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Lil Wayne Reschedules In-Store Appearance At Dillard’s Store In Louisville

Sat, Nov 17, 2012 by

Lil Wayne Reschedules In-Store Appearance At Dillards Store In Louisville

The new date for Lil Wayne‘s in-store appearance at Dillard’s Inc. store at Jefferson Mall in Louisville, Kentucky is on Friday, November 30th. I previously reported that Weezy F Baby would be making an appearance at the Jefferson Mall Dillard’s store (just like he did with Macy’s) on October 27th, but that had to be rescheduled due to Wayne suffering from two seizures on his private jet in the space of 24 hours.

This means that all of those 300 people who spent $150 or more on TRUKFIT apparel from one of Louisville’s Dillard’s stores (Jefferson Mall, Mall St. Matthews, or Green Tree Mall) will still get to attend a VIP party at the store on November 30th. Also, the 10 customers that purchased over $500 worth of TRUKFIT clothes will still get to meet Tunechi and receive a special limited edition gift!

Thanks to Jimmy for sending over an email confirming this new date – November 30th.

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  • Burrr


  • Kamziro


  • Hell&Back

    I won’t be there anyway :p

  • michael_carter

    thats cute.

  • swaggggg

    that pic of wayne is dope

  • :)

    I wish I was going 🙁

    Please don’t fly there Weezy, take the bus 🙂


    I’ll Be There .

  • LilFlash

    Check out this video on YouTube:
    Cash Out ft Flash, “Hold-Up” Remix
    Comment, like, and share!!

  • nice the pic!!!!!!#ZomMULA

  • summer

    I will be there and I am one of the 10 ppl that spent 500 so I get the meet n greet with wayne and get to hang with him during the event and I am so fucking pumped!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!

  • king

    wayne looks old….

  • Tuna Roll

    wayne sucks balls now

  • Weeezyy look 40. Wtf

  • weezy fan

    Lil tunechi Looks soo awesome, shut y’all fucking ass up, he doesn’t Look old, the photo shoot wasn’t a good angle, Tunechi for Life.


    shut up you fagg babys above me eat a dick from eminem or jay-z.wayne>everyone

  • weezy fan

    Fuck you idiot above my comment, you idiot, those rappers are rich and i promise you, you would definitely committ suicide because you are jealous of them, honky ass bastard.

  • Josh

    To lil Wayne your asom

  • Waynes biggest fan

    Look at waynes fingers I wonder wat it is lol u gotta love this guy lol and his left elbow

  • Lmfao

    500 on trukfit?? fuck that..obviously if I was loaded I would but not worth it.

  • summer

    I don’t look at it as I spent 500 on just trukfit, It’s more like I spent 500 and got tons of clothes and I get to meet and recieve a exclusive gift from wayne and hang with him for 4 hours! That to me is priceless and a dream come true and I am far from loaded but you only live once and I will never get the chance again to meet lil wayne so yea i was on that shit no matter what lol

  • Gmoney

    Wtf is up with waynes elbow. Fucking gross.

  • Waynes biggest fan

    Summer u rock enjoy hanging out with weezy

  • Waynes biggest fan

    For those who don’t know lil Wayne once had surgeryon his left elbow cuzz he shattered it rideing street bikes

  • FvckSwvg

    Y’all some dick riding faggots. Go listen to some chief keef and other music….y’all act like he know you lmaoo he ain’t know you exist for real lol

  • shelbie

    is it too late to spend 150$ to see lil wayne

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