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Lil Wayne Attends Supperclub To Celebrate Mack Maine’s Birthday, A Crip Gang Member Approaches Him

Wed, Jul 30, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Attends Supperclub To Celebrate Mack Maine Birthday, A Crip Gang Member Approaches Him
Photo credit: VLEXphotos

To celebrate Mack Maine‘s birthday, Lil Wayne and his homies attended Supperclub in Hollywood last night for “Supperclub Tuesdays”.

As well as Weezy F Baby and Mack, also attending the nightclub last night was Christina Milian, Troy J, DJ Scoob Doo, Lil Twist, Super Hood, and Cortez Bryant.

Below, you can watch a clip of Tune shouting out his team and his “baby” inside Supperclub, as well as a clip of him leaving the club and walking to his Maybach when a Crip approaches him. The gang member throws up his set and punches the car.

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  • zay smoove

    fuck that nigga!!! he aint shit

  • Drake

    I haven’t played bitches love me in a good min

    • That_real

      Drake you let lil wayne know the 87 gangstas ain’t got nothin to do with that powder head child molesting ass snitch magic don’t no homies respect or look up to him that nigga in a halfway house don’t got no money and he goes from neighbor hood to neighbor hood house sitting he’s erelavent to the hood he fucks 13 year olds magic knock that shit off you couldn’t see lil wayne or with four nines two Gage’s and a bag of hand Granades you are the weakest nigga from the hood and no one cares about you so rep that powder nigga not 87 now that’s gangsta. Much love lil wayn from the 87 gangstas fuck magic

  • blakindianjuggy

    I been sayin wayne invovle with the bloods he don’t just talk it he live it. He prolly lowkey fund all their expenses for protection

  • Time

    I’m waiting for the stupid comments like ‘if wayne was a real blood he would of fucked up that nigga there and then’

    • Shaquan James

      Shut up u fuckin live on this site

      • Time

        So do you LOLOLOL

        • tunechibabyniqqu

          no your dickriding is worse than bieber fans dickriding.

    • Guest

      he do look pussy as fuck.

  • Tokologo Mosiane

    that nigger cray, wayne is a BLOOD SOO-WOO

  • suwoo

    don’t worry everyone weezy would of gone home and sent Marley to sort the dude out



      • wizzle f

        he was with him on go skate day, we just dont be seein pictures of them no more

        • Emmanuel Kesse

          Haha I remember when Wayne used to say ” Marley dont shoot em” them good old days

  • MrGoHarder

    This is why you don’t make claims to be a blood

  • trukdawurl

    He just wanted to be seen

    • Lmao

      In his gay blue bucket hat

      • lil james

        Lmao right? Lookin like an extra krispy schoolboy Q. Fat ashy ass..its like 40 glocc all over again. I like how he started bangin when he the door was closed lmao.

  • King Weezy F

    I’m a thief, I take your soul
    I take your heart, I take your life
    I take your Tina, I take your Tina Tina Tina Tina

    • Time

      Need that song to drop

      • postman

        So wht happen wit dis krip nigga mayne? Real shit

    • Dawn Malachi

      You took me the moment you stepped on thesscene if u go I go with you.I LOVE you lil Wayne till forever

  • fewcha

    when he shouts out his baby i think we all know thats christina milian

    • tunechibabyniqqa


      • Time

        Wayne fans can’t comment on his site cause we are dickriders lol? I think it’s worse when haters like you and the TDE guy come on this site and comment. We don’t go to other sites talking about Wayne, we just come on here which is what we are supposed to do as fans. Idiot.

