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Young Money (Lil Wayne, Euro & Birdman) – We Alright [Music Video]

Sat, Feb 15, 2014 by

Young Money Lil Wayne, Euro & Birdman We Alright Music Video

Here is the official music video for Young Money‘s street single “We Alright” featuring Lil Wayne, Euro, and Birdman.

The visual, which was directed by Colin Tilley, includes cameos from YMCMB members Chanel West Coast, Christina Milian, Cortez Bryant, Detail, Flow, Gudda Gudda, Jae Millz, Lil Twist, Mack Maine, PJ Morton, Shanell, Santi Cargo Rubirosa, as well as Braydon Szafranski, Compton Menace, Theotis Beasley, and YoYo.

This S-X-produced track will appear on the forthcoming Young Money: Rise Of An Empire album, due to be released on March 11th. Click here to view some behind the scenes photos from the “We Alright” video shoot!

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  • edwin

    yeah c5 & the rise of an empire gonna be dope

  • Michael

    Wow sooner than Expected, this is great ! I honestly feel like this is gonna be a great year for YM & Wayne. EVERYBODY MAKE SURE TO BUY THE YM ALBUM AND CATER V SO WE CAN BRING THEM TO THE TOP AGAIN !!!

  • Leslie

    Euro killed this and also had the best part of the video.

    Then birdman and then Wayne.

    Wayne killed it but his part in this video was kind of awkward to watch.

    • Nathan Bryant

      Have you seen wolf of wall street? It makes sense.

      • volcomnukka

        Tell ’em! That movie and Lil Wayne’s part is awesome

  • lmao wayne was like leonardo decaprio in the wolf of wall street…dope as fuck

    • fewcha

      he was jordan lol

    • Devin Edwards

      i thought i was the only 1 that realized that #dope

  • 2unechi

    5/5 C5!!! Whaddup 5?!?!

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  • King

    I get the chills every time I hear “I’m working on that Carter V i got this bitch in 5TH gear!!”

  • G

    Sick ass video

  • 001

    you can give a thanks for me? nobody has saw the until a send twice for you Danny, and vídeo is great.

  • King Weezy F


  • Late122

    kidcomet is my hoe

  • Dave

    I would like to work there. Where there’s hot women who take off their shirts when they hear music and where they put GTV in the water thing and Lil Wayne’s the manager.

  • JustAGuy234

    yoo wayne throwin up on that girl’s shirt in the beggining was fuckin hilarious!!

  • Meezy F Baby

    Yooooooooo International version please qiuck

    • Noble Awo

      WE WAITING!!!!!

      • Fuck tha Fame

        just use vpn lol

    • Updated!

  • JustAGuy234

    nothing worse than censored music videos online tho,, i understand for TV it has to be but online theres no reason, it takes away from the video

    • Nathan Bryant

      Internet is the new tv.

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    DAMN !!!

  • im always curved

    We ayt

  • L!lWeezy

    Can´t wait for the Carter V ! WEEZY IS THE BEST RAPPER ALIVE!!!

    • Time

      It’s in fifth gear right now, just chill

  • wtf

    Dope video.. Birdman is such a boss.. YM takeover


    I got tremendous respect for Wayne and Birdman. With that being said..


    Video: A+ I fuck with the hype in this video, definitely matches the tone of the track. LOL @ Weezy throwing up in the beginning he always was a fool.

    Song –

    Lyrics: D+ Lately young money has been struggling with their lyrics. I remember when that’s all they had to offer but now it’s like all they have is pussy, money, and bottles. They need to step up their bars. Euro looks like he has potential but ain’t nobody telling me his verse was hot. It’s a radio hit.

    Hook: B definitely something I could hear in the club and go crazy to. Glad that the video fits the mood, hopefully they keep doing videos like this. They aren’t fit for the lyrical scene but they are the kings of the radio as well as the club. And the radio/club is where the money is at, hence why they’re “Young Money”

    • John Brown

      Oldschool wrestling fans always know the truth (I’ve been Undertakers fan btw)



    • John Brown

      Oldschool wrestling fans always know the truth (I’ve been Undertakers fan btw)

  • E.

