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Lil Wayne Taken To Intensive Care Unit After Suffering From Another Seizure

Sat, Mar 16, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Unstable In A Coma After Suffering From Another Seizure

Just yesterday, I posted that Lil Wayne had been rushed to hospital earlier in the week after suffering from multiple seizures. Now even more scarier news has just surfaced online saying that Weezy F Baby is in critical condition after suffering from yet another seizure.

According to TMZ, one of Wayne‘s bodyguards went in to his room and found him on the floor unconscious. He was taken to ICU and placed in restraints, because he was shaking non-stop.

Sources tell TMZ that they think the reason behind these seizures are because Tunechi has been drinking too much syrup. The doctors had found a high amount of codeine in his system and they also mentioned that Tune had to have his stomach pumped three times to flush all the drugs out of his system.

Lil Wayne tweets: “I’m good everybody. Thx for the prayers and love.”
Mack Maine tweets: “Wayne is alive and well! We watching the Syracuse game…thanks for the prayers and concern..he will update you all soon. #love”
Birdman tweets: “My son is in good spirit..feelin much betta…be home soon.YMCMB”

So it looks like TMZ made a lot of this story up. But Weezy did have a seizure and he is currently recovering in the hospital.

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  • jossh

    this is cray

  • ZipLiner


  • get wel soon TuneChi..

  • ….

    Mack Maine is lying guys. Lil Wayne is not ok. That’s all I can say, his fans deserve to know the truth.

  • BlackGate54

    Leave dem Xanax bars and codeine alone Tune

  • liltune

    I thought wayne couldn’t be on any drugs for his probation????does this mean he violated probation and is goin back to jail???


  • @ZipLiner the first time wayne had seizures his publicist came out and said “this is all a rumor wayne did not suffer from a seizure” then afterward wayne admitted it. Not everybody in Wayne’s camp tells the truth. Mack probably just trying to reassure the fans.

  • I’m mad confused. #WhiteTwitter says Lil Wayne is damn near dead and #BlackTwitter is saying he’s alive and watching basketball on tv #wtf.

  • ASAP Rocky

    just some seizures and a coma. were watching the game now NBD!

  • Twap

    Great promotion for his album.

    I see what the label did with this story.

    SMH the album still won’t sell Wayne.

  • olly

    good he is okay.

    I early started thinking about suicide.

  • Zodiac

    Tears came to my eyes.

    Fuck TMZ for real!

    Wayne please rest and stop skating.

  • ugh

    hes really killing us at this point he has kids that love him so much thats the only drug you need he needs to stop before he puts end to his own life 🙁

  • DMasih7787

    He just in a song called commas

  • chad stevens

    If Wayne dies I swear music will never be the same….he was the greatest rapper alive! Hell he was the greatest period. And if you disagree look at his album sells and his older mixtapes. Can’t nobody touch Wayne

  • originalG

    Yo wayne stop the fucking bullshit nigga, get the hells of drugs, stop with all the bs jesus christ

  • Diamond

    Really lost but hope all is well wit him

  • @becguyzlax

    Fuck niggas..was up wid diz cheap talk..As a fan lets pray for wayne..Fuck haterz

  • Bean

    Das sum fk 😐

  • ~FacePalm~

    @ Twap.. Are you an @$$ a nigga really in a got seizures (not first time he did) and you think this particular one is for album promotion..Really dude? sometimes stuff aint promotions and are real could say him and bosh is keeping his name up and when album drop you would go cop it thinking it may have som of bosh you could say that to be promotion and people wouldnt say nothing much bout your dumbass but saying him gettin in a coma or him system has to be pumped 3 times to be album promotion.. there are other simpler methods such as him just performing tracks from album fr the hype and what not…stupid retard

  • Bri

    Wayne does coke , pop Molly’s, drinks lean , etc. .. what did y’all expect to happen sooner or later ? drugs do kill . he better chill .

    I don’t want it to have to be Weezy F Baby and the F in for Funeral …

  • Please call me 509-251-5622

  • aaddaamm

    Wayne has tweeted thank god!

  • young tunehi

    I love what yu do bro nd i hope yu come back safe bro ill pray for yu

  • Beezy

    Fuck tmz!

  • deez nutz

    Yall actn like markz wanye gives two f#ccs bout yall them tight jeans fake banging in drugs caught up with him oh well cry bout a fake not im still going hard to get mines if he make it or not dont believe me just watch!!!!

