Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals x Angry At OKC Thunder [Pictures]

Wed, Jun 13, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne attended the Miami Heat vs. Oklahoma City Thunder NBA game yesterday (June 12th) at the Chesapeake Energy Arena with Mack Maine. You can check out some photos of them sitting court-side after the jump below.

Weezy also went on Twitter during the game to tweet about his frustrations with the Oklahoma City Thunder team and the way their staff treated him. This is not the first time Tune has been mad at OKC Thunder!

Again I was treated like sh!t by the Thunder arena staff…dam..I hope da Heat beat da dog sh!t out em!!

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

Lil Wayne Watches Game 1 Of The NBA Finals

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  • Mence


  • First

  • soowoop

    cool pics

  • Greed

    Weezy needs to stop thinking he is a celebrity so he must be able to get treated differently than a normal person. SMH!

  • playhard

    Lebrooon <3

  • stop!

    who is the white guy in the picture with tune and macknupid ?

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Dope pictures..
    Those legs tatts are……

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Dope pictures.. Those legs tatts are……

  • TeamTune all day

    first ten cool, TEAm heat, dope swagg..

  • Ibrotunechi @nigeria

    Oops sorry 4 tha duplicate comment…

  • TeamTune all day

    @Ibrotunechi also from nigeria….neva knew nigerians dig dis site, cool. TEAMTUNECHI.

  • TeamTune all day

    you knw was treated weel, coz he ain smilin’ alot, which he normally does…f**k OKC!

  • Jeff

    @greed…he is a celebrity u shithead… N he pays money to get them floor seats

  • KingRich

    Tune & LeBron the only blacks i the last pic. Lmfao

  • KingRich


  • Ibrotunechi

    @team tune all day..
    Weezy gat fans in Nigeria…
    Check out the Facebook page ==>@[370274806361312:]

    its new thou !

  • @king rich..i’m lmao too…… Its veri funny

  • Mrs. Tune

    @Greed look u stupid ass he is one of the greatest ppl to walk the motherfucking earth! suck a dick bitch. i swear fuckin assholes these days…

  • damnnn alot white people around wayne and mack lol

  • lol i mean alot of white people around wayne lls

  • likeAtruestory

    fuck OKC, wayne explained the staf before that he needs his own security for the fans that goes behind them to prevent chaos.. they declined and told him his security is not allowed nor is special sits able for him…

    fucking OKC,

  • Wayne 4 Life

    Yo that iPhone skateboard case is sick!!! can we buy that???

  • ineye gabriel

    Weezy should judt thinl of what he will do immidiately after probation cus I can’t wait for a beast to be unleash . #ymcmb

  • Nikia

    Love the thunder but if Oklahoma wants the outside dollar they need to treat All of its guest with respect

  • swaggking

    Damn they look soooo out of place hahah

  • tunechi

    what shoes does weezy have on?

  • Ryan w

    Hardin gave you those tickets midget punk. You were treated well beyond what you deserved freeloader. Bring your midget a** back to okc and see what happens…

  • gottabeKD




  • YunG based god


  • Fuck Pusha T

    Wayne got swag and fuck OKC Thunder with a sick dick

  • zoom vroom

    no way weezy is gonna tour in Oklahoma no more 🙁

  • Meltunechi

    @TeamTune.. Am also in nigeria..we huge on Tunechi over here..he’s the best rapper//TUnechi 4ever!!! @ibro #salute.

  • Same Damn Time

    LOL at tunchi not wearing his blue shirt 😛

  • Tony Montana

    You were nt welcome caus you r a Heat fan, what s the problem with that little nigger… I swear those guy are stupid they loose all sense of reality, go swim in money and pussy and shut the hell up biatch

  • F.E.M

    Fck Nigeria

  • Yea wayne looks pissed lol

  • young mitch

    this bitch or i should say lady is like yeah i sit next to wayne i would be all fucking crazy if i sat next to him!!!!1

  • asif khan

    weezy rocks <3

  • F Pusha T


  • K Dawg

    no offense to my nigga lebron but okc is gonna win the finals….i feel like its their time to win and they DESERVE to win

  • Young dopey

    @ibrotunechi @teamtunechialldaÝ @meltunechhi yall knw wts up!!#teamtunechi #naija1love<3

  • krak fada

    @ibro im a nigerian n im all abt weezy, hes everytn 2 me

  • LaGorce

    Wow, they must have treated him bad, usually hes all smiles and buzz during the games!

