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Lil Wayne Cuts The Ribbon To Open His Skate Park In New Orleans [Videos]

Thu, Sep 27, 2012 by

Yesterday, Lil Wayne cut the ribbon to open his Trukstop skate park that he helped build along with Mountain Dew in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans, Louisiana, which was the worst place Hurricane Katrina hit back in 2005. You can watch a video above and two clips after the jump of Weezy having fun at the skate park grand opening, as well as delivering a speech to the people who attended!

Tune talked about why he started skateboarding and explained the reason behind wanting to build a skate park in his city New Orleans. After giving his speech, Wayne had a little skating session himself at the Trukstop skate park with professional skaters Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley.

Lil Wayne interview with The Associated Press at the skate park.

Footage via NOLA

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  • Tune


  • Ike


  • jostein

    nice 😉

  • Louisink

    That great happy bday Tune!!

  • Casto

    Yea niqqa

  • YMCMB !!!

  • lily wayne the best raper alive>>>.weezy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!young money

  • lily wayne the best raper alive>>>>>>>>weezy!!!!!!!yong money

  • tune

    nice of him to build a skate park in his own city


    to bad this skateboard park will soon be crawling with drug pushing nigger “gangsters” and prostitutes. doubt anyone will ever land an ollie there wizzle included.
    btw fuck ur birthday wizzle go die now.


    its an indoor park? that charges admission? that isnt sharing stupid ass. fucking ugly ass nigger u dont share shit. stfu wizzle ur a piece of shit and u need to die. mountain dew cant save you.

  • happy b day-n gr8 that u did that for your city sk8 wayne n s8k tunechi n trukfit have a gr8 day

  • Birdman

    Shout out to Wayne for doing this for the kids and his city.

    But I bet the media only talk about his jail sentence and syrup addicition.





    wayne doing this for the new orleans and the young kids and people hate him so much but this guy help the people to get outside and not to be the whole day on a damn computer.REALTALK WEEZY#
    fuck eminem fuck gay-z fuck good music.

  • Gahaha

    Ok thats cool he doing sonething for the youngsters in his hometown
    You cant see sonething wrong in this though

    Thats a big up in my book

    On the other hand, wayne your hair man the fuck
    Do something about those loose hairs sticking out

  • eu

    Is dat Dhea on 00:20 (first video)?

  • Yuck!


  • Wayne

    @eu : I was wondering that too! I think it is, cuz I know they never officially broke up. I know Wayne got mad at her for having a Twitter and shit but I think they just had a fight. I don’t think they broke up tho. Cuz a month after that whole MTO rumor shit, he was seen with her at a Marlins game

  • Christian

    Another reason I love weezy is because he sk8 and I love anyone who actually puts their time in to get better.!

  • TrukUrLif

    Yeeaah Niggaaa

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  • @OMG_Tz_Fwsh_Kid

    YMCMB forever love weezy to death by the HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Sean bryan swaggz

    Young money best out of the rest count alot of money you could swear that the own a bank they got money flows leave the money on the river bank

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