  • AlexS


  • ymcmb for life !

    Wayne Can Make It ! For All His Fans ! I Love Your Music ! With Out Wayne No Cold Rimes ! Love To Wayne ! Stay Strong !!!!!

  • anthony roberts

    fuck TMZ news.. Tunechi for life.. young for eva.. fuck ur ass if u hate, we gettin our ass on the skateee

  • carly

    whatever lil waynes condition is praying for him to recover he would be a huge loss

  • Idiotsiswear

    “fuck TMZ news.. Tunechi for life.. young for eva.. fuck ur ass if u hate, we gettin our ass on the skateee” <<<—-what??? I swear I read that comment comment in a Russian accent idk why but you just sounded like someone who doesn't know English but listens to English rap (obviously) but don't actually know WTF you're listening to a lot of talk dont actually know what Wayne says but thinks it's hot because he is Wayne

    Wayne is drugs he never was sober since getting out he probably doesn't smoke weed. Because it stays in your system for a long time and it's hard to mask when being drug tested but I Bern saying Wayne on drugs y'all like wait for him to get back on lean he'll kill shit just face the facts he fell off with that being said as much as I hate the shit he puts out the last thing I want to see is him die at an early age I hope dude lives to see his childrens children but the way he is going he might not just look at Wayne he always looked sicked compare pics of before 2010 to now look how his face drastically changed look at 06-07 Wayne and then current Wayne look at all the weight he's lost his eyes or yellow so dude might have liver or kidney problems which is highly possible because he abuses drugs ya boy is a drug addict combine that with the fact that he barely sleeps that's a recipe for disaster

    Wayne doesn't have friends he has yes men who care more about the money they make so they won't do anything to jeopardize it ain't nobody telling Wayne "you this shit is wack" they all dickride (like you stans) saying it's hot they not like "to Wayne but down the drug you got children to live for" they too scared to lose money so he'll continue on a downward spiral until someone hems his ass up in a corner and beat his ass until he gets it

  • Idiotsiswear

    Wayne is on drugs he never was sober since getting out he probably doesn’t smoke weed. Because it stays in your system for a long time and it’s hard to mask when being drug tested but I Been saying Wayne on drugs y’all like wait for him to get back on lean he’ll kill shit just face the facts he fell off with that being said as much as I hate the shit he puts out the last thing I want to see is him die at an early age I hope dude lives to see his childrens children but the way he is going he might not just look at Wayne he always looked sicked compare pics of before 2010 to now look how his face drastically changed look at 06-07 Wayne and then current Wayne look at all the weight he’s lost his eyes or yellow so dude might have liver or kidney problems which is highly possible because he abuses drugs ya boy is a drug addict combine that with the fact that he barely sleeps that’s a recipe for disaster

    Wayne doesn’t have friends he has yes men who care more about the money they make so they won’t do anything to jeopardize it ain’t nobody telling Wayne “yo* this shit is wack” they all dickride (like you stans) saying it’s hot they not like “yo Wayne put down the drugs you got children to live for” they too scared to lose money so he’ll continue on a downward spiral until someone hems his ass up in a corner and beat his ass until he gets it and Wayne claims to be religious so I pray he gets better to get right with his god because with they way he lives he’s hellbound

    (damn autocorrect fucking my shit up)

  • anthony roberts

    Who the fuck r u pussy… Y u doη’t suck a dick dude… U just hating… U more on fuckin drugs and that’s “haterade”. Get a live pussy ass


  • fuck tmz

  • tammy

    I hope lil wayne is okay and please get better. I love you wayne,you’re my baby i need to hear you sing again. I’ve got you in my prayers . Love always tammy your #1 fan.

