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Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” Single Featuring Big Sean Drops Tomorrow!

Thu, May 31, 2012 by

Lil Waynes My Homies Still Single Featuring Big Sean Drops Tomorrow

Lil Wayne will release the first single from his forthcoming I Am Not A Human Being II album tomorrow (June 1st), which is called “My Homies Still” and features Big Sean. The crazy thing about this collaboration, especially the song title, is that Weezy and Sean‘s G.O.O.D Music label-mate Pusha T currently have beef. Anyways, you can check out the single cover above and don’t forget to visit tomorrow to listen to the record!

After the jump, you can watch some more behind the scenes footage from French Montana’s “Pop That” video shoot featuring Tunechi, Drake and Rick Ross.

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  • chal

    wow first

  • chris

    this shit betta be fire. tired of hearing this WACK ASS RAP by wayne.

  • chal

    holy shit i actually got it lol eyyy YMCMB forever! i think its a good colab tho. i fuck with tha homie big sean. fuck tha beef its stupid.

  • Jeff

    First…FUCK WEEZY!!!!!!

  • chal

    psh first my ass nigga im first! my dream actually came true i never thought id be first. such my 8====D nigga

  • chal

    @Jeff..Fuck weezy? then why you on his sight? smh. damn haters. lol

  • first motherfuckers true weezy fan first single yeah


    When is the Pop That single coming out?

  • fuck pusha t

    haha pusha t lossstttt

  • YOLO

    Pop That Pu$$y sounds dope and I hope Weezy new single does too 🙂

  • ass

    oh wow that single cover is horrible, wtf ??

  • pop it

    Big Sean been killing everything lately, I hope Tune don’t let him out-rap him on this

  • bout ta be raw



  • LilWayneFan4ever

    OMG Finally

  • KTuneVsHaterz

    Finally i wanted this callab!!!! this has to me tight!!!!!!!!!!! has to!!!!!!!!

  • tony_montana

    I’m lukin 4ward 2 dat shitt,I dnt thnk wayne wud’v put sean 0n dat iff da song waz wack s0 its prolly a hot song…


    ugly cover but im hyped as shit for this single. After 10 months without a new one.

  • OG

    What time is dropping?

  • killacam

    If this shit doesnt BANG and if wayne doesnt rap like a monster, ill give up on this nigga

  • Wayne forever

    What time is this fire dropping ?

  • Mj

    If it ain’t c2 Wayne rapping, I won’t bother with his next album

  • Swaggy

    Shit betta be Fiy it should be

  • that fuckin cover looks like haloween i think will be like JOHN Feat. Rick Ross Tipe Beat

  • weezy f lazy

    Lyrics to chorus plz? Thx

  • Eek

    if wayne puts some wack verses on here i’m about to just give up on this dude..

  • YM Salute

    Most likely this single will be mainstream and not as lyrical as we hope it to be. He’ll need singles to help rake in the money for his album so most likely it wouldn’t be something like C2 Wayne.

    Sad how quick you guys are to give up on him.

  • Nate DAWG

    @YM Salute “sad how quick we are to give up on him”??? Nigga…. We’ve been rockin with this since forever, and this motherfucker has been making HORRIBLE music for the past 3 years… And we’ve bought every album since then, WE DONT WANT TO WASTE ANYMORE FUCKIN MONEY ON SHIT LYRICS, especially when we know he has potential to be legendary.

  • 117tune

    Sikk its comin out on my birthday it better be fire real talk

  • Kaplun

    I really hope the real weezy is back…

  • Chris

    It’s gonna be fire. No doubt. Wayne always kills it haters need to fuck off.

  • YunG based god

    of course wayne didnt land the trick on camera such a fronter

  • tru

    yeah big sean and pusha t are on the same label G.O.O.D. but big seans a very chill guy.

    he doesnt beef with people and shit. im surprised the wayne/sean collab took this long but regardless i knew it was coming.

    looking forward to an actual wayne single.

  • ym ova u

    please don’t let it be no wack ass Carter 4 leftover.


  • advice

    hey wayne heres some advice bro. before you try to do the more complex skateboarding tricks, you need to get the basics down.

    ive seen you ollie and it looked awful. if you cant do a good ollie, you cant do anything. thats the #1 fundamental in skateboarding. your ollie should be at least a foot high.

    not hating just saying. i used to skate. its a process. you must learn to crawl before you run

  • LilKunechi

    Smh @ u haters…tune’s gonna kill it
    If u just here to hate get the fuck of the site

  • F Pusha T

    Yo i hope don’t come with no skateboard shit on the verse

  • Nak Nak

    hopefully he doesnt pull some more stupid shit and this can be a half decent album. The first one since C3

  • Zachary

    it’s OUT NOW!!!!!!

  • Zachary

    ok i lied. but im dying to hear this…..i have a bad feeling that it’s gonna fucking suck. and have an autotune chorus.

  • No1TuneFan4Life

    YMCMB commo tune this shit best be dope 😀 the album looks like it was disinged by the same people who made the nightmare on christmas eve lol

  • Man it’s good waking up to such Good News, Okay Danny it’s The 1st I’m waiting for that song!

  • First the beef with pusha t and now we get a unexpected single which feature pusha’s fellow G.O.O.D. music artist Big sean ………….. well this whole
    “BEEF” is just a way to build up hype for the IANAHB II and G.O.O.D. music album……

  • Refayne

    Big Sean lately spits fire in every track he’s featured , I’m sure this single gonna be HOT!

  • RealTalk101

    If that nigga Wayne doesn’t go hard on this one, Big Sean is gonna murder his ass n then Pusha will have every reason to retaliate to Wayne’s diss.. If the flow aint from tha C2, I won’t even bother listening to the rest of the album

  • Zachary

    “My homies still wobble-dy wobble-dy/Drop it like its hot
    We still poppity poppity/pop u till u drop
    and if the shoe fits we still walkity walkity/rock it before it drops
    Cuz its YMCMB/GOOD till we stop!”

  • Hype




  • bigbuck


  • wezzyisthabest

    Drake is high as fuck haahaha

  • Lil_Soulja_K

    i am looking forward this 😀

  • C2 has no flow fuckin idiots Dedication 2 got it and wayne IANAHB will be the hardest album da more crazy then others

  • Ninomackbrown

    Dont you think they probably recorded this song months ago, cause weezy did say the album was done…duh!! Fuck pusha t and everybody that love em, this could cause controversy in g.o.o.d music camp…and make em fo against each other….big sean wouldnt made this song with weezy had he known that pusha and tune would beef..nino

  • Weezy

    this shit better be dope!

  • i know big sean verse gone be wack i am a big sean hater must admit

  • Swirv

    I dont understand! if your not a weezy fan why the FUCK are u on this site?

  • Tamay

    SICK. I Am Not A Human Being II is gonna be sick.

  • Ymcmb4lyfe

    When this track gonna drop dont tell me we gonna b waiting for months

  • Weezy

    Fuuuuuuuuuuck Pusha T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yogesh

    hey plz publish your video of she will

  • What do you think about this remix? Might be blogworthy.

  • jerichosmalls


  • robusto