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Lil Wayne Previews A New Song Called “D’usse” In Episode 12 Of “Weezy Wednesday’s”

Thu, May 15, 2014 by

Episode 12 Of Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays Series

For this week’s “Weezy Wednesday’s” episode, Lil Wayne can be seen pouring up a glass of D’usse with a new song playing in the background that is produced by DJ Nasty and also titled “D’usse“.

“This motherfuckin’ D’usse got me sweatin’ and shit… word to God; Hov fuck with ya boy”

If you didn’t already know, D’USSÉ VSOP Cognac is Jay-Z‘s own brand of wine. This snippet also leaves us fans to wonder if it will be the next single off Tha Carter V and if maybe Jay will be featured on the track too?

You can watch the preview below and click here to watch episode 11 of “Weezy Wednesday’s“!

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  • luxi


  • Bitches LVE Faime

    Shit might be like drink in my cup

    • Shadow

      Don’t you mean me and my drank?


      Me and my drank?

  • GSC

    i dont know about you guys, but I think “D´Usse” got a fire hook, i feel it!!!

  • Carter 5 ON THE WAY

    They removed another snippet of this song on youtube, 1:15, this shit is featuring HOV for sure.

    • marc

      They always rmove wayne songs from youtube hating on his views

  • Chuck_Brazy

    There is hope.

  • King

    Glad Wayne is trying to squash that weak beef by reaching out to Hov..

  • Skenny

    Hypes are killing me !!

  • D’usse

    I want john legend on carter v again I loved so special

    • Thirst

      Worst song in c4 -_-

      • Khosta

        it was one of the best songs in tha whole Carter series you idiot don’t know good music

        • YoungJT1092

          Word! Lol, you can tell the ppl who heard C4 and who listened to it. Word to Wayne for teaching us the difference betweent he two.

  • King Weezy F

    This shit going to be a #1 Hit!, even more if Hov is on it

    • fewcha

      drake gon be mad if jay is on it

      • j

        oh well lol

  • Jay weezle

    This shit sounds hard af! Honestly idc if the video is only 15 seconds or whatever, I’d rather hear shit like this than YMCMB rappers talk for 4 minutes

    • a fucking intro? foh

      A fucking intro? foh

  • Another 15 second video tho?

    • Young Hitta

      Bro chill, I’d rather have this than a 10 min skating video. This shit finna be fire


      5th Gear Bitches!!!!!!!

  • Shadow

    Needs to drop in full ASAP!!!!!

  • ZimbabweTunechiFan

    This is a BANNGGERRR!!! Can’t wait for it to drop! Yall rappers gon get murked.!

  • JoneszC

    It sounds promising, I’m pretty excited for this joint!

  • Young Hitta

    My hype level going back up.

  • Skenny

    Hypes are killing me !!

    • Don_Hooper19

      Me too

  • Harry Hannafin

    Hear that HOV fuck wid ya boy

  • Harry Hannafin

    This beat is different than the one previewed last week

  • Simone12

    Finally, something that sounds more like CV and less like IANAHB3

    • fewcha

      the nannie fresh snippet sounded like CV too

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        nannie lol

        • fewcha

          oops hah

    • youngtune410

      Yea dj nasty produced money on my mind,army gunz and I’m me so this will be a fire song for sure

    • Love Me

      D’usse is out

  • fewcha

    this beat sounds soulful

  • Trey

    Me and my drank Part 2

    • Linoh Locc

      That would be so fckn sick bro !#c5

  • Lethu

    Jay z better be featured on this track man#1 hit single

  • Fuck man. Can’t wait to hear full shit.

  • Alicia.

    Good to hear Wayne back on that New Orleans Carter 1 sound.

  • Khosta

    now this is what I call good news #ThaCarterVseason

  • supermamba17

    That wasn’t the first verse right? Got a feeling this is gonna be the one!

  • Mike

    Hey y’all I know this is Wayne’s fansite but My homie just upload a song check it out and tell us if u like it ! here is the link : Shout Weezy by the way, C5, what up 5 ?

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    what if the song is one big jay z diss?

    • SwaGG

      Lmao I was thinking the same thing… Lmao that shit would be hilarious!! Give his ass a big shout out just to diss him!!… But I doubt he’d do that

    • Miki Maine

      thats funckin cool!!!

    • Anti

      I was thinking the same thing

  • Marasa AKA Khosta

    Let the rap battles begin, Danny M you be the judge!!!

  • Christian

    Sounds real nice, but I guess there will never be an Weezy Wednesdays as good as the 1st. Smh.

    • YoungJT1092

      Lol, the vid of him recording Moment is prolly the best, lol. That’s my opinion.

      • Christian

        Lol, just the recording of Moment. That’s the 2nd best one.

  • Time

    Didn’t DJ Nasty produce I’m Me?

