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Lil Wayne Has Been Released From Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Mon, Mar 18, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Has Been Released From Cedars Sinai Medical Center

Great news! After spending six days at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center recovering from a seizure, Lil Wayne has been released and is now on his way home.

The YMCMB bosses Mack Maine and Birdman both tweeted that Weezy F Baby has officially been released from the Los Angeles hospital:

“Thanks to Cedar Sinai for everything!!! @LilTunechi has been officially been released and is headed home….God is great” – Mack Maine

“God son just release frm hospital.thanks 4 all tha luv.YMCMB.Richgang” – Birdman

Do you think Tunechi will go straight back to work or take a vacation ❓

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  • Sandy

    1st!!! I hope he don’t! Love Lil wayne

  • Aaron Idaho

    He needs to come chill in Payette, Idaho. It’s a chill place to have seizures and skate, I would know! (:

  • Mariana

    Hope he takes it easy and takes a long deserved vacation and get prepared for the tour that is coming!! So happy that he’s good!! My baby is backk!

  • dontae p-town

    thank god!! stay clean and healthy tune

  • Mariana

    ohh and takes a break on skateboarding, he be getting hurt is ishh

  • Birdman

    got my son a new bottle of cough syrup to celebrate!

  • lacey


  • Sandy

    Let me rephrase that!! Lil Wayne deserves a Vacation and some chill time! He must work to hard 🙂 Hope everything is well though!

  • xxx

    take a break homie, and rest up, we need ya around for a while…….go spend plenty of time with yo kids and have fun

  • Alex

    He need to take a vacation and chill, and let IANAHB2 do #’s !!!! Glad he’s okay, God is great!!!!

  • young tunechi

    Welcome back bro God bless you i knew you was funna be ok now its up to you to live your life to the fullest i love you bro no homo i respect everything you do. Fuck the haters and trash talkers

  • 17TH WARD

    glad my nigga back on his feet. fuck haters eat a dick


    Best news all day

  • Feelingz

    Welcome home Weezy

  • kold boy

    i want wayne to go working on new music

    but give up that skating

    i think thats what caused his seziures 🙁

  • Empire

    Anyone think he will record a song about this ?

  • Leah J

    I hope he just stays home & sleeps or at least take naps everyday. He works too hard. I love him!

  • Leah J

    @koldboy I agree, since he’s hit head a few times

  • Vacation!!

  • Tahir

    Thank you Allah for answering my prayers …Lil Wayne fought the sizzure shit …i knew he could do it with the mercy of Allah …now all his haters who wished him death can kiss his ass nigga Wayne a Martian .

  • trebles g

    Weezy needs to take a vacation but lieve off a dope song that would be played through oit the seasons.

  • Tahir

    This calls for a celebration ..nothing better than the smell of a new day

  • Shica

    Take care of yourself! You have people that love you and look up to you. And they need you here. So cope the way you know how but keep it safe!!!

  • Escalate

    God is good. Love you Wayne!

  • alisa carter

    there someone who love u for more then u kn with a love that..keep growing as day come and go so always remember each day the year through there someone who love u and need u too… love is true….lilwayne….this is your blood family ….love always

  • tay

    yayyyyy! <3

  • Dylan f baby

    Wayne had those seizures for us fans, he dont stop working hard to give us what we want, I dont understand why people get so pissed that hes skating all the time.. He’s done enough for us. And the crazy thing is he aint going to take a vacation, guarantee first thing he did when he got home was jump on that skate board and rode it to the end of the hallway into the studio.

  • alexis love

    lilwayne…..whz up boo! my love is real….dont forget i pray for u and your take care u are a good man….god love u

  • lol

    weezy baby need a break tbh hes a hard worker

  • Dammit!

    I thought for sure this faggot rapper would die already, fuck, they should [hospital] of injured him really badly then put him on life support and pulled the plug. Not happy.

  • Gordon

    yah maybe a vacation would be good his lyrics havent been looking so good for ianahb II

  • T-Money

    pop a bottle and celebrate .. we made it to a new day !!

  • @becguyzlax

    Finally….its time fo celebration ..Fo sure tunchie aint human being..

