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Lil Wayne Confirms Reginae Carter Is Signed To Young Money, Talks Uncle Luke’s Letter & More

Fri, Feb 22, 2013 by

Check out some more of Lil Wayne‘s interview with Felisha Monet from 99 Jamz, a Miami radio station, in the clip above. He confirms his daughter Reginae Carter is now signed to his Young Money label and speaks on how he would expect his daughter to handle the situation if she was Chris Bosh’s wife right now – and that is to be the bigger person and ignore what Wayne said about smashing her.

Weezy F Baby also spoke on how he feels about people who don’t want him to live in the city of Miami anymore and don’t want his music played on radio stations, if he has read Uncle Luke’s letter, street skating every night in the streets of Miami, and more.

Click here to listen to Tunechi explain why he said what he said about the Miami Heat, apologize to LeBron James, and why the NBA pulled him from 2013 All-Star events!

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  • MSD

    #1 bitches

  • Handicap

    Last comment.

  • Thomas


  • god forgives i dont

    yo man foreal fuck uncle luke and anybody that love him

    aint nobody care for that fool or care what he does

    its people like lil wayne who make miami what it is today and make people actually want to come to miami

    if lil wayne lived in iraq, everyone would wanna go there and party

    conclusion: luke can suck a sick dick

  • first bitchez

  • Percy

    Really good decision signing Reginae to YMCMB….. NOT!!

  • damn son

    thats some crazy shit if they already putting billboards up saying wayne go home to new orleans…..

  • AdamX

    This nigga Weezy went from being in the studio all night to skating all night 🙁

  • 5star

    how you gonna ask wayne what if his daughter was chris bosh’s wife right now though ?? thats a fucked up question

  • lil tuneche

    Fuck uncle luke and fuck anyone who dont like tuneche

  • tunechi

    he’s real heartfelt, love tune

  • Lil Squintz

    Fuck the people in Miami hating on Lil Wayne. They need to change their views. #Lil WayneBESTRAPPERALIVE

  • Lil_meddy

    Signing Reginae carter was a Good thing….she should be given a chance…

  • Lil_meddy

    Lil_Tunechi is Miami…Miami hates Miami

  • lol

    does she sing or rap lol

  • da reason people hate on wayne is because of his age and his accomplishments…. .get real haters….wayne records more dan jay z,nas,eminem ,kanye west….datz da difference….tune rocks…..

  • Patriots

    @adamx u right he went from being in da studio all day to skating all day it’s okay cuz he still come out with ft. So he obviously still goes 2 da studio and makes good music so stop complaining

  • soul

    Dwayne Michael Carter kissed another man on the lips(long kiss), to prove that he is a flaming homosexual. Costantly acting like my 16 year old brother. Does not have any respect for his kids. Dated stteve J. Molested by Birdman. In the rap field, he aint talented either. 90/100 songs are about Pussy. Lyrics are the wackest in the game, every song revolve around Pussy and skateboard. His daughter is one of the ugliest bitches to ever walk earth. Claims to be a Blood member while dressing like my girlfriend. His kids are ashamed of him, keeps on embarassing them. homodexual inspired uggs and skinny jeans when hes over 30.

  • whatupdoe

    @soul if you made millions and millions everyday i dont think you would give a fuck about other peoples opinions on clothing either, i mean, hes a young money million-aire && his criteria to your career aint even fair.. so your opinion is irrelevant.

  • jay_b

    man how many times my nigga gon’ have to explain himself ? how many times do a person have to say sorry? it was obvious from the start wayne wasnt dissing the city just the heat! and he disrespcted them , cause he was disrespected.

  • mikey_lbc

    @soul go eat a fat aids dick bitch hope off wayne nuts

  • tasha

    yeah wayne right luke been hating on the cashmoney crew and diddy and other big name rappers last year. he was talking about any rappers that not from miami shouldnt be allowed to party or live the miami lifestyle in his cty. lmfaoooo delusional ass nigga

  • Tunechifan

    @soul K.

  • Chris

    This reporter is making it sound like the end of the world that tune spoke his mind. “Oh people are saying that don’t want your music played here anymore” lmao. Shut up bitch, you talk to Everyone in Miami? Wow, you got a lot of friends bitch. Not. All it shows is that Wayne’s that big of a star, where in the span of 24 hours everyone already heard about something he did at a concert…. Lol, I love it

  • monique

    i know right! @chris lol


    IDGAF wayne was disrespected so he disrespected them niggas back. it wasnt nothing against the city just the the nba and heat. so whoever making it personal sensitive as fuck ol kotex ass nigga

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  • Kay

    Wat wayne said bout the heat? nd y he was banded 4rm the all star game

  • derrick

    im just curious as to why tf she would compare a groupie slut drunk whore to his 13 ur old daughter 0_o camron from dipset exspoed bosh wife too on his instagram he said she used to be pissy drunk in the club and that his bodygaurd fucked her too lol. so obviously she has a HELL off a pass, and wayne is just the ifrst to tell it. then camron aint no telling what other rapper/r&b nigga or other ball player fucked her.

  • fuck the nba

    wayne dont even sound worried about this shit lmfao . he just doing these interviews to clear it up for the city that it wasnt directed towards them

  • fuck the nba


  • #504

    1.5 million dollars on season tickets and to get told “WE dont fuck with you fuck you” by one of the star players while courtside at their home game i wouldve said fuck them niggas too. fuck they mean?!!

  • omarion’s dance teacher

    the nba did ban wayne thats why he couldnt get tickets to allstar , perform that night with alicia keys, or being involved in the dunk contest with one of the celtcs players that wanted to use wayne in his dunk. THEN when wayne exsposed them by saying they banned him for no reason they tried to cover up they tracks by saying he was never banned and give him a bullshit reason saying “its for the players saftey” -__- no they made that excuse up because they dont want any bad rep on their company name and someone like wayne could do that by going around saying he got banned for nothing by the league.

