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R. Kelly Has Lil Wayne & Drake In His Top 5 Rappers Of All Time List

Sun, Nov 22, 2015 by

R Kelly Has Lil Wayne & Drake In His Top 5 Rappers Of All Time List

R. Kelly sat down with Complex earlier in the week for an interview just before he sang the United States Of America’s national anthem at the Brooklyn Nets matchup against the Atlanta Hawks in New York City.

During their conversation at the 1:35 mark, Kelly revealed that both Lil Wayne and his Young Money artist Drake are in his top 5 rappers of all time list. The other 3 rappers that he named are Jay Z, 2Pac, and The Notorious B.I.G.

Hit the jump to check out the full interview! R. Kelly and Weezy recently collaborated on “Switch Up“, which will be appearing on Kelly‘s upcoming The Buffet album, due to be released on December 11th.

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  • Ye

    Wayne is broke…. He took a 1.5mil loan tmz reported

  • YoitsChico

    Even if Wayne was broke, which he’s not, who cares? I wouldn’t judge him for it. And he would bounce back anyway. But you gotta realize dude makes like 80,000 just to walk up in the club, never mind performing and all that other shit, although the stuff he’s going through is slowing down the rate he’s making money, he’s been making looooong bread for a long time, he’s straight.

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