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Lil Wayne – Krazy [Music Video]

Mon, Aug 11, 2014 by

Lil Wayne Krazy Music Video

Here is the official music video for Lil Wayne‘s “Krazy” single that was produced by Infamous and will appear on his forthcoming Tha Carter V album, due to drop before the year ends.

The Colin Tilley-directed visual, which was shot last month in Los Angeles, was inspired by the 1975 film – One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Mack Maine and Shanell can also be spotted making cameos.

Click here and here to check out some behind the scenes footage from the “Krazy” video shoot! What are your thoughts on this visual?

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  • jpeewee bond

    dope video

  • Yes danny you got the YouTube video, MTV video was fucking up for me.


      you people who don’t like Krazy are faggots

  • marc hare

    Fuks wit it heavy…I dig how he just embraces the gossip about him nd turn it into music. .

  • Itachi

    I am not crazy, I’m krazy

    • 1Broskie

      and all my niggas chaotic!

      • Dressed In All Black Like They Gothic, Music Too Loud To Hear Sirens, We Pop Pop Pop Up Where You Stay !

        Favorite Part.

        • Knock Knock Knock, ANyone Home?

          • Skenny

            I need a bitch like Noami to take off her clothes like Laylani for niggas that grindin

  • Wowww

    Ahahahaha Mack Maine as a retard

    • REED

      Yeah he’s one in real life too…

    • Mack maine

      Stupid mack nupid

    • nfs444

      He went to jail during the AMW tour last year for hitting a girl for not having sex with him. Ask @Danny M

      • Mack maine

        I did no such thing

        • nfs444

          I bet you are actually Mack Maine cuz you aint even got an album. So you aint got shit to do. No homo

          • Mack maine


            • ‘Espee Letty Christie Matos

              the hate is real; like thats they obligation … …. shit is Crazy AYEEE MACK U DOWN TO MANAGE A FEMALE ARTIST 🙂 wats up

  • Simone12

    still not a fan of the song, but dope video

    • Normally the videos make the songs a lot better, but not this one.

      • Young Money Ent.

        truuuu. he should been swaggin wit this shit in the video. but i guess it does fit the title of the song lol

    • Jdnn

      A shame how a beat can ruin a song, cause it’s fine in itself but the beat is god damn annoying even though it probably is meant to be there because of the whole theme with being crazy in which the beat fits fine, it is just a shame that it isn’t very good.


        I Dislike the song because of the hook where he goes “I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know I know, I know, I know, I know” in a whiny screamy voice, shouldve went wit no hook and just let the beat breath like A Milli

    • Dino

      Absolutely right. I dont want this on C5.

    • fewcha

      i think its dope once you get past that first verse

    • Tune Up

      I bet if he had rapped this song in his raspy voice you’d like it. Fake ass fan..

      • LV

        Exactly but wayne should make a grindin video that shit go hard!!!

        • Tune Up

          Tbh bruh, Grindin’ don’t sound like it will have a video for it but we will never know though.

      • Simone12

        I dislike one song because of the beat and that makes me a fake fan? Really?

        • Tune Up

          Beat don’t justify bars, and there ain’t nothing wrong with it in the first place.

          • Simone12

            The bars are good. It just doesn’t have much replay value to me because of the beat.

          • shayne

            thank you

          • O.J. is my name

            Now I one of the biggest Weezy fans there is, but I didn’t like the beat too.. It’s ok not to like beats, right weezy?? “Now let me start by saying I don’t like this beat, but I weather the storm imma lighting streak”

            • Tune Up

              You actually believe he meant that? LOL

        • Swift_TrukIt

          I dont understand. How yall dont like dis song… its one of his best dis year… and the beat go hard



  • Weezy

    He should be an actor

    • fewcha

      but he said the role has to be perfect for him cause he aint taking his grill out, removing his tattoos or cutting his dreads

      • Dale336

        He aint got a grill those diamonds are his teeth he cant just take that shit out

        • Greatest Ever

          He can take them off. He took them off when he went to rikers.

        • Lil Will B


    • 954AUTHENTIC

      he is.Dem boys starting the own movie production, making they own movies and havn the rites to them.y u thank they sign som of the people they sign bow wow actor nicki actor drake actor paris Hilton n others.

      • RichGang

        Nah.. what happened to the YMCMB movie they talked about??

    • !

