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Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Neymar, Van Persie, Suarez & More Appear In World Cup Commercial

Thu, Jun 5, 2014 by

Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Neymar, Robin Van Persie, Luis Suarez & More Appear In World Cup Commercial

There is only 7 days left until the FIFA World Cup will begin in Brazil, and I can’t wait! Today, Beats By Dre have released a five minute commercial based on the football/soccer competition, which you can watch below.

Players such as Neymar, Robin Van Persie, Javier Hernandez, Daniel Sturridge, Rio Ferdinand, Luis Suarez, Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas, Mario Gotze, Bacary Sagna, and Bastian Schweinsteiger all make appearances in the advert, as well as non-soccer players Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, LeBron James, Stuart Scott, and Serena Williams.

You can watch the full commercial below! Which national team are you supporting at the World Cup?

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  • YoungWeezyF

    Damn…Im first? I feel like I should watch the video and give the times where you can see Weezy. Eh, if i have to wait you do too.

    • tune up

      3:25 nigga

    • Ym

      Who fuckin cares

  • Ernest

    No Messi or Ronaldo?

  • YoungWeezyF

    Wayne at 3:29-3:31

  • Danny England are gonna suck LOL. Spain got this cup breh.

    • fewcha


      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        u aint from argentina nigga

        • Shaquan James

          U ain’t Gudda Gudda nigga

    • Wait until you see Ross Barkley for England. He gonna be player of the tournament!

      • LOL ight breh.


        Daniel, what do you think of John Terry?

        • He passed his peak now imo. I don’t think he should get in the England squad over Cahill and Jagielka

          • Emil

            He has just had a great season with Chelsea. Him and Cahill have been outstanding in defence imo. Very pleased with him signing a new contract I must say 😛

            • He has indeed, but these South American players would just walk past him with their speed. I know Jags ain’t exactly the fasted defender either, but I still think he is faster than Terry.

              • C’MONENGLAND!

                We’ve got great young talent like sterling, barkley, lallana and sturridge, we’ll do well im saying!

                • nighty

                  These are the future of industry

                • Yeah I just hope Hodgson gives them a chance!

                • Wiz Dillah

                  with all due respect @lilwaynehq:disqus England will go no where unless they get rid off those two old lads steven and frank they have been doing nothing couple of years back!

                • I will cry if Hodgson plays them both together in the midfield. I know Gerrard is the captain so he will start, but I think Lampard is only there to give experience to the younger guys in the squad.

          • Khosta

            Neymar will be player of the Tournament

            • jonny

              hes just over rated like alot of brazilian players these days

          • FreeMind

            Terry is proven nd cud save us a game g. Dnt fink Jagielka is quite world class, hes decent though.


          • nighty

            Don’t miss sterling… I will put my money on raheem

    • jonny

      still better than america lol just sayin

  • fewcha

    damn i know i weren’t the only one who saw dat ass in the video

    • Guest

      you can see Wayne smashed it the fuck out

    • Torres

      You can tell that Weezy smashed it the fuck out



      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        just before weezy part….. i dont even know how you missed it in the first place….. my dick actually moved when it came on

    • Tony Altrudebta

      But am I the only one who wish Wayne had a verse on this beat? …Man

      • Khosta

        I’m with you on that

    • WantjeJayar

      too bad it wasn’t Serena Williams her ass in the video

    • Miikeey

      sounds like a beat jayz or would rap on not wayne

  • Time

    “Yea I got game like Stuart….. Scott”

  • Christian

    Don’t watch soccer, or any sports really, but I respect soccer players a lot. All that constant moving and the feet coordination is very impressive.

    • thugger

      Uh .pls dont say soccer. Its football nigga.
      Dont b so ameericaan.

    • T.D.E

      U a dude and u don’t watch sports??!!?!!!!!!??? Such a let down, I hope u just a kid bruh

      • Christian

        Imma be 17 this summer, but idk. Watching dudes pass a ball and running up and down a field don’t keep my attention long. Actaully playing the sport is more fun tho.

