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Behind The Scenes Of Nicki Minaj & Lil Wayne’s “High School” [Video]

Tue, Mar 19, 2013 by

Above, you can watch some behind the scenes footage from Nicki Minaj‘s “High School” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne. The shoot took place in Los Angeles, California last Monday – the day before Weezy F Baby suffered from a seizure.

Been Boom is directing the visual and Birdman will be making a cameo. Nicki has tweeted that the music video is completed, so hopefully we will get to see it soon!

Click here to view a few photos from the “High School” video shoot!

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  • PresidentCarter

    love it !

  • what should i wear nothin lmao classic wayne

  • Radhi


  • lol bad bitch contest you in FIRST PLACE, you in FIRST PLACE!

  • Empire

    Wayne:- “You serious Nick? You make a nigga hold you, you wack as fuck”


  • Too Dope 4 critics.

  • Shit iZ DoPe

  • #1Stunna

    Nicki is sooo hot now

    Wayne need to get rid of that hat too

    Birdman blessing us all with a cameo brrrr

  • chick

    daaaammnnnn this was the day before his seizure……he looks so happy πŸ™

  • D0me

    Anyone else get a hard on when Nicki was wearing the bikini ??

  • Yuck!


  • lilwayne4evver!

    hahaha i love you wayne! and i’m very happy you came out of the hospital!

  • Zodiac

    They are saying Wayne’s seizures are karma for what he said about Miami and Chris Bosh wife.

  • Chris

    “You making that nigga hold you??! Your Wack as fuck!” – Wayne

    Haha sick vid

  • Khosta

    Trigger finger gon be the track of the year…anyway Weezy better fuck nicki. And I better find Reginae, I wana marry her and give Wayne his gran babies

  • Khosta

    Trigger finger gon be the track of the year…anyway Weezy better fuck nicki. And I better find Reginae, I wana marry her and give Wayne his gran babies!

  • i really fuckin love zis fuckin clip lil , also nicki , love u guys…….

  • lilwayne4evver!

    @Danny do you know when the video for fich as fuck is gonna be released? i’m really looking forward to it!

  • I love em. It gone be a go. Yall awesome

  • F

    I just love Wayne, Nicki and Birdman! They are the best.

  • Loyal fan

    Cool vid!!#RICH GANG#

  • LP

    Birdman’s face is tatted up too

  • LMAO hell yea Wanye,nttn at all

    Ooooh weee,Nicki’s tiddy’s jus keeps amazing me
    Especially that French Montana,Freaks video smdh

    I’m lookin for a tunechi like dat

    Louisiana Dog!!

  • Chante Scholtz

    OMW Tunechi I LOVE YOU!!!! <3 I'm glad you're feeling better keep up your dope music!! … And as for you Nicki πŸ™‚ you're one sexy beast I tell you! πŸ˜› fucking goergeous!!!
    P.S I can rap the whole of "high school" with no mistakes πŸ˜›

  • Damn

    Luxky ass bodyguard just carrying nicky around all day damn

    The things i would do to her butthole ohmy hod no kidding kid

  • 1st!!

  • maria_latina_wayne

    i can’t wait for the video to be released and lil wayne looks so good

  • sexy guy~

  • Young

    Nicki look different .. Or am I

  • tunechileeweezy

    Fucking birdman ahaha love that guy all he said was maaaaaaaaaaan

  • hayzzyB

    Banging that Carter IV damn wayne was just on another level on this sh!t.. YMCMB forever!!!

  • real talk

    the album has leaked and atleast it’s better then c4 wayyyyyyyyyyy better

  • LuvTunechi


  • LuvTunechi


  • SORRY FOR THE WAIT IANAHB 2 comin soon Tez pushed the album back

  • vodafon

    fuck ..the album just leak..i’m from Romanian and i just copied the album..its fucking good..the first song i listened was romance..and so f..good

  • 5eba88

    link to the leak!!

  • kavin toor

    album leaKED STOP IT quick msge me email me and i will tell u

  • tringer finger is fire man i missed that wayne baaaaaaaaaaaaars it been about 5 years since he went that hard

  • Tunexx

    Weezyy fucking kilt trigger finger

  • LWF

    The first track is amazing! With the piano

  • Mp13

    Could somebody post the link for the album leak? I would greatly appreciate it

  • Youngb

    Album Liked Add me i hv the link

  • Vedvik music

    Gunwalk is dope!!

  • killllleeedddddd it.@danny i know ur bumping the album.everyone who said fell off u guys stupid my niggah is always here but here its something for u haters to make u shut up best rapper alive and best rapper of all times.that hard voice is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackk.killaaaaaa

  • @DannyM the album leaked out

  • LWF

    Back to you best song of the album

  • GDMalitia

    Danny the album leaked! I wanna listen but thats not what a true fan would do! What do i do?!?! Its too hard not to!!! Graaaaaaaawww!!!