    • Shizzy

      Nah i think it’s reginae

  • :/

    Dat Wayne laugh tho

  • KingZ

    That “crip” member put on a show because he saw cops & security. Wayne has a big entourage…pretty sure they wouldn’t mind fighting 2 “crips”

  • Shaquan James

    So why wayne ain’t do that crip nigga like how he did madainas trainer or how he threatened scooter Braun come on wayne if his shit was real he would’ve g checked homie

    • lil james

      Right? Does anybody think Wayne even heard what this nigga said? Fuck suge? Like suge knight is still rich and and so is birdman. Who is this nobody? He look like his breath smell like shit

  • CMB_

    clearly the security blocked him from getting to Wayne, and that “Crip” Just wanted some attention

    • 9 TRE

      Security dissed that nigga like a ho treated him like a str8 sucka … And you hear the crab say get yo hands of me cuz in a low scary ass I’ll get knocked out by this nugga mouse tone?? That broke nugga is a joke ok 47 year old nigga mad cuz he be sellin his kids food stamp card for a bag a raw and rock at speed ball you know how dem old niggas do?

  • Kaylon

    Anyone who watched this sees that Wayne didnt even pay him an attention….Wayne looked at him like real recognize real he not look familiar…. so the nigga got mad, he wasnt talking all of that crip shit at the start he waited till he got in the car, and he maybe he just a fan who wanted a autograph

    • THelastREALNIGGA

      Naw wayne a pussy key that shut happen to the game

      • ~FacePalm~

        Wayne a pussy for not taking on a person? he entered the car before the person even said anything really…when he said ay yo wayne wayne looked briefly and entered the car…if that happened to the game you think he would get back out his car for some dumbass fool? no it’s a waste of time..think next time you talk..dumbasses like you just make me laugh at how stupid and stupidly blind y’all are to situations

        • ★♬Cali_MANE♬★

          the game wouldnt have gotten in the car if someone called his name..IM not a slob but i am a cali nigguh thats just how we handle shit bruh…..and the game or 1 of his squad woulda handled that issue so NOOOO smut gets bac to the hood….your def not from cali

          • blahhh

            He just said that it didn’t get hostile until Wayne got in the car…I don’t think game his hopping back out the car for some shit he didn’t hear…plus game has way more to lose than that nigga the best thing to do for someone like that is ignore them

          • Nation

            Your stupid and you know nothing. Game wouldn’t have done shit just like a few weeks ago when he got checked by lil durk in the club.

            • ★♬Cali_MANE♬★

              I HAVE SEEN IT FOR MY OWN EYES BRUH….oN more then 1 occasion imma a REAL L.A NIGGUH BRUH TFOH

              • ~FacePalm~

                No i’m not from cali but why waste my time on idiots who is not worth my time? you could go waste your time fighting some man over non-sense i rather go get money or something of value. I don’t care about gang this gang that, point me to the money. as a celeb i not getting no money for beating a fool i faster get a court case and lose money so what’s the point think logically the game won’t waste time on some random idiot

                • ★♬Cali_MANE♬★

                  your right your not from here so stay in yo lane boi..dont speak on shit you dont know thats hoe traits…Your right i did say im a real 1 and i would love some one to test that not on the internet..Im a grown man who been about that life,now i got my own every thing including degrees from college what do you have you bum ass nigguh besides handy typing skills…Go kill yoself

                • ~FacePalm~

                  You don’t need to be from a place to know sense from nonsense and a dumbass from a wise man. you got a degree but you dumb and ignorant as hell. You say don’t speak on stuff you don’t know then you shouldn’t speak because you clearly didn’t understand that situation in the video. You a grown man? but you on some lil children shit. Acting like a suppose to be “real nigga”. A real nigga don’t go talking shit acting like a so hood looking for stupid fights talking about street credz (like if that’s gonna do shit(what you gonna buy bullet proof mask with those street credz or have them niggas wipe your ass for you when you shit yourself cause you mess with the wrong person), that’s not a real nigga that’s just an ignorant nigga.

                • ~FacePalm~

                  So before you come telling me your a real nigga again..Google the meaning of a real nigga first…Cause your not a real nigga, your just an ignorant dumbass nigga

              • ~FacePalm~

                and to the “I’m a real nigga” you ain’t no real nigga, “real niggas” know what to make of themselves. They go for success and provide for there family. Your just a nigga (by skin color) I’m a nigga and if someone comes at me om some real shit and actually hits me or my family i would beat his ass but stuff like that is just plan stupid and waste of time..

