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Lil Wayne Talks Concept Of “Love Me” Video, On Set With Future & Drake

Wed, Feb 13, 2013 by

We saw a teaser yesterday, now here is a new video of Lil Wayne, Future and Drake all on set of the “Bitches Love Me” video shoot in Los Angeles. Also in the clip, Weezy F Baby talks to MTV about the concept of the visual and how the single came together.

“I just got out of a bedroom full of water and three women. The water was cold and they were all over me and I had my shirt off so I’ll probably have pneumonia by the end of this interview, but it’s all good. I ain’t trippin’.”

“The concept of the video is really just to create awesome scenery. A scenery that every man… anyone wanna be in. I appreciate Drake and Future for doin’ this because I’m quite sure they’re hella busy like I am, but I ain’t never too busy to get in a bed with three women, with water everywhere.”

“I think Future gave me that song with the hook on it already if I ain’t mistaken. I just put some words to it and put it out and gave it a shot. I hoped people liked it and they did so here we go.”

The official music video will premiere tomorrow morning at 6AM EST on all MTV channels.

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