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Behind The Scenes Of Young Money’s “We Alright” [Video]

Tue, Mar 4, 2014 by

In the video above, you can watch some more behind the scenes footage from Young Money‘s “We Alright” video shoot featuring Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Euro.

Appearances in the clip above that was filmed by Derick G can also be seen by Colin Tilley, Chanel West Coast, Detail, Mack Maine, Santi Cargo Rubirosa, and YoYo.

Click here to watch the official music video for “We Alright“. The Young Money: Rise Of An Empire compilation drops in a week!

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  • Amays


    • Skenny

      Oscar Winner!!

  • Sam K

    get ready lil wayne’s solo track “moment” on the upcoming young money album leaking tomorrow.

    • Lilw

      U said dat 3 days ago

    • mortimerr2014

      Lmao didn’t you say it’d leak yeaterday and then today talkin bout “mark my words” gtfo

    • ym100%

      How u kno

    • Dope Shit

      Smh Stop lying bitch , u said that same shit yesterday

      • Weezy

        He did say tuesday..we’ll see

        • Weezy

          Nvm yall
          Thought today was monday
          so ya u a bitch for that @sam k

    • it will leak wednesday evening/thrusday period

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    Erm Danny you forgot to mention Gudda’s name in the article, he was on set too.

    • Dope Shit

      Please gtfoh u annoying af

      • Guest

        U go girl

        • Dope Shit


          • Guest

            Follow me on twitter

            • Mustafa Dc SoulStar

              my ninja YMCMB from 97 ATL to 2014 we Alright! #dcstamp


      We love gudda gudda

  • Lageon

    #WeezyWednesday tomorrow I wanna see a video of him in the studio like these videos

  • Leakerz Z

    Rise of an empire leaks in next two dayz

  • TwizzieTwitch

    it will leak tomorrow because Twizzie said so.

  • ym100%

    Y’all niggaz that keep saying moment in the young money rise of Empires leakin be lying your ass off that’s why I’ll believe it when I see it some niggas said it was already leaked but its nowhere to be found on the internet lying ass niggaa shaking my head


    Albums sometime leak four days before release day so the 7th friday

  • Skenny

    Most of us don’t care about this shit
    All we care about for now is lil wayne’s solo track “moment”

  • xgoblin

    No one can predict when a album will leak not even the artist..yall are lying..


      It’s bond to leak either way

  • ken

    Lil wayne fucking suck

    • Scarz Coolie

      U fucking suck

    • Scarz Coolie

      Wayne has enough money ta buy U stop hat in and suck his dick

  • ken

    Sike best RAPPER ALIVE!!!

  • when wayne throws up on that chick lmfao

  • arod420

    Back it up snippet leaked on YouTube supposedly has Wayne on it

    • arod420

      Search kilogreenmusic


      Sounds dope better than expected from twist

  • nighty

    Isnt it time to release C5 ?