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Euro Talks His Most Important Moment With Lil Wayne, “Tha Carter VI”, Guitar & More [Video]

Euro Talks His Most Important Moment With Lil Wayne, Tha Carter 6, Guitar & More

Euro was the special guest on episode 50 of the Club Ambition Podcast and you can watch the 1 hour and 30 minute interview down below.

In their conversation, Euro talked about where he got his stage name from, being born in the Dominican Republic, meeting his favorite rapper JAY-Z, first meeting Birdman, and his upcoming collaboration mixtape with Cory Gunz.

The Young Money affiliate spoke on Lil Wayne first hearing his music and wanting to sign him, never signing an official contract with YM, his most important song and moment with Wayne being their “Destroyed” collab off No Ceilings 2, witnessing Weezy‘s work process, and more.

Also during their convo, Euro chatted a little bit about Tunechi‘s forthcoming Tha Carter VI album by saying Tune is in a “special mode” while recording music for it, confirmed Wayne is getting back into the guitar again, and how he hopes he is featured on C6. He even said the music he has heard so far from C6 sounds as good as Mr. Carter‘s verse on “Seeing Green“!

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Euro Speaks On Being Featured On “No Ceilings 3”, Advice He Received From Lil Wayne & More [Video]

Euro Speaks On Being Featured On No Ceilings 3, Advice He Received From Lil Wayne & More

Euro recently chopped it up with Hot 106 radio station for a virtual “Hot Morning” interview that you can watch below.

During their conversation, Euro spoke on working through the pandemic, Providence, his new single “Summer Flings“, the new Young Money artists that Lil Wayne is calling the “Fab Five”, and more.

The YM rapper revealed he was very surprised, but very happy that he was featured on Wayne‘s No Ceilings 3 mixtape as the first No Ceilings is one of his favorite projects in Weezy‘s whole catalog.

Euro also explained how “Ring Ring” came about, shared advice he has received from Tunechi, mentioned what it is like to have him as a mentor, and disclosed him and Tune have more unreleased music in the vault!

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Euro Discusses How He First Met His “Mentor” Lil Wayne, Why He Is A Perfectionist, What Their Relationship Is Like & More [Video]

Euro Discusses How He First Met His Mentor Lil Wayne, Why He Is A Perfectionist, What Their Relationship Is Like & More

After seeing interviews with Poppy H and Lil Twist this week, here is a Euro interview with DJ Demi Lobo for Dash Radio.

In this 30-minute conversation, Euro revealed how he first met his “mentor” Lil Wayne at the skate park, how Wayne is a perfectionist, what their relationship is like, and how he always shows love to the people around him.

The Young Money artist also talked about his latest project Don’t Expect Nothing, where his name “Euro” comes from, currently quarantining in Providence, Rhode Island, the genre RnB, his first language being Spanish, he has a new project on the way, and much more. Check it out below!

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Nivea Reveals How She Knows Lil Wayne’s “Something You Forgot” Song Is About Her [Video]

Nivea Reveals How She Knew Lil Wayne Something You Forgot Song Was About Her

BET have released a bonus never-before-seen clip from their “#FindingBET” special with Nivea that took place back in 2018.

In the video, which you can watch below, Nivea explains how Lil Wayne first got her number by telling a little white lie, how he proposed to her in an elevator in Rhode Island, and her relationship with The-Dream.

The Georgia singer also talked a little bit about the amazing Wayne song “Something You Forgot” that leaked online years ago by saying she knew it was definitely about her from the “You called me ‘Butter’, I called you ‘Bay'” line as that is what they used to call each other!

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Euro Reacts To His “Talk 2 Me Crazy” Music Video, Talks Signing To Lil Wayne & More

Euro Reacts To His Talk 2 Me Crazy Music Video, Talks Signing To Lil Wayne & More

Euro recently made an appearance on Complex Ambition by sitting in a car with Sound and Y.I. outside of his old childhood school in Providence.

While in the vehicle, Euro discussed being a big fan of Lil Wayne, their new collaboration “Talk 2 Me Crazy“, his influences, upcoming music, and much more.

The Young Money rapper also watched back and spoke on his “Talk 2 Me Crazy” music video featuring Wayne. Check it all out in the clip below!

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