  • I believe my nigga wanye good,And dnt forget,yea he’s a great artist,but still he is his own man,some ppl just sad cases in diz world,Your father must asked you son,to suck his dick,all diz hatin shit,wishin niggaz die and shit,crazy tlk,live your life fareal,and hope someone show to your funeral,Tune get well,and pray some of your lame and borin life fans,GET A LIFe,by the way,diz party i’m headin to tonight got plenty bad bitches

  • Idiotsiswear

    @anthony roberts stfu dumb nigga

    On another note if cash money wants to dead the rumors just simply take a pic of Wayne and post it

  • Jewell

    Who are any of you to judge his life and how he lives, drugs or not he still doing his thang and the human trait you all are showing is clearly jealousy, drugs have a huge impact on everyones lives and if you haven’t gone through it stop judging, your all entitled to an opinion but do you think a random person is gonna change his mind on how he lives his life, think again your opinions don’t mean shit let him go through his own trials and tribulations, he has all the support he needs, and you people think its right to talk about him while he is in the hospital, but i bet you all are mouthing his lyrics as your talking Shit, be true to you, you only live once, hope you get better Wayne your in my prayers <3

  • Shaq

    Know ya limit Wayne ma boy we cant lose the GOAT…. yeah i said it!! G.O.A.T!!! Awaiting that IANAHB 2 yu back on syrup so i know dem bars finna be crucial #1 out nd gone


  • A

    You have no idea if he’s going home tomorrow lol. Shitty ass website.

  • Double U


    I blame Tez and skating for this

  • D0me

    Get better soon weezy

  • Supporting Tunechi

    It wasn’t drugs they said it was because he kept drinking a lot of syrup. But Wayne needs to get better he needs to stay strong!!

  • Weezy F baby & the F aint for fall

    Wish u a Speedy recovery!!

  • Idiotsiswear

    When they say syrup they are not talking about the shit you put on pancakes dumbass codeine is a drug

  • Paris

    Wayne said he will very much and that he thanked us all for our support

  • deez nutz

    Lmao nut riding pussy ass niggaz succ wayne dicc if he live yall on here sounding like ya wanna be his babby moma… can wayne rap yeah did he make momey yeah but none of dat shit make u real for the record fucc wayne drugs kill an niggas love shit dat kill em true facts dumb bitches.

  • Amber

    I think they need to prove everyone wrong since they’re saying he’s good. Take a pic and probe to the world y’all ain’t lying. On another note either way!! I’ll pray for you and your family and will listen to your music no matter wat!!! TUNECHI!!!

  • Corinne

    I love you Wayne (: I hope you get better soon! I almost cried my eyes out once I found out you were in ICU. I hope Mack Maine isn’t lying and that you ARE ok. And somebody tell your momma not to pull the plug on the BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!!! Until somebody confirms that you are home and okay… And not shaking… You will be in my prayers <3

  • Wayne and Lisa

    Hey weezy man get better soon my wife worships you man get well for her she your biggest fan

  • naggers-b-like-what

    Seriously did most of you even attend English class? I have never in my life read so many ignorant, illiterate, and misspelled posts. The world can see just how stupid you really are. I am embarrassed for you. America is screwed if this is what our kids have learned after 12 years of school.

  • FuckLil Wayne

    Dammit, he almost died (and went to hell), come on u can die better than that! This piece of shit nigga.

  • Nava Hoe

    Get Well soon Weezy Wee!

  • this Gucci Lil wayne

    you need to slow down on the drug the only drug you need right now is your kids you going to be like pimp c fucking with that purple syrup that shit kills you rapper got money in do dum shit.I.wish you the best dont die you to young for that your fans need you

  • Joe

    True lil Wayne fans no lil Wayne isn’t on any syrup or drugs listen to the interview he had when he call the radio station after the Miami beef

  • tunechi lee jr.

    Tune i hope you make it and get well,im praying that you dont leave us,your fans alone,you are the BEST RAPPER ALIVE and we need you,do it for us your fans ,keep your head up Tunechi,,,TRUK THE WORLD

  • Inabaybeeh

    Honestly, lets hope that he is perfectly fine, i myself loveeee wayne but he really needs to ger his act together. He needs Jesus, he needs to change. Not only for himself but he needs to stop being selfish and think about his kids and think about all his fans that live him. Like come on? Music would never be the same without this guy!!! But seriously weeeezy find God and change that addditude .

  • @JayrFlamez Follow Me

    You do realize if Lil’ Wayne probation officer sees this and reads that the Drug of “Codeine” being in his stomach truly being pumped out by “Doctors” that could possibly send him back to prison, unless he is subscribed with allowing authorization from his own Doctor. Anyways I’m glad he’s doing ok and that his real friends are there for his support. #Luv!

  • ASAP Rocky

    too much chicken, pigs feet, and cough syrup

  • Sanjaya gupta

    Its just anotha nigga dead ain’t nuthin new don’t know why ppl consider this news.

