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Lil Wayne’s “Rich As Fuck” Single Featuring 2 Chainz Goes Platinum!

Wed, Dec 18, 2013 by

Lil Wayne Rich As Fuck Single Featuring 2 Chainz Is Certified Platinum

According to the RIAA, Lil Wayne‘s “Rich As Fuck” single featuring 2 Chainz reached Platinum status on December 6th. This means that the T-Minus-produced song, which can be found on I Am Not A Human Being II, has sold over 1 million copies in digital sales since it was first released on March 13th, 2013.

Click here to watch the official music video for “Rich As Fuck” and here to read the lyrics. Congratulations to Weezy on this great achievement!

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  • ArthurJC1

    congratz best rapper alive u deserve it… keep on killing beats since 1997

  • Zodiac!

    The single deserve nothing less than reaching platinum. It’s a Hit!

  • jjdestructs

    no surprise he always finds a way to make hits, my Nigga

  • Weezy stay winning

  • Patrick H

    The track ain’t even been out a year and its already platinum!!!!!

    • xgoblin

      Dude, some songs go platinum in a week and some go platinum in a few days…-_-

      • ride 4 my niggas

        Ur dumb, people don’t just buy 1 song. They buy albums. Name a song that went platinum in a week

        • nighty

          The never had song… ever heard of it..?

      • Guy

        Never happened lmao.

      • jjdestructs

        ride 4 my niggas does have a point I don’t know a song that went platinum in a weeks couple months yeah but not a week

  • gregg

    Weezy goes platinum without ease… i doubt the old wayne is ever comming back cuz he doesnt have to try anymore like he use to, people are gonna buy his music cuz hes wayne

  • corbin wells

    hate the song. but congrats to the ledgend!

  • Young Cuban

    Another Platinum Plaque for the GOAT

  • Trizzy

    Numbers don’t lie neither does Wayne

  • Wiz Dillah

    I mean pusha t singles ain’t even went gold and tunechi single went platnum in his worst.. fuck pusha t and everybody love him

    • tunechi f baby

      there is no point even bringing his name up

  • tunechi f baby


  • Kidd

    Anyone knows the total sales for ianahb2?

    • Young Cuban

      Last time I checked, it was at 567,000k, but u can check on Chart News they have their own Twitter.


    weez’s always taking pix with bitches this nigga gets too much pussy dang!!!!!!!!!!


    but danny i trust u but u need to give us ur proof like a link that’ll make it more valid!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Young Cuban

      Go to Riaa, the proof is all there.

  • JayHighAss

    I keep me A Bad Bitch call me the BB King

  • Lil Wayne TIME

    Congratulations !!!!!!!!!!

  • Best

    I’m Tunechi, Young Tunechi, I wear Trukfit, fuck Gucci! Congrats Weezy!!

  • Don

    I wish I knew what Wayne was working on

  • Don

    A guy by the name of @WhoisChrisKing on twitter just tweeted that he has heard some of Wayne’s new material and said he was speechless

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  • Nfs444 (The Banned One)

    Baby by Justin Biebs went platinum in like 4 hours. Not even kidding

  • FanSinceHotBoyz

    NOT HATING, i probably been a fan longer than most of the people who claim to love wayne. but anyway,—– you know RIGHT NOW waynes name is selling WAY more than his SKILL if you disagree you either are deaf or stupid. pusha t (isnt my favorite hes pretty good but he cant outsell wayne even tho MNIMN is better than IANAHB2) because wayne has one of the largest followings in rap. look how many of us are on this page! we “wayniacs” are everywhere, wayne is JUST starting showing small steps of improvement. before dedication 5 he was putting out straight doo-doo.
    even half of dedication 5 was trash. but then he had a few tracks where he said “HEY IM STILL HERE” – be honest. how many of you went and got IANAHB2 and was sorely dissapointed at the repetive pussy lyrics. Wayne needs people in his circle who will actaully say :nah we dont like that” instead of yes men. Yes men RUIN great artists. Wayne needs to kick the yes men out the studio and have real nigga say yo thats wack or yeah we like that.
    wayne needs his hunger back so his popularity MATCHES the skill. He will ALWAYS sell because he is popular. hopefully h never gets as bad as D4 & IANAHB2 again!

    Respect to all!

  • Carl Ferguson III

    the best rapper alive the greatest