Kidd Kidd Explains How He Met Lil Wayne & His Work Ethic

Sat, Dec 28, 2013 by

While speaking with Young Jack Thriller from ThisIs50, Kidd Kidd lets everyone know how he met Lil Wayne through one of Wayne‘s homies Fuke aka Fukus.

Kidd also spoke on what kind of dude Weezy F Baby is on a personal level and his work ethic. Check out the interview in the clip above.

We can also be looking out for Kidd Kidd‘s “Ejected” single featuring Tunechi to drop in early 2014!

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  • danny how many times you posted a kiddkidd interview on lwhq this year?

  • yeezy


  • Wtf

    That Kidd and weezy single should of dropped by now.

    • Guest

      *should have

    • wtf

      Fake.. Use your own damn name

  • Sole Shop

    Kidd kidd goes hard wish he still did songs w Wayne

    • fewcha

      he was on dedication 5

      • YMCorey
        • fewcha

          wow you dumb retard

          the person said he wished they still did songs and all i was saying is they do cause he was on d5

          old ass grandpa fgt

          • YMCorey

            Shut yo bitch ass up..

    • YMCorey

      Too much goes on behind this music stuff

  • gregg

    Listen to Kidd Kidd song ”I’m a G ” its a banger

  • xgoblin

    Wayne always loses friends for some reason….

  • Lizzy

    Wayne’s music has been improving ever since the summer. I think 2014 is gonna be another 2009 for Wayne. It all started with his verses on im good ft meek mill which was released early this summer. I think he finally realized how bad the music was getting Cuz every song that has came out since the summer has been on point. People may not agree but in my opinion D5 was the best wayne record since no ceilings. So yea I’m definitely impressed on Wayne’s improvement.

    • 9th ward G

      Sorry 4 the wait was better then d5 in my book but d5 was good

      • YMCorey

        D5 was 5 out of 10

        • zeke

          Are u serious?? D5 was 8 out of 10

          • YMCorey

            You new fans know nothing.. D3 was 8/10 D2 and D1 was perfect wayne D4 was 6 out of ten

      • Don

        Ya I agree

    • brad

      if its to be like 09 then it can’t just be quality, it needs to be quantity too. there was a new lil wayne verse dropping every other day in 09 and every one was dope

      • Lizzy


    • Trevor

      No no no!!!!! D5 was not the best since no ceilings. I agree it was better than Ianahb2 and D4 but definitely not better than sorry 4 the wait. So what u shoulda said was that it was the best since sorry 4 the wait. D5 was a step in the right direction for Wayne but it still wasn’t legendary like no ceilings and sorry 4 the wait. The only thing that really makes D5 good is Still got the rock, Levels, and C.r.e.a.m.

      • Kidd

        You song devastation pure colombia how dedicated new slaves pretty solid for 2013 wayne

  • 9th ward G

    Aint wayne on that drake trophies song ?

    • brad

      no he aint

      • Don

        I think he is on one of them tho

  • 9th ward G

    Who else feels eminem new album was hype it wasnt that good it was all hype it was ok tho

    • fewcha

      mmlp2 album was dope but it needed a future feature

      • IssiahT

        Lolol. No… Bruno Mars would sound way better on an em track than that un talented artist.

        • Ej McCarty

          Yeah bro future is dogshit and sounds like a person with down syndrome eating peanut butter. I honestly don’t see how people like his music

    • reaction

      average album but rap god was amazing

  • ChavoGotThat

    LWHQ Comments < WSHH Comments.

    Yall Be Reaching On Here.

  • josh_66


  • stephanie

    danny any news on like father like son 2 cuz birdman has been saying coming soon

  • untillmyfaceturnpurple

    All i hear is “u know w i´m saying”

  • devin

    Follow me on in stage am high_fade

  • Young Kobrah

    Wayne is always good. And hes smart. Keep doin u wayne i wont hate. Real fan!

  • Joe

    Wayne should remix og bobby johnson, especialy if he uses that raspy sorry 4 the wait flow. That would be a true banger