  • Khosta

    Makes me think of blunt blowin, “I’ve been gone too long, true or false?right or wrong?…hellow weezy welcome home, it’s young moola baby”

  • alexis love

    Yes! lilwayne….it will be someone in your life will bring on a different look of life it will show the world ….u prove that a king of rap…is u this is THE CARTER now it’s your time lilwayne make yourself happy….your fans will love u no matter what!….u are all we have left as who u are…so what ever u do we will be happy….take care of yourself and be safe…like u always do….no kissing licking….love u…until that time come god feel your pain….and kn your life….u was put here for a reason….its up to god to judge live your life and have fun be safe and pray always… love is real

  • alexis love

    cant wait to meet up with u lilwayne….my love is real tell nicki i said hello and mr. birdman….much love 2013 YMCMB

  • handsome♥

  • Doc Drew

    Funny how phenergan with Codeine lowers the seizure threshold and lil wayne surprisingly had a seizure. Maybe everyone should learn their lesson. My thoughts, he deserved it. Lets see if he falls on his face again or has half a brain and learns.

  • Lol,Tune outta there,I’m glad to know that he’s healthy enough to leave Cedars-Sinai

    The man of all thangs,just keep faith in him

    Shid the hospital is great for a person,but itx bored as hell,smh,ready to go!!!

    I thank wanye azz gone do alit bit of both doe

    Bred Ova Bed!!!! / Live Till Your Old Tune


  • iyke

    Great#Weezy snatched outta the hands of death#Glad…Wayne please go easy on evwithang#Real Niggas let’s CELEBRATE

  • Rajaah

    Thank God u r Aiit man welcome back

  • Fuck the haters.. Well come home, more love from South Aficans

  • baffer abraham jupiter

    hahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahaah god iz wandafuwl welcome home @ young tune love from nigeria wishin yhu speedy recovery

  • baffer abraham jupiter

    all nigerian wishin yhu speedy recovery tunechi

  • erick

    so glad he’s okay! this whole seizure situation hit me hard. i couldn’t help but think what if…. im glad i don’t have that on my mind any longer! haha Wezz F. Baby and please say the mutherfuckin.

  • Sir. T

    Our prayers have been answered. Evident enoug that God exists.
    Welcome back Nino. Can’t fo de album

  • Zaalon

    Bread over bed
    Wayne plzz choose the bed for like a month

  • olaitan

    Am so glad about this news, but to me I tink birdman is lying abt the course of this sickeness and it shouldn’t be so. Weezy I love u so much and thy God will always be your strenght.

  • militia

    Gatta’ stay safe man, take a easie til full recovery coz we are stil awaiting for the Carter 69

  • Birdman

    Weezy just wrote a new song! belee dat! its called “Seizure Skatin” here are da lyrics:

    Weezy on a skate
    Know yall gonna hate
    just had a seizure
    wouldnt call it leisure
    tmz sucks big dick
    i have a big black dick
    syrup and money
    goes like bees and honey
    all i do is fuck pussy
    just call me a bad bully
    money money money
    dont be so funny honey

  • I LOVE

    @dammit or whatever..yhu surely deserve to die that way. I don’t just know why pple beinq hatinq on someone even to the point of death gosh!

    Anyways, I’m SOOO happy that WAYNE is back home.
    Yhu really need to go on a lonq vacation so as to fully recoverinq and as well make out time for ya family
    We yhur fans truly LOVE yhu!


  • God is great.

  • wellkome z greatest rapper alive!

  • Alfred

    best news ever …………………#weezy has been released from the hospital…………….makes me happy so i will smoke 1 n pop a bottle for the best rapper alive #weezy f baby………………………….

  • Alfred

    #tunechi ………………..should really take a vacation he really needs it but he loves his work so some one should keep an eagles eye on him he is really stubborn sometimes lol……………………..anyway we are happy you are finally home……………….#ymcmb….#wtb..#rich gang

  • kingjo

    Watch they put his ass right back in the studio smh……just like when he got released from prison birdman said he had an studio in the plane so he can record he didn’t even let da nigga relax and chill…Wayne’s been over working..he needs to get some rest…I remember when I didn’t want Wayne to retire but as of lately I want him to retire so he can come back fresh and drop all of them yes men around him..

  • Tunechi’s back. He should take a rest first. Fuk haters suck a dig and hop up on it. Biaatch.
    Love ya wayne

  • muuu

    yall better die

  • Jaz

    I’m happy his out now, he should rest for a bit then get back to work, I think he should still do his skating but not as much, love,l,

  • official_X_

    Pop a bottle and celebrate
    Tunechi made it to a new day

    He deserves a long rest

    I hope d album doesn’t get pushed back
    Cuz I’m certain of him makin atleast 1mil 1st week…pple sympathizing with him n all

  • Rhino

    He’s going right back to work. I’m Not A Human Being 2 is coming out in 6 days. He’s gotta get that ready.

