Lil Wayne Says He Could Have Died From His Recent Seizures, Talks New Album & More

Fri, Mar 29, 2013 by

Lil Wayne recently called into Power 106 to speak with DJ Felli Fel about his recent health problems, his I Am Not A Human Being II album, MTV’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list, and plenty more. This is also the first interview that Weezy F Baby has took part in since he was released from hospital just over a week ago after suffering from a few seizures.

During the interview, Wayne jokes to Felli Fel that he hates his new album, explains what he means when he says he is not a human being, what his thoughts are about the New Orleans Hornets changing their name to Pelicans, if he thinks he will ever be allowed to attend a Miami Heat game again after walking out and dissing their players, why he thinks he did not make this year’s “Hottest MCs In The Game” list by MTV, and what a “Trippy Kit” is.

Mr. Carter also clears up the situation about his current health issue and talks about how his recent seizures could have killed him. He says he is epileptic, so he is prone to suffering from seizures and confirms that he has them more than we hear about him having them. Tune also mentions if he is upset with TMZ or not for what they posted on their website about him being read his last rights.

You can listen to the full interview in the clip above.

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  • Tony


  • Angel

    About time you made a new post HQ



  • Weezyfan

    So happy he didn’t die, it would have been a disaster !

  • Lebron James The King

    IANAHB2 was amazing! haven’t stopped listening to it all week! thought id be disappointed but I am really impressed! Trigger Finger, Lay It Down, Gunwalk, and Back To You are all great! good job tune

  • stackz

    where is danny?

    no posts in 4 days on lwhq or ymhq

    this post says – Fri, Mar 29, 2013 by Wisheezy and it normally says Danny M

    whats going on?

  • i love that nigga wayne !

  • Bless

  • Take Kare

    ^ Danny had a seizure and died. Someone called Wisheesy took over this website.

  • smfh mtv

    mtv need to go out of business for not even putting lil wayne in their top 10 list


  • weezy da beast

    glad he’s feeling better
    god bless you wayne

  • Nathalieee

    Wayne please dont have any more seizures. Make sure you rest!

  • Could HAVE

    I’m sorry to be a bitch and point this out. But “Could of” is not English. What you want to write is ” Could have died”. I know you try to keep this site professional so I know you will appreciate this. Keep up the good work though!

  • dipset

    WTF! Mtv not putting our nigga tune on the list that’s bullsh!t

  • Weezy F Baby

    And the F is for Fuckin right it sucks

  • benvolio

    “could of”? C’mon Danny I thought your gramma was better than this.

  • SupraChimera’sDropMay1stUbitches

    Weed , pills , & dat drank , datz my vice pack . Waitin on dem Chimera’s . YMCMB

  • Jaz

    He will defo be doing a video for trippy kit.

  • break mwah

    how is rick ross and big sean on the mtv list but no wayne 😐

  • break mwah

    wait so is danny dead or not? i just read the comments

  • tony_montana

    @smfh & @dipset come on man,let’s be realistic. Everyone (especially wayne fans) was going on about how wack lil wayne was last year,so why the phuq would he be on the list?! Smh…if it was MTV’s top 50 hottest MC’s then MAYBE! Just MAYBE he would HAVE made the list…

  • break mwah

    On March 29, 2013 at 10:27 pm tony_montana responded with…

    @smfh & @dipset come on man,let’s be realistic. Everyone (especially wayne fans) was going on about how wack lil wayne was last year,so why the phuq would he be on the list?! Smh…if it was MTV’s top 50 hottest MC’s then MAYBE! Just MAYBE he would HAVE made the list…


    yea but he was still better than rick ross and big sean

  • McSK8

    WTF wayne aint on the list for best Mc’s that’s a whole load of bullshit ey nigga b the best rapper alive cumon MTV re-do the list or replace someone wit Tune ayt…oh nd I’m glad u ddnt die Tune xit was gana go crazy if u did I mean rap would would b dead…TuneChi-Lee biatch..truckfit amazes

  • young tunehi

    Damn they tried meek mill am a wayne fan but why meek number 10

  • You know

    Didn’t watch the vid but wish he was dead. Ha I should be a rapper.