                All you saying is bruh bruh bruh crip this crip that nigga nigga nigga and all you could do is hit my car when it’s about to drive off..yeah that’s some real nigga shit?

                So cut the “i’m a real L.A nigga” bull$h!t you ain’t no real L.A n!gga you just following a crowd

                • ★♬Cali_MANE♬★

                  you sound dum ma nigguh your you know nothing of my credentials with book smarts or street ma nigguh and im sure im highly more aducated then you and my street cred will get you merked stfu lil boy

                • ~FacePalm~

                  Your more aducated than me? lmfao well clearly that shows your not.

                • ~FacePalm~

                  your street credz would get me murked? lolz people these days your heads not bullet proof nor iron proof. so stop acting like you untouchable or can’t get beaten or killed. Also if you got a problem with someone solve it yourself goign to other niggas to fight your fights for you is being a pussy. I fight my own shit i ain’t no pussy that gotta call on people to get my stuff sorted

                • ~FacePalm~

                  and also i sound dumb? coming from someone who can’t type properly and who types like if he is illiterate. You don’t even understand the situation in the video and so dumb you didn’t understand my first comment. I don’t even know if you could understand anything. You don’t even understand what it is to be a real nigga but your calling yourself one.

                  And i’m a nobody? well if being a nobody means i could understand situations better, could relay my points across properly, know sense from non-sense, know a wize man from a dumbass, know a real nigga from a ignorant nigga, and could type better, basically do everything better than a suppose to be “real nigga somebody”, then i rather be a nobody plain and simple

    • Rich Gang

      Hahaha Nigga was prolly tryna get signed, then got pissed weezy aint pay him no mind

    • lil james

      40 glocc lookin boy fat ashy and burnt schoolboy Q lookin boy with that hat lol

    • 9 tee

      I seen dude in the pen he was gettin fucked by DC dudes misery loves company….that crip is pussy str8 pussy what’s good wit that tampered in the ass jailhouse faggot punch he threw at the maybach same type of dude that will cop please when rushed , broke mufucka 9tre on mine fuck that Gaylord

  • LuvCoolJ

    I don’t believe Wayne a real nigga man. He may rep MOB Piru under Suge but that nigga fugazy as hell. I believe he funds that shit, cuz there’s no way he putting in work now especially at his age. He let security push em in the limo, he know he could have done more

    • triggacity_813

      Of course not now cause he rich as fuck but if you put in work when you younger shit just don’t disappear from your ranking..

      • LuvCoolJ

        Wayne never claimed to gang bang till later in his career. He even had on a blue bandana in one of his videos from The Block is Hot album i think, which means bruh wasn’t bangin on nobodyz So it ain’t possible that he put in work at an early age. He either paid his way in that shit or he putting in work right now on the low. Cuz i can’t lie, i get surprised when certain real niggas speak about Wayne like he real right lol Niggas like Game, Compton Menace, and even a few other street niggas. So idk man maybe bruh is really bout that shit. But ain’t no real niggas out here skateboarding and making rock music that’s all i’m saying lol

        • marc hare

          Nd theses the problem rite there. ..everyone is sleeping on him becuz how they feel about him wearing tight clothes nd switching his style of music…u take away those 2 majority of the ppl talking wouldn’t even be do I so..Compton menace already said Wayne wasn’t in the car when 40 glocc pulled that stunt but ppl ignore that nd say wayne got punked anyway. .but look how 40 got handled for trying to be funny he got embarrassed nd actually sued but wayne the fake one lol I dont get it

  • LuvCoolJ

    Most real niggas are not even the rappers, most of the real niggas be the ones that are with the rappers back stage or some shit. Lol i can’t speak for Birdman but Wayne is fu

  • Realnigga

    Imaging if Flow was there. Or Game. Or Marley G. Niggas would’ve got to stompin that nigg out. Real shit.