  • gunwalk might be better

  • Damn Tunechi you raw


  • Sorry wayne

    Whole album leaked

  • fcrazy

    Album is straight. 7 of 10 stars
    Weezy sounded rushed and not good at all

  • whole album got leak

  • Tunexx

    Ive been having seizures but she said that she cant shake me… TUNECHI

  • Back to You

    Love the album, only one i dont like is Hello. The rest is very good. Worth the waiting.

    Back to You

  • Zodiac

    Album is dope.

  • Fred

    Half album is leaked it’s dope

  • Tahir

    Just listened to the album ..its crazy dope …im still buying the cd thou when it drop ..that’s what a true fan does ..Thank you Wayne for giving us another classic

  • Triggerman

    Back To You Go To Hard

  • Alex-G

    ALBUM FUCKING SUCKED. You wayne fans need your heads out your ass. Iv’e been a loyal wayne fan for so long and he gives us this garbage? should of retired after c4, he doesn’t care about good music anymore people…
    Classic? lmao this is NO WHERE NEAR A CLASSIC.
    A Classic is illmatic, stillmatic, chronic, good kid maad city, artists who care about making good quality music.
    this is straight trash.
    I’m not even hating, it feels weird waking up to the truth that your favorite rapper is trash now..

  • Triggerman

    @Alex-G If You Hating You Just Need Some Pussy

  • Tahir

    Damn “Back to you ” goes bruh

  • Tahir

    @Alex G can you tell me why you think Good Kid mad city is a classic? to me i think its kinda trash ,just a few good songs with the same rhymes

  • Triggerman

    Love the piano at the beginning so dope

  • Alex-G

    @Tahir , why? because it’s hip hop at it’s finest. you need to listen to it track 1 through 12 to understand the concept and direction the album was headed. You obviously wouldn’t understand the lyrics & messages if you listen to Wayne, no offense but that’s how it is, that’s how it was with me.
    Why do you think it’s trash?

    @Triggerman you make my point! typical ignorant Wayne fan…

  • Tunexx

    @alex-g how you going to say typical wayne fan but call yourself a fan?? I do agree good kid madd city was a classic thou

  • Alex-G

    I said USE TO BE, not anymore.
    he’s straight trash now..
    I love wayne back in 07-09
    now he’s just stupid.

  • Alex-G

    You “Wayneiacs” need to wake the fuck up.
    Peep Joey badass, kendrick lamar, j cole, schoolboy q, asap rocky, danny brown,
    cause man you guys are lost…

  • nuno

    I didn’t expect lyrical content from wayne I haven’t expected that since 2010 but this dude makes great music you can fuck with when you’re with the homies.
    What I love about Wayne is that he has all these “critics” (haters) that say he’s the worse rapper in the game but yet they listen to his music. He makes them curious enough to hear his album or mixtape which is heard by all the “critics”. Overall this dude is a great artist knows how to make his money by any means which is the best way to make money don’t you think?
    Listen to some childish gambino as well

  • nuno

    Also name another artist that hasn’t been afraid to try out as many styles as lil wayne has and still be successful. This dude is a genius in my book, he puts in the most work than anyone else so much that dude gets seizures from working too damn hard. It’s crazy how much love he got from other artist when he was in the hospital.
    ” I gets paid early because I be working late”

  • Dam inahb2 was definitly worth the long wait.

  • DOPE


  • Triggerman

    @Alex-G How Many Sells Did Maad City Make I Bet That Waynes Album Will Kill His Album Sells

  • Triggerman


  • Travis

    I just got ianahb 2 and it’s soooo good.

  • @travis is dat 4 real.

  • gkmc is dope but NO its not a classic a classic is illmatic lifeis good carter 2 carter carter3 all eyez on me shit like that reasonable doubt eminem show good kid maad city was dope not that dope for you niggas to be putting it on that type of pedestal and this ianahb2 is very dope

  • @alex g u are one of those she males dat believe they know wat good hiphop is, but i guess d music market decides dat not u. And d last tym i checkd, kendrick lamars aibum hasnt topd c4 1st week sales yet so why should he retire.

  • @stunna brah stfu gkmc was jus overhypd it wasnt even on ‘god forgive i dont’ level

  • last year was fuckd up, alota niggas got sum hype they didnt deserve ( asap 2chainz e.t.c) nw niggas think they can compare them to an active veteran lyk Wayne dats beyond stupid.

  • Khosta

    @ALEX-G good kid mad city was straight trash, d4 is played more than that trash here in South Africa…kendrick sucks, he has the same rhymes and just can’t do something outstanding. Though I have to say C4 Wayne is the best…

  • nd er body should note dat d so calld classic era is gone. If u keep droppin classic musics these time u’ll die broke. Jus look at Nas, d nigga has financial problems lol. Even snoopdogg did a song wit david guetta cus he understands d trend.