      He is one, he’s been in films before google Lil Wayne films and it tells you what he’s been in

  • Ricsi305


  • Ricsi305

    i need the VEVO Explicit version right now

  • Meezy F Baby

    Not working

  • miyo

    The video is entertaining makes the song worth a ear. Cool promotion for Carter V

  • Ricsi305

    look at my profile picture…. fresh photo Weezy with his new hairstyle

    • fewcha

      erm no its not his new hairstyle cause he aint been rocking it on the tour has he?

  • Rockie

    This is my shit! How you don’t like this. Oh, I know, I know, I know, I know, it’s Tunechi. You So Krazy!

  • Ricsi305

    he should make a video for Believe Me or Grindin’

    • fewcha

      or dusse

      • blahhh

        You still on this making a video for d’usse shit will not make a good music video. Leave it as a freestyle

        • Bang

          A Mili was alright

          • blahhh

            A milli didn’t have breaks with random talking

  • fewcha

    tell me something i don’t know

  • Tj

    I love wayne to death dawg but that old wayne that was syrup’d up on Tim Westwood would laugh at this kinda wayne! Facts!

    • Khosta

      this video doper than any video by that wayne

      • David D

        you not seen 6 foot 7 foot video?

        • Khosta

          Talkin bout the C2-C3 wayne

    • Godo Zilla

      Lmao you acting like you slept with this nigga and know how he is in person or mentally that well like a female would smh nigga he tha same person he been telling people since the hot boy days he likes to be different with his craft. He still making history nigga he’s good !

      • LuvCoolJ

        Nigga he not the same person. You outta ya fuckin mind

        • Godo Zilla

          As he said in tha video above “NIGGA YA KRAZY” all he done was rap different tha nigga still hood and don’t give fuck and prob shoot a nigga up

          • LuvCoolJ

            U fucking lame. Lol u too busy up Wayne ass to tell he a whole different person

            • Godo Zilla

              You acting like he still need something to prove but for real to who nigga he ain’t got competition none of these others are actually raping with bars they just talking unlike him he got bars for life.

              • LuvCoolJ

                Nigga i said the way he acts. That don’t change the fact that he act like a lil rockstar or some shit. Idk wtf wrong with that nigga. That shit lame af tho

                • Godo Zilla

                  Lol I’m sure you must know this nigga personal hey how about you tell everyone on this site you and wayne actually in a relationship cuz u seem to think u know this nigga like a baby momma just switched up on ya lol you made or nah ? Lol

                • j

                  Man that niggah a whole fag bruh

                • LuvCoolJ

                  You got it bruh lmao

            • Godo Zilla

              So you telling me it’s not cool to progress and evolve in life, smh no wonder you prob still living with your parents and act like people not suppose to make a change I get it now. Your life is still living in what suppose to be tha past

              • LuvCoolJ

                Nigga what other rapper/real nigga do you see doing the shit Wayne does or acting the way he does???? Stop covering up for that nigga. FOH

                • Godo Zilla

                  Last time I check, real niggaz get paid my nigga, and do whatever they want la nigga. Check ya self before ya type again.

                • LuvCoolJ

                  Wtf u talking about bruh? They can do whatever they want but that ain’t what the fans n the streets gone like. And if u think the streets respect Wayne now u fuckin crazy

                • Godo Zilla

                  Last time I check, this nigga drives every car that more than your life in tha streets whenever he feels and has more respect from niggas who get paid what you make in a year last than an hour they made it out tha streets. Jeezy, T.I. 50, Nas, Boosie, Young Thug, Gucci, YG, Kevin Gates, Yo Gottii, Mobb D, Meek Millz, not to mention they still record songs with wayne . Streets don’t respect wayne huh ?

                • LuvCoolJ

                  They are RAPPERS nigga. Rappers. These are niggas who have known Wayne or his ppl for years and he a big name in the game. Of course they gonna fuck with him. But i’m talking bout the real street niggas, the niggas who ain’t rapping. You think those guys respect Wayne as a street nigga? Hell no. Crazy thing is he started out as one

                • Nathaniel Diaz

                  Who gives a fuck bout the streets, is you out here cuz I bet you not hoe. Streets don’t drop money on CDs they download them. Getting white fans is a genius business decision b

                • LuvCoolJ

                  Whatever floats ya boat. Wayne ain’t no real nigga. Yeah he’s HELLA successful but check this, at this route by the time he retire all his black fans will be gone

                • Zay

                  I’m black and nigga u Krazy.. Speak for yourself.. U will
                  Be gone

      • 954AUTHENTIC

        they must have forgot when weezy said “I got so many styles I am a group”.play time iz ova now though..