  • Lil Wayne just needs to lay off of the PROMETHAZINE

  • 2tech9s,shulditxtorcallu?

    I don’t understand u fuck boys. Most of u say “Wayne sucks unless he’s on drugs” and now that it’s confirmed he’s on drugs u guys say “he needs to quit”. U fuckin losers always lookin for somethin to bitch about. Another thing…why r some of u fools on a fan website when u just talk shit about how much he apparently sucks?

    I don’t get it. Get off the site unless your a fuckkn fan. Fuckin losers.

  • TunechisWife

    I really hope that Wayne is ok, when I first read this it felt like my fucking heart was going to explode!!! I can’t imagine life without the Best Rapper Alive! Honestly, I don’t even want to think about it. I love him way to fucking much. I desperately hope that these seizures stop!! And as I was reading this post, I started to tear up so badly.

  • Sanjaya gupta

    “Lil wayne is a shit stain” that rhymes too hahaaaa

  • cassie boo

    if anything happens to the best rapper alive i will die and muaic will never be the same no matta what noone says waynes the shit. nuff said prayers to u boo 😉 roger that…

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww gett betteeeeeeerr i luuuuuuuuuuuuvv yooooou <33333

  • morriskalb

    you are much needed in music ! u inspire me to work hard . be safe weezy

  • deez nutz

    Truth be told if the media force feed most of you fools with a donkey with a stick up his ass you would follow and claim him the greatest. What a lost generation of wasted mines this dude went from booty shaking music and wearing every color bandana to a suppa blood over night misleading the youth round the globe. But still you choose to follow a fag who kisses grown men in the mouth whats next syrup drink yoself out the game to dummies. I pray for you not him fuck gay wayne he aint even from a blood hood out west true bloods dont respect him. Dope fiend gang is what he should rep and kill yoself if you dont like my comment.

  • Young Teezy

    Get well soon big bro I know u goin be back on feet im a keep praying for u big bro tunechi I see ya swagin TRUKFIT all day everday get well tune


    Martians 4 Life

  • tre

    Get better

  • Me & my zambian pips are praying 4u.get well soon.

  • tre

    O ya and deez nuts Fuk off nd eat a dik no one gives a Fuk wat you think no one deserves to die especially not the greatest rapper alive

  • hard

    with all these seizures, wayne wont make it to his next birthday

  • Pusha T

    Hey what’s up ?

  • Tracy Flowers

    Lord I ask that you rap your arms around Lil Wayne and protect him from those seizures that’s trying to take over. Heal him Lord and protect him from the enemy. Give him strength that will allow him to continue to be here with the one’s that Love him the most…. AMEN

  • Shari Cutes

    Luv u wezzy,best rapper ever.Get Well soon.may da Good Lord Shower u with his Healing

  • Isaiah

    I pray you will get better just believe in God every thing will be fine wayne..i love_you from your fan isaiah da weezy!

  • If you’re sayin wayne fell off then you must be crazy, he is the most popular rapper right now. Droppin hits and killing features. Aint nobody above wayne mahfucker. Don’t hate, just accept it that he’ll always be ahead of the other rappers

    Young money in charge. Yes it’s lil wayne but the money is in large!

  • I pray for u to be good wayne not for us not for rap but for ur family ur the best u got that title ain’t no body gon take it that from u best rapper of all time lay down a lil bit get some rest be home wid ur family cuz that’s what matter now.@Danny I called the hospital from dubai and they didn’t give me any info they said they can’t so If u got ur ways to talk to the family we just want a video of wayne telling us he’s ok.I can’t sleep man.

  • harriot_THUGMAN

    dwayne i really hope that your doing okay , i can’t accept the fact that we almost lost you , we need you out here , you still have stuff to live for , you have family still here , your music career , not to mention the most important thing of them all YOUR CHILDREN , i just hope that you recover and do alot better , i will pray for you , I LOVE YOU <3 …

  • Freak weezy

    Get beta soon master wayne.

  • Wtf ima sip syrup till I die and pop pain killers till I die if one more thing happends to tunechi

  • harriot_THUGMAN

    I Love You Wayne , There’s Nothing But Love For You Get Well , Get Your Rest That’s Needed , We Need You and Your Still Very Young <333.

