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Video: Birdman Interview; Talks About Carter 4 Dropping With Rebirth & More

Fri, Oct 9, 2009 by

Check out this Hip Hop Chronicle interview with Birdman where they speak on:

  • Carter IV dropping with Rebirth on December 15th to make it a double disc CD. (This was the ‘surprise’ Wayne was talking about in his interview with DJ Drama the other week).
  • Kevin Rudolf single dropping next week called “Cash Money Hero’s” which features Lil Wayne, Birdman, and Jay Sean.
  • Birdman has set up a Cash Money UK (I want to know more about this).
  • Drake/Hot Boys Reunion/Jay Sean.
  • And more


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  • Lil_Weezy_


  • YoUnCaRteR

    damnnn!! i wanna se the STUNNA broadcastin Tonight!!!

  • YoUnCaRteR

    damnnn!! i wanna c the STUNNA broadcastin Tonight!!!

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  • kim Johnson

    Word on the street superstarblaze is the nigga to look up to next…man that dude got the whole package….I’m really felling him

  • d_weezy08

    Folkz on Da G they better not be geekin me up 4 nothing

    u kno how they be jackin. So Dec.15 they better stick wit that shit too

  • Ooohhh


  • Samser

    So even if we dont like the rock, we will have another disc of Rap 😀

  • dw

    Its a genius idea if u think about it. CIV/Rebirth.


  • J

    Carter 4 in December WITH Rebirth?! Hopefully there are no more delays… The Double disc will probably go 2x platinum in 1 week



  • jay money

    Carter 4 Nigga!!!!!……Rebirth Nigga!!!! Ya Dig!! CasH MoNey/Young Money

  • I can’t wait for everything haha =]

  • So0o NASTY 69

    Wow that is some good fuckn news man… Rebirth with c4 thats gon be hot
    so exicted

  • Jamie Foxx’s Penis

    Sounds good…. so we have YM album, Weezy Rebirth and C4

  • holayyy, the shit gone sell like fuckin 10 mil first week damn yo, white niggaz, gone buy the rebirth cuz its rock, n the hip hop fans, gone by the carter 4,, because its the fuckin carter, 4 we expect classic, shit , wayne and birdman are fuckin smart, this shit aint gone be fear, with the fuckin young money album 2 on the same day holayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. money money money

  • Putting the carter 4 with rebirth is a really smart idea, cash money and young money really know business lol…. cant wait

  • Remix baby

    Hot Boys reunion next Summer…. too much shit happening for my ears

  • Carter 4 with Rebirth….I know what my Christmas present is gonna be y’all :D!

  • all of this has been kept quiet for a long time lol

  • W. Fuckin’ Baby


  • yes, the carter 4 is coming. and the carter 4 with the rebirth. this is going to be a big surprise for everyone. including me. and i need to more about this stuff,. i can’t wait. and i want to know more about the rebirth cover? and tha carter 4 cover. i can’t wait for this stuff.

  • young nas

    yall are stupid if you think this is coming out in december
    sure we will get a double disc album but only in summer 2010

  • ILiveInWaynesWorld

    DAMNNNNN i super excited! C4 yeaaaaaaaaaa boiiiiiiiiiiii – and that true they gotta do a stadium gig sometime i would fly to the states for that…that would be megaa

  • pie148

    haha has everyone forgot about no ceilings now rofl

  • jminor01

    I have made this day an official holiday on my calendar.



  • alfady

    soooooo sick

    cannott wait

  • Hello

    Curious question, what makes this such a good idea??? Yes doing a rock album draws in the rock fans….but wouldnt he make more money if he sold them seperate???

    Hes basically selling 2 cds for the price of 1 now……Rap fans will buy C4…Rock fans will buy rebirth…..Lil wayne fans would buy both albums if it was sold seperately…..equally double the money….right???

    cus i doubt hes gonna sell the album for double the price

  • woddle1000

    tbh I cnt see the carter 4 coming out without the hype to take it to the top, lookin forward to any wayne tracks but dont think we will be that lucky !!!!

  • robot martian

    when we gonna get another single/music video from wayne then? cus this is only 2 months away and will he do 1 single from rebirth and 1 from carter 4? i’m not sure how this works…

  • matthew

    Smart Move Weezy

    Cash Money And Young Money Are The Biggest label since Bad Boy

  • presents

    NO WAY!

    that this is happenin in december 😉

  • Thanks for the support. I did ask Birdman more about Cash Money UK. I asked him what kind of artists will you sign etc. He said he wants to do exactly what he did in the States, over in the UK. He’ll sign anyone he feels is talented regardless of music genre.

