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Behind The Scenes Of Tyga & Lil Wayne’s “Faded” Music Video

Wed, Apr 4, 2012 by

We got the official music video for Tyga‘s “Faded” single featuring Lil Wayne at the weekend, now here is some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot. Colin Tilley directed the visual, which personally I think is one of the funniest music videos to be released in a long time 😆 Birdman, Mack Maine and Chris Brown can all be seen on set.

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  • B

    wow, actually first for the first time. amazing…and now for my acceptance speech…I would like to thank…no, no, just kidding.

  • siege



    my nigga im faded

  • B

    haha, beat u siege by like a 1/4 of a second

  • siege

    hahaha beat me? na nigga u just commented before me thats all.



  • 1 time

    I agree Danny boy, faded video was hilarious…..last sick video was six foot seven foot

  • all wurk no play

    who bought nicki minaj album? its in stores now yall

  • woowww !! what the fck is wayne on ? , could hardly put a sentence togetherr :))

  • Behind d scenes

  • lastking

    sooooooooo umm when is nino brown 3??

  • troy

    if young money didn’t exist i wonder what artist would i be listening to??

  • Chris

    I wonder what Baby and Colin Tiley was discussing 😉

  • LilTinechiFan

    Colin was lookin at Birdman like “WTF this nigga talkin about?! Damn you ugly!!” xD

  • siege

    more like in ur face.
    keep my name out ur mouth.

  • @liltunchifan; u sound like a certified Gay.

  • I’m back here bitches; hatin ass faggots should watch out.

  • Ed!

    Meeen fuck of Chris Brown what do that Gay there??

  • Wayne u rock u betr than young nucho

  • i want music

  • King Kong

    Wait, why chris brown make a cameo in this but don’t appear in the final video ?

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    cuz lil wayne dont care about his fans…

  • CeeJ mothafucka!

    y would weezy film chris brown for his own blog. i mean there really wasnt anything on the video anyways except for the song

  • Dee

    Yoooh wat a hilarious muziq video (faded)my 5yr niece was laughin at wayne’s head

  • this music video is hella dope and funny..@DannyM you are right it is one of the funniest music videos in a long time;)

  • Lil Tunechi has to be on sumthin lmao…he couldn’t even speak haha. But LIL WAYNE is still and always will be the BEST RAPPER ALIVE mark my words!

  • basket

    which shoes weezy tyga are wearing`?????


  • I like your song I hope keep it good

  • t.t bitch

    lol crazy vid yeah bt damn i miss da old wayne going hard and shit.

  • nole

    tyga’s shoes was air jordan V raging bull (red) and weezy’s shoes was air jordan spiz’ike university blue

  • Am_Alievn1

    please tell me! what the name of a Woman shot in the clip “faded”?