  • iyke

    Weezy will get better#AMEN…YMCMB

  • bob-z

    Fuck lil wayne. Illuminati ass mother fucker. And to all yall saying hes the greatest rapper alive, yall aint nothing but a bunch of dumb fucks on a niggas dick

  • Lollipop lover

    You’re amazing Weezy F. Baby! Stay strong! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Keep doin what you do and nothin will or IS going to stop you! Wishing you a fast recovery and an easy recovery. You’re the best in the world…MUCH LOVE FROM SCOTTSDALE, AZ!!

  • tony_montana

    I honestly think these seizures are caused by the head injuries he’s been getting from skating,Not drugs. Because if drugs were the cause,I really don’t think the Doctors would have told the press so quick. So TMZ’s probably lying about that…that’s what I think.

    Anyway,I hope waynes good.

  • Fr33styl3r

    Weezy F Baby and the F is for FUCKTMZ

  • yo dude

    @idiotsiswear like I can’t be too mad at you bc you even said you don’t want him to die at a young age but all I read from you is disrespect. Like he (could) be dying right now and you just hate on him. I don’t give two fucks if you don’t like him that’s your opinion and shit. But ill be damned if you choose to type out comments of putting this man’s life down just to hate. It ain’t cool. I would never write such stupid shit on my worst enemies. Dis respect man, that’s not cool bro.

  • Annie loves everybody

    2technines, excellent point. People tend to forget that we are all human beings. Oh but wait, so do the rich and famous…Weezy baby

  • Bunz

    fuck everythng about this story!! Danny say wayne is at the hospital and he’ll be released tomorrow,Slim says wayne is jus chillin’, Mack says he’s watching a game with wayne.. WTF is happening?!

  • Jonathan!!

    Tunechi!!! wishin you well man we aint got time time to lose you!!! will be praying for you

  • Ndidzu Nemurunzini

    I wish you speedy recovery Weezy F babe. Get well and we will always pray 4 u

  • J-Rocks!

    Get well soone tunechi!! We love u!

  • olaitan

    Weezy u really need to take it easy on codien, we love u so much and can’t bear to loose a great rapper like u. The God is your strenght

  • Khosta

    Whoever said wayne is illuminati obviously doesn’t know wayne, wayne is a christian for your info

  • Yo man you really scared me my mom wuz prayin for you and wuz talkin bout how you need to chill wit the drug and live ya life to da fullist my

  • ASAP Rocky

    see us haters are fans who know what hes capable of and want him to come back lyrically or wahtever and i guess are just pissed off. he should write his raps down like he used to just to see how retarded and repetitive his lyrics are these days.

    Get better Weezy!!

  • ASAP Rocky


  • Jaz

    Get well soon wayne, cant wait for you album!!!!

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Im prayin for him not as a rapper but as a father.

    Get well soon Dwayne! Love ya, god bless u!

  • Boston Bad Boy

    I’m not fan of his music AT ALL, but never wish death on nobody. Get right Lil Wayne you do have family and fans that care.

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    God bless you Dwayne Carter.

  • kiss boy

    e’y yo danny….u should’nt b posting these lies,coz u be givin these haters something 2talk abt,did’nt u see wht tip tweeted??…c’mon bro u should be with him,not helping spread ths false roumors abt him

  • Pimp

    Get well soon tunechi

  • Look at you people all pathetic haha all uo on his nutts lmao FANS are funny they aint nothin but follers tryba dress like there favorite for myself i like the music but not himself,

  • Zis iz z most bad news 4 hip hop. But I know z greatest rapper alive will be fine!

  • mack maine said fuck TMZ so wee say motherfuck em, wayne we love u dont go, wayne dies i quit ma rap careerer

  • Sweetz203

    My bro called on some other shit sayin TuneChi was dyin …. Wayne you gotta think bout ya fans ya kids all you got goin, yu really down to give it all up over a sip of that juice chill wit that shit the world won’t be the same without yu !!!!!

  • #PrayforWayne

  • Tyrone Mayfield

    wezzy i hope u feel better fam i will keep u in my prayers fam have a bless day fam much love wezzy

  • Hey Wayne, I really don’t believe in rumours bt If truly ur sick, get well soon. Have ”No worries”.

  • We really miss u,

  • either true or false my wish for you is GET WELL SOON MR WEEZY WEEZY………

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    I keep you in my prayers mr. dwayne michael carter – good bless you!