  • trizzy

    I Love Cash Money/Young Money, I Love Wayne n Birdman but They do be jus talkin, I really hope waynes album(s) dnt get pushed bak Again! but it probably will, Hope not. Cant wait tho, Kevin rudolf single probably wont drop next week eitha but hope so

  • beezy

    Here we go boyz! History bout to go BOOM!!
    YM/CM for evea! Keep doin what your doin, dont stop, this is it!

  • paige

    YEA!!!! Can Not wait! This is awesome!!! Love it!!!!! Sooooooo EXCITED!!!!!! Just made my day!

  • mwee

    woooot, def being it!

  • Windu

    ya’ll are foolish for thinkin that will drop in december, i am a weezy fan, but rebirth has been pushed back so many times already, and to say carter 4 is comin that early too?..good joke, they just like to get the fans all riled up only to disappoint us when the date is actually there, i would be surprised if carter 4 drops before summer. I hope it drops but im just basing my opinion off what has happened the past year. I think weezy got too many ideas flowin at once, he needs to slow down

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  • rita32

    i think that shit will be hot but im sure no ceilings will drop really soon, wayne said a while ago that he wanted young money to put all there stuff out first so he could build the hype. I hope c4 and rebirth dont get pushed again but i guess we gotta wait and see.

  • izzi32

    DAMN NIGGA!!!!!!
    i cant fucking w8!!!!!!

    WEEZY F. BABY!!!

  • WeeZy

    Great news. and smart idea making it a double disc. but wat about a triple disc 🙂 they should include the YM cd in there to haha and instead of releasing the kevin rudolf track next week they should just make it a bonus on the rebirth haha
    …and that Hot Boys Reunion is gunna be dopee.

    cant wait for all this shiitttt!..i hope we dont get dissapointed by weezy or birdman or anyone saying “ohhh the C4 has a new release date” cuz it would suck. we all hated wat happend with the C3 lol. so no dissapointments plz 🙂

    yoouunnggg muuullaaaa babbbyyyyy

  • Cli-City

    I can’t even keep up.. Tha Carter IV, Rebirth, Priceless ( Like another Lil Wayne Album), Young Money Compilation, Kevin Rudolph- Cash Money Heroes, Wyclef- Seventeen, Transformer Video, Heard em all video, Young MOney next single…I mean Carter 4 has to have single coming out, and Rebirth has to have one…Not to mention Can’t stop partying…. 4th Quarter belongs to Young Money Cash money and Eminem Replaspe 2…..

  • Fliz Miz

    Awesome! Doesn’t the sale of a double album count as two copies?? Like it could sell 500K and still chalk up 1 million on the charts? I’m pretty sure I remember reading that’s how Speakerboxxx/The Love Below got diamond status. If so, this is smart! Not like he needs to only sell half 😉

  • maine18

    yall forgot about no ceilings dat shit about to go bra that nigga doin freestyles like drought 3 do yall knw wen its coming out

  • luiseezy

    damnnn dis shit might go 6 billion a week lol niggas dat want to buy carter 4 will buy it n rebirth will be with it. niggas dat want 2 buy rebirth will buy it n carter 4 will be with it. niggas dat dnt want none of dis 2 will buy young money album n deal with it. n greedy muthafuckas will buy all 3 cds. its all money

  • luiseezy

    yo DANNY can u find out why waynes twitter got deleted

  • GettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    I really hope this is true, but I can get too excited till I hear it from Wayne. Wayne did say in his interview with Drama that he has a surprise with Rebirth and hopefully this is it, but Birdman isn’t the most reliable source. I remember reading an interview with Birdman a few months ago and he said that all the Cash Money/Young Money artists would be releasing their albums in September-October, including Drake, even though it was well known that Drake didn’t plan on releasing Thank Me Later until 2010. Also, Wayne said in the Drama interview that Dedication 4 would set up Carter IV. Hopefully that was just to throw people off, but I can’t get my hopes up for Tha Carter IV until it comes straight outta Weezy’s mouth, no homo.

  • GettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    And to all the people saying that Wayne’s losing money by packaging both together, that is completely untrue. In my opinion, yes, true Weezy fans would buy both Rebirth and Tha Carter IV. But then you have the casual Wayne fan that hates the new ish and will just buy Tha Carter IV or the posers that would just buy Rebirth. From the beginning, making the Rebirth album was a gamble for Weezy. By releasing Rebirth with a guaranteed multi-platinum album (Tha Carter IV), Weezy takes away the risk of Rebirth failing. The worst thing that can happen is that people won’t like Rebirth but will forget about that thanks to Tha Carter IV. Best case scenario is that by releasing Rebirth with Carter IV, it will allow hardcore rap fans to get to like Wayne’s new direction. To me, this is a genius marketing idea.