        • T.D.E

          I’ve been a spurs fan since i was 5. Anyway, Just turn to ESPN and watch the games, learn the teams and players, you will hook on pretty fast

          • StraightFromThePool

            Hahaha a spurs fan! How do you feel about spending all that money but failed at everything.

  • Sebastian

    Go France!!

  • YoungWeezyF

    Alright so I was thinking, and I hate to beat a dead horse but Ive posted all over about my opinion on the song “Believe me” and here’s what I figured out…for Tha Carter IV Wayne gave us “John”, “6 foot 7 foot: and other songs that went hard as singles like “She Will” so our expectations were out the roof…but once we got the album none of the songs had the energy that the singles had. The album had calmed down. So what if Wayne is doing the opposite for the fans who don’t know of D’usse or Tina Turn need a Tune up? Giving people more chill singles who then buy to album only to find out it goes hard as a motherfucker. That being the “Surprise” Wayne said Tha Carter V would have? Anyone get me?

    • Too long didnt read.

      • Khosta


    • Christian

      Eh, it is too subjective to be a solid prediction. 6ft 7ft was a hype track, but remember How To Love was also a single. Plus, I Got Some Money and Blunt Blowin is pretty energetic.

    • Ye’

      John wasn’t that good of a single lacked crossover appeal

    • fewcha

      c5 will be nothing like c4

    • corbin wells

      i honestly like Believe me more then any song on C4 besides blunt blowin.

    • Guest

      Can you just write a paraphrase of this?

    • Khosta

      Tha Carter IV was hard af you trippin

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      sum that shit up in 1 sentence

  • dwayne carter

    i’ll fuck that girl that u saw before weezy

  • dwayne carter

    I didn’t see nicki wtf

    • fewcha

      she was reading the magazine with pink beats on

  • Tokologo Mosiane

    aint nobody got time for the world cup… ITS CaterVSeason BITCHES

  • Linoh Locc

    Weezy !
    ” She wears a dress to the T like the letter
    And if you make it rain she will be under the weather
    She used to run track back in high school
    Now she tricks on the track right by school “

    • fewcha

      cash rule everything around me

      • Linoh Locc

        more like Sweetest girl (dollar bill) bro lol

        • Christian

          That’s part of the chorus. “Imma tell you, who told me. Cash rules everything around me.

          • 262

            Imma tell you like Wu told me cash rules everything…

            • Christian

              Lol, hella corrections today. I was close to looking up the lyrics too. Thanks tho

          • Linoh Locc

            true lol , my bad playa @fewcha:disqus

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          smh you fail

  • T.D.E

    Bruh Wayne was the ugliest thing in that commercial lmfaooooooooooooooooo………………………I’m dead

    • blahhh

      Y’all Niggas gay we be talking about rapping y’all be talking about who looked better and who fucked who

    • Linoh Locc

      I bet if fagget as kdot came out, this fag @disqus_HsDmosYEew:disqus would be like Kdot look good, did u see em . fagget

    • Linoh Locc

      nigga u fake af !! first u talk about how u think waynes rapping like in ’07 and hows hes back at killing shit. And now ur talking shit about em . LMFAOOO DEAD !!! fake as niggah gtfoh !

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      kendrick hairline already receding lmao

  • Real1

    Go Algeria !

  • Skenny

    Imagine Lil Wayne as a soccer player
    Damn !!!!!!

  • Kai Balduin

    Germany ♥ !

  • Eric Toomer

    Dope! #Nicki, LeBron, Wayne, Serena, Neymar #The Greats #USA Still

  • Eric Toomer

    Brazil always cold as fuck in Soccer!

  • corbin wells

    USA even tho we never win.

    • Skenny

      Cuz American soccer players all they know is how to dribble xD

  • Khosta

    I’m a soccer fan, big soccer fan I just thank God Lil Wayne got involved

  • Khosta

    I’m from South Africa but I’ll be supporting Brazil, I always support Brazil anyways!!! Remember when Dinho and them were shining, Atleast we got Neymar and he’s my favourite player at the moment!!! Danny which team are you supporting ?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      he is obviously supporting england

    • Ronaldinho in his prime was amazing. I’m supporting England!

