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Lil Wayne & Drake Perform “Grindin” Live For The First Time In Buffalo On Their Joint Tour [Videos]

Sat, Aug 9, 2014 by

Lil Wayne & Drake Perform Grindin Live For The First Time In Buffalo On Their Joint Tour

Last night, the first stop on the “Drake vs. Lil Wayne” tour began in Buffalo, New York at the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center. If you missed the previous post on LilWayneHQ that includes Tunechi winning the “battle” and photos from the concert, click here to check that out.

For the people who wanted to know, the show lasts for around 2 hours and the songs that Tune performed live were: “Blunt Blowin’“, “John“, “Steady Mobbin’“, “Mr. Carter“, “Money On My Mind“, “D’usse“, “Ride For My Niggas“, “Go DJ“, “Pop Bottles“, “Hustler Musik“, “Leather So Soft“, “Drop The World“, “Got Money“, “I’m Goin’ In“, “How To Love“, “Single“, “Mrs. Officer“, “Every Girl“, “Lollipop“, “Bitches Love Me“, “Bandz A Make Her Dance“, “Make It Rain“, “Duffle Bag Boy“, “Loyal“, “6 Foot, 7 Foot“, “Rich As Fuck“, “No Worries“, “A Milli“, “The Motto“, “Believe Me“, “HYFR“, and their new single “Grindin” for the first time ever.

Weezy F Baby also had a few jokes on stage with Drizzy Drake as he could be heard saying comments like: “You was probably still in that wheelchair when I was first making hits”, as well as “I’m gonna get CB on this nigga” after performing “Loyal” haha!

Below, you can watch footage of Wayne and Drizzy performing live in Buffalo. The Young Money rappers will next be performing live on their tour tonight in Noblesville, Indiana at the Klipsch Music Center.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “Grindin”.

Lil Wayne finds out he is the winner and performs “The Motto” with Drake.

Lil Wayne and Drake perform “Believe Me”.


Lil Wayne performs “Hustler Musik”.

Lil Wayne performs “Ride For My Niggas”.

Lil Wayne performs “A Milli”.

Lil Wayne performs “I’m Goin’ In”.

Lil Wayne performs “Every Girl”.

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  • tunji


    • CV

      First? That’s cool I was there been seen this shit. Although I watch it to relive it

  • jpeewee bond

    he went trowback that y he won lil wayne best rapper alive

  • King Weezy F

    That Interlude dope as fuck damn

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    that krazy performance was so good

    but its a shame weezy forgot his lyrics to his verse in believe me

    • Maa

      Na he was just gassed he was going hard ha

  • Stan

    Why did Wayne not perform Krazy when it’s the actual single for C5 and coming with a video?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      who cares about that song? the good news is he performed d’usse which should be the official single and have a video

      • Bang

        Yall should about that song , because that is his upcoming single which comes Monday.

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda

          upcoming single? nigga its been out over a month

  • jpeewee bond

    sky in the limit i wanna see the video

    • Stan

      And hustler music

      • Just added “Hustler Musik” to the post!

        • jpeewee bond


    • It’s ride for my niggas.

      • Jbadd504

        Nope. Its called sky is the limit

        • Chuck_Brazy

          Nope it’s Ride 4 My Niggas.

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Weezy F Baby should come to South Africa

    • FALZY F.F

      ur ryt hlongwane… Ngi vumelana nawe, ke dumelana lwena

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda


        • Sandile Hlongwane

          Lol he’s saying he agrees wit me bt used 2 South african languages

      • Khosta

        niggas from S.A here, shout out

    • Nick

      He’s already been in South Africa though? Couple years back didn’t you go? Doesn’t matter when Wayne performs live he kills every single show!

    • Khosta

      Yeah bro we need him here again

  • “Put ya 5s in the air one time for Carter 5, then make them into a 6 for Views From The 6”:-Drake

    • kymani

      i dont get it explain the 6 part to me

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        drake got an album called views from the 6 dropping next year
        6 is toronto

  • jpeewee bond

    if wayne keep perform hustler music ,sky the limit & money on my mind wayne might win all of them battles

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      shiittt id go to the show for $500 if he only performed them songs then walked off stage after 15 mins

    • fewcha

      nah because its all fixed

      i bet you drake win tonight

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      If you real bored hashtag drakevslilwayne on Instagram if you got that, just dig thru the videos lol


    Maybe this will give wayne a reality check, that he needs to go back to his old ways lol. Had he performed just his songs from2012-2014 he woulda lost

    • He did perform songs from those years too, he just took it back also.

      • haaian

        thats what hes saying, if he didnt take it back he wouldnt of been as good, which he should reflect on and see that and make music like back in the day NOW

  • Emma

    Hahahaha weezy sending shots to drake, but ain’t drake and brown cool now???

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      yes but obviously he’s just having a joke and some fun cause of their past

  • Tune

    Fuk this,i need to see more!

    • Stan

      Me 2

      Those videos of them performing grinding and believe me and 10/10

  • Nemisa

    Drake & Lil Wayne = Best Rap Duo ever

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      shots sent to wayne and gudda

      • Mooooooooooo


      • Joeeeeeeeee


    • fewcha

      kanye and jay won’t be happy, they might deploy their goons on you

      • Nemisa

        Marley gon shoot em, if they start trippin lol

      • corbin wells

        Outkast shits on both.

    • Young Hitta

      They need to hurry up and drop Grindin’ to iTunes while it’s still hot….

