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Lil Wayne & YoYo Perform Drake’s “We Made It” Freestyle At The Jax Brewery [Videos]

Mon, Feb 17, 2014 by

Check out some footage in this post of Lil Wayne kicking off the 2014 NBA All-Star Weekend at the Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar in New Orleans, Louisiana on February 14th. Above, you can watch Tunechi and YoYo performing Drake and Soulja Boy’s “We Made It” song inside the club.

In the clip below, you can watch Weezy F Baby shouting out some of the other people who was at Jax Brewery on Friday night. Click here to view photos of Wayne at the nightclub!

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  • Time


  • Michael

    I know this is irrelevant to the post but who are some people you wanna see in Tha Carter 5 ? My rap features would be Drake, 50 Cent, Kendrick, J. Cole, Dr. Dre, Jay- Z, Nas, Eminem, and Kanye ! And Singing features would probably be like Usher, Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Mary J. Blidge and Maybe R. Kelly ! This is my opinion, how about you guys ?


      @Michael I agree with you but I think Lil Wayne and Adele would be an amazing collaboration. That song for sure would win a grammy and other various awards. He also should have Andre3000 and Prince, that would be dope

      • Michael

        Yeah true ! They would make a great collab ! Yeah and Andre & Prince too !

        • 9th ward G

          Wayne that nigga but you know how hard its gone be for him to get prince on a track that shit would be amazing but its going to be some hard shit to come by but all we could do is pray tho

          • Lewis

            I have always wanted to hear a banger collab of wayne and justin timberlake! He said ages ago he thinks he is a good singer. I think that would be a wiked song for C5 or devol

    • Ducky

      Rap:preferably olders e.g. Jay-Z, Kanye, Andre 3K, Q-Tip.
      Then the younger ones being Drake, Kid CuDi, Kendrick, Earl Sweatshirt and A$AP Ferg or Rocky.

      Singers: The Weeknd, Drake, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Frank Ocean.

      If the features are limited, but powerful, C5 will be CLASSIC.

      • Michael

        Forgot about Weeknd ! He would be good for C5 too !

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          I want the full version of the intro on D5 with a Wayne verse to be included on C5

    • Suwoop

      No one

    • fewcha


      • (ERIKA)

        yup you really gay!!

      • marky mark

        Dude wtf is up with you and future? he’s a tpain wannabe . people don’t even know if he’s a rapper or a damn singer anyway.. like pain said future don’t even know how to use autotune correctly!

      • TRELL


      • GUEST01

        I’ve seen you comment about future on damn near every post on this site. i’ve never seen females do that over a male artist as much as you do. if your gay and like future like that then say it nothing wrong with being gay . it’s 2014 be free & be who you are

        • Ken JR Lopez

          I’m gay lol I have weezy tatted on my back

    • Michael

      I also forgot, maybe Christinia Aguliara too cause she has a pretty strong voice ! Hbu Danny ? Kinda wanna hear your opinion !

    • Nathan Bryant

      Those features sound really nice, but if he does have major features I hope he doesn’t use them as a scapegoat. Meaning people hype it before they hear it and the names themselves sale even if the content itself is lame. I want him to go in lyrically, content, and make a movie out of it. Be different.

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      Gudda Gudda Gudda

  • HumpMe


  • realness

    Where the fuck is the Senile single? I want this so hard right now!!

    • fewcha

      next week

  • Suwoop

    Yoyo you fat bitch

    • HelloWurl

      He gets it from his sis JaSoRude

  • Lol

    wait, who was in that bitch again?



  • sharyel

    The amount of time that I have invested in this website is kinda crazy


      WHAT U MEAN?

      • sharyel

        Its pretty damn self explained…. whattthe fuck are you trying to chirp me about now this websites full of faggot that just try to start online arguments just shut the fuck up ass eater

        • TRUKFIT

          LOL WUT?

  • weezy

    You missed some pics from that party, Danny. Here’s Wayne with Euro, Flow and Yo-Yo lighting up a big ass joint.

    • That’s from Birdman’s party. A different night to the one I posted about. Once I get more photos or footage I’ll make a post.

    • lookoutnigger the klans gettin

      Yall r so gay get a life

  • #TrurnUP!!

  • Big nipples

    Something about that YoYo fuck boy makes me hate him.. Dude is wack as fuck..

    • marky mark

      you’re experiencing something called being a FUCKBOI . get well soon

    • TRELL

      you’re a hater!

    • xgoblin

      Dis nigga name is Big nipples? Really nigga?

    • Real Tawk

      he’s a kid, how can you hate on a damn kid?

  • Trizzy

    Should be the other way around… Drake should be singing Wayne songs

  • nfs444

    Am I the only one concerned that Tha Carter V is due in May and we don’t even have a single yet?!?!?!? That’s the kinda thing that hints at a push back… S4TW2 coming soon!

    • xgoblin

      I was thinking the same thing…I think he’s gonna pull off a Beyonce’ stunt

      • GUEST01

        -__- how is he pulling a “beyonce stunt” when bey just dropped her album out the blue, no release date announcement at all !?! smh god you make no sense

      • ashley moore

        ummm “beyonce” didn’t have a date given “c5” does. so how’s that a a beyonce stunt?

        • xgoblin

          To fool us and drop it unexpected…cuz he said it would be a surprise but how can it be a surprise if he gave us a release date?..

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Gudda was probably in the rest room

  • JayHighAss

    T fat ass in this Bitch lol

  • xgoblin

    Sooo is Euro, Flow, Young Thug, and Yo Yo like the new face of ymcmb or something?…It’s like chuckkee, twist, gudda, jae millz, t steetz, Marly G, shanell are never really seen these..

    • GUEST01

      what are you talking about millz,gudda, shanell and twist was just at the “we alright” video shoot and will most likely be on the album! stop reaching nigga

      • xgoblin

        Nigga nobody jus sayn we barely see them as a whole like back in the days..





      • hiphopfan

        Jae Millz and Gudda are both hard what u talking about? Euro and flow are good but better than Millz and Gudda no not likely

        • The735Truth .

          I agree with you. Especially on “aint worried remix”.Jae Mills was actually better than Euro on that one even tho they was both good.

  • Real Tawk

    I think all REAL wayne heads know CARTER 5 WILL get pushed back, tez is NEVER 100% with the dates and neither is universal. As far as a single not being released yet , that’s not the reason it wont drop, wayne could drop a single between March & April . I think it’ll get pushed back because wayne will make a million changes to it at the last minute, like he always does with his mixtapes & albums .
    all im saying is don’t rush it & dont be pissed at him for it. we DONT want another C4 people

  • LilWayneFan

    We need some information on the upcoming “Senile” single. Is it dropping this week or what?



  • Dave

    I wish Lil Wayne would go back to the heirstyle he had in the “John” music video. Other than the regular clean cut neat dreads I think his braid in that video were the best. This new hairstyle look sloppy as shit but idc I still like Wayne for the music.

  • Best

    Shout out to the best rapper alive, Weezy F Baby

  • marc hare

    Yall people be treating Wayne like a everything he does nd say nd clothes he wear gotta be to our approval..#weezyfansSPOILED

  • TomCarter21 ☥


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