  • Wiepkje

    Wayne should take it easy, he’s got a lot of real fans all over the world and we can not miss him!! So mister Carter: TAKE A BREAK!! I need your music and i still need to see you 21 oktober!!

  • Hell yea glad lil hommie aiight. I prayed for him god is great one love cuz keep doing ur rappong thing cuz younda baddest stay healthy and live ur life fam. You biggest fam Lucky Harmon!!!!

  • Amour

    He’ll go back to work

  • God is good wit you mr.carter!
    Take a vacation please!
    Don’t kill ur self! u got a Family män!!!
    Luv ya!! (:

  • Lil Wayne

    wow nigga this is a great site where i can see some real comments from my real fans. Jus wanna let yall know im back on the syrup, but its prescription so its ok. #Tunchli #Boi1da shat ootttttttt

  • 4uck u haters ur headed 4 no gud ma name sak is bak tunchi f baby trash u talkers inded ur d best raper alife 4uck dem all with d sick ……..amen

  • Am glad ur ok t.c of ur self and am gonna say it again u got a family that needs u and u need them all the rap game doesn’t matter just lay back for a while wid ur family then come to rapper alive u will always be that.

  • tinaphooo

    omg wayne we love u u cant be doin that i was panic mode with out u life just not fun u bring light to my day every time i hear your voice very powerful words i done started back workin out listening to u lol but any how take care of ur self if you qiut codine ill quit smoken lol love u loveu love u!

  • Lies

    I got info and they seem true, that all that seizure situation is just lies, he never had seizure and he never went to hospital..

  • Jay

    I have proof that Lil Wayne was faking his seizure to promote hype for his upcoming Album “I’m not a human being” if you need proof go check statements by the nurse who worked in the L.A Cedar on twitter go follow. @Jabu87 @Jabu87 ,

  • Lies

    @Jay So I was right about that fake situation…. Dam man and i prayd for that..

  • Omggg i luv u soo happy bby :):) ianahb2!

  • weezyfforfree

    Yess there is proof that they were lying just settin things up but thats kooll with me because when ianahb2 drops THE NUMBERS DONT LIE!!!!! ohya.. And for all you dumbasses SHIT STAIN LEAKED 2 DAYS AGO AND IT HAS ONLY 200 VIEUWS. #gtfoh!

  • Loyal fan

    Good to hv u BACK TUNECH! !!!!!!!!!#YMCMB-RICH GANG#and FUCK U LEE AND LIES!!

  • ast stunnaman

    omg am so happy right now! Thank god the king is safe

  • Jennifer

    I’m so happy your doing ok love u man

  • MiMi

    Great news he’s been released!!!! Rest up my Weezy and get yourself better!! SOOO glad ur ok!!! xx

  • KingTG

    I agree wit u Rocx, RSA gives more love to Tunechi

  • Turkflow

    Faka. Met je bontkraag!!

  • KingTG

    I agree wit u Rocx, RSA gives more love to Tunechi(kTG 4rm Mzansi Afrika)(Johannesburg)

  • U gotta rest!!!!! Wayne, no need to do anything crazy stressful. I can’t wait for ur album! IANAHBII

  • Jaz

    @danny m
    ive heard the tracklisting as changed for i am not a human being 2 is that true, can you give us a update soon.

  • Nikki

    Stay strong baby. Take a break, spend time with your kids. quit skating and focus on rapping!youre too amazing to quit rappingifyou quit i might die.f the haters, i love you babieeee <3 keep up the hard work!!!!



  • Wayne 4 Life

    I think Tune will take a break. Just think, his album is coming out in a week, I’m sure the album is completely finished and ready to be released, so he doesn’t have to do any more work on that. He’s about to make a lot of money off of that so there’s no need for him to go and kill himself over making more music. The only project that’s still mentioned is “Devol” but we haven’t heard much about it so I don’t think he’ll go hard in music for a little bit. I bet he’s gunna sleep, skate and chill just like he should. He’s made so much music and money and has made so many people happy, he deserves a break. Much love goes out to my homie Lil Wayne and his YMCMB Family. Fu€k TMZ and their dumbass rumors. Wayne’s still alive and therefore so is the rap game! We got 5 more years of Weezy F. Baby, so don’t think he’s going anywhere! He said “I swear to everything when I leave this earth, it’ll be on both feet never knees in the dirt” (Mr. Carter). This world/rap game is not yet 100% on its feet so therefore Wayne ain’t gunna leave! Love to all Wayne fans & fu€k all the haters!

