Wale Calls Lil Wayne One Of The Best Rappers In The World, Doesn’t Understand The Hate He Gets

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Wale Calls Lil Wayne One Of The Best Rappers In The World & Doesnt Understand The Hate He Gets

Wale recently sat down with Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez on Hot 97’s “The Morning Show” for an interview, which you can check out below.

During their conversation, Wale discussed wanting to be liked in the music industry even though it’s hard nowadays and used Lil Wayne as a good example by calling him one of the best rappers in hip-hop, but even he still gets a lot of hate:

“I think Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers in the world and people hate on him, they be like: ‘he wack’… like how? how? In what way is he wack? He might say a line you don’t like or whatever, but come on.”

Be sure to go to the 16:20 mark of the interview to watch Wale share his thoughts on Weezy. If you look closely behind Laura, you will also notice a dope Wayne plaque on the wall too!

Wayniacs do you agree with what Wale is saying here?

Thanks to Keeze for the heads up and be sure to click here to read lots of other compliments that rappers have given to Tunechi!

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  • Fuck em all

    Fuck the haters who be hating on the best rapper alive aka weezy wee

    • dwayne jizzle carter

      U can say that loudly.,.,… haters are so meen asf….fuck y’all if you’re a hater

  • Time

    Wale just trying to get on that Carter 5 album

    • fewcha


      • Tune

        Lil wayne will never
        Fall d6$c5$ greatest rapper

        • weezy the god

          what up fellas? probably i may be the biggest weezy fan, im from guinea bissau(Africa). i used to listen this nigga so much that i just started rapping and he influence my style 100%. he made me love rap and just to understand what im talking about, i rap in english but in my country we speak portuguese, so i learn english listening weezy and now i´m rapping. and i feel like im close to achieve my goal. but i need your support, so please check this song that i just drop today and give your feedback… in the third verse i talk about wayne been my biggest influence
          just type Taneccy B on youtube then you will find my channel, don´t forget to subscribe please

          CV!! a milli

    • He saying real shit though

      • Devante Brown

        Like always

    • Yep


    • realhiphopfan

      Wale on C5 with Wayne will be hard cuzz!

  • 420

    that’s one dope ass picture of tuneche

    • Patrick H

      House of dank.



  • fewcha

    he spoke nothing but truth

  • Patrick H

    What’s that plaque of?

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      his albums

  • TheGod

    Never question greatness!! Wale knows weezy is the shit!!

  • C5 season

    It’s October 1st and a wednesday tomorrow so that has to mean weezy Wednesdays will be a special episode right????

    • YoungJT1092

      Hmm…you could be on to something..

  • TheGod

    Weezy n wale c5 or nah?? Lol im juss Playin CV is too much for him.. But thats dope he thinks that

  • TheRealMC

    We will definitely have a song by nxt week.. Hopefully weezy wednesday is gonna have a snippet and we’ll get the full version friday… but either way new music is droppin soon

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      dont say definitely when you are just guessing

  • TheRealMC

    Now watch i bet dumbass seattle is gonna make a TL with wale as a feat now.. Lol

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      rofl fuck that kid with a chode

  • Malik

    How you don’t understand the hate he gets, it’s just like LeBron. He’s the best and he gets hated on 4 no reason. When you’re up in the ranks of whatever, you’re going to get hated on period.

    • Tuned


      • Malik

        You know kobe can’t touch Wade right now let alone LeBron

  • kgotso

    Best rapper since the best rapper retired

    • [Original] Gudda Gudda

      who retired? dont say jay cause he still rapping

      • kgotso

        That’s what’s Weezy said. And that’s when Jay retired.

  • [Original] Gudda Gudda

    soooooo who heard mixtape of the year yesterday by young thug, birdman and RHQ?

    • e dog

      You mean worst mixtape of the year

    • David D

      it was average

      some good songs and some bad songs on there

  • YoungJT1092

    i wouldnt mind a Wale collab with C5, I’ve been wondering why he and Weezy havent done that yet. But yeah, if something doesnt drop this week, I cant see how the album is going to drop the 28th.

    • Homie j

      They have Wale – nike boots remix… Great wayne verse on there

      • YoungJT1092

        Oh yeah? Im gonna check that out asap.

