Kendrick Lamar Talks Working With Lil Wayne On His “Tha Carter V” Album

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Kendrick Lamar Talks Working With Lil Wayne For His Tha Carter 5 Album

Kendrick Lamar recently appeared on Power 106’s “LIFTOFF” radio show to promote his new single “I“. During this appearance, Justin Credible and J Cruz asked Kendrick if he will be featured on Lil Wayne‘s upcoming Tha Carter V album.

K-Dot confirmed that him and Weezy F Baby have worked on a song together, but he does not know if it will appear on the album, or just be released as a “leak”. He also mentioned that he has always been a fan of Tune.

You can watch the conversation in the video below. Wayniacs would you like to see Lamar appear on C5?

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    • CarterBoy

      It would be funny if they are both on the same song

      Lil Wayne “Best Rapper Alive” featuring Kendrick and Thug

      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        thugger would kill them both on that

        • Devante Brown

          Everything u said so far on this website i would agree to but THIS…hell no

      • Thugger

        Nah.. but thatz a good idea, i might put it on tha carter 6… #C6 Thugger!

      • Ras mensah

        yh das tym

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      why you got to bring up my nigga thugger on every lwhq article now?

      • Thugger

        Cuz i’m poppin now bruh

    • Thugger

      Eat shit bitch.. Thugger!

    • dave

      nigga fuck yo’ feelings

  • Nijee

    Kendrick New Song Is Trash But I Would Be Happy If He On Tha Carter V

    • David D

      ‘I’ is actually dope

  • YmCmBxOvOxOfWgKtA

    I’d like a kendrick colab. I hope there aren’t a lot of features on C5 tho

  • Michael

    Now all wayne needs on Tha Carter V is 50, Kanye, Em & Jay- Z !

    • CarterBoy

      He said he aint going to reach out to Jay cause he knows Jay is busy

      • Michael

        I know but it’d still be dope if he was on it

      • triggacity_813

        He also said C5’s dropping on 10/28 lol

        • SeattleAtHome

          lol i think it will drop OCT 28th
          i mean look…last we got was a mixtape over a year ago

          and it was in promo for CV basically D(5)

        • LMFAO

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      dont forget gudda too

    • Thugger

      Just got a call from tez.. he said i made the final cut #Thugger! #C6

    • Kidd

      Fuck 50 cent im all about a dollar, bitch I pour surp in that vitamin water
      In fact ther words no 50 and for that matter no Jay z either just kanye nas and em maybe chance too

  • David D

    this is dope

    i know from that interview that kendrick will indeed be on c5, you can just tell

    and its cool to hear him say how he is a fan of wayne too

    • mortimerr2014

      Yeah the whole ” idk if its gonna be on the album” is just to not spoil it

    • Sk laflare vice off

      “I got 2 many bitches, and 3 many hos, wayne told me that and that’s just how it goes, michael jordan bitch” – Kendrick Lamar

      • lil_muthafucka

        “I’m 2 much 4 these niggas, and 3 much 4 these hoes, Wayne told me that, and that’s just how it goes” – Kendrick Lamar

      • Schwappp

        What song is that?

  • Giraffe Boy

    A k dot feature is better than features like euro and lil twist

    but you know tez will leave it off the album and put a trina feature on there instead

    • CarterBoy

      Oh yea like he did with I’m Good featuring Meek Mill

      • corbin wells

        that was a used meek mill verse from an Ace hood song that’s why.

        • TUNE

          “But right now, at this given place and time, I’m tired of you niggas; I need a bed everywhere I go to go to sleep every time I hear the bullshit man, I’m tired of that man; It’s gon’ be real fucked up when I get sick and tired of you niggas… I’mma throw up on one of you boys”


        • lil_muthafucka

          It was recorded for I’m Good, he gave it to Ace Hood later.