  • yeah yeah , tnx God , 4 z servive of weezy lil , what i will do is just die if weezy die,

  • tony_montana

    @break mwah not really,big sean had a pretty dope year,his mixtape was better than most albums & good music also did well last year,I don’t even like Rick Ross as a rapper but his album GFID was also pretty good & his music got played everywhere & everytime last year so let’s be realistic now…at his best waynes better than most of the rappers on the list if not all,but last year he was not at his best,infact he was far from it,he was probably at his worst even.he just did not deserve to be on the list…simple as that!

  • Zodiac

    I hate my album LOL.

  • Malene

    I hope these seizures stops now, im so happy he is alive and these seizures scares me… I pray for you tunechi!

    And wayne should have been on that MTV list, next time he better be there

    Love u wayne, cant wait for the european tour!

  • Pia

    I love his voice, and im glad hes doing good. This seizures needs to stop because its scares the shit out of me, if weezy die so do


  • kiara

    This is one of tunechi’s best interviews ever and all you haters bow down ho I LOVEEEEEEEEE weezys humoR

  • Khosta

    Im a fucking nigger, I live in africa I have aids cause i got from my whore ass mom!

  • 3zzy

    Wayne is that nigga and always will be. People need to sit back, watch and realize. You think the past two or three years before 2013 Wayne had fell off but he just has so many different styles he has such a strong love for music that he makes every type of music for ALL audiences. A lot of people didn’t fuck with the rock Wayne or the slow jamz Wayne or any other unorthodox shit Wayne did but Wayne is Wayne an if you would just listen you would hear he hasn’t went off track he still is The Best Rapper Alive. My fav rapper (only favorite) since forever. I listen to a lot but if it was my choice it would be a Wayne song that’s playing no matter what.

  • Wanye sounds in good spirit’s,glad ya healthy my nig

    I hate the album too,shit go too hard lol

    MTV,put a dick in your mouth,we know who’s in all the
    Vids @ smash singles,lol,too much hate

    What ya’ll gone realize about Louisiana niggaz is this
    We cater success,dnt care for those who hate,or just jealous dick niggaz

    Watch this paper grow doe lol,trippy

  • Woddle1000

    fuck man, Danny has had a lot to celebrate recently and a couple of days off and he gets ear ache? but I have to say not Waynes best album, i love all his music but just not feeling the beats on this one..

  • Danny is NOT “dead”. Please do not start retarded rumours like that. Just to clear that up.

  • Alicia.


    Where is Danny? We miss him 🙁

  • EiuK

    3words__O.M.G!…hey wisheezy,is u kidding me?wtf happened?dats sum fucked up shit mehn…damn!so hw am i suppose to get d latest abt my nigga tune?u guyz beta luk for sum oda admin in d absence of danny…shit!

  • the name is seige lil bro dats what ceej momma name me

    no lie his album was shitty glad he came to his right mind
    you suck dick little Dwayne
    worst mc ever
    fuck monkey niggers

  • Ohhh shitttt weeezy is killin it! And these keep jealousing on HM! *shame on them* and big up to weeezy! Hope heee gets well soooon!

  • baffer abraham jupiter

    Long life mr president you gotta do want u been duin love from nigeria

  • ClickCrak

    Wisheezy is a trusted member of the forums, i’m guessing Danny gave Wish exclusive rights to post on the public website.

    Wisheezy knows what he’s doing.

  • Akaash

    Isn’t Danny just in Amsterdam?

  • Tony Montana

    @ClickCrak you’re just the same guy dude comon XD
    @Tony_Montana I dont like copycats but at least we re on the same page ur def right

  • EiuK, that was a troll. The comment has been removed.

