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Lil Wayne Speaks On The Saints Bounty Scandal x Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Wed, Mar 7, 2012 by

In the video above, Lil Wayne gives his opinion on the New Orleans Saints and their current bounty situation in the NFL for an update on “Weezy’s Sports Corner“. Tune also speaks on what punishment he thinks the team and the people involved should get. Shouts to DG and we will get episode 5 of “Weezy’s Sports Corner” series at the end of this week!

Below, you can view lots of photos of Tunechi meeting the Orlando Magic dancers at the 2012 NBA All-Star Game on February 26th in Florida. Drake, Mack Maine and 2 Chainz can also be seen sitting courtside with Wayne.

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

Lil Wayne Meets Orlando Magic Dancers

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  • CeeJ

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    G .A. R. B.


    #1 Lil Wayne fan here! What’s good?

  • Alyssa_Bear

    Wats good YmCmB All-day Errday!!!

  • AGA

    You know they Love Ya..I Love You too Weezy..wish i was there !!

  • James

    I have thoes shoes in that video! YMCMB weezy luv ya

  • AJG

    @CeeJ ur a pussy

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    the grils wanna bang weezy

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    anyways…. y weezy talkn bout shit nobody cares about and wats with the videos on that couch. nigga u a rapper. rap damn it.


  • camcam

    you can tell he’s on syrup. his tounge is a bright red/purple. or he could have had a lollipop… or he could be on the syrup

  • mattyswizzle
  • YoungAssassin

    Or you could be a fuckin idiot. Stop checking out his tongue

  • lmao … I wanna know know what that white girl was sayin to Wayne in the 10th pick.

  • clearoner

    if you look close you can see the VANS tune is about to indroduce to the world!!
    YmCmB all day holla at cha boy @clearsltdk

  • Wes

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME WEEZY!?! Strip them from there superbowl title!?! Thats ridiculous. Multiple players from around the league have spoken out and it seems that this is a quite common thing. Lots of teams do it, not just the saints. Yea the saints got caught but to go that far is just retarded. And have some fucking respect for your home city and quit sucking Brett Farves dick so hard.. Lost a little respect for you right there son..

  • cajun

    this dude cant be from New Orleans. Strip the title from the Who Dat nation?

  • 757

    Weezy you a real nigga and all but you trippin about this, talking about striping them from there superbowl title! That is takin it too far!!

    Yes what they did was wrong but they did not cheat in any shape or form so they should not be stripped from their title. They still went out and earned it! They just did something extreme and put a bounty on some players head to hurt and injure them so I say punish them by fines, suspensions, and lose draft picks but do not take it as far as stripping them of their superbowl title!

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  • Veteran’s Gay

    “And by the way, my name is Tuneshit”

  • fuck_ya

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  • Anne
  • dalaz”tune”Carter

    Tune you are right don’t care what other niggas say . YMCMB

  • Perfect X

    RESPECT! Fire them Niggas!!

  • Lol

    What happened to that little monkey dude that was saying New Orleans in almost every songs?

  • Sonnyboy

    What’s the song at the end of the Sports’ Corner Update?

  • dg

    you guys actually watched the video when there’s all these bomb females on the same page? I wanna squeeze me some magic cheerleader booty heh shit and you call me crazy…

  • LW

    @Sonnyboy it’s “I just Tuneshited myself”

  • DeeziefromKenner

    How you gon say strip us from our title?! We fought long and hard to get what we got. Yeah those players and coaches who let it happen deserve punishment, but not the whole team and damn sure not the whole city!!! Football is a contact sport players get hurt every game maybe not for extra money but thats like sayin either you hit farve or you dont get a pay check. Coming from a person who stretches himself to be so New Orleans I thought you would have a better answer for this type of situation. Before you left us everybody was screamin out that murder capitol shit, now those same gangstas and hustlers is hollerin WHO DAT! It’s unbelievable how much the who dat nation has grown since 06. Shit nigga we used to show you this type of love like “Lil Wayne da truth best rapper” and shit. I bet if Drew Brees tried to rap, he would get more hits in the first three days then you got sales from tha carter 3 in the first week!!!

  • Mare

    Man, you forgot where you’re from. That’s some straight bs. They fought hard to get that title and it was as much offense work as the defense. I am still in utter shock that you would go back on your city like that, and I have lost ALL of the respect I had for you. Football is about contact and people get hurt; it happens.

  • WhoDatFan


    dude you just lost your nola card i hope the town fires you.

  • dark martel


  • cajun

    Kenner, bra

  • dg

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    money, power&respect. Then u hav da world in ur hand

  • Tony

    What fucking song is that at the end!

  • drake looks mad damm he tight dont worry someday you will be up there like weezy but right now you in the middle try harder (yolo)

  • SuperSmokeDog

    Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U Ain’t 504 U Was Never 504 !!!!!!!!!!! Ain’t Welcome In New Orleans No More !!!!!!!!!!!! Lil Wayne Ain’t Non But A Big White Boy Traped In A Lil Black Man Body !!!!!!! Stay Were U Be !!!!!!!!!! Rapin About Yo Guns But The Only Person u Shot Was Yo Self !!!!!!!!!!! “Dummy” LMFAO !!!!!!!!! U Anit New Orleans And U Deff Ain’t Tony Hawk !!!!!!!!!!!! In The Words Of Juvenile “A TRU Hot Boy” IM A BOSS WTF I LOOK LIKE ON A SKATE BOARD !!!!!!!!!!!! Long Story Short “Weird Al Yankovic Gots More Hood In His Left Hand Than The Side Show Clown Known As Lil Wayne Gots In His Hole Life And Counting !!!!!!!!!!!!! “SuperSmokeDog Hood Corner”

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    weezy u from greenbay or miami or somethin wtf u not from NEW ORLEANS!! strip them of their title? u fuckin crazy..stay wherever u at bro cuz u not welcome in LA. fuckin bitch ass nigga.. glad i never paid for any of ur music, u wont get a dime from me. they couldnt strip them of title because it was NOT cheating (like patriots did and didnt get stripped) plus they would have no superbowl winner that year which cant happen. unless they gave it to the runner up and that aint gonna happen so shut ur fuckin mouth bra… WHODAT 4LIFE!!!!

  • dg

    if tune’s money accidentally fell on top of you, Mortal Kombat fatality would be a understatement.

  • Thatdude

    Wayne what happened to supporting your city? You ain’t got no right to ever claim new Orleans or louisiana ever again. And all you talk about is being a gangsta and killin people, I think your pussy soft ass should sit in jail for the rest your life. Fickin fake bitch ass

  • Awesome

  • hdez12

    Damn what good im rocking the same hat weezys rocking!!!

  • Trav

    Wonder what Wayne’s got to say when he hears the packers are being investigated for the same thing ha bet he won’t be saying they should have there super bowl title stripped and we all know the saints aren’t the only team that gives bonuses for injuring players.

  • Jem

    Who is the guy in the green sweatshirt tho