit anymore. the verses got progressively worse. ROSS killed it MMG over everything. tyga and drake cant carry YMCMB alone… 2008 wayne woulda slapped the shit out himself if he heard this.

  • Mike CT

    Ur not a true Wayne fan if u expect wack ass verse the dude fell off just face facts he ain’t good no more eversince he came outta prison he’s been trash muff said just get it through your head

  • Gah…

    I should slap myself for expecting Wayne to have a good verse. Even if it’s chill he could have AT LEAST had 2 or 3 good punchlines in the verse. Whatever though. People are going to eat this shit up in the club.

  • If uee ain’t a Wayne fan y uee here hello lil waynehq n people should really stop hatin cuz if because I no he can rap 100 times betta den yall

  • Ak


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    wayne went in on it. this bitch ride

  • Bitch ass haters

    @haters…. Lil Wayne’s shit ? Then rap battle him lets see who wins

  • ballawildt

    wayne kills. yall on hating on waynes website. GET A LIFE. literally

  • lil wayne can do better

    Wayne needs to focus on his music or work on Trunk Fit and YMCMB. Wayne has a lot of features and songs, but the quality is not always at the same level. C4 had contained great songs, in addition to great features post jail. However, songs like this one may show how busy Wayne is or lack of drive for excellence in some of his songs.

  • bawitdaba

    Wayne is getting as repetitive as Birdman. Like Father, Like a bad way

  • niggas say wayne fell off but you fell to realize he aint gotta try no more he breaded like a fish filet and 1 song kill all haters president carter that is all

  • bawitdaba

    Birdman verse:
    Da Birdman…iced out… hunnad
    Cash money, bugatti, money cash dollars

    Wayne verse:
    Fuck a bitch…and I’m fucking the world
    Blood like a bloody nose…get money
    Something about cocaine even tho I’m on probation
    Yung Moolah hahah tunechi YMCMB

  • bigstunna

    Wayne can be great on all his songs but I watched a tyga interview where he says wayne came into the studio and 15 minutes later he was done with his part of the song. He gotta spend more time than 15 minutes.

  • not good, come on weezy, where you at? old weezy im talkin bout, drought 3 flow, not this crap

  • Lmao @ bawitdaba! That’s what I’m starting to realize! All I hear is ” I pop that pussy” “she make that pussy pop” “pop that pussy” “I eat the pussy”” I make the pussy wet”” the pussy cry”

    Shit gets old……

  • yall see tha light, and that is tite!

    to anyone trying to call me out for being a hater thats cool but i hope u kno everytime u bring my name up u r paying me attention… so keep payin me. niggas.

    and id also like to point out to little wayne that the majority of the comments on this page… ur page…. cuz we all kno u run this little “”fan” site”… are hate comments. maybe that should tell u to just drop the mic u little nigga cuz ur spittin weak rhymes that are incoherent and unnecessary, what im trying to say is ur not in the game anymore and ur not changing anything like u keep saying ur gonna do so we’re ready for u to leave. (i was ready for u to leave last novemeber but i guess ur bitch ass wanted more time)
    wen u take rock groups or american idol contestants and put them in ur songs thats not new or hip or game changing it seems desperate and cheap. while ur making pop singles with nobodys jz and kanye are making real tracks and eminem is with the og’s killin u and we got newbies in the game like fuckin b.o.b doin those pop singles and doin them better than u!
    so here’s the deal. stop rapping, glue ur lips together, write a track titles “worst rapper alive” dont even record that shit just scan it and make a post so danny can put it on here and we can all go about our lives without a dread rasta nigga bitchin and monnin about the bill collector.
    try not to cry on ur computer when u get to this.

