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Lil Wayne’s “DEWeezy” Speech At SXSW x Performs “Blunt Blowin” & More [Videos]

Sat, Mar 17, 2012 by

Miss Info captured some footage from Lil Wayne‘s speech about being original and promoting the “DEWeezy” campaign at SXSW on March 15th in Austin, Texas. You can check out Tune‘s speech in the video above were he also compares life to skateboarding.

Hit the jump to watch some clips of Weezy performing “A Milli“, “How To Love“, “I’m On One” and “Blunt Blowin’” at the launch concert at SXSW. You can also view some photos from the show here!

Behind the scenes of Bow Wow at SXSW with cameos from Lil Wayne and YMCMB.

Lil Wayne performs “I’m On One”.

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”.

Lil Wayne performs “How To Love”.

Lil Wayne performs “Blunt Blowin'”.

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  • First in dis bitch

  • FIRST IN THIS Biiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #FINALLY #TRUKdaWURL

  • RealLife

    Thanks for posting Danny M. I wonder why most rappers have their full SXSW performance videos posted online except for Weezy!!!

  • make it nasty

    fucks sake weezy, life ain’t anything to do with skating… is life!

  • Flowers

    Marley g was in dat bow wow video. We ain’t seen him with Wayne for a while now.

  • Manny

    wayne could write a book on how to fall off. this nigga committed career suicide within the last 2 years just corny and trash now


  • Great performance you always put on a good show Tunechi. YMCMB we winning!

  • DrEaD rasta NiGgAw

    this nigga is talking to himself and dancing around infront of people to the instrumentals off civ. what a clown. shady records are about to put hiphop bak in place. im so done with wizzle’s games and bullshit and overall lack of material.

  • BOI

    I jst noticed about 2 years ago every update and post on this website had about 100 sumthin comments now every post has about 20-50 comments. Wayne u really dropin lots of fans, Not me though 🙂

  • BOI

    And most of em are haters

  • Jaime

    ^^^ that white kid always comes to this site and talks about Eminem when nobody even cares lmao.

    just go away dude, only idiots try to make it look like Wayne and Em are enemies.

  • Frosty

    Yeh is it just me or is it really starting 2 piss everybody off that there’s no new music!! I don’t mind waiting but this is just a fuckin joke now!! Drop sum beats Wayne!!

  • keven cooper jr

    at times i wonder if you all so called wayne fans are real stop rushing wayne and wayne made the most money on in 2012 and is involved in the DEWEEZY campagn yet you all have the courage to say his career is suiside YMCMB

  • @Dread rasta nigga STFU U PUSSY NIGGA… Young Money eatin all yo o u haters do is add salt mah’fucker… Weezy, dis fake Niggas cryin 4 a new track, I try tel e’m bitch comin soon mah’fucker

  • Ed!

    Great Perform wezzy YmCmb

  • Don ibrowayne @nigeria


  • tha infamous CeeJ

    Rap will never be the same as before
    Bashing in the brains of these hoes
    And establishing a name as he goes
    The passion and the flame is ignited
    You cant put it out once we light it
    This shit is exactly what the fuck that I’m talking about when we riot
    You dealin with a few true villains
    Whose stand inside of the booth truth spillin
    And spit true feelings, until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths
    Now rewind it!
    Payback muthafucka for the way that you doubted me hows it taste?

  • wtfizzy

    “Lulz guize wayne made da mostest moneyz he mustT bE da greatest”..smh half y’all niggas are close to being legally retarded. And I don’t give a fuck about deweezy,I want rao not a soda.

  • Chees head for life yo#¥

    Okay let me get things straight lil Wayne is lil Wayne he’ll always be the best rapper alive no matter what. And don’t compare slim with wezzy they ain’t enymies, who is a big jerk is all af you guys that ain’t wezzy’s fans duh it says #1 fan site. Pero que si quede calro que yo soy mexicana y a mi me gusta su musica y el,so todos Los que lo odian vallanse. Young mula fan4life

  • wtfizzy

    Even got ceej in here rappin lmao,this nikka dropped more bars than wayne did lately

  • YC27sep


  • Deontretre

    Lil waynes BLUNT BLOWIN!! video ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!

    Lil waynes BLUNT BLOWIN!! video ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elphrizzy

    Ceej must be a dambass 2 think he cn rap….ok go on collectin lines from weezy n suit urself wat i know wtfizzy is another bitchazz…

  • Stewart

    Y’all could suck lil Wayne’s dick haters he’s gonna drop something soon and when it happens yall gonna be on the sack litterly

  • NY goon

    The second to last video is the reason he lost a lot of his old fans…