  • Fanfair

    I hope he recovers soon! Im glad he iz okay, I know some life altering things have happened with celebrities and others because of some toxicicity. Im just surprised tmz reported last rights. I wonder what really happened. Weezy has the faith and so much talent I hope he takes care of seizures.

  • Fanfair

    I just saw that he got some seizure medication from one of his earlier seizures. People do have to take those at a certain time so they dont get seizure

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    Drake visits Weezy at the hospital

  • Wayne will be back in a bit

  • greg

    Notice it happened right before his album is about to drop………..wake up people its a hoax he’s trying to get people to buy da album

  • Trigga F Carter

    Weezy come on Dawg… Stop tht syrup already… I know want em people to start worrying about em selves but sh-t G u just made alotta people have somethng to live for… Now u aint goin go out like tht

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    if this is just a bad joke 2 promote IANAHB 2 i´m out

  • ronie

    uhmm he must be ok till october 30:D i mean enod of european tour:D


  • Fr33styl3r


  • Jhekker

    Lmao! yeah believe mack manes twitter, because its “really” him lol . But how do you tweet that your ok when you’re in a coma, apparently lil Wayne did somehow?

    Get real

  • Caity

    Oh Man! Baby please get better soon! If you left this Earth I would have a mental breakdown and never listen to music again! You are an angel and I look up to you! Please get better I love you!!!!!

  • Dumb ass

    @Jhekker shut up nigga he was never in a coma, yes it was really mack maine they tweet shit like when shit is gonna drop and stuff. So i would believe the tweet because its really him. Tmz just got a rumor and put it out

  • _KingPee

    get well soon tune, i love you

  • Idiotsiswear

    @yo dude I stated the truth something stans have a hard time doing WTF did I say that was so bad? Smfh You get called a hater for being honest Wayne has shitty friends who cares about money more so they won’t get Wayne the help he needs because they fear being fired<<<—-that's the truth and its also true about other artists like Chris brown who is surrounded by yes men also
    Wayne looks sick <<<—-also the truth just look at how he's changed with each year and people don't just continuously have seizures for no reason yet I'm some how hating for point out that he's a drug addict? Seizures are not to be taking lightly anyone of those can kill him I highly doubt Wayne is epileptic so WTF else would explain the seizures? Drugs and poor health don't go together and like Wayne said "bread over bed" so combine drugs with poor healthy and lack of sleep Tf y'all thought was going to happen? Oh I'm a hater because I said Wayne fell off? Its the truth even Wayne knows it don't deny it even you stans know it if he didn't fall off why else would you say wait till he get back on drugs??? So am I suppose to kiss his ass and like his music because he might be dying? No I dont do that shit see thats the problem from his fans to friends to family nobody is being honest with Wayne honesty is what he needs best right now or he'll continue on this downward spiral y'all some ass kissers the same ones who use to make fun of Whitney and Michael calling her a drug addict him a pedophile started kissing their asses when they died as if they never made fun of him people are too damn fake for my liking the best thing you fans can do is stop supporting his shit don't buy it because like I been saying he will just keep putting shit out because he think y'all like it I've said on this site years ago Wayne shouldve took a vacation to clear his head spend time with his fan and release and write instead of jumping back in the game was that hating? Wayne needs friends okay if waynes friends are scared of being fired then reach out to his family in sure he wont fire his kids or mother right? He needs an intervention but then again even his mother seems like she care about money mire so she won't want him to slow down because the money will do the same it ain't hard to realize your some needs help just look at his recent behavior he is all over the place Wayne went in prison but someone else came out he needs help he doesn't need fans buying his shit that's not help he needs y'all to stop buying his shit and tell him he needs help or he'll continue to fall if he continues he might not see the next year for forbid but it's the truth learn from whitney or mj or any person who went down this same path but of course nobody will say anything or get help until it's too late

  • Lil Tune

    The people that said he doing this to promote his album are fucking stupid!! & if You seen Ti Tweet you can tell he not in that bad of condition! Get Well Wayne !