    Birdman’s pinky ring cost more than my house

  • C

    Even if it gets pushed back, we’ll still get Sorry 4 The Wait 2:

    Forgive Me Fans 5 Pushed the Album Back

  • nasty69svx

    Nice Beat, but that new guy Euro sucks, don’t like this flow. Big mistake for lil wayne’s company .

    • Kidd

      Nigga you fucking suck….dick!!!!

    • fewcha

      euro murdered this


      Thank you! Too many dickriders on here sucking anybody Wayne signs.

  • Skenny

    I cant watch it cuz its not available in my fucking country 🙁
    Shit 🙁

  • Time

    I lol’ed when Lil Wayne threw up on the girl

  • J. Baby

    the video makes the song a lot better… haha I wouldn’t listen to the song itself without watching the video… just my opinion tho…


      #FACTSONLY! Truth!

  • RealTalk

    how tf did this video get out sooner than what tez and other ymcmb people were tweeting?

    • tugood

      it was Birdman’s birthday

  • xgoblin

    The vid is dope, At 3:23 when Wayne walks in the office is the start of Weezy Season!

  • Best

    Wow I love this video, it’s goes with the song. Ymcmb still winning!

  • Best

    Wow I love this video, it’s goes with the song. Ymcmb still winning!

  • tahir

    Best video of the year

  • tahir

    Best video of the year

  • wasTheDeal

    Wolf of wall street great concept

  • wasTheDeal

    Wolf of wall street great concept

  • Brandon__J.

    what was the sense of having twist, gudda, millz, & flow at the shoot if they’re not even in the video? 0____o

    • Best

      You’re right, I can’t even see Christina Milian


      Twist Was Directing The Video.. & Why Cant Ppl He Fuck W Be Around Whethr In Video Or Not ? The Day Dont End After The Shoot Lol

  • Brandon__J.

    what was the sense of having twist, gudda, millz, & flow at the shoot if they’re not even in the video? 0____o

  • Brandon__J.


  • Nico101

    So much fricken lil wayne news !!! Feels like 2008 all over again..

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  • Broskie

    They Do This Shit Forreal-zil!!!
    cant wait til Wayne, Stunna, Drake or Tyga hear my music.
    Broskie. just remember my name.

  • The Fact That Wayne Got To “Throw Up” On A White Girl >>>>>>>>>>>

  • FreSH82

    So hyped up about YMCMB this year! Way to start the year right with this song and Nicki’s new song Looking ass nigga… The music is sounding really dope so far!

  • C5Legend

    they censored guns?

  • C5Legend

    they censored guns?

  • C5Legend

    they censored guns?

  • inewwiththis .

    i love it and wayne smile and laugh. only bad thing it was clean version dont like clean version

  • nigga

    Guys lil wayne part different cause he tryna show yall that he workin hard on the carter 5

  • JoneszC

    I’m working on that Carter 5, I got this bitch in 5th gear! #C5

  • KingChuck


  • tunechi

    i feel like wayne is coming back to music c;

  • volcomnukka

    Video is awesome. Shows where everyone is at. Euro is new to the money so he’s partying with white bitches, Birdman is the boss, sitting, eating good from the profits, and Lil Wayne in the office doing all the work!!!! Teaching and motivating the newbies like Leo in Wolf of Wall Street. Hey, “Tunechi, he gonna be alright, as long as he got his pills!” They all killed this track.

  • TunechiBabi

    Amazing az alwayz!!!! Absolutely LUVD IT!!!!! *YMCMB4LIFE*

  • Godo Zilla

    Lil wayne Thug Cry feat Rick Ross has just leaked. The ablum is also dope

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  • Drew

    ummm at 4:15 there’s a elephant in the office lols what the hell wayne be on i bet that was his idea too!