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Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At His 2013 OVO Festival In Toronto [Pictures & Videos]

Tue, Aug 6, 2013 by

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Yesterday, Drake brought out Lil Wayne during his 4th annual OVO Festival at the Molson Amphitheater in Toronto, Canada. They performed their collaborations “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)“, “The Motto” and “Bitches Love Me” live for the people in attendance.

This is better news than last year because if you remember, Drizzy was supposed to bring out Tunechi at his 3rd annual OVO Festival, but unfortunately Wayne got held up at the border.

Check out more photos and footage of Drizzy Drake and Weezy F Baby performing live after the jump below!

Drake and Lil Wayne perform “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)”, “The Motto”, “Bitches Love Me”, and Drizzy lets everyone know he will ride with Weezy until the end of time and he is Young Money forever.

Drake and Lil Wayne perform “HYFR (Hell Ya Fuckin’ Right)”.

Drake and Lil Wayne perform “Bitches Love Me”.

Drake and Lil Wayne perform “The Motto”.

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Drake Brings Out Lil Wayne At 2013 OVO Festival

Photo credit: Karla Moy

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  • First

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    Young Mula Babyy

  • Sir. T

    Ha.. Yung Mula. They turnt up the isg.

  • Millionaire

    Dope shit

    Drake YM 4ever

  • f baby

    video of the bitches love me performance @danny?

  • Drizzy Da Gawd

    Wayne please remix Drake’s new single for D5.

    Sincerely, everyone.

  • Nino

    Weezy rocked out that OVO chain hahahahh YMOVO

  • kold boy

    why does weezy always keep the tags on his hats…..its kinda dumb



  • nice consat niji

  • Bawse

    Lift ya pants up Wayne.

  • you need the video of Drake from this same night where drake freestyles about wayne and kanye!

  • Bawse


  • dontae


  • trevor

    weezy + drizzy = greatness !!

  • lody

    YMCMB / OVO now yall can get off the dumbass rumors bitch

  • aaron .m

    I was there! drake brought out half the damn industry when tune came out shit went bananas cause last time he couldn’t get cross the boarder so nobody didn’t think he’ll nake it this year either.

  • malli benjamin

    are you fucking serious? I was going to go but I thought nah if weezy cant get here im just gonna chill this one out. and he actually fucking showed up. -____- im pissed as hell right nah

    • the engineer

      this is not the real Malli Benjamin why are you using that man name

  • tyra_404

    feels amazing seeing them together again (no homo)

  • devin

    danny you should post the quotes from drake speech when he talked about never leaving ym as wayne was walking off stage! that’ll be dope

  • keirra

    I have to seriously make one of these ovo festivals one year!! im apparently missing out huge

  • realtunefan

    This shit was secial

  • MrNino

    Damn @Devin really?! I wanna see it for reallll man Danny you should post it broh… @Devin.can you give me the link to see it????

  • Drizzy

    Big papi gone always be on top

  • Drizzy

    @devin come smell big papi

  • Drizzy

    @danny m thanks man I got nicki on speed dial for you

  • mahya-iran

    youtube link please?????

  • MrNino

    @DannyM you the Man… thank you

  • Mac

    I’m exited fore d5 but weezy is already a legand he should move over and let drake have the green light

  • Jonathan Temo Brown

    @Danny thanks man. Weezy went really hard there

  • Young dedication

    Weezy got the mixtape game on lock drizzy got the album game on lock rich gang stay winning

  • Yung k’gee

    Hey hey..all u wayne h8s.y are u on his blog if u soo hate tha nigga. Wayne is ma nigga en if u don like hiz style then tuf up pimp.take a bounce.#weezy rocks!!

  • Dedication100

    Ok d5 gotta drop this month cuz nex month about drake and 2chainz


    Dont worry D5 is coming soon weezy told me to tell yall and i tweeted it earlier

  • Tru ninja

    Dj drama and weezy need to quit with all that coming soon shit and give us an officiall relesdate

  • Drizzy

    Dont worry Big papi will tell tune to drop d5 tomorrow


    Were looking at around end of the month early next month

  • Swerve

    If you the real dj drama post it on yo twitter


    Hahaha!Wayne always has his shirt off! Now Fuck tha Judge who put Weezy on 3yrs Probation!!


