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Martin Shkreli Previews Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar’s “Mona Lisa” Song, Cortez Bryant Addresses The Situation & Says “Tha Carter V” Is “Close”

Sat, May 13, 2017 by

Martin Shkreli Previews Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar Mona Lisa Song, Cortez Bryant Addresses The Situation & Says Tha Carter 5 Is Close

Even though he assured Lil Wayne‘s team at the start of the year he will not be teasing or leaking anymore music from Wayne‘s Tha Carter V album, Martin Shkreli has gone and done the complete opposite.

Last week during a live stream session, Martin played a snippet of Weezy‘s “Mona Lisa” collaboration with Kendrick Lamar off C5 that was produced by Infamous. He even claimed it was the best song on the project.

In related news, X17Online caught up with Cortez Bryant at an airport to ask him about Shkreli teasing Tha Carter V music to which he mentioned they are on top of the situation with lawyers.

Tez Poe also revealed we are “close” to hearing C5! You can check out the “Mona Lisa” preview and Cortez‘ interview in the clips after the jump below.

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  • Tunefan1234

    C5 otw



  • realone504

      2014 MEMORIES

    • Jbadd504

      N.O !

    • dharma

      The billboard design is amazing tho.



  • Raz!

    danny a fool for using that pic lmao

  • Man Man

    I don’t even wanna hear it yet.. I won’t play it

    • Giraffe Boy

      bet you won’t

  • Weezy504

    Man it sounds like Taz was bullshiting when he said yeah it’s close, kind of like a yeah whatever Pal

    • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

      He look so weird

  • Giraffe Boy
    • Dr Carter


  • Koussay Wayne

    Kiss both boobs right before I sign ’em
    Can’t dance but kinda grind ’em
    *cool autotune cool verse*

    • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

      I heard it but kinda tryin

  • BRLA Life

    suge knight is gonna be out of jail in 90 days!!! finally!! remember he said if birdman doesnt pay wayne hes coming for him. Suge is a killer and he got killers.

  • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

    He played better get em and open safe too

  • Dr Carter

    Fuck Tez

    • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•


      • Dr Carter

        I dont like this guy and the manager.

  • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

    Wayne should fire Cortez bec he is his manger lol he wasn’t doinhis jop when birdman wasn’t paying wayne

  • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

    Lwhq isn’t the same

  • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

    Back when hq was full of bullies

  • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

    And keyboard killers

  • 1017BLOOD

    Who tf put the hoe filter on this nigga im done

    • Dr Carter

      Waynedeservethebest on Instagram I think lol

    • Lmao right πŸ˜‚

  • Tez: the carter v is in the works 2011
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2012
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2013
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2014
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2015
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2016
    Tez: the carter v we are close 2017
    Tez: the carter v coming soon 2020
    Lil Wayne: Just dropped C5 thank you to all my fanz c6 on the way 3020

  • AyoYayo

    How many albums did Wayne sign his contract for? He shoulda put out a buncha 10 song mini-albums just to get out of it. No matter what tho Birdman a bitch for holding out this long, Cash Money woulda been nobodies like No Limits Records without Wayne

    • 5 album deal for $120 mill in 2012

      • AyoYayo

        Damn so just an album a year and he would be free right now. That ain’t bad at all..Tez couldn’t think of this shit? Worthless yes man

  • King Slime Thugger

    He aint gon drop C5 any time soon, Unless he actually going to do a surprise release. He aint got the juice to be trying that tho.

    • Lil Mk vert πŸ–•πŸ™„πŸ–•

      Nigga cv will come out before hitrash why u fucking jealous

  • King Slime Thugger

    Also this nigga tez looks just like he did when the Carter documentary came convinced this nigga is a robot. Wayne looks like he aged 30 years since then

    • Graham Gunderson

      That’s what a gallon of lean a day will do to you

  • Dr Carter

    I’m bumping more Dance wit somebody than E.T tbh

    • TunechiDaking❗♠❗

      Dance with somebody dropped?

      • Dr Carter

        Yess ! But they deleted it on youtube

  • Dr Carter

    C5 will Never drop

  • Tauheed Epps

    This Martin dude seem like the only nigga actively trynna put the Carter 5 out…Shouts out to him

    • A.T

      Fam this guy the devil. Don’t get it twisted Cus he leaking music he not supposed – it come when it supposed to. He the real devil…just read him up

      • #1Stunna

        actually he is a really generous dude. That aids scandal was twisted by the media.

  • Tauheed Epps

    and wtf would Wayne not just release one album that isn’t C5 (considering he has around 7 done) so he can be done wit his contract and release C5 with HOV?
    It ain’t just Birdman anymore thats holding it back

    • dharma

      It kinda is, Wayne wants what he’s owed that’s only fair.

  • JTLivinRight

    Dontya ate being that one mf who has like the worst gas in the group? Like you gotta pray you don’t fart or burp else you set off a wreak bomb typa way.πŸ€’πŸ’¨πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜―πŸ˜²πŸ˜±β˜ οΈ

  • A New Pleasure…
  • JTLivinRight

    Funk Flex may have been onto something….even he says Wayne needs to stop expecting Birdman to pay the money out. He claims Wayne need to stop bitching about this issue and find a way to drop his music. He says Wayne has no excuse to not drop a mixtape.

    • Rich Piana

      He is a booty bandit

  • A.

    it is close to never being released

  • Weezy = Best rapper alive

    Wayne was right. That Mustard produced song will make C5 go double-platinum. Open Safe is pure fire

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