  • weezy4president

    Take in consideration that wayne was with his girl too

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger


  • gkmc

    Even Wayne fans know Wayne isn’t a real blood…back in 06 it was believable cuz he was a real nigga but nowadays no one believes Wayne is a real blood…Wayne skateboards and whore leggings..a blood would never do these things if you think Wayne is a real blood member your delusion

    • LuvCoolJ

      Word up lol

    • Yeyo


  • Wayne is a real nigga. No need to gang bang.. himie hes griwn now.. bandana aint in his dome. Its on his right pocket.. nigga got way more to loose dan a street punk.. word .

    • gkmc

      Wayne aint no real nigga..he soft as fuck

  • He Didn’t Even Say Wayne Is A Fake .. He Just Said Check In.

  • Who saw T@ at the end? He looked like he was ready to fight.

    • edub da boss

      who T@

      • TRUKFIT


  • Weezy

    Lmaoo! Y’all crack me up

    Wayne is a celebrity, he has an image portray
    “They paint me as a villain, I just autograph the artwork”

    • Weezy

      To portray*

  • Flow

    Wayne got enough money that he can get a crip nigga to kill him. Lol Nigga who cares about that shit anymore Wayne never said anything disrespectful about crips. So for that being said this nigga magic got his 15 sec fame. Congrats!




  • Aakash Vishwakarma

    lil wayne

  • LP

    If a crip can get that close he could have easily busted off shots..Wow what was security thinking ?

    • Block

      Was thinking the same thing bro.


    ALL YALL NEED TO FUCK UP WITH THAT “he was scared”

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    was that schoolboy q?

    • lil james

      Knockoff kevin gates, exkra krispy schoolboy Q, 40 GLOCX LOOKIN BOy

  • semon demon

    U dumbasses on here saying wayne real thats the dumbest shit.. the REAL r fed up with his fake shit he got in his armored shatter proof window car where he safe also notice no 1 even said anything to the crip so shout out to the REAL they already know!!!

    • edub da boss

      da crip aint diss wayne until he was in the car


      First of all SHUT THE FUCK UP.
      Second, this is not the 90s therefore who still gives a sht about bloods & crips
      Third, why would a MILLIONAIRE with kids put himself in danger for a stupid title and street cred???

      Get outta here with your foolishness!!! lmfaoo

  • YMCorey

    That car cost more than that nigga..

  • Shaquan James

    Drake was suppose to be there to “put him down quick”



    • Amazu Ukoh


    • Love Me

      lmao u killed me bruh

  • edub da boss

    yall mutherfucks sound so ignorant first wayne was with his girl or whatever second the crip did not DISS wayne until wayne got in his whip the third that got to much money to be fight some broke ass nigga anyway

    • supermamba17

      The truth has been revealed to tha World!

      • BEE

        meaning wat exactly?

        • supermamba17

          I got better things to do then talk to you… so you might as well not even respond.

  • Terrell Boswell

    Wayne proceeded to hop in his maybach, while homie hopped in his toyota camry…

    • BEE

      lol, nah, he prolly called up his homie for a long ride back home

      • TRUKFIT



        • lil james


        • Love Me


  • dave

    Anyone listen and hear weezy bumpin in the maybach out of the parking lot?






  • Migo

    Some of y’all niggas sound like y’all want Wayne to go bak to jail.

  • disqus_VFOOwoNG22

    How about besides calling him a “pussy” call him smart for not entertaining that shit. Wayne has too much money to catch a case over some bullshit like that.

  • David Joseph

    Thatbnigga run his mouth whennthe car drove off

  • lil james

    Notice that Wayne has a maybach and a bad bitch and millions and bodyguards and fans..and this nigga is fat, scruffy, ashy, and is walking lmao. And does anyone know his name? If Wayne was a crop he’d be on this mans nutsack. Looks like 40 glocc all over again lol

    • lil james


  • lil james

    Keep it real if y’all were there and he tried somethin on Wayne yall would help. Lol he doesn’t have to be a blood, he’s got a gang of fans.