  • he is epileptic

  • Mascot0147

    Wayne wasnt on mt v’s hottest m.c list simply bcos he cnt be compared wit dese humans…wayne is a GOD M.C. Dnt ya’l get it afta IANAHB2.

  • Zodiac

    Wisheezy where is Danny?

  • Lil Game

    This my nigga>this my man am glad u didnt die>u ar stil the best..

  • tony_montana

    @tony montana Copycat? First of all we both “copied” the name from a movie so saying you don’t like “copycats” is an ironic statement from you,plus I’ve been ‘tony_montana for a while now dawg,just BTW…oh and I’m glad you agree with me!

  • weezyf

    Wayne is nowhere close to kendrick lamar

  • DMC927




  • Mars Martian

    People here trying to correct wisheezy’s grammar. Hahaha.

  • Mars Martian

    I would correct wisheezy if you know what i mean

  • spittargm

    weezy bro ianahb2 is the shit to me bro nd on black soul if ya die all this garbage shit I dont listen to imma have to listen to excluded dat nigga flow he heatee…. but thnx fa stayin in the game nd not lettin these garbage mfs takeover

  • Lil Wayne

    Fuck Danny M and Everybody That Love Em!

  • PresidentCarter

    where the fuck is Danny?

  • Young wezzy

    I’m a new upcoming artist from Nigeria,and i’m planning a day to rap on stage with Lil Wayne,ThankGod he didnt die ,sorry weezy f…..tryna take care of urself so u won’t get seizures again…
    Shout out to all the YMCMB NIGGAS..we will meet togethere one day…very soon
    Just wish i can reach Lil wayne by all means,i will do it

  • Trebles’

    Damm in glad weezy is ok. He is the best raper alive no doubt. God bless hin nd his music nd team. Fk his haters. I see no reason wy to hate.

  • LuvTunechi


  • tuunnee

    rick ross is in the top 5 and waynes not on itt!?

  • OMG, I’m so glad he’s okay. Could you imagine if he would’ve died? Hip hop history would have been DESTROYED. No more Weezy?! He’s the best damn person and rapper that’s EVER lived. Thank god he’s alive and well.. “The Shit You Heard About Me Might Be True, But Then Again It Could Be As Fake As The Bitch You Heard It From.” -Lil Wayne. FUCK THESE HATERS. Man, tunechi’s back. <3 And he's staying. So haters, you can just GTFO. 🙂

  • Lil wayne sux ballz

    Lil wayne is gay with Birdman, he kissed him on the lips and weezy f. Baby stands for weezy fucks baby. Baby is Birdman. Lil wayne is the worst lyricist the world has ever seen. Lil wayne sucks big ballz and so do his little retarded fans who have no clue what hip hop really is. Wayne killed hip hop.

  • Simone

    Can’t wait to see Lil Tunechi on tour. Buying my tickets ASAP!

  • Simone

    All haters that think Lil Wayne killed hip hop. Kill yourself !!

  • Lil wayne is too satanic. This nigga is lost and needs help. 2007-Pray to the lord 2013-Hoes love me like satan…

  • ms.willis_401

    I’m glad to see weezy has alot of support how eva ya need to take care of him self true story but i also see he still got his pathetic ass young minded an just plain wait of life haters of his .

  • [Y]..!TuNeCHi!..[M]

    –»”Don’t call me Sir…. call me SURVIVOR!! Urh!..our Nigga Tunechi 2strong 2die… phuck all ya haters! well get ur hate on, u just my MOTIVATION lmfao…”I’m here wid my niggas, I’m 2high 2b friendly, they throw dirt on my name, WELL THAT’S WHY THEY STILL DIG ME” – No New Friends…. I’ve been CASHMONEY since Day One. shout out 2da ymcmb fans owt here.. Loud shout 2da haters ‘ffffffffffffffffUCK YOU!’ Go finga fuck ur momma!! suck ur daddy’s dick 4eva!, if don’t, go bury #yourself….. I swear they got no LIFE (sixes)