  • lil flow

    @idiotiswear ahhahhaha you realy think someone is goin to read that hahahahaaahhahahhaah

  • Idiotsiswear

    Lil Nigga above stfu idc who reads it or not I post my shit if you choose to read it fine if you choose not to read it fine irdc

  • jada

    I would love it if u came to auroraillinios plz to quad country urban league plz we all look up to u and i told everybody u would come and sing with me and nicki minaj but im not worth anyones time

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  • Dope

    @danny does that mean that he’s going to jail

  • Lil tune

    Don’t worry father your gonna be fine As long I’m here

  • i said i respect what u got to say

    @idiotsiswear I know Wayne is different. Even a blind person can see that. But my point is you came to talk badly about his life and the mistakes he made. He was in the hospital, at least pray he be ok…I know it was drugs that sent him there. I ain’t stupid. My older sister was a drug addict, I know I wouldn’t talk negatively about her life going downwards if she ended up in a hospital. I woulda prayed for her and kept hope strong. That’s all I’m saying. I just felt that talking so much about his life and how’s he changed just wasn’t the time right now. Sorry if I called you a hater, if I did, I’m not sure. You have your own opinions about his music and that’s fair. Everybody does. I hope you understand where I’m coming from

  • Idiotsiswear

    I wasn’t hating show me where I was talking bad about his life? If what I said is the truth and it’s happened or happening how is that talking bad when I’m just pointing out the obvious? This isn’t the right time to talk about his problems then when is the right time? Did you choose to ignore the repost of my first comment where I corrected my mistakes and added “I pray he gets better to get right with his god because with they way he lives he’s hellbound” someone hating and wishing bad wouldn’t have said all the shit I said they would just wish him death and hell I’m not hating the shit I’m saying is what needs to be said

  • Albert Pike

    Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. is a Libra scale. He needs to balance. The scales are tipping causing these seizures. The Imbalance. I help people in these situations. I teach them the ways to surviving Father Chronos. The Secrets of All Ages are what he needs. If you care for this mans life contact the email provided and arrange for a meeting.

    As Above So Below

    Hermes Trismegustas

  • wayen be ok man stop them drugs man for all the rappers

  • The would love you man from lexington mississippi

  • when you get good and come jj mcclain high school lexington mississippi if you feel good lil wayen

  • thefemale_tunechi

    Im happy my baby is well an going home tomorrow

  • Lee

    I’m my eyes your another shit rapper and ima hater! Got a problem fuck you

  • spittargm

    tunechi dnt b scaryin ya fans bro stay up

  • LuvTunechi


  • Jeremy

    Hang in there brother

  • Jeremy

    Nightmares of the bottom

  • ok

    @idiotsiswear alright motherfucker I tried not to argue with you. You are a ignorant shit that just keeps fueling the fire. I’m done talking to you cause you are acting and sounding like a child. When is the right time to talk about his life failing? O yes now is perfect bc he is in a fucking hospital so why didn’t you talk about this previous to hospital rushes? I never said you were hating. Idk why you keep on saying that? And no I didn’t see your repost so its good you have a heart. Kinda. Anyways this argument is pointless so ill leave you to respond and then it’ll be over bc I hope we are grown men here and can just stop with this bullshit.

  • xBradathan

    Wayne needs to get his dreads re-braided and cut to the length it was in like 2008.

  • hey lil wayne you gotta stop smoking please….i love u though

  • Ok

  • OMG LIL WAYNE !!!! Just to let you kno ur the best rapper we all love you and I hope your ok 😉

  • 3rdCoast_Boss_Lady

    Cmon Wezzy baby. Prayers n luv


    continu3 shittin on diz h8rx bwoi. . . .

  • is he still alive? man dat beast can’t die so Young 🙁 we Need him, Music Needs him, his Family Needs him! wayne stop dat shit u don’t Need drugs u are high as u are!! please.
    p.s if somebody got News please tell me.

  • donkeykong

    that would be funny if he dies
    people keep dying around me

  • donkeykong

    he probaly have seizures because he doesnt sleep

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  • FuckHowYouFeelAboutIt

    I don’t wish death on no man, I hope he recovers, cuz he has family that loves and needs him. But for all you special ED muthafuckas spitting dat bullshit about him being da best rapper alive, STOP IT. Stop sellin your self a fuckin dream cuz it will never happen. Rap music would be better off without him and da whole garbage ass YCMB. They suck worse with each release. And if you don’t like what I wrote, fuck you and yo opinion. He is one of da reasons it became “okay” for rap music to become da border line faggot culture that it is today.

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  • jeff portmam

    It wasn’t no damn syrup. I think he fucked up and now they showing him this aint no game. They kno who I’m talkin bout