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Nicki Minaj Chills With Lil Wayne In The Studio, Chats To Mack Maine About Mariah Carey Feud

Mon, Nov 12, 2012 by

The second episode of Nicki Minaj‘s “My Truth” reality show just aired on TV, which is a E! Special that focuses on her professional and personal life. During this episode, Nicki can be seen meeting up and chilling with Lil Wayne at The Hit Factory recording studios in Miami, Florida.

Minaj plays Weezy F Baby some new music off her forthcoming Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up album, including a song that she wants him to spit a verse on (the High School” record). The Young Money Barbie also chops it up with the Young Money President, Mack Maine, about her argument with Mariah Carey on American Idol.

Check it all out in the clip above!

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  • Rajat



  • s0ul

    i love these 2

    they would make such a cute couple

  • Kenzo

    Cant wait to hear their collabo… should leak this week 😛

  • BBC

    First time in ages I have seen Wayne in the studio
    I need to go watch Nino Brown Story
    Matter of fact, where the fuck is Nino Brown 3?????

  • willy wanker

    yo nicki said wayne was gonna record a verse on the hell yeah track, not the high school one :/




  • Moulaaa

    Lil Wayne – “It aint just you though”

    Nicki Minaj – “Who else is it?”

    Lil Wayne – “That nigga in Toronto”


  • jazz boi

    lol mack couldnt give a single fuck about nickis problems xD

  • god forgives i dont

    looking at tuneche’s response when hearing the song, i know he is gonna kill it !!!

  • i aint got no worries

    cool video

    i liked it

  • scotty_mofo

    need his ym family. wayne emotional as here. they should do a ymcmb session album just as an excuse to get together.

  • Aaron

    Man… This is just another foreshadowing that Drake is leaving YM!!! Fuck that sucks. Better be a killer executive over at the new OVO label Drizzy

  • JSPR

    Yeah, it seems like Wayne and Drake aren’t cool together as they were before. Last time I seen them together was @ the VMAs.

    But Wayne is right tho, he brings Drizzy to the top, and then Drizzy forgets about him and what he’ve done for him. I can imagine that hurts man.

  • wayne felt so hurt felt your pain

  • Lmfao

    Naw thats bogue..wayne put drizzy on but drake still shouts out to wayne all tha time (im ridin weezy wit me) he always trys to shoutout to him and show him love. If young money loses drake there label blows. Tyga is gettin old and annoying. Wayne is so far fallen off hes free fallin..mack is ight but nothing without wayne. Nicki is only popular among brain dead pre teen girls. Lil wayne take ur gay ass beanines off, stop wearin animal print and SAVE YOUR GOD DAMN LABEL

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  • Lil wayne knew that drake and nicky were gonna be great dats y he got them…..drake aint going nowhere….he got like 3 more albums anyway on ymcmb……if he starts hisown label cool….but baby gon pay him out the ass….wayne was joking anyway drake us on imnahb 2

  • king

    i see why drake and nicki dotn hang with wayne as much cuz all he does is skate and hang with white boys at an skatepark,…they probably want he old wayne back


    what a damn crybaby, all the fucking time. maybe he should have picked better “artists” – female rappers – niggers for his “label”
    honestly though what part of this was relevant at all? think about what jay z is doing think about what slaughterhouse is doing and think about what em is doing now look at all this fucking bullshit blogging wizzle does.. they arent helping the “game” its just a bunch of fucking degenerates

  • tony_montana

    “Wayne put me ryt here that’s who I get the paper with,I hope that my success never alters our relationship” -drake on fireworks…..relationship altered!

  • Banned 4rm TV

    Wayne your artists don’t fuck with you no more because you not acting like the old Wayne. You’re unrecognizable with all that stupid skate shit.

    Not even your best friends like Marley and Gudda fuck with you no more.

  • Tevo

    Nicki want that Dick & If she make it hard she woke up a sleeping giant

  • wayne hella funny lmao its not just you doe that nigga in toronto

  • Tunechi. Funny

  • Abby Carter

    UMMM no dey wouldnt be a good Couple Ugh wezzy F baby to good fo her fakee azz

  • Detroit Playa

    None of you know wtf your talking about


    i do, this is bullshit, i could analyze this video and tell u that lil wayne and nigger minaj will eventually end up like him and kim….. not talking to or respecting eachothter but i can chalk this up to pure bullshit and leave it at that. who gives a fuck if wizzle is in the studio, itll be years before you hear the actual song but keep checking the site u might get more exclusive clips of the nigger bullshiting about it.

    fuck his wack rap shit.

  • Oh umm wayne will cum bac soon i kno but he wants to chill with skating now soo just leave him niga gonna cum back

  • eiuk

    Wats all dis wayne and drake relationship altered…u niggas should sharrap and stop typin “TRASH”..dey dnt hang out much doesn’t mean dey aren’t close..bitches!

  • Yezzy

    I jus want2 put it in her butt

  • @BiggDaddyRice

    Dang, come to think of it Drake is real showing signs of cutting off of Young Money… Like said many times that’s gonna KILL the label…

  • ym flyin

    “Plus I’m Young Money ’till the death, I took the carter route”

  • Tuna Roll

    “YM i remain that forever in the same place my brotha wayne at forever”
    dumb fucks

  • Lilcent

    Dnt fukn myn wayne wit his dam skirtin he want’s 2 chil up first. U knw he liks tracy. Bt he’s just fukn nw wit dam blade. Ym 4eva. Ymcmb 4eva .dnt tin oda wis ok.lov lilwee