  • lacey

    @#504 yup i said the samethang thats too much money being paid to get treated like shit cause someone lives in miami but fav team is from another city and they root for them at the game. #shewayde

  • In other news

    in other news……………………………………………………………………….. at the heat -vs- hawks game the other night, the crowd chanted “weezy!” everytime bosh went to the freethrow line lol

    oh and “bitches love me” is CERTIFIED GOLD and “no worries is VERY CLOSE to PLAT. youngmoneywins…AGIAN

  • tha bay

    @derrick yo i was just saying that to myself like wayne have 4 babymama’s and a fiance she couldve used any of them as a example and she choose his daughter? wtf lol

  • jackie

    @504 & derrick true!!! and @inothernews…. as usual, wayne fans actually support him unlike other artist fans who brag about their fav but dobnt even support them like they should

  • kerri_stl



    soooo let me get this straight luke never met wayne but been trying to knock his shine since last year? yup he’s a fuck hater for sure. how you talk down on a nigga you never even met before? smh niggas got female ways i swear

  • bryce

    @dontae fa’real bruh that shit crazy as hell. i remember him talking shit about cmb and diddy last year too.



  • -__-

    mannnnn preach @datboydontae

  • cham

    @datboydontae yeah i forgot about that shit , that clown been bitter. and @inothernews lol i heard about that the other night

  • janismarie25

    the nba dirty they siding with the heat because thats who making that money. but right is right and wrong is worng but also karma is a bitch. (lockout pt2)

  • B2rhom

    @4th comment: god forgives I dont:
    lmfao, true. He is the shit.

  • lilwayneactic
  • Moe

    I strive to be as good as Lil Wayne, check out my music on youtube, search RayneEnt

  • tony_montana

    If you read the letter,all this luke guy says is that Rick Ross will be forced to sacrifice his freedom by buying a gun coz “remember that’s what lil wayne & T.I went to prison for”…I honestly fail to see how he’s “hating” or anything…

  • @SOUL u re D most fuck ass nigga dat I av eva seen bitch…son of a whore dog, pig & monkey…dnt eva said anythin u don’t know about wayne….I feel lik smaching ur ugly face porn ass nigga

  • Sitri

    @Soul Fuck you, Uncle Luke fuck you too!, that nigga has been hating on these rappers since 2011, his opinion aint really that important to anyone.


  • az si

    tell uncle luke i´m out in miami too..fuck this fakeass he hatin on wayne for nothin but dats tha only way he´s gettin audience maan fuck these haters

  • young money cash money asap

    Luke a bitch

  • Yaaquob

    Why Wayne you are in illuminati come on come back to your self are scared to happen to you what happen to 2pac or what ?

  • Bunz

    unlcle luke is a hoe, period. bitch-ass nikka

  • @Danny M, pls how do I post a youtube video on facebook so people can watch the video direct on facebook. I dont want sharing cause that will link them to youtube. I wanna paste lot of Wayne’s video on facebook from youtube. Many people do it but I dont know how. You know what I mean, the way you paste videos here that we just watch it directly without going to youtube. Thats what I want but i wanna do it on facebook. How???? Please. It’s very urgent

  • Kidd

    Pittbull just dissed wayne on some cheap shit

  • Danny?

  • Qba

    Fuck uncle luKe and where he from as a hoe

  • welcome reg

  • Tunechi da Gangsta


  • LuvTunechi


  • cleve

    Little Wayne does not give a fuck about none of y’all if it came down to it he would say fuck all y’al the difference is he would not apologize to you because you mean nothing to him he would not apologize to you because you are not on his money level. I agree wit @ soul except Wayne’s daughter is not ugly… . Tell me how many men kiss another man on the regular . A lot of dads do not even kiss their sons ain’t no telling what he done that we don’t know he has nothing relevant to talk about you guys are on his dick making him rich when he could care less about you we should uplift people and black women Wayne does not even like dark skinned women..but y’all constantly ride his dic he doesn’t want to help the black the people he could give a fuck about u I miss people like 2 I miss people like 2 pac

  • zer0D

    and u are a hater – what do YOU know what wayne cares about or not , and all the other u say – and umm oh GET A LIFE!

  • zer0D

    and if you dont like weezy stop wasteing your time on lil wayne’s sites oh i forgot u dont have life

  • Mp13

    What must it aLways be about color!! God damn!!

  • young money cash money asap

    new updates danny

  • @Danny M, I’m fucking dissapointed. Who da fuck is impersonating me?

  • Hope Lashae

    @cleve half da world dont give a fuck about anybody so why waste your time and give a fuck about sumbody else imma die hard weezy fan and dat bein on his dick comment is stupid im pretty sure its sumbody out dere dat u like dat u take up for dat u go listen to and buy all dere stuff so its a big difference bt bein on his dick and bein a fan ….. And we all like 2pac but cant nobody bring back the dead so why keep reflecting on da past and keep talkin about stuff we cant change …. And true we dont kno wat wayne doin behind close doors so y u even bring it up cuz u dont kno and yea kissing anotha man on da lips is weird but who are u to judge and have u ever thought maybe he dont like dark skinned women cause hes dark skinned …. I kno im light skinned and iono like light skinned dudes so before you can yoself blowing on weezy fan ask yoself y u even on dis site wen its strictly for fans …. Im jus sayin

  • Thalia

    @hope lashae Thank u!!! Lawd

  • Adiesty

    I guess I’m a racist then cause I’m a light skinned black female who only dates dark skinned males……