        • LuvCoolJ

          Man foh those were just lyrics. I don’t expect this nigga to change to a whole different person over a few years. This nigga fugazy as shit now

          • 954AUTHENTIC

            but bra I cant speak on how is personally cause I dnt knw him personally but I do knw tha kidd got mean word play . I knw he changes his style up to capture a broader audience.”im all about my digits going digital n sh!t ‘. da man iz 1 of the g.o.a.t n dats a fact.niggas always comparing him to himself,now that’s when u GREAT.GIV MY NIGGA HIS SHRINE>lol

            • LuvCoolJ

              He def one of the greatest, that’s the truth. But the shit he doing now ain’t so “GOAT worty”

    • LuvCoolJ

      Wordddddddd, you said it right my nigga. That shit crazy, it’s like they 2 totally different niggas yo. Maybe Wayne really is a martian like he been saying for years lmaoo

  • StevieD

    I don’t know why people ain’t liking it I think it’s his best of resent song. Bass is banging in my car. I’m just eating rappers they go nice in saladsWith some diced up carrots, I just like a challenge

  • Khosta

    I’m back, was sick people!!! And Yess!!!! juSt when I’ve fallen in love with this track the video is out, this is my fav. track at the moment



      • Khosta

        I was laying in bed sick brah

  • Countin’AllDay

    Space jam Jordans. Dope video. Makes the song that much better.

    • Dr.Carter

      concord 11 lows…..

      • Countin’AllDay

        Wake up and smell tha garden…..

  • Khosta

    this video was worth waiting so dope

  • David D

    interesting video



  • LuvCoolJ

    That shit was soooo WACK. Wayne one of the corniest niggas in the game, which is a shame cuz i used to think he was cool af. Like who is this nigga? Lmao who he think he is? A damn rockstar? That nigga not even really crazy in real life. That shit corny. And this the nigga who claim he gangsta. Foh he used to seem like a real nigga now his true character came out. Shit like this video brings me back to when he dropped My Homies Still n shit

    • Godo Zilla

      If you believe this nigga sound like a dumb ass flip flopping wayne fan aka talk shit about him one day and the next say damn he killed this song that’s my nigga type of fan. Press like if you think this nigga mad or nah cuz he don’t understand life is when you live to evolve doing what you want.

      • LuvCoolJ

        Bruh i just come on here to keep it hot with y’all gay ass fans. Seem like i’m the only nigga on here who tell it like it is. And you one of them type of gay ass “Wayne fans” who gone dick ride Wayne no matter what type of fugazy shit he come out with. I bet you supported Rebirth huh? What bout when he dropped How to Love? That was ya favorite song huh?

        • Khosta

          Everything Wayne puts out is perfect

          • LuvCoolJ

            Shut the fuck up please

        • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

          Of course nigga juss cuz it might get bad reviews n hella ppl hate n shit sumtimes i dnt like evry song he puts out but me bein a wayne fan ill support anything that fool comes out with.. Its wat a fan does n this bein a fansite for weezy y u come on here if u dnt even dig his shit no more..

          • LuvCoolJ

            You dumb as shit if you support anything he drops. Real fans don’t support everything. If the shit is trash it’s trash, point blank period.

            • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

              Nah ur stupid for bein on his fansite talkin shit about him to get a reaction.. Lol nd i will support his shit even if it isnt that good but he dnt put nuthin out that id consider trash cuz ima big wayne fan n ikno hes one of da best same with eminem even he puts out sum bad music but i wouldnt consider it trash cuz i kno he aint

            • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

              N if hes fake to u . Y u on his fansite? Its probably to talk shit about him cuz even tho ur hatin on him ur on his fansite which is stupid asfuck cuz us fans come here to check on wat waynes been doin n news n shit but u juss come to say hes fake n puts out trash now.. I dont go on other rapper sites that i dnt like n talk shit about them.. Waste of time..

    • Khosta

      You must be the world’s biggest idiot I swear

  • don shiva

    krazy weezy dope

  • LP

    Producers should have gotten the rapper eater a Hannibal Lecter mask

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      its not based on the hannibal movie tho

      • LP

        I never seen Cuckoo’s Nest before but now i’ll have to

        • nfs444

          Great movie. I doubt the foreigners are familiar with it tho.

  • Xfile2010

    This song is more for IANAHB ALBUM not Carter V anyone else agree?