      • REED

        It will be on iTunes on monday

        • Young Hitta

          How tf you know???

          • REED

            Don’t worry about all that, just know it will be on there Monday.

            • Young Hitta

              BRUH what is the source?????????????

              • REED


                • TRIPPY_94

                  ……Whatever nigga

                • volcomnukka

                  Lol, no you don’t. And my father is Obama!

                • PSN – iiAtex

                  If that were true, you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • deeznutz

        It aint hot tho..shit is trash

        • Trey

          Nigga look on twitter, everybody and they momma sayin it’s song of the year so stfu stupid ass bitch

      • dave

        Its a leftover on youtube it says they dropped it in celebration for the tour so weezy would have fresh music to perform.

    • jc_love

      Jay z and kanye

  • TDE nigga

    weezy is da best rapper alive fuk kdot

    • Who? That rapper who drops a song every blue moon?

    • fewcha

      stop bringing up kendrick on every article

      those kendrick stand want that and you giving it them

      no one care about that lame

    • PSN – iiAtex

      You cant even compare kdot to wayne…

  • Jay weezle

    I feel bad for Mike jones, this nigga wayne got on his song, bodied it, an changed the name.. When people search for that song they don’t type in mr. Jones they search sky is the limit #GOAT

    • jpeewee bond

      that my favorite song from him i wanna see the video…

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      so true ahahaha
      it was only last year i realized that wasnt an original weezy song
      i didnt know seat down low belonged to t.i. either
      or blooded to jeezy

      • Nathaniel Diaz

        All them drought 3 beats belong to weezy fuck tha bullshit

        • [Original] Gudda Gudda


      • Jay weezle

        He can jump on any nigga song and make a part 2

        • nfs444

          He can take your picture and make a Rest In Peace (RIP) shirt of it @lilwaynehq:disqus

    • volcomnukka

      So true but this is old news man, SO OLD! Glad you just discovered it at the least….

  • fewcha

    the set list looking good

    drake looking homo in the pic with wayne tho

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Jay z said “niggas want my old shit,buy my old album” and his fans accepted so 2 those wayne fans that keep on saying they want the old wayne back should get wayne’s old albums nd jay z(JAY-Z) removes the hyphen 4rm his name but yall won’t hear his fans saying JAY-Z is better then JAY Z like yall are saying WEEZY is better then TUNECHI,its all one and the same person your name does make your music dope


  • master v

    Guys could u give me a link for the video coz I’m usin blackberry nd I don’t c any video here.

    • CV

      YouTube son

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        but the videos are youtube

      • master v

        I don’t c it can u give me the link.

  • Tunacycle

    What’s this bullshit? I am kinda upset with that setlist. This is supposed to be a Lil Wayne & drake concert! They have MORE than enough songs together (right above it, she will, I’m on one, no new friends) where were those songs in this list? Sure. I wanna see them battle (but if that’s the case make it with new unheard material) but I would rather them just spit everything they’ve ever done together…and then let Wayne spit some C5 songs. Oh well, I guess I’ll see what’s up for myself when I go see Wayne in ATL

    • Tuned

      You sound retarded

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      drake performs no new friends and im on one but not with weezy, only during his set

      • blahhh

        Wayne wanted to perform no new friends too but they thought he forgot the words

    • triggacity_813

      Drake VS Lil Wayne

  • TuneUP

    I don’t unstersatnd the “wheelchair” joke , someone can explain me ?

    • When Drake was younger, he played a character in “Degrassi” who was in a wheelchair.

      • TuneUP

        Thank you Danny 😀

        • President Carter


          • TuneUP

            ok .

      • JustAGuy234

        @lilwaynehq:disqus dope videos, thanka for collecting/posting. if you come across some videos of drake’s im sure a bunch of us would appreciate it too. give a more complete experience of the night!

  • Tuned

    I hope they perform ignant shit, man of the year, ransom, etc tonight

    • Don_Hooper19

      Me too bro classics

  • Nijee

    If Wayne Perform All His Old Songs He Going Win Easily But Wayne Got So Many Hit Records It’s Going Be Hard For Drake To Keep Up With Wayne

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  • martianinvasion

    Holly Grove Soldier 504 Uptown

  • TBRA

    How Wayne’s part in Grindin’ sound better live to me

  • hiphopfan

    Cant wait for them to come to Boston im in there #BelieveMe

  • Don_Hooper19

    Seeing him do hustler music just reminds me why he is the best rapper alive

  • nate

    Cant wait for the Houston concert! Its going to be crazy

  • Tune

    God damn wayne gettin old he messed up his verse on believe me

  • kizz

    danny do you think lil wayne says “im gridin for all my shit gotta big tymer with all my shit”? in gridin it sounds so much like it does

    • kizz

      exspecially just before drake goes in

    • DVeezy

      no he says “Perfect timing with all my shit”.

  • Marky

    Wayne why are doing Hustler Musik high pitch. Suppose to be calm slime.

    • Tuned

      His voice didn’t sound high pitch to me though

  • Billy Riley


  • Nijee

    Wayne Need To Perform The Block Is Hot Or Some Of His Carter 1 Songs So He Can Win Again

    • President Carter


    • wiseman91

      he did apparently

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  • Devante Brown

    I’m still waiting on more videos he preformed



  • Luke

    What did drake perform?….

  • MorryDaDon

    Omg bruh Wayne shows so much energy still when he raps ! #StillTheGreatest

  • Emmanuel Kesse

    Damn haven’t heared ride for my niggas live for a long time!!