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Woman With No Panties On Puts Her Crotch In Lil Wayne’s Face, But He’s Got “No Worries”

Sat, Dec 7, 2013 by

Back in the summer when Lil Wayne had a show at the CWM Pavilion in Houston, Texas during a stop on his America’s Most Wanted tour, a group of females were brought on stage to dance around Tune while he performed his verse on “Pop That“.

The cameraman, who was front row filming the concert for the two large monitors at the side of stage, accidentally (or purposely) filmed up one of the females’ dresses as her skirt was pulling up. This showed everyone in the crowd that she was not wearing any underwear. The woman then goes and puts her crotch area in front of Wayne‘s face as he’s sitting down performing. It’s funny because you can tell with the change of his voice that he most notice she has gone commando.

Once Weezy F Baby finished performing the song, he tells the woman in front of everyone: “You are crazy for that, okay? You put that thing in my face, okay? Put that pussy in my face… I ain’t got no worries!” You can watch the crazy footage in the clip above. Shouts to Wes LeBlanc!

In other news, DJ Stevie J recently filmed Tunechi having a skateboarding session at his private indoor skatepark. In the video, which you can watch below, you can see a pornography film is being played on one of the TV monitors!

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  • tunechi f baby

    rofl wtf lmfao

  • xI6IHEATI6Ix


  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Lool I aint got no worries

  • Wayne Won

    Look at those black chicks boots on stage though…..damnnnnnn

    • fewcha

      its only white girls who have no asses

  • zeke

    Is that porn on the tv hes watching while skating? lmfao

    • fewcha

      i mean did u not read the article?

    • brock

      who watches white porn lmaooooooooo

  • Tune

    Wezzy living the life!

  • Don

    Lmao!! Wow is all I can say

  • Eshall Flawless

    Lol and nice! I wonder who Wayne’s fave porno star is… I like Skin Diamond.

    • Patrick H

      There is a photo of him with my fav porn star Jada Stevens lol

      • brock

        damn that bitch is busted

    • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

      Shut the fuck up

  • Patrick H

    Wayne a lucky guy

  • the real

    -____- this nigga still skatin’ ……smh

  • mak_l_jones


  • brandon

    HEY DANNY what’s “brown”??? i see tune said lastnight he’s “on dat brown”

  • realness

    So weezy making some new music? ?

  • Deontre Lewis

    I am back

  • Deontre Lewis

    Its deontre lewis in the flesh

  • Deontre Lewis

    Weeezyyy is bosszz

  • Deontre Lewis

    Y he skateboarddinnnngg!!!

  • Deontre Lewis

    Wish he can retire that shit

  • Deontre Lewis

    We neeed some freaKin music

  • Deontre Lewis

    U put that thang in my faceeeee’ssss… lol

  • Deontre Lewis

    Pussy money weed

  • Deontre Lewis

    Lickkkk that pussyygg

  • Deontre Lewis

    I loveee PUSSY

    • JayHighAss

      Someone needs to block you from this sit.

  • Deontre Lewis

    26 commnts,?, wayne really losin fans?

    • Kushy

      Nah Wayne fans still here yo! We jus be ona cloud way too charged to be writin shit all d time.

      Weezy da dopest we need mo music!!

    • aaron_88

      bitch shutcho lame reaching ass up ! lol

  • @berryfingazz

    ahhh..its Wayne’s world

  • Dizzy B

    Lil Wayne be like : I ate her pussy like four plus four

    • Lani. #FreeFlow

      I be like: You’re corny shut the fuck up

      • Dizzy B

        suk my dick

  • gonzalez_415

    wassup lil wayne your my nigga i love you bruh !!!!!

  • Wiz Dillah

    Lucky bastard

  • Yourmother

    How about you make some real god damn music. This shit sucks my fucking nut sack. Your music is worse than me suck-starting a fucking rifle. You’re music fuckng sucks like all the other rap and r&b that’s out there. How ’bout you write music that’s not all the same lines. Or about money, hoes, bitches, and jewelry.? All you rappers and r&b artists do is use the same line over and over again. Like Rihanna, Lil Wayne you’re music fuckin sucks.

  • Best

    Hahahaha crazy Weezy 😀

  • 2pacalive

    Weezy latest fuck, Karrine Steffans

  • SouthsideZac713

    LMAO, I was at that concert…

  • brock

    hell no these ratchet hoes was thristy as fuck

  • realness

    Yeah a new song with with weezy and tyga on well done IV..one reason more to download it!

  • Don

    Wayne is on Well Done 4!!!!!!!

  • Don

    Wayne killed his verse on Well Done 4 smh

  • Mike

    Follow @lilwaynehq on instagram

  • Marquita Caroll Carter Jr.

    Was that fresh or nasty?