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Lil Wayne Is Not Working On A “No Ceilings 2” Mixtape, Instead Working On A “Dedication 4” Or “Da Drought 4” Tape!

Wed, Jul 11, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Working On A Dedication 4 Or Da Drought 4 Mixtape

Either Lil Wayne changed his mind, or DJ Scoob Doo screwed up his tweet yesterday when he said he heard a second installment of a certain mixtape is about to be in the works.

We all thought Wayne was going to start work on No Ceilings 2, but it now looks like the mixtape is either going to be Da Drought 4 or Dedication 4 because Scoob Doo just tweeted this: “And I heard that mixtape is a 4th installment and not a 2nd ‪#breadoverbed”.

So the good news is that Weezy F Baby is still starting work on a mixtape for us fans before he drops his I Am Not A Human Being II album later this year, but it will not be No Ceilings II like most of us had hoped.

Personally, I think it might be Dedication 4 because the DJ who hosts the Dedication series, DJ Drama, his latest tweet says: “Wow, homie just did “burn”. That tape gon be crazy”. I have no idea if he is talking about Tunechi, but I hope so, because that instrumental is a banger! Also, Mack Maine did confirm that there would be a Dedication 4 tape back in 2010 when Weezy was locked up.

Anyways, which mixtape would you want next from TuneDa Drought 4 or Dedication 4

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  • follow me on instagram rans0m3 . lil wayne news

    That’s gonna be crazy af. I can’t wait, what else do yu think he should record?

  • First!! Haha I was hoping no ceilings 2 best wordplay ever from any artist but dedication 4 i love the remixes

  • 187JoshM187

    Dedication series was hella dope, can’t wait.
    And remember to sign up to the lwhq forums everyone if you haven’t already

  • whos gives a fuck if he doesnt drop no ceilings 2, just drop a mixtape!

  • …….


  • TUNE


  • Jaime

    No Ceilings is garbage, Im happy he is going back to the old mixtapes.

  • BrewCityYM

    I Hope It’s Tha Dedication 4. Da Drought 3 Is Tha Best Mixtape Of All-Time And Doesn’t Need To Be Touched




    @Jaime shut the fuck up bitch u dont know shit

  • Marley G!

    No Way!!!! Weezy Went Over Burn!! That Is Like The Hottest Song Out This Year!!!!!!!!

  • ….

    Its the Dedication 4, DJ Drama said on his radio show that he is gonna leak snippets.

  • sean s

    omg in that picture that little kid is throwing up the blood handsign….i didnt know gangbangers start that young lol

  • james

    i prefer a drought 4 just because i didnt really like dedication 3 with the except of a few songs and i think the drought series is awesome , either way weezy’s gonna murder this and his album !

  • Fres$h

    I agree with BrewCity, Wayne should never touch the ‘Da Drought’ series again in his career.

  • fat maine

    scoob doo gon get killed gettin a niggas hopes up like that

  • bang bang

    finall Wayne listens to his fans. Drought 4 or Dedictaion 4, YES !

  • Weezl2008 was the best

    Dedication is a ‘Tha Carter’ mixtape.. after every Carter album he came with a Dedication-mixtape, so Im guessing its Dedication 4.

  • legggoooo

    im happy with any mixtape from tune.

  • YMOE

    I bet this tape will be full of the artists from Young Money like the previous one

  • Ibrotunechi

    Goooooooooood news !

  • TC3YM

    It has to be dedication 4 da drought is ova.

  • SuperSaiyanGrim

    whose song is burn?

  • Swerve

    its dedication 4 guys, remember he does that after every Crater album.

    Also why would DJ Drama mention anything about the Drought ? he only hosts Dedication tapes.

  • Speechless

    I was hoping for no ceilings, but I think he should do drought cause dedication go hard but lil lyrics were better in the droughts and if you think about it if he does drought 4 he’s known for the droughts and he knows that, so he knows when he gets in the booth he’s gona have to kill it!
    But dedication 4 would still be hot . Just Wana mixtape!

  • no u know


  • Wayne-train

    Im actually pumped to hear what this new mixtape will be like. I just really hope that he isn’t screaming/promoting trukfit on the mixtape this is a chance for Wayne to make a serious come back and let us known how hard he’s about to go on IANAHB 2. Hope he doesn’t disappoints!

  • Mence

    Lol wayne does the same thing on every mixtape does it matter what series it is?
    Plus we don’t even know if it’s Wayne or not


    I like the Dedication series but I hate that DJ Drama comes out talking in between songs. Hopefully if they drop dedication 4, they come out with a No DJ version so I won’t have to hear DJ Drama shouting & shit .

  • wayne

    what song is burn ?? by whooo?????????

