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TRUKFIT & Mountain Dew Release Official Videos From Lil Wayne’s Skate Park Grand Opening

Mon, Oct 8, 2012 by

Check out some more footage from the grand opening of Lil Wayne‘s Trukstop skate park, which he helped build as part of his “DEWeezy” campaign in the Lower 9th Ward Village of New Orleans, Louisiana on September 26th. In the video above, you can watch TRUKFIT‘s recap of the event and after the jump, you can watch Mountain Dew‘s recap of event. Enjoy!

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  • Lmfao

    Tunechi in this bitch erybody should be worried

  • Wayne Is Da Shit
    Tunechi F Baby Hoe

  • YMCM Bidne$$

    Skating Suckzz

  • :)

    no1 said first so i’ll say it

    first 🙂

  • Skating shiiii….can’t wait to start..

  • mec t devenu fanchement nul a chié redevient le lil wayne que j admirai tu te fringue comme un blanc tes songs n ont aucun lyrics t plus le lil wayne qui était tjr bien habillé et qui me donnai des frisson avec ces sons la t nul a chié avec ton style de merde skatebord de merde

  • Sushi Baby


  • internanional

    Lil wayne’s upcomming single is “Good?”, Good? is the name of it.

  • Untillmyfaceturnpurple

    After the second vid I’ve to listen to right above it

  • Awesome tunechi (:

  • Lil Wayne india

    @internanional who said his next singles name is good?

  • Let’s wait for the single first”GOOD???”

  • L J

    he looks so happy! How cute!