      • triggacity_813

        That’s the worst Wayne verse imo

        • David D

          no way lol

  • The Future

    Same people that hate on wayne was loving back in 2005-2009. So it doesn’t matter what they say since they’re a bunch of hypocrites.

    • MAD£A

      People never really liked Wayne .. Besides Kanye.. Wayne was the only other rapper we had that stood out from the rest of the trash.

      Imo Wayne is better than Jay Z Eminem. Those to are way overrated.

      When other artist started to come out because of tje new platform thevinternet gave to access more artist like

      Wiz Khalifa
      Big Sean
      J Cole ect..

      Nobody had to settle for Wayne & ymcmb & dj.khaled rick ross & t.i & trendy dance music…

      Weezy was a,big fish in a small pond & kanye was better but he took out time to craft better albums than anybody during that era.. While Wayne was just putting out mixtapes song after song.

      • The Future

        Nobody really liked Wayne? Are you serious? Back in the mid 200s Wayne was supreme in terms of features, mixtapes and songs. Everyone wanted a feature and he had the game on lock. Carter 2 and Carter 3 are legendary.

        As of today Wayne has lost a lot of his fans from then due to his “antics” and his “drive” has seemed to diminish because he has nothing to prove any more.

        In terms of legacy, Wayne will go down as one of the greats, in the same conversation as Tupac, Biggie, Jay, Nas, etc. I don’t want to rant any more. Yes I know Wayne’s place in music has declined (due to people criticizing him for recycled material and skateboarding and other things), I however think Wayne is still top 5 right now. And his Carter 5 will make everyone realize it.

        “Point the biggest skeptic out, I make him a believer.” — Dwayne Michael Carter

        • YoungJT1092

          That’s real shit ladies and gents, take notes!!

        • TheTruth

          don’t think wayne was alive back in 200s

          • Me

            He said 2000s you misread it

  • e dog

    28 more days

    • David D

      it will get pushed back

  • Kai Balduin

    Fuck the haters ! YMCMB , Young Money , Cash Money family all the way !
    Tunechi the Best Rapper Alive ! C5 !

  • Drilon_G

    He speaking walume (no miss typo)

  • wiseman91

    wale and los have said the same thing y’all niggas sleep always taking wayne bars literal or think they’re random, when most of his bars since 2005 have multiple means

  • fuck whoever hatin on wayne


    Wale speak that gospel truth preach nigga preach

  • Cocaine Biceps

    i like weezy but i cant deny that he makes wack music sometimes… overall his catalog is good tho

    • David D


  • sami_samm

    “I think Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers in the world and people hate on him, they be like: ‘he wack’… like how? how? In what way is he wack? He might say a line you don’t like or whatever, but come on.”

    This direct quote right here is my exact thoughts, when it comes to wayne haters. Wanye is the best rapper alive! And right now, it’s carter 5 season!!!

  • Eddie

    Either you die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain!

    • David D


  • Chuck_Brazy

    Carter 5 Season? More like Carter 5 DROUGHT

  • David D

    imma go play nike boots remix right now, that collabo was dope

  • Nathan Bryant

    I hope people didn’t just skip to the part about Wayne, because he was speaking real shit about music period. Back to the lyrics, content, and stop all that chart chasing that young ignorant heads wanna listen to. Back to the bars and story telling. No disrespect to all the other artist, but tell me one album in the past couple of years that came out that is quality music from start to finish. I’m not talking about anthem songs, party songs, that popular shit they make just to get sales and get a fan base. I mean real music. You can never run out of things to talk about or stories to tell as a rapper. the story doesn’t even have to be about you, but something real. Wale is one of my favorite rappers. It’ll be dope if him and Wayne can do another colab again. Fuck that I get money, swag, bitches, drug, shit. That’s to easy to rap about and is actually dumping people down.

  • Ash Grey

    He been said that about a week ago!! (Week ago)

  • Eric Toomer

    Fuck Gay Marriage Rosenberg!

  • Best

    We alread know that, thanks Wale anyway!

  • YMCorey

    People these days don’t understand the longevity this man has in the game… I just wished he never hopped on the skateboard that fucked him up

  • Jbreezy

    Wayne is obviously doin sumthin right if he has haters lol Wale is basically sayin weezy is still shittin on the rap game and all these wavk ass haters dont realize it! RNS

  • Mr Carter

    If You Hating You Jst Need Some Pussy..