Kidd Kidd Announces His Next Single Will Be Called “Ejected” & Feature Lil Wayne

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Here is another interview that Kidd Kidd recently did were he talks about his relationship with Lil Wayne.

In the clip above, Kidd chats to with HHS87 about how Tune discovered him and added him to the Sqad Up group, how he got to be on the “Mrs. Officer” single, hooking up with G-Unit, appearing on Dedication 5, and what lessons he has learned from Wayne and 50 Cent.

Kidd Kidd also mentions that his next single off the upcoming Street Fame EP, which is going to be titled “Ejected“, will feature Weezy F Baby and that “Mrs. Officer” was originally supposed to feature 2 Chainz aka Tity Boi.

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  • Nordiep

    Great duo.

  • Oh Godless Amerika

    It should be nothing short of amazing.

  • Daily_tunezKT

    YO make sure u done heard dis track !! *Hot* FLamez #WGMxFGM like WTF
    WTF FT Slim Boogie @FGM_BOOGIEMAN – Young Ceaser
    Flame Gang & Warfare Gang WGMxFGM

  • its just us

    hope it drops soon

  • Pusha T

    Eminem just dropped Rap God

    But Wayne is the only God of rap

  • this hurts me

    i thought this song was supposed to drop 2 months back????

  • Great

  • Love Live Life

    Thank the Lord 2 Chainz was not on Mrs Officer

  • BMF

    @ Daily_tunezKT
    Aye ma ni55a that shit good bruh. keep up tha good work and keep on killin it.
    WHAT THA FUQ. Shit Wild

  • Eminem and Wayne should make a song again

  • alpha t(

    eminem is dissing tunechi on his rap god song.

  • NO LOVE!!!

    Wayne and eminem together is amazing…damn wayne was a lyrical monster then I can’t wait for devol to drop,got a feeling its going to be great

  • khosta

    D5 satisfies me, I won’t rush for his next material cuz d5 bangs. I don’t mind waiting for wayne’s material for two years while I listen to D5. Each song I play in this mixtape is my favourite in the mixtape. This mixtape hot AF. Yo’ Danny what do you think of D5 ?

  • 2 chainz would have ruined that track “mrs officer” with he’s wack lines Lmao


    No Wayne doesnt need another song with eminem because remember Wayne aint been the same since the first studio session with eminem ,Sine then his music hasnt been the same had Wayne never did that feature hre wuld still be in beast mode

  • Kaps F

    I Know this gon be a hit…

  • @pusha t dat eminem song sucks donkey dick, he had wackest line of all time on dat song, i mean hw will a notable rapper spit a line like dis ‘ they say i rap like a robot, so call me rapbot ‘. Even 2chainz wouldn’t say sumtin lyk dat.

  • $N$

    @f.e.m rap god is better than the whole d5 and ianabh2. And u sayin tht rapbot line sucks, then u must be finding “the best part of waking up is breakfast after a nut” and “i got 2 choppers i call that chopsticks” these lines from wayne amazing eh?

  • HotBoyzWayne

    @$n$ dude if you sooo much of Shady’s fan ,then what the phuq are you doin on this site………Can you compare that Em’s BERSEK track to any of the tracks on D5 and remember D5 its a mixtape BERSEK is the single from the album..Lets not fool ourselves Em fell off he is jst rapping to stay relavent….and please keep ur opion to your head if it bullshit….DON’T FUCK with them WAYNIACS BITCH….

  • Freezer

    I hate eminem so much so i dont listen to any song..@f.e.m hahaha and they make fun of wayne but this is worse than all bad wayne lines together

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