        • Time

          Wrong idiot, Meek recorded the verse first for Wayne and then when he found out the song won’t make the album, he gave the verse to Ace Hood so it doesn’t go to waste

    • mortimerr2014

      I don’t think Tez has as much of an influence on the singles and the songs that make the album as much as it might seem. Wayne has to be the final say I mean come on its dat Carter v

    • Euro

      Everything Euro has put out uas been fire. Fuck you talkin bout?

      • He irrelevant though.

        • C5Season

          Putting him on C5 will give him some spotlight. It’s what he needs. But I’d rather have Euro than any other rapper besides Drake on the album.

          • Bang

            I agree , we just need dop rappers on the album. I dont care he’s white or black.

            • SeattleAtHome

              sadly like i said in a earlier post…wayne doest Feat. White rappers….white rappers Feat. wayne… (ex. Mac Miller ft. wayne the question

              • 1Broskie

                we just gon pretend that Drop The World didnt feat. Em.
                or Tie My Hands & Shooter didnt feature Robin?

              • BEE

                beginning to doubt ur cred as a wayne fan.

            • Kiid Phantomboyz Jay

              Floww should be on the album

          • YoungJT1092

            The rappers I hope for are: Juelz, Drake, Nicki, Gudda, Eminem, JayZ, Kanye, TI, Euro, Kendrick, JCole, and if possible the Hot Boys

            • lil_muthafucka

              Why would you want TI or Nicki on the C5 ?

              • YoungJT1092

                Nicki is inevitably the hottest shit on the market, it makes the most sense in that respect. TIP and Wayne are arguably the two greatest southern rappers, along Jeezy and Boosie, but TIP and Weezy on a track is always worth the listen.

                • tdaddyhart

                  I like Wayne and Ross tracks when there together more than wayne and t.i honestly…

            • Tunechi.F.Baby


              • Thugger

                Exactly! I’m the only feature on the album tho

    • I see you didnt post your South Park picture.

  • weezyftunechi

    One day this the guy Wayne will pass the torch to. Kendrick can spit too bro and they are both great…Wayne’s the greatest though….so yeah I’m pumped to hear this



      • Realshitboiboi

        No he passed it me

  • Nijee

    I Think Wayne Going Pass Kendrick The Torch Just Like Jay-Z Pass Him Torch Even Though Wayne Is Still Greatest



      • [Original] Gudda Gudda

        or gudda or thugger

        • TRUKFIT


        • Nijee

          Young Thug Is Fucking Trash

          • Thugger

            eat shit niqqa

        • Thugger

          nah he’ll pass it to me n i pass it to you when i retire.. #Thugger #C6

    • wasTheDeal

      Nah he been gave it to drake

  • Wayne

    Well this can shut all the Wayne haters who are in love with kendrick

    • CarterBoy


    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i hate kendrick stans acting like he the best rapper when he drops one album every decade

      • corbin wells

        r u slow? he has 2 albums in the last 3 years, and one coming this year. do your math.

  • Stan

    Am I the only one who likes the new kendrick Lamar single I???

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      i think so

    • Michael

      Naw I Like It Too

    • David D


    • mortimerr2014

      I didn’t fuck with it at first but it grows on you. I found myself at work just singing “i love myself” probably a hundred times lol

  • CarterBoy

    This is better than a Weezy Wednesdays episode lol

    • Giraffe Boy

      true rofl

  • GKMC

    Great news!!!!

  • mortimerr2014

    Kendrick is inspired by Wayne I mean shit he made a album based of the Carter 3. Plus him saying this, that song tho will be fire that’d be a great single get the Kendrick fans listenin in on the Carter v would be good for promotion

    • Realshitboiboi


  • Ym

    I damn near died when I saw this weezyxkdot C5

  • mortimerr2014

    Wil Wayne be on kendricks album tho Is the question

    • Giraffe Boy

      he should return the favor

  • Yeezus

    Welcome to Tha Carter, little shop of horror
    Bloody like a period after d r a
    Doctor I’mma dog, I’mma dog, I’mma dog you
    Not Georgetown but I’mma uptown Hoya

    • CarterVThaTruth

      Brothers like warner, someone should have warned ya. R-e-l-a-x like fuckin California. . G.O.A.T

    • Ludacris killed his verse on this too.