    @Swerve I just did

  • Danny M

    BREAKING NEWS!!!!! DJ Drama just announced that The Dedication 5 will be dropping tomorrow.

  • Stevie j

    Liar @the real Dj drama


    Youll see trust me

  • iam_predator

    Been a fan of Wayne and drake for a long time. Lots of inspiration of mine comes from what these artists do. I just started to get into the game and I need support from good people and good fans. Id love for a follow on twitter and get to know y’all. Thanks for the love and I’d appreciate anything y’all do. Twitter @iam_predator

  • Bigger than life

    Weezy should spitt over that dreams com true on d5 hope he does

  • Stevie j

    I’ll see that your a liar @the real Dj drama

  • Drizzy

    All this talk about d5 big papi might drop a tape uoeno

  • terry



    Listen bitch imma fuck yo shit up call me a damn liar again with yo dick in the booty ass benchpress another nigga ass and i see you a little bitch with a bitch name

  • Drizzy

    @ the real Dj drama you sound kinda sweet big papi gone throw some salt at yo ass fagg

  • Drizzy

    Hold up wait a minit y’all thought I was fnished

  • Rebirth

    Seriously does anybody know when d5 is set to drop?

  • Don

    Drake please be on D5 please oh please I need another Wayne, Drake collab lol

  • Young mula

    @don you ain’t lien

  • Kidd

    Did drama really post that or is someone faking if they are thats some lame shit fr

  • meezy

    Im glad the old days are back for weezy

  • I’m good

    @kidd it’s fake

  • Weezy back

    There’s niggas trippin I cant wait no more d5 better be dropping this week

  • Kidd

    @im good i kinda figured

  • Drizzy

    No new frends is sertifide gold big papi stay winnyng

  • Man of the year

    I’m loosing patents where the fuck is dedication five Dj drama Been saying soon since the tape was announced

  • Lil Wayne

    Versace versace the lies portrayed in the paparazzi, a menace in Venice while men is calling me something thats not me
    D5 koming soon


    D5 has appearances from ti drake ykc gudda and more

  • Peace Of Mind

    @Mac If u really listenned 2 C4 and Most of Wayne’s interviews, u wud know a n166a tryna bring da oda members of da YMCMB to da spotlight n 2 da n166a hu be h8tn on Wayne wearing hats with tags on… Get a life

  • Ed!

    Meeeeen! This was Crazy men…. Old School shit:) Shot Out to YM!

  • Best

    Wow he says young money forever and he also says y’all make some noise for the best rapper alive 🙂

    Young mula baby. Ymcmb/Ovo

  • It’s a cold world, I PUT ON A MINK/ If there’s a chain of command, I’M THE MISSING LINK. -God Bless America

    Weezy a beast, point blank- he got crazy wordplay and a good sense of humor.

  • ineye gabriel

    Damn ! how weezy has changed so much ; i was listening to D2 and DDO3 today how his songs were so fire but now i barely see that in him anymore ; bt still its still good seeing do what he does best . D5 should go hard *PLEASE*

  • Liltune

    I hope d5 is at least better that. D4 and s4tw those tapes were cool but not close to no ceilings ! I hope what Dj drama sees is tru that he’s trying to bring that d1 d2 d3 style back cuz I miss that shit and dd3 that waus his best work he was in his prime when that shit dropped but annyway I hope d5 goes in cuz he needs to drizzy yeezus and hove runn the rap game right now but d5 gonna put weezy back on the throne mark my words

  • Drizzy

    @ Dj drama don’t forget big papi

  • lil wayne fan since 05

    damnn wayne still got that performance magic….make the whole stadium light up… danny i hope you put up the d5 realease date soon before it comes out so all his fans at least calm their asses down like the comments of this post.. (Epic weezy line)- ‘I’m a big smoker, im a little drinker, the peace sign is just a trigger and a middle finger” -weezy

  • Don

    @Kidd naw DJ Drama really did tweet about D5 yesterday thats not a lie

  • Drizzy

    Fuck d5 y’all go buy big papi album you won’t be dissapointed

  • Niggas Stole My Bike

    I wonder if Lil Wayne knows that the Dedication 4 was terrible… Hopefully he does so that he can make D5 more like D3 or The drought is over 6.

  • michael

    lil is 5 over 5…