    • nfs444

      IANAHB 1 was good. The series didn’t get fucked up until the 2nd one. In fact I’m just down right sick of people talking shit bout IANAHB!

  • tutu

    Funny how Wayne turn that fire on whenever the shitty rap game cold

  • tonn

    That’s one of coldest videos I ever seen bruh! And original

  • Hernandez4Presidente

    Krazy is an awesomr song, you trippin if you disagree, lyrics and flow are untouchable and the beat fits the theme and flow perfectly

  • inewwiththis .

    i love it only bad thing its Clean. i want explicit . i hope the video will be on Itunes explicit

  • Best

    Nice video, now I’m just waiting for the Vevo explicit version

    You so crazy, Tunechi!

  • Linoh Locc

    Dawm da video dope, weezy funny as hell lol . And dat face down song slappz !!! This weeks staring great already !!

  • Trey

    Damn this video the shit, looks like something c2-c3 wayne would do.

  • Man y’all fukk ass fan all trying to make the greatest rapper ever look bad but Wayne don’t care about if u like it all not he kno real fans going to like dis kause we so krazy

    • Khosta

      Well said

  • Trey

    he should put grindin in believe me in the same video just like he did ms. officer/confortable

  • Tuned

    Go get ya self some money to screw, like me

  • KrazyFon

    Only question, why the fuck is the video a clean version? Still dope.

    • 954AUTHENTIC

      4 Mtv,Bet,Fuse,an other NETWORK$.

  • The Future

    Need that explicit version though!

  • Wayne the greatest rapper ever…Tune u so krazy

  • Ni66@ tell me something I don’t know…

  • Muhammad !

    Video is not working

  • Up unn excuse me

  • Moe

    Follow me on Instagram and Twitter @moe_ctc to stay up to date with my music!

    • Guest


  • MorryDaDon

    How tf the video copied righted on the “official Weezy” website ? Shit Krazy…

  • Chris Vs Christopher

    Well I can’t watch the’s pretty upsetting

  • Orri

    The second verse is pretty hard to me. And the video is really cool!

  • Tramaine Johnson

    this song and video remind me of some i am not a human being 3 shit not c5

    • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

      How if there never was a ianahb 3 lol..

  • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

    Ya that vid was sick asfuckk… Coollest music vid ive seen in a while wit weezy

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger


    • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

      Go to mtv n it will work there

      • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger


    • ItsTuNecHiBiTcH

      Did for me at least


    Great video imagine how weezy will look in a action movie?? Shit he will make millions at box office he got the looks to be a danger drug lord or some shit… Lil Wayne I want you in a Movie!!!!

    • Have You Never Seen Wayne In A Movie ?

      • Lil Roy

        yea in hurricane season

        • Countin’AllDay

          I thought hurricane season was over..

          • Trey


      • jaleel bell

        Diz nigga krazy I Wanna see him in a movie too but like a scary movie dat would be dope✊

        • He’ll Yeah, It Would Be Like A Horror Comedy. I Can See Wayne Saying Some Funny Ass Shit.

          • CMB_

            Wayne was already in a movie Baller Blockin’ (2000)

            • Trey

              dumbass that was more like a documentary just like the nino brown stories, speaking of nino brown series, danny when is nino brown 3 coming out??????????? I pre ordered that shit way back in 2010..

              • CMB_

                A documentary?? Lmaoo obviously you’ve never watched it, They all have roles and are acting and there are actors in the Movie, it isnt a documentary at all.

  • Linoh Locc

    Man now all i want is Tina Turn Up to drop and also Side Bitch …

    • RichGang

      You can search Lil Wayne Tina Turn Up download on Google and download that song. But it’ll never be like a single or a song on an album or mixtape. But Side Bitch, I can’t wait!

      • Linoh Locc

        Bro im taking about da actual song not da one dat comes out on Weezy Wednesdays, i already got dat one. I want da Actual Tina turn up Needs A tune Up song and Side Bitch song !!

  • Paulo Santos Reis

    For real? I loved the music is one of better C5 music, but the video is not too good…

  • Krazy

    THOOSE 11’s THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ! Tunechi yu so Krazy aha

  • Lil Roy

    if you a big fan of weezy like we all are that’s on this website follow me on twitter @TheRealLilRoy

  • kenneth coltrr

    I was first to watch it while y’all was sleep I said it in the another post just saw krazy it was dope

    • Khosta

      lol now what, you want an award or prize money for that?

