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Episode 3 Of Lil Wayne’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” Series [Video]

Thu, Mar 6, 2014 by

Episode 3 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

For this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” installment, Lil Wayne can be seen in New Orleans appearing on ESPN2’s “First Take” sports show, attending the Jackson Brewery Bistro Bar for NBA All-Star Weekend, performing at the House Of Blues with Drake, and attending Birdman‘s birthday bash.

Click here to watch episode 2 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • well that’s it… i am no longer looking forward to wednesdays smfh

    the first episode was dope as fuck and now the last two have been late and sucked so bad

    • Kushy Kush

      fo sure man they suck

      • Bitch ass mother fucker

        Fuck him he a hoe ass dude he dont give a shit bout his fan he said dis for da fan n then don’t fucking care bout making one every week

        • Kushy Kush

          lol? Stfu get off lilwaynehq bitch ass nigga

    • Frank White

      damn! u guys never appreciate shit.. always sayin something bad about him. Real fans accept everything lil wayne puts out homie..

      • paul

        Your the definition of a “yes man”

        • Da Truth

          You’re the definition of a “fuck boy”

          • paul

            Lame -_-

          • Kushy Kush


          • str8 g

            This guy smh

        • ak47

          yet yal talk kak about lil wayne (ymcmb) rich gang !! why dont u just live your life and if you lucky enough to find a hoe to have ur child your child will look up to these people and use them as role models because is M.O.B Nairrs !

      • Weezy

        this ain’t somethin to appreciate, its just bullshit put together by the infamous djscoobdoo who can suck my dick for some trukfit

        • Frank white

          fuck u nigga! i see no reason why so kalled fans keep fussin abt nothin. try to be satisfied with da little u got. smh!!

          • Weezy

            relax dick rider
            I just want wayne to put out that weezy music

            “I can jump on any nigga track and make a part two”

      • Jaden_87

        Nah nigga this is pure shit!!!!!! These are totaly different from what I expected. I thought it was gonna be more like the first episode and show weezy’s every day life and footage of him in the studio and even his skating shit. These suck dick. The first one was awsome, the second one was ok but this one is just plain shit smfh. This nigga has disapointed his fans once again. smh. If it aint one thing its another with this nigga. First the music was off but its improved and now he keepin his fans up all night lookin for some bullshit ass 5 minute video of some old ass footage!!!!!! smhf

      • T Rawwww

        Smfh, the same niggas talkin shit about this episode is the same niggas thats gon be up all night next wednesday lookin for the next one.

    • Guest

      Yeah man, and the they be short too.

    • Bishuu

      Your the MOST annoying person on this site.

    • mortimerr2014

      What your sayin is so true though they need to be more like the first one maybe some studio time not 75 percent of it be bird man talkin his shit or behind the scenes of the we alright vid we already seen that. You can be a fan of wayne nd not agree or like some of the shit he does lmao

    • You’ll Be Here Next week Saying The Same Thing …

    • Tony Altrudebta

      I think what the Frank White guy is saying is, just be appreciative. It’s not about being a “Yes Man” or a “Dickrider” it’s just being a true fan. You have die hard loyal fans who are appreciative of anything Wayne do. Then there’s part time fans who become disappointed and biter when they don’t get what they want from him.

      But with a diverse brand such as Waynes, fans shouldn’t hold a sense of entitlement to just one aspect of him. It’s cool to have a favorite side of Wayne, but it’s not cool to hate and diss him just because you don’t get what you want. That’s just like hoe hopping, and we all know hoes ain’t loyal. When they get what they want it’s a turn on, when they don’t it’s a turn off. Lol Stop being a hoe.

      But The whole purpose of Weezy Wednedays was to show parts of Waynes life that fans rarely get to see. Which is exactly what their doing. He said “this is for my real Weezy fans”, he didn’t say “this is for you and what you want personally”. You see how that entitlement thing works? Granted the Weezy persona is very much missed, but appreciate that he gives of a little Weezy era every now and then.

      Be appreciative or not and if not then stop calling yourself a fan of Wayne because you’re not a fan, you’re just seasonal.

      • Weezy

        this guy wrote an essay

        • Kushy Kush


        • Tony Altrudebta

          Da kid got them hands my man, it’s nothing. lol

    • Wiz Dillah

      some of your stupid opinions keep in your fucking lame mind and just silently gtfo find some vampire series to watch in the wednesdays suck a nipple and relax! or create your own fucking website for negetive opinions!

    • DanYMCMB4ever

      Man y’all just need to treat this like an entertainment, do your shit too, he doing him and his shit, u too, hassle, and come enjoy. Dont be all goin crazy if its not exactly what u r looking for.

