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Lil Wayne Compares Rapping To Skateboarding, What His Goals Are In Skating & More [Video]

Thu, Oct 4, 2012 by

Above, you can watch Network A’s “dose” recap of what went down at the grand opening of Lil Wayne‘s “Trukstop” skate park in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans last week. The clip shows footage of Weezy cutting the ribbon, the Mountain Dew skate team, and everyone testing out the new skate park by having a little skating session themselves.

After Tunechi‘s skating session, “dose” spoke with him about how his skateboarding lifestyle compares to his music lifestyle, what his goals are with skating, and more. Professional skaters Paul Rodriguez and Theotis Beasley also chatted to “dose” about what it is like to be attending an event like this, Wayne‘s relationship with skating, what they learned from Wayne from listening to his music over the past 10 years, if they are more of a friend or fan to Wayne, and more!

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  • KIDD


  • adole

    Tunechi tunech tunechi!!!!!best rapper alive soon gon be the best skater alive

  • no worriez

    fuck alex midler for getting wayne into skating smfh

  • Cha$e

    If P-Rod and Theotis are fans of Wayne’s music then they should tell him to quit skating, seriously.

  • Countdown

    Lil Wayne’s “I Am Not A Human Being II” album will be released in 2 months and 7 days!

  • f off

    he still sucks at skating…..even in the video he couldnt pull off some of the simple tricks….

  • suzii

    what is the song at the beginning??

  • Liionchiss

    tttttttttttttttuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunechi……dunno what woulda happened to hip hop widout ya…..and oh!..FUCK HATERS!!

  • lawl

    his skating skills improved i see

  • big daddy maine

    Yea skate news..

  • caliboy

    What song is that during the interview

  • weezyfan
  • noCeilings

    Hey does anyone know that song at the end of the video, it was like floating yachts in jamaica a crib with elevator italian suits taylor? thanks

  • Moneytalks

    Pls tell us the name of the song in the beginning (is it allready realeased ? ), i think its of the ianahb2 ? Sounds fuking great!!!

  • Lil Ace

    Tunechi’s da fuckin’ greatest. best fuckin’ rapper alive, hopefully soon to be “best skater alive”!

  • whats the jayz song at the end of the video/?

  • Emily

    I love him ❤❤❤

  • SenatorTunechi

    Pls some one should answer the question abt what song waz that in the video…thanks

  • sharat

    wat is the song at the start of the video !

  • tinaphooo

    how very nice of him very positive and will give kids our future some things to do!

  • Yo!!!!!!! weezy dnt leave muzic wat wil hapen when i dnt hear u any more

  • OhYeahDisSucks

    WtF?? Skate? Man dis nigga should go jump fon a cliff.. Dis aint wayne.. Where’s the carter 2 wayne? A skate popstar rapper, dats dat shit I don’t like

  • katy

    pothead kinda laugh @ 4:04 LMAO

  • 401falyfe

    if u really think he’s gunna live by wat chu want u gotta anotha thing coming itz life the only ones he’s really gotta listen to and care for is his children n fam not chu .