  • wayne

    what song is burn ?? by who

    • Meek Mill & Big Sean. YouTube it, it’s a banger!

  • Lil Tune aka Truk Yo Gurl!!

    I think its gonna be a good tape…Hope he brings the old wayne back!!!!!!! The Beats am looking to see him do will be…burn by meek, cashin out by cash out, i don’t like by chief keef, same damn time by future, niggas in paris by jay z, mercy by kanye, wild boy by mgk, stay schemin by rozay, work hard play hard by wiz and riot by 2 chainz.. am 100 % he gonna kill it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Don

    im dissapointed ints not a no ceilings but im happy its gonna be drought or dedication just want the old wayne back man Weezy al day tho I CANT WAIT

  • Jose

    Wayne gonna murder this, i really hope he makes a big comeback to shut all these haing ass nigga talking about “the new wayne sucks”



  • YCsep27

    love your voice again and againWayne

  • jesse urena

    waynes last few features espically that 60 racks one been pretty good and with a great mixtape a real one not a forced kinda short one like sorry4the wait which was kinda good i can smell a real comeback

  • im bart scott in this bitch right now lol

  • Nick

    Dedication 4 for sure!!! If he’s started this already and we get this possibly end of August or early September does that mean IANAHB 2 is slated maybe for a late September release or possibly even October??? Well I just want the mixtape especially if he just did Burn from Meek Mill. Expecting him to go in on this new mixtape!!!

  • 3ppu

    can’t wait! found this video two of my favorite things horses and tunechi<3

  • 3ppu

    upps, sorry there is the video

  • Chazz

    hell yea give me da drought 4

    want want want

  • Nick

    Seriously can’t see him doing Niggas In Paris though. He will stick with the newer tracks that are out like Wish You Would, Cold, Work Hard Play Hard, Peso (kinda old but still possible), Amen, Get Away Car Driving(He probably won’t but would be dope), Mercy and stuff like that. Has anybody started Thread on possible songs for new mixtape???

  • LP

    If he makes either of those, there is no room for error. No talking about skateboards or lame metaphors. Can’t ruin the mixtapes names, we need weezy not Tunechi on a dedication 4 or drought 4

  • Personally I don’t Care which Tape it is as long as it’s not No Ceiling! But a Dedication 4 Won’t be Bad. D4

  • hol up

    these mixtapes are like albums for Lil Wayne, if he doesn’t do well he will hear a lot of shit just like with Carter 4.

  • Realtalk

    Yess weezy comin with some new hype shit YMCMB for life or die bitch!

  • Weezy’s Dope


  • zibra

    DD4 thats the shit 🙂

  • Sushi Baby

    dedication 3 was ass just like sushi. i’ve grown to hate that man

  • i would love tune to rap over these
    1. 100 by Bangladesh
    2. No Lie by 2chainz
    3. I Don’t Like – Chief keef
    4. Armoire – Curren$y
    5. Itchin – Dj Infamous
    6. I wish you would – Dj Khaled
    7. Theraflu – Kanye West
    8. Mercy
    9. Burn – Meek Mill
    10. Stay Schemin
    11. So Sophisticated
    12. Go Get It – T.I.
    13. Its Nothin – Khalifa
    These would be AMAZING

  • Rick

    Drought 4

  • MJ

    i dont mind drama, he hypes you up durring tracks and shit. Anyways, i dont really care for the Drought vs Dedication thing. I dont think it really makes a difference, as long as we get a mixtape.


  • lilwayne>allrappers

    any mixtape will do all tune tapes go in. hope he go in on that burn beat, that niigas in paris, cashing out, mercy, and spend it.

  • weezyovermost

    awwwwwwwww 🙁 i wanted a no ceilings 2!!! but i want a drought 4 mixtape as well 🙂

  • daReal214

    Well I was hoping for no ceilings 2 to drop, I even suggested that on Wayne’s Facebook wall a while back, but I don’t really care what it is just plz drop sum for us fans who want to hear more Weezy!!! truck tha haterz! !!!

  • @king_ayeejay

    there was already a drought 4 i thought….

  • Speechless

    Its Pretty Much Comfirm its going 2 be D4 cause DJ Drama Just Retweeted What scoobdoo said today

  • HB

    da drought def.!!!

  • robbie

    it really dont matter which one but i do prefer the dedication 4

  • Ak

    Who Else Would Have A 4th Installment On a Mixtape Danny In Young Money Besides Lil Wayne.

  • That nigga

    you are all fuck niggas and can suck major sloppy clown dick for all i care. wayne a dropped off bitch and can dry out with the rest of the red tide that got washed up

  • Streetz117


  • YMG

    Look at Drama twitter, he retweeted what Scooby Doo said 😀

  • youngpash

    But how can it be a drought four when he been did the drought 4

  • MoonMan

    i would love da drought 4, to be a dual disc like da drought 3 was. only in my dreams.