  • Godo Zilla

    Wished no features was on a Lil Wayne’s album, he does way better rapping alone. He shows people more of his creative side more than ever.


    To people that think Jay and Wayne hate each other over the Baby Money shit: Wayne becoming so big so fast inspired Hov to come out of retirement years ago, when C3 sold a million the first week Hov was the first person to call Wayne and congratulate him, Jay named Wayne the heir to his throne on Mr. Carter.

    Wayne’s favorite rapper has been Hov since he was a kid, Wayne used to wear Hov’s Sean Carter shoes while BG, Turk, and Juvi wore Reeboks in the Hot Boys videos, Wayne has lyrics from a Hov song tatted on him…

    • Ye’

      Lyrics?! Wayne got a whole damn verse!!!

  • YMCorey

    Wayne ain’t worked with DJ nasty since tha carter 2..

    • Michael

      He produced I’m Me

      • YMCorey

        Damn he sure did.. I forget

  • Vik

    Remember the Beat from last week’s episode with that dope beat?…the beat is right here —-

    • Shaquan James

      That’s not the official beat it’s a remake by someone

  • Dillon

    2 weeks ago a mannie fresh snippet, last week we got Believe Me and Now this. CV hype is building…… By Far the most Anticipated hip hop Album of the year

  • LondonB

    I would say those pants look fresh if they were like aztec indian earthy colors but knowing Weezy theyre probably got all colors of the rainbow in there

  • tommy

    this beat is just sick, i cant wait for this to drop its probably gonna be one of the top 3 songs on cv

  • Officialmt22

    Jay Z wont be featured on the track simply because lil wayne SAYS “Hova Fuck With Ya Boy” which in lil wayne words means he wants to do a track with Jay-Z. Jay-Z needs to contact lil wayne.

    • YoungJT1092

      Not really, he said “CB fuck wit me” on Loyal, and that’s with Chris Brown, so its still a possibility with Jigga.

      • Weezy F. Baby niggaa

        but wayne said that on chris brown song not his this is wayne song

        • YoungJT1092

          Good point. Nevertheless, there will probably be a JayZ and Wayne collab in the future, if Wayne’s paying respect to him on this track, he’ll probably return the favor, or if JayZ is actually featured on this as we assume.

  • I hear That #C2 Wayne On this #C5 is Going To Be A FUCKING CLASSIC

  • Michael

    Some songs Dj Nasty has produced

    • 3Peat

      Didnt know he produced Money On My Mind! Thats one of my all time favourite wayne tracks!

    • Weeezyzyzyzyzyzyzyzy

      Army gunz is a great track

  • weezyftunechi

    Wayne sound like hes about to murder this beat, like it did something personal to him! Lol

  • Nukey

    Hope they drop the this single soon!! Weezy + DJ Nasty = amazing every time, I mean their last known track together to my knowledge was “I’m me” and look how that track turned out! 😀

  • triggacity_813

    This beat too hard to jus give a 15 second teaser..drop that shit soon !!

  • King Weezy Carter

    So far we got some songs on Tha Carter V
    2.Believe Me ft. Drake
    3.D’usse (maybe ft. Jay Z)
    4.Bang ft. Kanye West & 2 Chainz
    5.Song produced by Mannie Fresh
    6.Song from Weezy Wed ep. 11(think its called Waynes World)
    Carter V season is here bitches, if Wayne keeps on teasing more songs every week than maybe the anticipation will start to come back right up

    • Corey Boss

      moment isnt on it and i dont think believe me will be either

      • YoungJT1092

        Sadly to say, but possibly true. Believe Me has more of a chance than Moment, but I liked Moment a lil better. I fuck with Wayne’s piano songs hard: Me and My drank, Moment, IANAHB, C.O.L.O.U.R.S., CREAM, and this D’usse probably will also stick out to me, lol.

        • Obaid Yasin

          I think believe me and moment will be included in the Deluxe Edition

    • Bang is fake and has never been confirmed, just trolls and blogs ran by idiots.

    • dave

      Moment was on Rise of an Empire, Bang isn’t real, and idk about believe me it was never officially released as a formal single, just kinda came out for download sooo idk, but the rest sound good as fuck.

    • Miikeey

      Bang is real but thats a 2chainz song not waynes

  • Nola

    Damn what a preview

  • Ye’

    If you want carter 2 wayne listen to carter 2

  • wiseman91

    i can’t i was going to be pissed about another short ass clip but that beat and what he said nigga i’m good now i just want the album to hurry up and drop

  • nigga please

    Lol ill give it a week or two for fans to start bitchin when the single don’t drop along time from now I hope it do drop ASAP doe he sound like he bouta spit and breathe out fire

  • nigga please

    I don’t want another C1 C2 C3 or C4 I want something different and better fans stop living in the past smh focus on the here and now

    • Love Me

      Me too

    • nighty

      Truth has been told …

  • 2unechi

    Wayne bout to murder these niggas. C5

  • Jordan Stanley

    Work hard play hard remix ft lil Wayne

  • scott

    shitt gonna be EPIC!