  • Weezy F Kobe

    im fucking speechless xmas bout to be beautifull my niggaz

  • Slik

    young nas Says:
    October 9th, 2009 at 11:59 pm
    “yall are stupid if you think this is coming out in december
    sure we will get a double disc album but only in summer 2010”


    But still, Genius move by Wayne .. He listened to the fans, They questioned Rebirth because of Rock, Hip Hop fans (especially Weezy fans) Say “forget rebirth, jus do carter iv!” and he does that … and puts it as a fuckin DBL DISK ! … ARE YU KIDDING ME !! LOL Sick ! … The only thing is, if this dbl disk album still continues to get delayed … thats gonna break our lil hearts with disappointment .

  • ImJustGettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    The only thing keeping my hopes up is that Rebirth has been delayed alot….maybe because Wayne was perfecting Tha Carter IV this whole time? Young Money is taking over the industry though. Chuckee has a mixtape coming later this month, Twist next month, and of course Drake’s next mixtape and Wayne’s No Ceilings. Then December we get the Young Money compilation, Rebirth, and Tha Carter IV. If all goes to plan, it’s going to be a great few months.

  • ImJustGettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    And does this mean we’ll be getting Dedication 4 before then too? Damn, this is the best news I’ve heard in a while. This is why Weezy is the most successful artist in tha game, ya dig.

  • Young Money Youngin

    It’s gonna be a great few months for rap. We’re gettin’ Lil Chuckee’s new mixtape, Twist next month, Drake soon, Wayne’s No Ceilings tape soon, Birdman’s Priceless, possibly Dedication 4, the Young Money compilation, Rebirth, Tha Carter IV. Then aside from YM/CMB, we got Jeezy releasin Thug Motivation 103, Em with Relapse 2 (Not expectin much from this though), and of course tons of other tracks with Drake and Wayne appearances.

  • tessssx

    and the YM album on the same day, damn YM/CM going to hit tha top!

  • Celedi

    The Carter 4 an REbirth come out JAy SEan and birdman album to
    kevin rudolf and drake too

    we have only to wait till lil waynes mixtape THE CEILLING and the collabo T-Wayne come out

  • Ooohhh

    Haha there is no way we will get Dedication 4 before all of this

  • Hot Boy

    Holy Shit, Both Albums on the Same day, GODLIKE !!!!

  • JMB


  • Ace

    Wow I am really excited about this

  • Ay I hope Wayne

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  • Julie

    oooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmyyyyygoooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhh:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    im gonnna be the first one to buy it in the whollle world ;DDD

  • Julie

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !! , this made my whole day , week monthh, year , lifeeeeeeeee !

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  • d_weezy08

    This Not Truw, Cuz Wayne Said He Gne Do D4 to build up C4

    plus he dnt even got a single out yet.. If your album was coming out in Dec

    u would have had a Single Out By Now. Especially by Oct.

  • yo

    it’ll be pushed back………we talkin bout wayne.

  • sashaj

    Maybe they will release it as a double-album cause most people have lost interest in Rebirth and the only way to garner interest is by releasing it with Carter 4 but like it was said before there is no single off, and they cant possibly wish to build a big enough hype in 2 months i have a feeling it will be pushed back again and again.. We’ll get it in Summer 2010 …Cash Money has too many releases to be doing something as stupid…. We’re getting jay sean and birdman album in november…..young money compilation soon…NOT HAPPENING dont believe the hype

  • tdiddy474

    i cant wait for these two to come out…but its not comin out in december

  • Weezy F Kobe

    dude chuckies mixtape has been out for about a week now late ass niggaz

  • JohnFBaby

    Caaaan’t Wait =D

  • GettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    Weezy F Kobe Says:
    October 10th, 2009 at 7:03 pm
    dude chuckies mixtape has been out for about a week now late ass niggaz

    Yea Rapper’s Market was just a sample. His full mixtape Charles Lee Ray comin at the end of the month. Who’s tha late ass nigga? Lol, no hate.

  • GettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    Awwww shittt. Looks like Guddda Gudda just confirmed C4 on twitter. Here’s the post:

    @AndrewSilva253 thanx pimp and they should have a single out soon 4 c4 but i dont know which one yet

    Maybe this ish is happenin’.

  • YoUnCaRteR


  • YoUnCaRteR


  • ImJustGettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    I believe it now. Weezy was just on Westwood radio show in London and said No Ceilings be droppin any day now. It also sounded like he confirmed Tha Carter IV but I didn’t catch the whole interview. Danny M think you can get that interview up on here?

  • YoUnCaRteR
  • GettinHighThinkinBoutThaCarterV

    @YoUnCaRteR That link isn’t to the interview anymore because it was live and is now over. It should be up on the bbc website later tho. But heres a video clip from that interview. Not much new info but Weezy explains why he covered up a teardrop with tha new tat and is surprised that Drake wasn’t the #1 MC on that MTV list.