      • Khosta

        yea I kinda compare his prime with lil wayne’s, they’re just two incredible people that don’t get the credit they deserve

  • LuvTunechi

    #TRILLSHIT #REALSHIT My Babi Wayne ♡♡♡♡♡ whole commercial inspiring. Prob the best evr!!!

  • Dvs

    if ronaldo plays it’s the end of the discussion.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    is the usa even in this lol? sorry i dont be following soccer

  • kieran

    anyone know what that song is called playing on the mike will made it website?

  • Danny M does not know what is happening here in Brazil…


    • What do you mean? Are you talking about the workers who lost their lives building the stadium?

      • Here’s happening several protests are against the Cup, already invested more than 1 billion Real (Brazilian currency) while we have no care in hospitals, these politicians only want to earn money.

        Pele said that is normal personal die in building the stadium.

      • Weezy Da God


  • Anti

    It looked like that girl was riding dick @ 3:02


    Wayne after getting killed by Kendrick on Buy The World

    “I tried.. But I fell off”

    • Anti



        I liked your comment

        • Anti

          congrats u want a cookie

    • T.D.E


    • Ym

      Hoe ass nigga

    • Skenny

      I don’t care cuz when buy the world comes out I will be laughing at you all day xD
      Lil Wayne will bury kendrick alive for sure


        I believe you believe you’ll he will.. Your gonna love anything he says. I doubt majority of people will decide Wayne killed it Twitter will decide.. The same twitter that has two rap like wayne accounts making fun of him with a,lot of followers

    • Ken Lopez

      Omg lol

  • T.D.E

    Wayne’s gay fagget ass isn’t even acknowledging Danny for all the hard work he put into this site and all he got was a box of cheap gay ass TRUKFIT. Danny you should be getting more credit where its due but of course Wayne’s gay ass is gonna keep ignoring. I wish it was just me and Wayne alone at the skatepark with nobody around so I can just sneek up on him and push his ass off his skateboard and then beat tf out of him with it.

    • Truk yo hoe

      Marley G would murk u and yo whole family if u did that to Wayne.

      • T.D.E

        Marley G ain’t even a real shooter. You never supposed to show shooters on camera but scoob doo allwasys got marley g on camera smh. Kendrick’s shooters from Compton never show up on camera. Y’all need to stop falling for the booze lol, Wayne is a fake ass wanna be blood.


    “They say the west is back, yeah that’s real cute.

    But where was you when Me, Rock, Dot, and Q was in the Stu beatin the mic up black and blue as the sky turned black and blue

    My whole squad sick bitch, we got the (FLEW) … Like flying in past tense, meaning I’m past this and passed you..”

    -Soulo Ho3

  • Tj23

    Yo go to 3 minutes. Girl is definitely having sex

  • this is cute

  • Jonny

    England will do well wont win though even though are league is the best league in the world of football the players just dont seem to play well for our country man

  • triggacity_813

    Brazil Brazil !!

  • Yeezus

    lil wayne was having sex with the lady in the panties

  • Leon Frenademez

    I support the best…italy!!!

  • Danny M you will come to Brazil?

    • Unfortunately I won’t be. I know some mates who have travelled to Rio for it though!

  • papalee12

    I hope robin thicke is on tha Carter V, Wayne definately needs him in there we need songs like shooter and shoot me down, n he need to b serious and kill it like he did those tracks, wayne just needs to listen tha carter 3, drought 3 dedication 2 and no celings to remember how he used to rap


    I’m supporting the winning team.

  • ciroc

    Vamo Brasil!

  • supermamba17

    Believe me is #9 on the R&B/Hip Hop charts.

  • John Osco

    supporting Ghana danny

  • luis

    Lol the way lil Wayne came out having sex with the girl In the panties.

  • ThatFan

    Who saw the girl riding the dick at 3:00?