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Juelz Santana Hints At His & Lil Wayne’s “I Can’t Feel My Face” Joint Project Dropping This Year

Tue, Jan 16, 2018 by

Juelz Santana Hints At His & Lil Wayne I Cant Feel My Face Joint Project On Social Media

Juelz Santana has took to social media to tease his and Lil Wayne‘s upcoming I Can’t Feel My Face joint project by asking what if it dropped this year.

The Skull Gang Entertainment founder shared a photo of him and Tunechi on his Instagram page with a caption reading: “Wht If IKFMF 2k18… [thinking emoji]”.

This comes 2 months after Juelz hinted to Drake that him and Weezy have started back working on ICFMF and asked Drizzy to send them a song for the collabo project!

Wht If IKFMF 2k18… 🤔

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  • Raz!

    t-wayne dropped so im sure this can

    • YMYSL 🐍🐍

      There wouldn’t be old songs lol. This would all be new material

      • Patrick H

        Juelz said him and Wayne have a few old songs that still havent leaked yet.

  • Richft3

    This, C5, and a Drake collab album is all I need! Then I’m content with Wayne’s whole career lol

    • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

      nah I want a deep story album

      • Don Plantmen

        I think Funeral was supposed to be that kinda album

  • YungJackBauer

    Coming soon

  • David D

    Soon come

  • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

    Since when is Juelz a blood? why’d he make the Can’t “Kan’t”

    • Raz!

      since forever smh

      all dipset are bloods

      • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

        I swear ive seen him rep blue

    • Nathaniel Diaz

      You not serious or is you B? U clearly never bumped DipSet if not you’d know they stay repping “nine-trey” blood set and always with red flags..Juelz mad tight with Capito too…gotta learn behind the scenes boy

      • Richft3

        Couldn’t tell if he was serious lmaoooo

  • BirdFlipper

    Smh don’t beleive the hype

  • Don Plantmen

    Guys, realistically what is Wayne’s next project that’ll drop on Apple Music?

    • Knudtsen


    • Carter3 Lil Wayne

      C5 and any other album he feel like putting on there

      • Don Plantmen

        Just sucks that his most recent project on there is IANAHB2 -___-

        • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th


    • Patrick H

      None, he with Tidal.

  • 🔪Libre Anxiety K.O.D 🔪 T9🎤

    Uncle Juelz going to help Wayne for the new kid his childsupport

    • Carter3 Lil Wayne



    • Patrick H


  • Knudtsen

    Reloaded, IKFMF and hopefully c5 this year and wayne would fr take back the throne in the game

    • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

      I’ll take this bet

    • James Savage

      He not dropping CV this year but I do believe we’re gonna get more music then we have in a long long time I can see him putting out 4 or 5 projects this year. I also believe he fully out of contract now and that hes gonna build up and put CV out prolly next year

  • Turtis

    My flow ambidextrous so I don’t have to wright

    • Lil Brick 🧱 Retired

      How you spell “write” so badly?

      • Turtis

        It’s spelt right and write, but I combined them to go with the pun. You sir are the ignorant one.


  • ßlย૨

    knew D6R was still bein recorded, too obvious and that’s why D6 was split up to keep the 2017 promise Mack gave even tho recording wasn’t finished, all makes sense

    • Crown4weezy

      Them niggas got no kind of coordination

      • ßlย૨

        lol no kinds

    • Weezy504

      If Wayne was in the studio like you used to that shit would have been done

  • ßlย૨

    nigguhs really think they slick

  • Crown4weezy

    Maybe that Juelz Wayne Future song on Reloded is the first single from IKFMF

    • Giraffe Boy

      yea i think that too

  • Giraffe Boy
    • SmooveWeezyF

      You really gotta stop it’s not funny at all


        Hes been doing it for like 4yrs+. Hes not stop anytime soon lol

        • Day1_la_laker


  • Patrick H

    I think D62 will drop Jan 25 (a month after D61).

  • Malik

    1-2-3, triple OG
    At the T-O-P
    Smoking P-O-T
    From a D-O-G
    To da G-O-D
    Got OCD
    And not yo CD
    Hit her with the D-O-P-E D
    That’s Dope Dick Tunechi, DDT
    You can D-I-E for a F-E-E
    I’ll D-I-E for my S-E-T
    I told my son that w.e the sun touch is yours lil nigga..



      My fav part..

  • PresidentTrumpOGFurorOfThe45th

    Dammittt….I hate being so high that I forget if I smoked my last or not, and now I’m searching for imaginary weed n shit…😔😔

  • Jeremy J

    D6Reloaded dropping sooner than we think. Wayne is finished with it.

  • Coming right after C5

  • Kobebryant

    I feel like weezy is back on his shit foreals dedication 6 was good project overall, alot of bars, not too much autotune like NC2 or S4W2. That verse on “fuck how it turn out” was VINTAGE weezy, hes showing alot of signs of greatness to come. I feel like a project with him and Juelz Santana is going to bring the gangster sound to weezys flow which is what i think all of us as fans love. We love that “raw weezy” sound not the “autotunechi” sound. I already know Carter 5 is gonna be a classic since we got Mannie fresh on the beat! #FreeCarterV

    • Kobebryant

      Also i would like to add that wayne can be on top at any given time if he feels like it

  • TrukFitNANCY

    Y’all see Wayne new IG post? He said he putting the final touches on D6Reloaded, soon to come 🤓🤓🤓


    Yu dig.

  • G.O.A.T worshipper

    I fuck wit old Wayne but I hope it’s new Wayne cuz his wordplay is Sik shit 👌🏾

  • Turtis

    What are people’s favourite SQ tapes? I listened to 7 (10000 bars) yesterday and it had me reminiscing. I ended up listening to sq1 and part of 2 and also listening to 500 Degreez
    Who else fucks with that old shit? Only true fans know the lyrics to old weezy