  • d boyce

    are u fucks really dat blind any REAL wayne fan wut realize dat he never fell off he jus inda cut nd da reason for dat is Young Money.. Obviously he lettin Young Money eat becuz yall kno gud n well dat if wayne was to get bck on his shyt now its all eyes on him nd wuldnt kno body give 2 fucks about Young Money

  • d boyce

    he juss chillin my guess is dat dis will last no longer den next november wen he fianlly is off of probation but dnt get it wrong he still eatin off of da shit he got gon rite now.. but at da same time its all a master plan becuz he is doin er thing gon now not only to keep dat money cumin but also to kill time up intil da end of his probation… its sooooo fuckin obvious even a blind mouse culd see da shit!!

  • siege

    -bawitaba sooo tru, there shit is gay, one second they all homosexual the next they are all thugish. shits to fake to folo.
    -people saying dont hate. stfu anne. and im sorry ur blan. but i wrote this to say ur a fag without a plan.
    -Y U MAD dont u dare say shit against M&M that dude gives 110% on every track, unlike wizzle who can only rhyme things that sound like tunchi faggot.

    in my opinion…
    nobody on this song said anything at all. and the beat was shit. i dont like khaled unless he’s got jeezy on the track. i could not care less about ym rappers songs or anything affilated with ym these days thats the truth. ross does work on his own tracks but nothing was said on this track and thts the bottom line.
    its a waste of resources and my time. o well att least now weezy baby knows how gay we think he is… so thats good.

  • Yelawolf is the best rapper alive

    Wayne sop predicatable these days lazy ass verses. miss the old days when he used to go ham like “Ludacris – Last of a dying breed Ft. Wayne. RIP good Weezy rap 🙁

  • Mazza ThaWayne

    Reputation for tastin’
    I’m killin’ ‘em hoes like
    Got that pussy like
    medication to
    patients Got my eyes closed,
    like Asian persuasion
    Fuck with me baby, it’s
    Buss a nut, smoke a blunt, now
    I’m rejuvenated
    With all that pink on,
    bitch I’m king kong
    I eat her ice cream,
    she eat my ice cream cone
    Pop a pill and pop that
    I bet you tunechi make
    her throw
    away that silver bullet And she kiss me on my
    neck and
    she kiss me on my
    And then she…can a
    dopehead here p0int out a weak bars here?
    Dx is his verse in Dj
    Khaled’s ‘take it 2 the
    head’ single.. Truth b
    told, SOME 0f, nah
    nah nt !’S0ME’ I mean Y’ALL haterz ar
    jus hating on wayne
    ‘coz lyk Gay Z, Kanye
    West Y’ALL thought
    dat Wayne’s gonna
    Rot or fade in jail bt he came out a
    TUNECHI and
    unst0ppable M0nster
    in d I bet none of y’all can rap or
    write shit so get ur
    craniums outta here
    we dnt nid it as ur
    source of stupid comments…YMCMB
    we rich 4eva!@siege
    niqqah go get a pain
    pill ‘coz d painz gonna
    kill u sooner wen hz
    mixtapes drops, u talkin abt DJ Khaleds beat bin wack wen d only beat u kan literally make iz d one u hrt does..Lmfbao

  • @tunechi_quotes

    Follow @tunechi_quotes on twitter!

  • Kay B

    Wayne old wayne we miss u, whr dd d2,dd3,c2,c3 flow go at we wnt tht bck

  • Well , the song was good at all. Wayne’s flow was good, but his lyric is not as good as it used to be . /: Wayne is focusin more on skatin rather than music

  • Jays

    4 years ago a lineup like that would mean a monster i could bump for weeks. This was the last time i listened to this song. Damn, weezy aint the only one who has fell off.

  • Nava

    Please take the time read this, respond back to me and tell me if you all feel the same way about Waynes situation.

    So he went to jail.
    Put on probation. (No Drinking, Smoking Weed, Etc…)
    Says in an interview Being sober limits his creativity..

    Have we lived through Lil Waynes prime? I just want to know if he even thinks his rapping is the same anymore…I have so many questions to ask him. My main one is “WILL YOU SMOKE WEED AGAIN?”

