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Lil Wayne’s “Mirror” Single Featuring Bruno Mars Is Certified Platinum

Fri, Aug 17, 2012 by

Lil Waynes Mirror Single Featuring Bruno Mars Is Certified Platinum

The latest single from Lil Wayne‘s Tha Carter IV album, “Mirror” featuring Bruno Mars, was certified platinum yesterday meaning it has now been purchased over 1,000,000 times. The other singles from C4 that have also reached platinum status are “She Will“, “How To Love” and “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, but “John” featuring Rick Ross is currently at gold. Tha Carter IV is also double platinum in the U.S. and triple platinum worldwide, which is an amazing achievement for Weezy!

Shouts to HHNM for the update and I wonder if I Am Not A Human Being II will have the same success as Tha Carter IV

In other Tunechi news, the official music video for Trey Songz’ “Hail Mary” single also featuring appearances from Young Jeezy and Kevin Hart will be released on Monday, August 20th.

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  • daknite

    first bitch

  • mence


  • Gaddy F

    Congratdulations to the best rapper alive…..

  • B2

    1st all the way from South Africa!! Go weezy Go

  • Ted

    Love the song and video. It deserves this achievement.

  • lou

    congratzzz weezy weeee

  • Big Wayne

    No matter how bad little waynes songs suck they WILL always sell, true story

  • damn thats crazy as fuck

  • ymcmb

    is my homies still platinum yet or what ??



  • Now only, the tracks been around for almost a year now, but yeah only became a single this year. Great achievement. 3 Platinum records (plus a Gold) and a Double (Triple) platinum album! That nigga rolling in the $’s.


    damn. C4 will ne near on C3.amazing.weezy u need a break and start back on lean N
    smoke.i want that you kill all this faggets like eminem to shut up the haters.


    Does it look like we give a fuck @Danny M !!!!!!-_- We just want more music! Only post new music!!

  • thizisadas

    Sorry for the skate (weezy’s voice)

  • Congrates! Danny M Do you think D4 Well come Out The Same Day When Hail Mary Music Video Comes Out??(:

  • ^LOL

    mirror fuckin sucks

  • Reallife

    Yeah Danny… I Am Not A Human Being 2 will have some success, but this kind of success is reserved for Tha Carter series…

  • Ibrotunechi

    Wow !!

  • mommyof 3401

    idk wat is tha point of runnin ya mouth about somone that makes more than u will eva see tah b honest all you do is look stupid real talk y dont u ppl fine a life and leave him b let him breath ezy .

  • weeeeez

    “John” is only at gold status because, like i said, Rick Ross is a fat fuck no talent ass clown who is annoying. seriously he needs to retire.

  • Dwreck

    Well Deserved for tha best rapper alive 4 features by Wayne in 2 weeks! it dnt look like he takn a break tu meh! #YMCMB

  • tez

    Where Tf Is Nino Brown 3

  • Habilis

    Nino!, clap clap clap, Nino! Clap clap clap.
    I’m glad scoobs recording bread over bed meaning he’s quit more material for nino brown 3 huh?

  • Ymcmb

    Weezy supposedly fell off but his album and singles are still going platinum haha fuck you haters

  • Hate 2 bring it up but I am going to end the website soon because wayne really fell off.I am going to end the website tomorrow.
    PS:sorry guys

  • Plus these comments r really frustrating me, talking gay.Again this website is closing down tomorrow.
    PS:sorry guys

  • Young Tunie

    I think we might be D4 Aug 29 Like C4. Cuz of Dj Kal Album as well so we gotta listen to Sorry 4 The Wait… “Sorry for the wait, D4 on the way August 29 th.” (weezy voice)

  • this was before wayne was rapping about trufit,skatboarding, and eating pussy but i bet I Am Not A Human Being 2 will fail

  • weezybestrapperalive

    Dont take the website down danny 🙁

  • I l3ang ur sis

    Thatz not the real Danny

  • weezyRockz27

    Weezy iS THE Best D4 Cant wait


    who has more record sales eminem or lil wayne?

    Eminem has more record sales than Lil Wayne. In the UK alone, Eminem has sold over 12.5 million records. Of course, Eminem has released more material.

  • so then who is the best (using u wizzle fans retarded logic)


  • WTF

    Haaaaaa@DANNY < fake version .. This song was actually pretty dope "MY OPINION"

  • tha siege

    shut this shit down danny u have my permission.

  • weezyRockz27

    yes Eminem is awsome 2 but he stoped makeing good songs so Lets go WeeZy!

  • No!!!!!I will never shut down this website.@thasiege sorry but these people want weezy f baby and I am goin to give it to them

  • No!!!!!I will never shut down this website.@thasiege sorry but these people want weezy f baby and I am goin to give it to them.sorry for playing with yall like dat

  • weezyRockz27

    Weezy F Baby the MoutherFuking Carter bitches on My Stick but my name aint Harrypotter <3


    haha u r lame as a steven hawkings without no legs. how about yall stop trippin over wizzle’s fag shit and come to the dark side of the force. and just for that im gonna have danny m burnt to a crisp… for eternity. a
    ask me if im playing.

  • weezyRockz27

    Shes my Number 1 Fan Fuk All Night

  • tha infamous

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  • tha infamous

    niggerish. fuck it

  • hey @danny i just want to kno y weezy aint on ross new album?
    what now he think hes better than wayne

  • and yea i mean the real danny lol


  • Birdmanjr

    Trey songz and Young Jeezy behind Lil wayne on the picture. They are shooting “Hail Mary “

  • Everybody Follow Me My New Twitter Page

  • JON

    and they said weezy needed a good line BUCK-A-HATER. #bitchesnBottles nuff said

  • Siege is that guy

    danny m is a wayne dick ryder for this website

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  • The music Mirror is one of the cooler track, but it fuck me hot. now Weezy the Don Nigga is making big money from it, you are the man of all time, Weezy

  • fuckeminem is retarded

    @fuckeminem u still dick riding like a mother fucker spose by now uv swallowed more cum then your mum an whats your problem with eminem cause look at the tracklist 4 d4 hes on it.u have have the guts to call people a hater for saying wayne fell off yet ur hating on 1 of the best rappers period.u most be like 9 or just a fucking retard

  • Lil Kunechi

    Deserves it….well done tune
    follow @lil_kunechi

  • Ike

    well dne weezy….u still ma # 1,haters phuq off

  • K Dawg

    @shithead wayne been talkin about eating pussy for years lol

  • K Dawg

    so far nicki minaj is a confirmed feature on D4……im surprised its not on this website yet


    @fuckeminem is retarded says the right guys haha you hating on my nigga weezy fuck off search some gayass feminem sites.

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  • siege is a word not a person

    yall fags have a fan fetish, look at all the comments on this thread that has nothing to do with anything but a faggot with a new clothing line who raps about skateboarding all day


    ye you right feminem sucks.

  • YMWeezYCashMoneyFBabyB

    With a shit songs about skating it will never have succes like C4

  • Jose003

    Weezy seriously fell off! Skating? Really?? Come on dude what happened to being a “Blood”!? I need the Lil’ Wayne from Tha Carter III back.. I don’t wanna hear no skating or trukfit bullshit on your songs. Pick a different sport skating is for faggs…

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