  • Young Teezy

    My brother should do anything wht he want he WEZZY F BABY Im just glad tht MY big bro tunechi alright and healthy god is good all the time



  • chinny

    So happy you are back and well. Hope u take it easy this time, love you loads. Nigeria loves u plenty.

  • word on road

    Word on road is that I’m not a human being has leaked…who got the link???

  • word on road

    Word on road is that I’m not a human being 2
    has leaked…who got the link???

  • lil wayne

    finally good news thank God

  • Dalton wayne

    I heard that lil w had died that is not true is it

  • Weezy4Life

    Great news weezy is fine!!!
    I think all this is gonna help the sales of IANAHB2

  • dankull

    great u doin gud curter king…kip safe

  • Antoine scott

    Lil wayne my boi I have met you at a concert and you are a real nigga you have kids you need to give your body what you are taking from it stand up or lay down I learned that from you hit me up my number have change but the 8135262007 we have to keep it 2013 now it was a blessing homie

  • AWW thats great <3 soo glad to hear from you 🙂

  • maria_latina_wayne

    thanks god lil wayne is okay and i think i will get back to work

  • Darrion Adams

    Tunechi gonna go back to work tgats just tunechi

  • weezy wee/tunechi 4 life

    my idol is ok and healthy ready to drop ianahb 2 wht more can a dude ask 4

  • LuvTunechi


  • spittargm

    he needs to rest take a va-cae wayne

  • Dshizzo

    Dat nigga’s goin straight back 2 work, watch my words.

  • Life

    Welcome tunechi,you just showed life she is a bitch and you got your hands up her dress. Thank God you are still here with us, its dat naija boy saying peace,keep cool and RELAX.

  • lilwayne4evver!

    do you agree with my top 15 songs of lil wayne?

  • lilwayne#1Fanever

    im the biggest tunechi ever. swear to God

  • Bloodgangweezy#1fan

    Welcome back tune get u in a vacation and some syrup my nig!;)

  • Bloodgangweezy#1fan

    Been prayin 4 u tune tha power of prayer works my nigga get better im ready fo carter 5!

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    LMFAO at this corny ass site. Fake ass ”THISIS50.COM”, just looking at the photos of you lil wendy stans, makes me realize how lil wendy aint shit, and hiphop is so fucked up with you weirdos. your idol and a crack head, druggy bitch. and all you groupies are ven more lame, skate boarding ass faggots……I hpe lil wayne dies with a knife up his throat. and his little duck cut off and shoved in his ass. booty popping motherfuckers……your idol is a donkey !!!!!!!

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    lil wendy <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< jay z, nas, 50, biggie, pac, wu tang, big L

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    LIL WAYNE YOU STUPID LITTLE MONKEY. You should’ve died, in the hospital bed you drug addict booty popping fake blood…….

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    you little wendy stans are some faggot looking kids. looking at your pictures , I laugh at lil wayne. thats what lil waynes army consist of. lol, a bunch of house geeks and suburban wanna be ghetto kids. lol, no wonder hiphop is dead. you little stans dont know shit about pain or struggle, a bunch of coon ass motherfuckers, no real nigga from the hood fuck with lil wendy, he a fraud. alien looking motherfucker…I hope you die already nigga…….gremlin looking motherfucker…

  • Little Wayne KILLA….

    this site is mad homo nigga, lil wendy you fake ass thug…..whats up with all the gay decoration on this trash ass site. all you stans can eat a fat dick, cause lil wayne has a pussy, nigga garbage..

  • queen cece

    am happy for him and his famliy god is good for the nigga who talkin that shit the more u hate the greater he gets u luv him to y else take yo time to say wat u said his haters is his biggst fans they lvu deep down inside LOL

  • troymoralistm

    I am so glad lil wayne is outta there! checkout this rap I made!
    here is a shout out i did for lil wayne! love you man!!

  • edwinzy

    Hi wats up lil-wayne welcome back

  • kedalove

    love wezzy so glad he ok tmz is assholes

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