    And I’m sure if he does HOPEFULLY just maybe in 2 years we see the rebirth of Lil Wayne, Weezy F. Baby, The BEST rapper alive. And when I say “rebirth” I’m not talking about that rock shit…

    I mean it seems like this dude is committing career suicide right now, every other song is a lame ass love song. When he raps about smoking weed, drinking, sipping lean…its like we know he’s not and it just doesn’t seem the same.

    And when I do hear some of his lyrics I wonder is this even the current Weezy? Or is this lyrics from before jail when he was fucked up.

    And the thing that pisses me off most about him is how he makes New Orleans look like shit to the public but then he always shouts us out on songs…

    This dude is so into skating and shit, its pretty selfish he has let all of his fans down recently and has yet to really talk to us about anything with his rap career or anything…

    And this is not a diss to him. He is still my favorite rapper. In my opinion still the best rapper alive. he hasn’t fallen off, i mean C4 sold over 3 mili copies. But did it live up to its hype?? ehhh

    I just wanna know if some REAL Wayne fans feel the same way.

  • Mazza ThaWAyne

    @Nava dude U aint a true wayne Fan, U ar jus an0da h0nest Hater…bt Guess wat Fag? Y’all spent ur wack times 4rm ur fake lives jus 2 find hz fansite nd heap an essay of ur hates..STFU BITCH ASS NIQQAHZ! Y’all maggots ar anticipatin anxiously 4 his(Tunechi) shit 2 drop lyk a fawkin Toilet so dat u kan hate on hm…bt he shuld b used 2 it ‘c0z shits ar meant 4 TOILETS lyk Nasa or wateva d fuck his name is…YMCMB rich 4va..y’all Wayne haterz will FUCKIN BROKE till y’all DICKS BLEED..

  • M.S.D

    why always lil wayne is taking the fuckin last part ????!!!

  • Deweezy

    ok, let ask haterz 4 nw who do u thnk raps more lyrical than wayne??? Shady records?rocnation?? Defjam?? U can check who owns billboard fuckers!! And wayne lay low coz he wants nicki nd drake to rise… I thnk no 1 mess with YMCMB in this rap game!! Where gay z dick ryders at??

  • Lil Wayne

    I Tuneshit on yall!!!! Young Mula Baby

  • Birdman jwz

    why is this gay chris brown on the song with his gay ass head fukking noob he distroys the song fukking gay ass

  • I Tuneshit on yall!!!! This song goes straight H.A.M. LIL WAYNE had the best verse hands down! keep it up Tunechi..YMCMB we winning!!


  • ahhhhhhh shit yet another number 1 frm khaled! tha streets gon burn nw young moooola babyyy!

  • Jays

    @Nava your opinions are good, i agree with most of them. And to all yall hating on the ones that are capeable of critizicing the things we dont like about our favourite artist; stop writing like ur a 5 year old, that just confirms our suspicions

  • we_want_weezy

    C’mon wayne whr u at ? N wtf is up wit u ? Bring on weezy f baby n not tht tunechi shit… Pls bring on real lil wayne which i used to like…

  • B

    i just dont know what to say anymore. its w.e. at this point. maybe he’s doin this on purpose so we care less when he actually goes out. i just don’t know. its still good, but it feels like we are in Bizarro Weezy World. its like all of his passion was zapped out of him and into a skateboard. don’t get it. why throw it away now. #DontMakeSense.

  • ctwins3644

    I honestly dont even know why people waste features on him anymore. The financial incentives to adding him have to be on a steep decline recently given the fact that every verse is the same jumbled, slow, kindergarten level mess. I cant make my mind up on whats worse for hip hop: post 2007 wayne, or soulja boy.

  • Hahaha

    Fuck what all you fags are saying. I been down with Wayne forever and I still am. This songs a banger and Wayne’s verse goes perfect.

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  • Iam_Mr_Carter

    Quit skatin’.
    And start rappin.