  • Csj

    The album just got leaked…
    Straight fireeee….
    Wowzers – my tongue is a uzi , my dick is an AK
    My tongue go brrrr, my dick go phatt
    Awesome song and also gunwalk, beat the shit, back to you, god bless amerika are awesome…

  • Khosta

    @f.e.m that’s true..Wayne gon keep killin em

  • fucking scrubs

    All the people saying that IANAHB2 is trash but then go and say his best was c4 just goes to show you have NO CLUE at all. seriously guys get a fucking clue
    This album is straight fire! IANAHB2 > C4

    the man just topped his carter series the most historical series imo with his other low key series.


  • Khosta

    C4>all his albums

  • Back to You

    C2 > C3 > IANAHB2 > C4

  • LordStark

    Wayne is top 5 all time…

    his 06-09 run was the greatest ever from any rapper

  • Khosta

    I am just chilling in my mother’s car listenin to all of waynes song from 2000 to now and damn he was a dawg in 2011 and 2008..also like some of The block is hot tracks. And grown man from his 3rd album light up is sick…damn weezy a beast

  • Yung Mikey Baby

    I Am Not A Human Being II has leaked

  • Devontae

    @Danny dat Trippy ft juicy j is out!!!!!!!! where u at? get on da ball nigga lol

  • Devontae

    matter fact it all leaked

  • Devontae

    IANAHB2 go hard af!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WillSales

    IANAHB2 is da SHIT nigga!!!! weazy did again!!!
    from Brazil showing love to the nigga weazy! shout out Danny, keep doin you thing man.

    IANAHB2 a milli in the first week!!!!

  • Khosta

    Wow I never thought this album will be so dope, Love from South Africa where your true fans be

  • Edo

    Apart frm released singles ‘TRIGGER FINGER’, ‘BEAT THE SHIT’, ‘BACK TO U’ & ‘WOWZERS’ to mention a few r super-hot!, unlike the most anticipated ‘lay it down’ & ‘God bless Amerika’ which weren’t that hot….
    But damn the leak might lower sales greatly…

  • Edo

    ”tools on deck, tote tools on neck”…….again, ”better turn to God, ‘fore I turn Godzilla”
    #Trigger Finger is HARD!

  • Yummy in my tummy

    Yummy < (.) (.) Nicki Minaj's boobs!!! There yummy I want them!!

  • lil weezy

    IANAHB2 leaked. no lie goes hard as fuq!

  • Tahir

    @alex g ..good kid maad city isnt a classic wasnt even nominated for grammys and sales not that much as well ..i listen to the album jst from time to time because the rhyme gets boring when you listen to it 2ice in a row .. the only good song to me is poetic justice ..all of em other songs get boring .. can you tell me any standout song from the album that you can relate to? ..none i guess …swimming pool full of liquor is a bit relating thou but you cant listen to it twice . Kendrick is overrated bcuz of his rhyme ..lets see if he can get to 5 albums before we can call him a good rapper not even great …to be great you have to be able to shit on every one else like Pac,Big,Em,Jay,Wayne do ..

  • KREMAjr

    F u niggaz b tokn shit bou ths album thn u’s dime ass gold digaz,ths sht go HARD

  • KREMAjr

    F u niggaz b tokn shit bou ths album thn u’s dime ass gold digaz,ths sht go HARD #IANAHB2

  • Greedy

    I am not a human being 2 leaked already…. Damn I’m tryn to support him by getting the album. How he gonna go platinum with this shit happening?

  • Tahir

    INAHB2 BEST ALBUM 2013 …kiss tune ass if yu hating

  • Tahir

    @greedy even thou it leaked ,we still buying …lets support our boy and cop dis shit as soon as its in stores

  • Jaz

    The only song that anit leaked yet is shit stains, anyone got it.

  • rozayy

    Yall are all straight dick riders. I dont understand how you can hate on all these other rappers that i can say are very dope. IANAHB2 is 7/10 for me. It wasnt great, it wasnt bad either. It will be nice to bump around.

  • AmanU01

    OMG lilwayne’s album leaked shitt

  • AmanU01

    @DANNY Album leaked aint aint?
    because i got the whole fucking album right noww man. this is sad

  • Greedy

    @Tahir for sure ill be supporting wayne. ill be getting the album

  • Greedy

    wheres the best link to dl the leak??

  • Khosta

    Where can we download the tracks ?

  • Thank Yo

    Go download the best Fuckin album Ever

  • Greedy

    Damn just listened to the album,,,,, that shit went hard. Whole new style,people gonna be on waynes dick when this shit drops.

  • LSDrug

    2 chainz verse on days and days is awesome

  • Tunexx

    @LSDrugs you gotta be joking right?? That verse was god awful

  • BOY

    Wow. IANAHB II was a fucking dissappointment & personally im a fan. The snippets sounded dope as fck but the complete songs were utter SHIT. Extremely repetative & he dont sound really into it like back in the day.Trigger Finger was the rawest tho.

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    dam you little wayne stans need to come back to reality. this nigga wayne album is hot garbage…….thank god he’s retiring soon, or die soons…….be real this album is trash……fucking donkeys!!!!!!!!

  • john

    at 55 secs that is gangsta weepy

  • Ozzie

    C4 > IANAHB2

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  • dino47

    that’s the coolest thing i’ve heard