  • It’d be dope!

  • SeattleAtHome

    Light Up remix with lil wayne (verse low quality) BUT SO gooooood omg
    if this song never drops in HQ CD version.. then the FIRST THING i wanna hear when i land in heaven…is Light Up (remix) -wayne verse

    • Wayne would never record that in CDQ because it would ruin the point of the lyrics.

      “Recording over the phone, I hope the call don’t drop”

      • SeattleAtHome

        all hes gotta do is recycle the verse (Shit Stains – Sweat)
        or replace that bar

  • Now we know Kendrick has a song he submitted for the album I don’t think Cortez will have the balls to leave it off.

  • E dog

    Thought we woulda got a weezy Wednesday today Dangit

    • SeattleAtHome

      we in a drought

    • triggacity_813

      If there is one its gonna drop after midnight

    • Weezy tha King

      Its on YouTube already but its wack

  • Surgery

    Fuck KDot

  • triggacity_813

    This is great news..they complement each other well with the diff styles & flows so itd be dope..& weezy on his game with c5 so he would definitely not let Kendrick body him on his own shit

  • CMB_

    This is fucking great news!

  • SeattleAtHome

    So .. im like ready to kill for CV

  • Alicia

    Cool, I’m looking forward to that. Should be dope.

  • corbin wells

    What’s up with wayne fans hating kendrick? he’s a talented good rapper it’s not like he dissing wayne. he cool and it would be great to have him on Carter V.

  • Linoh Locc

    That would be great, i can actually say im not hating lmao

  • Chuck_Brazy

    we still didn’t hear anything about the dr. dre & wayne collaborations. I bet a dr. dre beat gonna be on C5

  • BEE

    Better than Weezy Wednesday. But for real tho, c5 in about a month. Damn Imma buy 5 of ’em.

  • Alfredoo Oppong

    Thirty tunechi

  • JustAGuy234

    this is cool, hopefully those of you who act like they have to argue Wayne and Kendrick will stfu now tho. Wayne and are Kendrick cool, fans dont gotta argue it every day… hope their collab makes the album

    Euro doesnt belong on C5 for the same reason corey gunz verse for A Milli didnt make C3 hes a rookie, a young buck. no ones really knows him, and this is a big album series. Drake was around wayne when c3 was being finished and he didnt put him on it because he was too new. Euro doesnt need to be on C5 maybe the next mixrape or something but not c5

    lastly, i hope Kanye gets his hands on something c5 related whether its another beat like LTBB or Comfortable

    or if they collab either way i thin kit would be dope, they have good chemistry

    • TukwilaBound

      He was on Dedication 5.

      • JustAGuy234

        dedication 5 is a mixtape lol of course he can be on that. shit lil chuckee was on that.

    • Malik

      Yeah that’s true and all but what better way to get Euro’s name out there than to put him on CV.

      • SeattleAtHome

        Imagine if drake was on C3
        He woulda blew up even quicker..
        But then again replacing one of those 15-16 tracks with a drake song (he wasnt well known in early 08-right before the album drop) might have caused the sale number in albums drop below the ‘milli’ mark. Remember he just barely went over that mark with C3

      • JustAGuy234

        true that would be a good look but i think he should keep feature count low and only get a few heavy hitters

    • Tune Up ©

      Corey was on C4 and I think C3 was already in session before he signed Drake.

      • JustAGuy234

        well obviously C4 came out years later! Wayne and many artist have been known to make changes or add songs mere days before an album is due so if wayne wanted Drake or Corey Gunz on C3 they woulda been no problem.