  • GO Tunechi

  • J.Ice

    @F.E.M fucc u n anybody who loves u.#ProudlyNigerian #TeamWeezy

  • bkche

    dont fuck with my nigga tune im fucking with the heat for that hate wtf these okc fans are fucking robots everyone wearing a t yeah let them eat of you mindless dickriders …..real shit kd a beast but thats some racist shit tune aint standing up for the first shots lol

  • NoTuneFan4Life

    loool that whole game u can tell how pissed of weezy his , YMCMB for life.

  • gangsta_h

    fuck! we Nigerians love tune… we r much on here, aint we?

  • F.E.M

    Fuck nigerians, u’r poorer than mexicans

  • Saraa

    This photos are cuteee *-* In 1st photo weezy is like ‘NOT BAD’ ahahahah lysfm lil’ wayne

  • LilKunechi

    @ F.E.M fuck u man, dumbass bitch

  • datruth

    First off lil Wayne is garbage, seriously people who says is is the best, must be saying that because rap now is sooooo horrible, he is the best by default. I am black and originally from okc, second outside a hand full if cities, ie nyc, atl ,Chicago, dc, Houston, maybe a few more cities, we as a whole only rep about 12 to 14% percent in the others thousands of cities in the us, check us census okc right at average. Is okc racist, yes a little like any where Seattle to Miami. Also people saying all these white folks in picture with Wayne, one again look at most arenas in nba or nfl, most are filled with mostly white people out side of those few above mention cites. It’s more economics than race,. U can go to a city and go one or two spots and think u know that place. Like Wayne there’s an mlk and 23rd street in most hoods visit it in okc u we see plenty folks blacker than u. So let’s close that story. I am tired of all celebrities white black rapper to country stars, actors or athletes, thinking u are better than someone because of your skill, once again I think lil Wayne is garbage, but I respect his skill. If the best doctor in the world, walked to to the ticket stand the day of biggest game in history a teams history, and thinks a team should just be like okay, we will tell someone else u have to move for this doctor, or lil Wayne, that’s bullshit, no matter who that is. U a man just like me, so buy your ticket, u in Forbes right? Buy a ticket. Stop thinking th world owes u something. Lastly on the race thing, cause Wayne said it was racial, again as a 31 year old black man, yes racism does go on and is very real, but c’Mon man, because something didn’t go to way its racial, when u cry wolf like that u hurt the legit cases, lil Wayne is my generationand we don’t know real hate like our parents and especially our grand parents. Someone needs to give wayne a history lesson, and better perspective of real life, because clearly he is out of touch, of the real world. So now bring the hate, because someone was slightly truthful. Thanks

  • fckdatruth

    datruth shuddduppppp……. who cares stop getting so worked up about what other people say. if your 31 why do you have the time to talk all thiss bullll, get a job, suck a nigga dick for some trukfit. if these people are lil wayne fans they are going to say hes the greatest and stick by him through everything. i think lil wayne is the best rapper alive because of the things hes done in the past, i dont think the music he making right now is best rapper alive music but its still music and i like it and these fans do too

  • datruth

    By your commit and lack of understanding the bigger issue of lil Wayne crying racism, shows me your don’t understand the seriousness of that, like I said he don’t knowshit about racism, and to throw it out there just because for once he was treated like a human is ill responsible and flat out stupid. Yes I understand this is he’s site for people like you, but don’t act as if he ain’t wrong. It’s koo he don’t like being treated like a normal person, but don’t blame racism into it. And lastly u said I am 31 get a life, that’s funny lil Wayne 30, and alot of your favorite rapper are thirty, and wear they pants like they never learn how to wear right, now is that also being 30, yall love the cookie monster looking dude fine, but shut up about racism, because u didn’t get your way

  • YCsep27

    luv you


    Datruth is right, he didn’t get his way so now cry racism, why is he still relevant?

  • SheyCiroc

    I just luv the way Lebron showed my hommie some luv…

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