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New Years Eve With YMCMB [Pictures & Video]

Thu, Jan 14, 2010 by

Check out the video above to see most of the YMCMB family at Club Cameo in Miami on New Years Eve. Drizzy performs “I’m Goin’ In” with Weezy and Jeezy, “Best I Ever Had“, “Bed Rock” with Gudda Gudda, “Money To Blow” with Baby and Weezy, “Uptown“, “Throw It In The Bag Remix“, and “Invented Sex“. You can see some pictures after the jump below too:

Lil Wayne At Club Cameo

Lil Wayne At Club Cameo

Lil Wayne At Club Cameo

Lil Wayne At Club Cameo

Shouts to Derick G

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  • martijnjwz


    its niceee

  • JMB

    almost jail time man…

  • JMB

    kanker op met dat first gedoe who gives a fuck?!

  • GhostKillah!

    lol it look like a vid 4 Pass The Dutch… (YES I KNOW ITS NOT!) but da vid 4 pass the dutch comin real soon follow me on Twitter @TopShotta12 for more info on lil wayne and young money upcoming stuff and leak

  • Ooohhh

    Weezy shoulda performed his verse on uptown

  • Lil Wes

    JMB hoe zelf ook je muil man soort van het boeit je wat als iemand dat zegt maakt het uit jongen waar erger je je aan man serieus ik erger me alleen aan die slechte rappers die zich soort van promoten maar dit is gwn zielig dat je daar zoveel moeite aan besteed dat doe ik namelijk zelf nu ook dus hou je muil laat die mensen

  • JMB

    ik erger me deraan omdat t een site voor lil wayne is en die mensen gaan dan aandacht zoeken
    t gaat meer om hun nu dan om de site
    dus t heb een reden, en ja tis zielig ja
    maar ik vind het zieliger hoe die mensen gedragen
    so imma keep going

  • Frankthetank

    i would of flipped if i was there. good shit.



  • Manner

    LOL at wayne hitting the blunt during the COUNTDOWN…

  • nice shit.. i love it.

  • ymcmb

    good luck in jail weezy
    u prolly wont need it cuz u goin run that jail
    i know ull make it out alive in 8 months
    u my hero man

    ps. when u get out and while your in there u should think about writing a song about you running that jail called “Jail Time”
    thatd be sick as hell

  • grrr too short !!

  • rg

    Wayne a homo but the aura around that n1gga is alien. he a martian foreal

  • guest2

    lmao @ the crowd boo ing khaled

  • ripped it

  • dwaynemcarter

    whats goin on with the forums?

  • …YMCMB !!!!
    ay peoples check me out at tell me what u think…add me…I WOULD APPRECIATE IT

  • tes

    wayne get high as fuck
    and man fuck this racist as country america.. the white people wanna send all the black people to jail shits real fucked up racism still lively exists people
    T.I. IN JAIL

    man shits real fucked up this aint right at all, im telling you USA is corrupt, how u gon send wayne to jail cuz he had a gun on his own mufuckin bus, its his bus nigga he paid for it, whatever happened to freedom in this country damn aint like the nigga shootin people up that guns for if a nigga come on his bus uninvited does any1 fuckin feel me??

    fuck the feds

  • rg

    ^Ignorant fool.

    Please nobody take what he said seriously.

  • Imprettygay

    @tes yeah you’re a moron. think before you pit shit down

  • Tha B.G.’z

    @guest2- lol I thought I was the only one that noticed!

  • tes

    u dumb fucks are ignorant to disagree with what i said, even with obama in office the country is fucking ran by white people who think they’re better than everyone else
    i understand that 95% of the ppl on this blog are white people but open your fuckin eyes if you live in europe im not speaking to you..
    the countrys been corrupt, dont make me start talking about hurricane katrina that shit was so fucking wrong and for this dumbass country not to help part of their own region is even fuckin worse u dumbass ppl
    step outside of your 2 story house for 1 day and realize wat less fortunate ppl go thru and u would notice how fucked this country is

  • NotToMention

    Not to mention just over a year ago, white people on wall street robbed the American capitalist society blind, and walked away with millions of hard earned dollars from other people, only because they find it justified within the parameters of written bullshit law that they decided on in the first place.

    Yet Wayne, an outkast of the indvidualistic society, minding his own goddamn business, putting out entertainment of all kinds for everyone in the world to enjoy, is being robbed of his freedoms because there happened to be an armed weapon inside…..of a tour bus?

    I’m high as fuck but Wayne’s situation just really sucks if you look at what the fuck has been considered legal and illegal in the last few years of the world when it comes to black and white people.

  • goon7

    Young Mula babyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    If u a real fan check this out

  • Imprettygay

    Did you just say you were high as fuck? who gives a shit?

  • jmahc

    @ everyone who’s retarded

    prove it.

  • Albert Bermudez

    Weezy Da Best Listen To That All Day Everyday, Weezy= Best Rapper Alive

  • Albert Bermudez

    Weezy Da Best, Listen To That All Day Everyday, Weezy= Best Rapper Alive.

  • lvwyne

    Hey – there is good and bad in ALL races. I agree Wayne shouldn’t go to jail just for having a gun but it’s not ALL the white peoples fault. Not ALL white people are corrupt and racist. Yeah, think b4 you speak!

  • lvwyne

    I look at our country and get mad b/c of all the greed that’s f’n everything up.
    Unfortunately I can’t change it. I can only be a non-greedy individual myself. It DOES NOT help to give out negative energy!

  • d_weezy08

    Corporate America, White Cops, White Judges, White Ceo’s, White Politicians



    but soooooooooooooo off topic

  • young amazing

    I gat da swagg bway da swagg you neva heard bway…….. datz y i neva follw yo suggestions am jus aiwaz doin ma own tin stupid mother suckerz…..! uptown rocks drizzy

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  • youngmoneyent

    Yeah must be all white people in power considering the president is black.
    Lmao.. stupid people.

  • is that Curren$y or Short Dawg in that last pic?

  • blahhh

    it’s short dawg curren$y left young money in 07

  • kneeledson

    whats the first song of the vid by drake?

  • Anthony Boame

    Check me Out And Spread the Word About Me 🙂