  • Da Ref

    Bruh “krazy” is V material all day

    • jaleel bell

      Heeeeeeeellllll yeah Niggas just hate noo matter what he do smh

      • Da Ref

        I know

    • Khosta


    • Fuck tha Fame

      Disagree , last 2 verses are CV material

  • Jay weezle

    What if Wayne did a hustler Musik for c5? Shit would be nuts

    • mortimerr2014

      Hustler musik pt 2

      • Jay weezle

        That’s what I meant lol my B


    I can’t help but look for his shlong when I see him in videos

    • mortimerr2014


    • WeezyDaGOAT

      Lol what the fuck is this shit

    • Weezy Da God

      Thanks for sharing

  • Amazu Ukoh

    Hey Danny dont forget to add grindin to the “Favorite C5 session song poll” its arguably the best one

  • Dave_Weezy_F

    The best Rapper alive #Tunechi

    • Khosta

      Nigga tell me something I don’t know..

      • Dave_Weezy_F

        Weezy is da Best Rapper Alive I think U need to confirm this statement !!!! 😛

  • RealSh!t


    • Lil Tunechi

      Charge your phone nigga

      • Khosta


  • Realsht


  • Mac

    Fuck yo gotti

  • Countin’AllDay

    I think Weezy would fit like a glove with the America Horror Story series. #tunchieforAHS

  • volcomnukka

    SICK video and song! Holy shit, all the doubters are just closet lil wayne lovers. That’s why they come and watch the video! I like the part around 3:43 and when he calls the doctor “krazy” is hilarious! Everyone hating on the beat or flow need to shut the hell up cuz we all know everyone on this site is gonna buy C5 regardless. If not and you are just here to hate than OBVIOUSLY you have WAY too much free time and need a life A$AP!

  • blahhh

    There’s a 57 minute drake vs lil Wayne tour footage on YouTube from Chicago

  • Lil Tunechi

    That moment when you realize that the grindin lyrics are from an older wayne and Drake song and just the beat is different

    • LilTunechiFan

      what song?

    • Khosta

      nah you are mistaken

  • Trey

    THAT CROWD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  • dwaynedagreat


  • Anti

    This vid go krazy

  • edgar

    Hey at least it’s like the first video I’ve seen in years for a rapper , that’s ain’t showing cars and money

  • Latarsha Horsley

    i Love You LilWayne Because Ppls Name An Calls Me Crazy But iam Krazy Because Ppls is Driven Me Krazy An They is The Ones Thats Crazy An They Can Miss Me On That Whoe An Gets Dealt With Because i Be Havin LilTunechi Fits!

    • Latarsha Horsley

      i Love You LilWayne Because Ppls Calls An Names Me Crazy But iam Krazy An They Can Miss Me On That Whoes Shit An Get Dealt With Because i Be Havin LilTunechi Fits! i Reply

  • Sfundo Gumede

    Just saw the vid man its too sick that shit is top class

  • al


  • izzy

    C5 heating shit up

  • al

    vevo version ????

  • hamood_tunechii

    when the video going to be on vevo

  • Donmotivation1

    Bah Hah Hah Hah Hah …. AAAAAAAhh .. Im still spittn like ah Retard . Bruh can rap “

  • MarleyG

    I can’t stand krazy. The lyrics are ok. But the beat and chorus annoying as fuck. Video nothing special either. Looks a bit awkward. Great concept for a video but defs didn’t nail it!

  • xavier mcmillon

    Thats your bullshit, but your punch lines are amazing. Just being a fan about it. Peace

  • KheyKheyLuvTunechi

    When I heard da song for da first time when it came out, I made a dance tu it n it is so similar tu da video. I need tu tape it yet. ;+))) ♡My Babi Murdered Dat Bitch #INSANEASYLYMTYPASHYT♡ One of da best vids I eva seen!

  • dave

    3:33 groovy

  • Nathan Bryant

    I love the beat and I didn’t like the song all like that when I first heard it. But each verse was better than the last and it grew on me.

  • bboy aymen

    lil wayne only god know how much i love you

  • PrettyFace

    Some of these comments are crazy

  • Anthony Fears Smarterstronger


  • Yomiko Marshall

    ♤♤♤misunderstood & fear of unknown ♤♤♤ thank you ! 4bring light to mental illness ●1 ♤ Yomiko●

  • Hollywood Williams

    Man this nigga spitting

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