  • Weezy4eva

    This better have I don’t like, mercy, cold, beez in the trap, I wish u would and so sophisticated. But either this is gonna b the hottest mixtape of the year

  • YoungGod RigoRigo

    , Dedication 4!! biiiiitch!! and dis is just the remix

  • Dedication 4 Ho

  • dedication 4 definitily weezy

  • Fan1

    coming from a real weezy fan. This new era of lil wayne isnt as great as Da Drought series era of wayne. and although dedication mixtapes are good, none will ever stand the test of time that Da Drought 3 will. so id rather see a Dedication 4 mixtape so he doesnt tarnish the esteem of past Drought mixtapes. #notoppingDaDrought3 or No Celings. #bestmixtapes

  • D_twizzy

    Its Dedication 4 ,and he went over burn already ,so the mixtape should be coming out in a month or less hopefully not to much of that pop that pussy, trukfit,skating ,and metaphor after metaphor after metaphor rap ,want the solid wayne on this ,and if hes done recording ianahb 2 ,i could guarantee D4 will be way better than it ,unless he goes back and records all new songs from here

  • shoppingbagdrizzy

    You people do realize that every mixtape wayne makes has the same formula right? All he does is get on any beat that’s hot at the time. Whether its dedication, da drought, or no ceilngs it would still be the same content jus a different name.



  • ronie

    Dedication 4 … yesss please … Danny are there maybe some info about a tour in europe? im waitin n waitin 🙁

  • d4-this just a mixtape lil wayne voice im can continue to
    listen 2 lil wayne or tunechi or weezy whatever wayne is the best rapper alive ever 🙂

  • Homie J

    The dedication series is sick. Dedication 1 and 2 are what made weezy’s buzy grow at first. Most of yall Wayne fans started after that especially anyone that says no ceilings was his best tape. Dedication 4 is big news for true Wayne fans

  • hol up

    I don’t understand why some of you guys want a No Ceilings sequel. A mixtape needs a host. Drama gets you hype before a track starts and he mixes the songs really well.

  • lewissss

    “and this is just a mixtape……”

  • acilio

    finalmente nos vamos ouvir aquele snippet de you and i completo, vai ser uma grandiosa musica e os mixtapes dessa serie sao muito bons pricipalmente o dedication 2 que eu acho que é o seu maior mixtape de igual com o da drought 3 !!! , estou ansioso , finalmente grandes noticias , go weezy go !!!!!

  • acilio

    finally we will hear that snippet you and i complete, will be a great music and mixtapes this series are very good primarily the dedication 2 which I think is your greatest mixtape of the same with the drought 3! I’m looking forward finally great news, go weezy go!!

  • K Dawg

    the “drought” series is supposedly over so im pretty sure its gonna be dedication 4

  • Kay B

    Dedication 4. Da Drought 3 wuss a true classic no need 4 further sequels

  • Bass

    Wen Drama was talkin about Burn he was probably talkin about Meek Mill kuz at Tht. time Meek was doing Dreamchasers. 2

  • B_Rose

    @Bass, look at drama’s tweet. It was sent on July 11, 2012 which is way after dreamchasers 2 came out. Plus in the article Danny says its drama’s latest tweet.

  • dls

    wayne needs to do these tracks..
    exodus 23 1
    no lie
    cashin out
    beez in the trap
    dont like

  • What is that OGO camo hat the lil kid is wearing??

  • i feel that its about time for a new dedikation. im D3 iStill Bump To this Day, and with the diversity and advansment of the game from 2008 iThinK it’ll Be A Perfekt Addition.


  • da drought 3 was the most lyrical mix tape just like no ceilings but i prefer da drought 4 because he may have something up his sleeve that he didnt put in da drought 3…. see he probably gon pick one of his mix tape series and go ham on the new making cause he’s a fucking genius… and you must know if you dont that whatever he didnt do in no ceilings and da drought, will come up in da drought 4

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  • charly

    Good morning or good evening if it is good over sional I am a young Gabonese who listens to your music for quite some time if the 7 years o calculation can effect each cfois I connect and I know you will never read this message weezy but your my favorite artist is a good song I like your making the abitude I will always listen with pleasure and if you want savoire oule Gabon is Gabon and the bin is located in central africa or rick ross had come when sejoure tone in south africa a good password excelent day

  • Cody Teague

    gonna look foward to this weezy still got the game too many ppl doubtin cant wait to hear what songs he kills on this dedication

  • Cody Teague

    i hope he remixes wildboy

  • @Cpitts420

    its a dedication 4 you fuck niggas…. lil wayne tweeted “@LilTunechi: Dedikation 4 komin next month.”