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Behind The Scenes Of Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” Video Shoot

Mon, Jul 16, 2012 by

We got the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “My Homies Still” single a couple of hours ago, now here is some behind the scenes footage from the video shoot that you can watch in the clip above.

Weezy can be seen shooting his skateboarding and movie theater scenes, along with Birdman, Mack Maine, PJ Morton and his daughter Reginae Carter making cameos. Enjoy!

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  • Fukboyfit

    tunechi the worst rapper in the game right now


  • daknite


  • Big Wayne

    Birdman cameos >>>>>

  • hyfr

    wow a lil wayne hater is actually the first to comment…..

  • Siege

    #Fukboyfit #1

  • Fuck with me NAE NAE

    Reginae growing up and looking fine!



  • YMCMBoy

    why da fuck are we getting the behind the scenes footage AFTER the video has come out ??

  • Tony Montana

    That’s bad bad really really bad
    # TRUKFIT I hope u ironically typed that shit caus that s what it is

  • truuu

    the music video needs to be uploaded to vevo and when is that pj and weezy lover music video coming out danny??

  • F.E.M

    Bunch of fakes… fake sk8ers, fake rappers, fake haters
    Siege u better come see this u’ ll love that

  • Siege

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  • zeddicus

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  • Danny M

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  • No1tumeFan4Life

    haterz fuck of, how do you have the time to comment on everything wayne does if u hate him, u say u dont like anything about him but spend your time watching every video, listening to every song and read all genrall news because you hate? how can you say anything, did u sell a million copiea if your album in a week NO, get on with your lifes , let wayne’s fans enjoy and your enjoy ir personal favourite music, lil wayne weezy tunechi, syrup weed cocain, skating , these things dont chanhe a person, he is still dwayne michael carter the second, he is one man, hes allowed hobbies for example skating, hes human , why should he spend all his time in a booth to impress anyone he has kids and YOLO, i gove wayne credit amd enjoy all his music and style , skating and trukfit, if you dont your not a fan or was one, YMCMB


    the amount of people that pretend to be me is ridiculous.

    for the record i am not a wizzle fan

    i do not like black girls… or girls that are half my age for that matter

    and i dont swing any way but straight

    It must be my thoughts that make people so eager to soil my moniker, but THA INFAMOUS CEEJ is untouchable.

    as for all this useless footage for this useless noise i say fuck it. wizzle can keep getting weirder and keep fucking around with women he has no business with. all he is doing is portraying black people as drug addicts with bipolar tendencies and no morals. the more i see shit like this the more i distrust all black people. i hope he releases what exactly the problem with his actions are and sooner or later he’s gotta learn that love is not just a word that will get u out of a sticky situation. personally i’m convinced that the nigger isn’t capable of love and that all the things he does are driven by the intention of self gain. wizzle always has an ulterior motive, if you are a female dumb enough to be attracted to him it will ruin ur life. and if ur a man dumb enuf to admire him u might as well end ur life. and if ur black and u see all this shit i ask, why the fuck are u not hunting wizzle down right now?



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  • Siege

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  • Ymcmb

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  • Bitch

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  • Bitch

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  • F.E.M

    @Siege Once again you made me laugh bro XD THX

  • Tunechi

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  • tuneafag

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  • highlifeswaggym

    lmao smh atleast wayne has a hobby you losers still coming to his website trying to diss him and his family when they’re some where living it up doing things all of you can only dream about they live and breathe your wants and desires while you sit around bullshitting away your lives because you’re lazy pieces of shit and you know that which is why you come here you envy his freedom his lifestyle and his music why would listen or watch it if you dont like really ask yourselves why the fuck are you here all of you wayne haters need to hop off his dick and do something

  • jordan warnock, belfast northern ireland

    Fuck all you weird ass fucks who comment negativly under all theese post, stop wasteing your obviously pointlesss lives and fuck off, wayne is cool as fuck and all you dick jockeys can suck my balls if you think otherwise, im white but seriously siege or whatever you call yourself your a racist fuck and a coward hideing behind a fake name and shit im 15 years old but if you come to ireland i will cut you up fucker, now go back to dickrideing your dad

  • purpleweedweezy

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  • Danny M

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  • Danny M

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  • 2tech9’s,shuldItxtorcallU?

    im a big wayne fan, but lets call it what it is, the dude hasnt put out the quality music that he once created. prefix, suffix, the drought series, dedication series, No Ceilings, fuck–even a couple tracks on sorry for the wait were fire. Now all we get is weak, short features or even a single that gives another artist two verses(like this big sean feature). besides the born stunna verse which showed me as a fan that he is still capable of delivering pure heat; he hasnt been using full potential.

    It just seems wayne is too busy spending his time on skateboarding and his weak ass clothing line.( i mean trukfit is lameeeee, i dont care if u a nigga or a whiteboy, them clothes is weak)

    Haters or big fans– you gotta admit, wayne lost that hunger for rapping that he once had. He used to rap with passion in his voice, now it just seems like he raps secondary to everything else. wayne is the best rapper alive, only because of his accomplishments (not the music he has now, but once had). admit it, the dude had game changing and jaw dropping lyrics throughout the years.

    So to the haters, I say this: spend your time analyzing waynes rhymes, and once you do– if you still think he isnt good, you obviously know nothing about music.



    Waiting for president carter’s video #teamBreadOverBed

  • Realtalk

    Honestly the only problem I have with tunechi fans are they are generally teenagers like how the fuck can they relate to what he raps about??? Right most of you on here commenting are like 14, 15, 16
    Yall ARE NOT ABOUT THAT LIFE probably live in a nice ass neighborhood too lol

  • @itsanchezz

    Follow @itsanchezz for latest tunechi updates even b4 HQ….nd VEVO

  • siege

    bullshit. it doesnt matter who is listening or how the beat sounds… wizzle is a fucked up human he needs to die. if u disagree u probably are just as fucked up as he is.

  • flystealth

    Shiiiit! Quite a lot of hate on weezy. He cares about no 1s thoughts but may be its about time he did!

    Weeezy still flyinstealth!

  • Tony Montana

    Nope weeezy fell off!

  • Siege

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  • The real Tony Montana, fuck tony_montana the copycat

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  • Blatant

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  • Sheedy Weedy

    What da fuck you niggas dumb tunechi is da best period YMCMB till I die fuck a hater

  • Wayne#1fan

    Well i hope my boy make a big comeback idgaf that man the greatest rapper alive for life

  • NoonSmokeMk

    Wow you people like seige or however you spell you shitty ass name, are the reason way is so popular, fir example you talk down a famous person, they get more hype so you all may hate on Wayne and shit but in all actually your helping others find new music to listen to. The best example of what I just states is Eminem/Slim Shady what did the media do to him….. Said his lyrics were way out if line and, he was always talking about killing his former wife Kim and now look where Eminem is. You people just don’t realize you can’t hate on a famous person and expect every other person in the world to have the same views or opinions as you do on that matter this is coming from somebody who couldn’t even stand Wayne’s voice back when he was on the Hot Boyz but after a while of listening to his lyrics and not paying attenation to his voice, found out that Wayne is the best rapper of this generation. Just like Eminem’s position about 10 years ago

  • Your Worst Nightmare

    Wtf Seige whatever your name is. That’s a 13 year old girl, you fuckin nasty pervert.