        Corey had a verse and he dropped it and drake was around enough to be in the A Milli video he coulda done a song.

        • Tune Up ©

          You right, but I still think if C3 game out a year after Drake was signed, he would be on it. Like I said, it was already finished.

          • JustAGuy234

            wayne works til the last second possible we all know that. like i said if he FELT drake belonged on it he woulda made it happen no if ands or buts.

  • Khosta

    Nah kendrick ruins every song he gets on

  • CV

    This is dope actually. K dot is great I don’t really care for him but he is lyrical. Put em on there and boost them sales

  • Skenny

    C5 will drop in 33 days

  • SeattleAtHome

    Hopefully 2 days…

  • Best

    It will be the best moment in his career if he saw himself on C5

  • mortimerr2014

    My prediction they push c5 back cause ain’t no way it’s droppin in a month with the promotion the way it is. Then he drop a mixtape when c5 should of dropped or maybe a drake and Wayne collab album Wayne said something about a “sneak thing” in that mtv interview

  • SeattleAtHome

    C3 – Mr. CARTER (Jay z)
    C4 – Mirror (Michael jackson)
    C5 – Only ONE left… ( 2pac )

    Hahaha #SeattleStayWinnin

    • SeattleAtHome

      Just got word of
      New Pac ft. 2pac

  • Sandile Hlongwane

    Can’t wait

  • YMCorey

    Kendrick euro and wayne on the same track that’s music to my ears

    • Tune Up ©

      Imaging a Lil Wayne ft. 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Euro, & Eminem colab..

  • Drilon_G

    I really want Em to be featured on the c5 foreal that would be hella dope

  • Hahaha

    There is a weezy wedsnday out.. But its only a minute and its just him n drake singing hold on

  • Glenn

    Euro bet not be on c5 he a average ass rapper bruh you could put him on a ianahb album but only legendary niggas belong on a Carter album C2 kurupt,C3 jay z,C4 jadakiss,tech 9 and andre 3000 he bet not put no bitch niggas on there he need a nas feature

    • SeattleAtHome

      Nas was on C4

      • Glenn

        I know but he should be on c5 to

  • Tokologo Mosiane

    lamar on carter V, will make him a bigger star than he is right now

  • dog hound bitch

    To be honest all yall are fucking dogs who agrees

  • Weezy Da God

    “Girl that’s how you be survivin, until I get deep in that pussy, baby slidin in, goin in, this is a sin now where do I begin, wait actually where’d I began, fuck you Anne, don’t you understand the pain I’ve felt, the pain you’ve caused, now let pause fo a minute, to hit and get lifted, because of you I won’t ever love no bitch again, fuck you and all of your friends I just let my heart out on the beat I’m such a fucking beast to all my haters… R.I.P”


  • Wayne Holmes

    Wayne and don trip need to go a song or Wayne and gates..I mean, gates is managed by them, why not throw him on there! Trip is a fire spitter! Way better Wayne comparison than this young thug dude!


    All this time wayne got us thinking he was gonna have no good feats, watch this nigga show up with FIRE features of c5. At this point we can’t even predict how Carter 5 will sound!!

  • Snakehead

    I want to see a mainly lil wayne dominate album no fufu ass features its his album for a reason

  • Tunechi Li

    Idgaf what anyone on here say kendrick would kill a verse on cV, i also wanna hear Kanye, even tho i hate him wayne loves kanye and wayne always brings his best to the table with kanye on the track (Lollipop remix, C u in my nightmares, Barry Bonds) to make sure he murders ye, i also wanna hear Tyler the creator, mac miller, The game, drake, ace hood, eminem, wiz, or even asap rocky would be a murderer on a wayne track, it’d be nice to hear ab soul joint on there too

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  • trapoholick

    Hell naw Kendrick fuckin whack

  • Trill

    Nooo i want to see Mack maine & flow on there maybe Kevin Gates, andre 3000 or chris brown(rapping) NOO