  • The Future

    Who else is tired of watching 15 second clips?

    • Who’s Gonna Keep Watching Them & Bitch About It Every Week ?

      • The Future

        TF? I’m just saying I would like to see the old style episodes is all. Like I can’t have an opinion? Fuck outta here man.

        • I’m Just Saying, We Get What We Get. It Could Be Worse, We Could’ve Got Nothing. Something Is Better Then Nothing #NoDisrespect

          • The Future

            Yeah ok. Just don’t try to play me for speaking my mind is all. #NoDisrespect

  • Fuxk the world

    Imma jus wait .. Great thangs happen when u wait .. If u rush him it’s going be sum rushed bullshitt.. Take Ur time weezy.. C-5 ..Wat Up 5 !!!!

    • Love Me


  • LuvCoolJ

    Okkkkkkkkk Wayne. This shit actually sounds fire. No lie. Don’t disappoint me man lol

  • I’m hopping this song rawcks the listeners! Atleast to buy time to drop hotter tracks to elevate the CV album even more. I’m expecting big songs, big hurts, big summer money and Weezy bumping on every station. Let’s go Weezy. Its that time !!!!!CV !!!

  • kfreshh

    this shit sound like its gonna be another classic like Mr. Carter…..cant wait to hear this shit!

  • Tune Up

    Wayne and drake prolly got tired of Jay thinking he can diss them and get away with it. If this is a diss id be happy…if Jay is on it id be mad….If its just I song id be happy.

    • JustAGuy234

      its no real beef.. Jay and Wayne both said its just part of the sport of rap. They been taking shots at eacother since 2004 when wayne did prefix. and they have collabed since then (Swagga like us, Hello Brooklyn & Mr. Carter)

      So i 100% would like to see a Carter Carter collabo

      • Tune Up

        Yea but then again..Wayne never responded to Jay’s diss on Jay’s last album so this can be it..

        • Tell The Beef I Mean Business, Suit & Tie Nigga

          • Tune Up

            Fuck discussion, I ain’t in to it boy. I just get to it, let’s do it, rip through a boy.

        • Christian

          I thought Senile was a response. “We’ll kidnap the kingpin. Like, “Who is your supplier?”.

          • Tune Up

            Nah bruh, you and I both know he gotta do at least 3 bars on it. lol

            Talkin ’bout baby money? I got your baby money
            Kidnap your bitch, get that “how-much-you-love-your-lady” money

            • Christian

              Lol, true. Just going off Rap Genius. They said it was possible and I thought since Wayne was working on C5, he would just do a small line about it. But you def right.

        • JustAGuy234

          see i believe he did and many missed it. Jay said something about him and his people wearing all black and killing em and shit

          On dedication 5

          Pure Colombia

          he says “Suit and Tie Nigga, You and all your dogs can get euthanized nigga” which sounds like a shot to jay considering hes the nigga on the song Suit and Tie and it wold be a clever way to flip jays line about wearing all black”

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  • YoungMoneyhandgun

    very C3 sounding

    • Tune Up

      no…its a new sound

      • YoungMoneyhandgun

        Obviously it’s new, but his voice sounds more like 07-08 Wayne and this 17 second clip of the intro is reminiscent of Tha Carter III

        • Tune Up

          no it doesnt…sounds like he always been sounding from 2012-14

          • YoungMoneyhandgun

            Ok, it’s my opinion and it will fucking sound like whatever I want. Turd cutter

            • Tune Up

              That’s cool, keep trying to live in the past bro it’s really working out.

  • Best

    Sounds good, I can’t wait for it to drop. Anyway I don’t think Jay Z will be on it, because he and Wayne are not friends anymore!

  • waynedaGOAT

    ok this is fuckin dissapointing…wtf..i hope he disses the shittt out of jay z…dusse?? another fuckin love song??there goes c5…wheres c5 season??? believe me was played out in a dayyy…. trASHHH DIASSAPOINTG

    • Dorian X

      Who the fuck said this was a love song?

    • triggacity_813

      Definitely don’t sound like a love song..more like a turn up banger/ club smash


    Oh SHIT! Its about to go down – (Kevin Hart voice)

  • Shaquan James

    This could be the Tracklist

    2.King Carter
    4.Venom Feat Kendrick Lamar
    5.Demolition III Feat Gudda Gudda
    6.Believe Me Feat Drake
    7.Bout It
    8.Criminal Mind Feat Lil Boosie
    9.3 The Hard Way Feat Juelz Santana
    10.Dear Cita
    11.Do Tha Right Thing Feat Sade
    12.Freak Show Feat Mannie Fresh
    14.D’usse Feat Jay Z
    15.Live A Long Time Feat Adele
    16.Haven’t I Been Good To U
    17.Untold Story

    • TheTruth


    • LuvCoolJ

      Where did u find this?