  • John Brown

    I want weezy in studio part of weezy wednesday

  • Kushy Kush

    Fuck dis wednesday shit now, all we want is CARTERRRR FIIIIVVVEEEEE

    • krak

      yeah we want c5…

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      And Guddaville 4

  • Weirdness

    Its kinda weird for me that he aint repeating c5 may5 every damn minute.

  • Dirty

    Wayne’s a fucking dick can’t even take sum time for this week fuckkkkk him

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    This was more worse than last week’s episode. Not even a Gudda Gudda appearance could of saved this week’s episode.

    • xgoblin


    • Nexoduss

      More worse? You must be a tard.

  • xgoblin

    It’s about that time to release a Carter 5 single now…

    • Caleb

      Seriously, when we were this close to C4 we had music…

  • Vukani Mavura

    This sounds like it sucks. . .aint gonna watch smh

  • King Weezy F

    I need a studio session mannnnnnnn this shit we see on pictures and ig vids why waste a weezy wednesday on this?

  • KingZ

    @DannyM , a snippet of what appeared to be Lil Wayne’s Moment surfaced online

    • 416

      Dude do you know how late you are with this?

      • Zay

        Its a leak and Danny doesn’t post leaks or the download to non mixtape songs breh …smh stop bitchin

  • John Osco

    i heard the snippet of moment , i fink id be dope

  • Wat a joke

    Waste of my bandwidth

    Fuk Scoob Doo and Cortez Bryant

  • Misunderstood

    Damnnnn i was hoping to see the danny glover performance, apparently everyone was going mad when thugga was performing!

  • Nukey

    I hope the next Weezy Wednesday is Wayne in the studio doing a recording session

  • PhYsikal

    that my nigga wezzy there #TNW

  • Da Truth

    I’m happy he doin he something for us fans

    • john

      He did nothing right there…

  • Weezy

    Scoobs a bitch..and cortez is a hoe
    That nigga dont let wayne be wayne
    fukn fools this aint entertaining

  • joe joe

    nigga got a problem, see about it.
    knock the nigga off, beat the body

  • brandon

    fellas he said in the first episode that it was going to be boring so why are y’all complaining. I’m disappointed cause this is stuff we’ve already seen but when he hits the studio every body is gonna love weezy wednesdays again.


    It take them a week to come up with this shit I want more of that first episode of him chilling at home and be hilarious and the video became shorter next week episode probably gonna be 2minutes even that weezy sport corner are more entertainment fuck Dj scooby doo

    • brandon

      why u sayin f scooby doo he just follows wayne around with a camera


        Then hey ain’t doing such a good job at playing cameraman we all want episodes similar too his carter documentary this episode 2 and 3 are boring


    But what about that moment still not leaked hopefully tonite

  • Aaron

    How are y’all really bitichin right now about not liking the past 2 episodes? How bout you be grateful that wayne is doing something like this for his fans? Weezy Wednesday’s are segments that show portions of waynes life, and guess what? this nigga don’t sit in his house and drink coffee everyday – he’s out doing shit and that’s what we have been seeing. If you aren’t looking forward to weezy wednesdays anymore, why don’t you go watch some other rapper who does something like this? oh wait……..

    • brandon

      thank you these niggas are ungrateful

    • paul

      Just shutup

    • Weezy

      LOL..a little too sensitive? All good, i hear u

  • Chuck_Brazy

    I hope the next ones about Wayne in the studio. DJ Scoob Doo need to film some legendary shit.

  • Leo Da Great

    The fuck yall getting mad for? He said in the first episode that he would show never before seen footage and backstage shit. And none of yall mfs never seen this shit before. Stop bitching and say he dont care about his fans. When a true fan wouldnt throw hate on him.

  • Razorxx88

    He doesnt even have to post videos for y’all but he still is. Learn how to appreciate.

  • Felicia

    Danny, why haven’t you updated about that Wayne have some troubles with IRS?

    • xgoblin

      Cuz that’s not positive news…who cares about his irs problems he’s rich he can pay it

  • brandon

    some of y’all sound like spoiled rich kids y’all complain when when he do something u don’t like he a grown ass man if he wants to make a weezy wednesday about how he pancakes in the morning let him y’all keep calling people who like any thing he puts out dickriders but people that wannabe fans when he only does something they want are the real dickriders smh

  • aguissa maiga

    its good as fuck my nigga!

  • K Hertum

    Hey Danny what was the name of that song at the end

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  • LuvTunechi

    Baby killed his Freestyle #TRILLSHIT Erryday!!! <3Tune ♡♡♡♡♡