  • F


  • naheezy

    smh @the fags who think we’re haters cuz we expect better verses from wayne… smh dick riders these days dunno shit about what is a good wayne verse

  • Hahaha

    You’re stupid as fuck if you hate on this verse. It’s a fucking club song it’s not a song to get real lyrical on…my fault I forgot none of you little kids can get in a club so you don’t even know what songs are played.

  • Katy

    I expected this song to be harder with a name like ‘Take it to the Head’.
    Everyone’s SAYIN they’re killin it but I haven’t actually heard anyone of em KILL it. But why y’all sayin wayne hasn’t made anything good? I thought carter IV was decent so was I’m not a human but obv not as good as his older stuff he will always be changing as an artist ya heard me?

  • ineye gabriel

    Damn. Really weezy, I ain’t feeling you no more. I downloaded this trash cus wayne was in it. Dude take a chill out on the skating and give more to the music please. Dwayne carter please come back . Stop all this pussy talk and sex and do really rap like no ceilings . Even rick ross is out shining you. Dude wake up.

  • luzaan and carla

    we do not thnk dat wayne wl ever STOP smkin weed.coz he smke tl he gets chest pains….
    (wink wink)

  • RomanEmpire

    Lil wayns entire verse was about pussy….my god does that get gold…and if i here another “im killing deez hoes like…” simile im gonna fucking boycott lil wayne. It so obvious this nigga isnt even trying.

    Im killing these hoes lie…….Jason……….
    My ass can shit out a better line than that.

  • HiiVolume Beats

    Chris Brown added more vibe to the song. The Runners did a hell of a job producing this song


    YOO haters are on a lil weezey site yall do know that yeah?
    imagine yourselves releasing carter 3 and carter 4 mind you both selling 1 and 1.5 million copies, becomming ceo and also helping dj khaled, recruiting new talent as old as 14 years old the next chris brown, to also have a life around the boundaries of people that criticise and want to lower the self esteem of the best rapper alive, yall ask yourselves how can a man do the things he has done? accomplish greatness and transpire a drug addiction to syrup and overcome evil? yall bad asses couldnt spit a flow half as good nor make it to your local radio stations.. hense why i would take my time to say fucck you haters no one asking u to listen to his music sept yourselves punk ass c’s. he is getting the numbers and needs a radio song without the heavy literature and verbal misconduct, radio = fans = money, lollipop ? forgotting people are yas, he aint just about presidant carter and rednation with the game, hardcore provocativeness but thats why he is a artist he can many things and as we all thrive we shall all wish to be half as good as someone with a ego as high as hes is yet jayz doesnt even aknowledge the fans and people like weezey, so lastly u dnt like it fuck yall change the heat and listen to the backstreet boys punk asses. yall all dissing the one person who would do it all for yall. weezay YMCMB = GREATNESS POWER OVERCOME SUCCEED

    • Tarik Berrada

      Completely agree with you man!, People hate lil wayne the best to ever do it for bullshit fake reasons and don’t know a thing about him or his music.

  • Mcyner

    Let me cut dat bull bitch verse 2 make d sound so real (chris brown),cox he’s singn like a girl,4-ck dat shit

  • yo m so happy about take it to the head can wait see that video went i see that video i will so crazy happy haaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeahhhhhhhhhhhh you best dj khaled and rick ross nicki minaj lilwayne chris brown i hope all ya made cool video

  • Tired of people saying Weezy fell off man he don’t even try anymore and he still killing the game. All of this is done by Wayne effortlessly stop listening to his songs ,watch his videos and going on websites just to hate on him that is real fucking stupid

  • YunG based god

    wack ass “tunechi baby hehehe” has the worst verse in hip hop history. im gonna single handedly boycott little wayne. hes a germ to hip hop

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  • dark martel


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  • Is time to think about music. DJ KHALED,LIL WAYNE, BIRDMAN,RICK ROSS,NICKI MINAJ,SEAN PAUL,2CHANCE Will still make me go crazy on their new track

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