    • weezyftunechi

      If this isnt fake…Dear Cita will be real as fuck!

    • Tunechily

      Whatever song is the last on CV will be a monumental track!

  • Ye’

    I want CV not C2

    • Lil CHRI$$$Y

      Make up y’all damn mind lol

  • Linoh Locc

    I want da song to drop sooner den later.. hopefully this week tho 😀

  • Lil CHRI$$$Y

    Lol what they kissed and made up

  • President Carter

    Aww Yea Brudda!!!

  • Carter JhunYor

    C5 Drive me KrazY …. fuck snippets … @LilTunechi we wanna C5 Right now… i need for live …..

  • TheTruth


  • Lil Tunechi

    With all these 15-20 sec Weezy Wednesday’s we should get Tunechi Tuesday’s

  • king

    Sound like squad up wayne

  • MrNinoBrown

    This song gonna be a problem. I knew that Jay would be on this album.

  • Swift_TrukIt

    Been a while since wayne spoke like dat befor he went in on a beat…

  • hiphopfan

    WTH how u gonna diss him and say you gonna kidnap his girl and then basically shout him out? Come on Weezy

  • ChicoFigueroa

    It leaked, and it’s fucking dope

    • TheTruth


  • TheTruth


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  • real shit

    i hope C5 is good cuz if Biber and Millian on it i aint buyin the album

  • This has that “with you” vibe………me and shawty go together like chemicals.

  • bigsean

    Song is out check hotnewhiphop!

  • anonymous

    The song just dropped and Weezy back baby

  • waynedaGOAT

    yo this shits out

  • Yeezus

    Here we go, bitch I’m cool, Coolio
    She say “Tune, do me slow”
    How many fish did Hootie blow? I don’t know
    Fuck who knows?
    I got a red bone with two golds
    And she snort too much of that Michael Jackson
    That bitch gon’ need a new nose

    – Weezy

    • Tunechily

      Them last two lines are pure Tune!

  • Tune

    The full song is on worldstar right now straight fire

  • Lil Tunechi

    The full version of D’usse dropped about a hour and a half ago via YouTube I want credit when this gets posted on the site cause no one else has said shit about it

  • D’USSE

    D’USSE out my nigg! OOOOHH FIYA

  • martianspacedout

    Too all real weezy fans can somebody please stand the fuck up and let Mack Maine and DJ Scoob Doo know on they’re twitter page really ask them why weezy Wednesdays episodes so damn short like really stop becuz its not fair for all the fans that help cash money young money sell over 5 million copies Albums sold worldwide for That Carter 3 and That Carter 4 Album its not fair how weezy let his fans down not giving them full footages of weezy Wednesdays ????? Lol whutz po55in slime be fair and DJ Scoob Doo needs too drop dat Nino Brown 3 DVD for real why y’all keep playing with your true realist fans niggaz need to speak theyre minds ask Cortez and Mack Maine too get Lil Wayne too show longer footages and episodes of Weezy Wednesdays for real $$$$$$ and fans need too pay 30 million dollars so weezy don’t retire rapping $$$$

    • martianspacedout

      Wayne needs too get back with producers called The Runners which help made song Money on my mind from Tha Carter 2 and work with Cool And Dre Dr Dre DJ Khaled also Bangladesh all together in the studio for C5 album true shit Lol

      • martianspacedout

        Also get Juelz Santana and Juvenile too work with Tunechi on Carter 5 Album in the studio also get a song with Keri Hilson and Shanelle together on a song also get Cassie on Carter 5 album koming soon $$$$ Lol fans need too speak up on which other artists should be featured on Weezy F Baby C5 Album more features Rich Gang Ymcmb Birdman #1 Stunna Lol

  • LeTerance Corbitt

    All my fellow Weezy fans go to rapgenius and look up this song and listen to it , this track is straight fire!!!!!… Its truly #CV season in this motha fucka #classic song

  • matthew

    hey danny, the song is out

  • papalee

    its on worldstar hiphop
    thrt offical song

  • rigo

    The song already out!

  • Yothere

    The whole songs on YouTube

  • Ksosa

    The song just drop it’s on hiphopearly

  • Countin’AllDay

    Shits on everything like hot sauce my nigggg. Song is too bumpin 🙂 # carterVseason

  • Frosty!!!

    Weezy f baby in the building!!!

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  • iammcbuckets

    The actual song actual leaked. Listened to it on YouTube. I give it a solid 8/10

  • LuvTunechi


  • isaac jafhta

    i am the new repper on the bloke so keep me on babay