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Ace Hood – We Outchea (Feat Lil Wayne) [Music Video]

Sun, Jun 30, 2013 by

Here is the official music video for Ace Hood‘s “We Outchea” single featuring Lil Wayne. The visual, which was directed by Colin Tilley, was shot in Miami, Florida on June 9th. Cameos can be seen by Birdman, DJ Khaled and Mack Maine.

This Lee On The Beats-produced song is the second official single from Ace‘s upcoming album, Trials & Tribulations, due to drop on July 16th.

Click here to watch behind the scenes footage and here to view some photos from on set of the “We Outchea” video shoot!

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  • Kresh

    First shit

  • Damontre

    First I fucks with Wayne

  • Weezy killed this video Lovee wayne

  • tony_montana

    Weezy f baby


    Dont like the effect on the video 🙁

  • St8 like That

  • Tunechi f Baby

    “Now I’m richer than chocolate”

  • sooo woooo

    average music video but amazing track!!

  • Lmfaooo

    The Fact That They Put “YMCB” Instead Of YMCMB Is Fuckin Crazy Video On 106 & Park Right Now & Yall Makin Mistakes

  • phill

    I fucked a bitch with a broom stick??wtf…he never makes sense anymore

  • ericb

    Imagine if wayne had that carter 2 weezy gangsta swagg that would of been DOPE!



  • vintz

    Wayne didn’t get nominated at the bet awards…….O_O?

  • ZipLiner “YMCB” someones getting fired. YOU HAD ONE JOB

  • Music video is pretty dope..!! and WEEZY is still the best rapper alive.

  • Didn’t realize how short Wayne’s verse was

  • Sir. T

    ”uhh, Money Over the Best pussy..
    The blind hear me and the deaf lookin’..
    When Opportunity knocked I ran out the back door
    shit I thought it was the cops damn…”
    plz follow me on Twitter @ZukisaniT1


  • Matthew

    mmaaann, wayne verse had nothing to do with anything haha

  • WiZard Brown

    I was waiting more from ma man Weezy 🙁

  • Eshall

    Fucking excellent video. Like the robbery theme. Could use a different filter tho. Yay

  • Pull-up

    Good song only complaint is length of Wayne’s verse and him fucking a bitch “with a broomstick”

  • emil

    Doesn’t Waynes probation end today?

  • AlexSutton

    according to this tune should of been off probation on the 11th of may 2013? (look at the date the article was posted)

  • me,lt

    he isn’t really fuckin a bitch with a broomstick u dumbasses! It’s the same broom that he didn’t clean his romm with, hense it’s not a real broomstick but rather his dick idiots

  • Shaq

    The beginnin of his verse always get me TURNT TF up lol boy they need to start extendin Tune verses ckuz he be sayin sum shit

  • maria_latina_wayne

    wayne and 5 star stunna and ace hood look so sexy. just wish the video was 750p or 1080p and i love that video is explicit

  • Don

    I just seen the lyrics for a Jay Z song off his album coming up and he dissed wayne for what he said on the track I’m Good. Jay Z “u wanna kidnap my wifey, good luck with that bruh, you must gone hide your whole family what you think we wearing black for.” The track is called La Familia

  • Don

    Does anybody know if Wayne gets off probation today or not?

  • emil

    According to wikipedia it should expire today:

    On June 30, 2010, he was sentenced to 3 years probation but don’t know whether it’s actually today or later. Since he was released in November I always assumed it ended at that time.

  • Kidd

    @phill by broomstick he means his “broomstick” incinuating he has long wood i know it sounds weird but thats what hes speaking about

  • Young Teezy

    thts video iz fuckin awesome YMCMB x RICH GANG ALL THEY DO IZ WIN


  • don’t call him autotune for nothing weezy iz the fuckin greatest rapper in dis world nd i’m still waitin 4 ur shit tune

  • LuvTunechi


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  • my bitch is badder than me, call that adam and eve i do trickr on my skateboard, not up my sleeve i kiss yo bitch on the neck, shout your man in the head hit his mama address then send his parents his head i play with pussy, not these niggas crucify these niggas kidnap em call they boss an ask en who gon buy these niggas got lil wayne on her ass, lil tunechi on her titties to kill me you gotta die wit me, wit me, wit me, wit me (wit me, wit me, wit me, wit me) i luv dis song

    • Amy

      Fuck ya……

  • So DOPE ♥

  • tuncheeegood

    tunechi I LOVEEE YOUUU !!!!!!

    :* :* :* :*

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