  • LondonB

    Ol schoolboy lookn ass

  • Ye’

    There are other things to call wayne a pussy for this wasn’t even an altercation this is definitely not as questionable as other things he has done

  • New orleans yungin

    Nigga would try to get some cool points on wayne….wayne a lil nigga tho dawg i bet he wouldnt fuck with flocka game or menace like that

  • derrick_m

    this nigga really wanted a picture and when wayne ignored his ass and security pushed him off like a groupie . he “GOT GANGSTA” lmfao




    wayne ruined his groupie moment by ignoring him and getting the the whip . so he had to act hard lol

  • martianinvasion

    If anyone pays close attention and get a closer look that crip nigga mention his name and set he banging so all real Weezy fans need too let him know he needs too fucking beat that nigga down and send Game Black wall street entourage Ymcmb Flow Wolf Gang Gudda gudda T streets and Marley G on dat crip nigga tryina sneek Wayne this reminds us like Tupac was set up with Suge Knight same as Rick ross got Black Guerilla after him too

  • martianinvasion

    Tunechi gonna send the flamez at that crip nigga member song steady mobbin Lol weezy go hard hope he send Marley G on dat bitch nigga throwin his crip set up wtf ???? Homie str8 disrespected da best rapper alive weezy shoulda pop nigga in his mouth Lol

  • bobby jo

    N all realness this could spark a huge fire I tell u what (NEED 2 CHECK N) wat dat bout but anywho wayne rap good but he so fake (.)

  • Ted Tandilashvili

    celebrity attitude. whatcha know about it? y’all can see only beef, but let’s think, he’s a celebrity face, he shouldn’t even pay attention to the dumb ppl as that man was. go weezy go!

  • Guhodlee

    Yo he acted like a fan and then when the door got shut he started saying shit lmao

  • 9TRE

    9TRE G : yo that lame is a clown what’s up w that GAY ass Tampered in theey ass gay punch he threw?? Ol Homo thug he wanted TO BLOW wayne word up the nigga is a fart he lingered for a bit and disappears , atmosphere ass nigga misery loves company dude still paid to see Wayne’s show dick blower , I know that cat he was prison yard punk in Victorville pen got fucked by DC niggas rape victim stop hatin and if you do hate HARD!!! B,s UP BITCH

  • Jon Royal

    Wayne don’t do no talkin.

  • That_real

    First of all tha t nigga magic is a bitch don’t none of his homies resect him, he’s a powder head he was probably high he’s a child molester if you ain’t 13-25 he won’t fuck you that nigga in a half way house an don’t got shit he house sits for vacant houses an gear is all out of date he think he a pimp and be gettn pimped how dare you dis lil wayne nigga I’ve been knowing you 20 years and you still wearing a snitch jacket nigga bump that shit down you cannot fuck with lil wayne let alone bird man lol the hood don’t care about you and you don’t get no respect that was that powder talkin (now that’s keepn it gangsta!)

  • Drilon_G

    Re-title this “Crip Gang Member Confronts Car Window” cause that’s about all he did.

  • king vision

    Face that facts wayne only selling yall that blood life he ain’t really bout that

  • Olin Salter

    Y’all niggas funny, would y’all did something if y’all was Wayne ? He famous and they would have recorded all of that in that video y’all so dumb

  • summertimer

    fake ass crip

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  • MorryDaDon

    I like Wayne but come on how can you confront a boxer but not a crip with a bucket hat ? Come on ion care how much yall dickride wayne that was SO disrespectful .

  • Antony

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  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    BitchAzzCrip cnt du shyt! He dnt kno nuthin bout My Weezy! He betta watch himself! Wayne wit dat RED, Bitch! Fuk Da Blu!