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Lil Wayne Scan & Quote From Ozone Magazine x More

Fri, May 7, 2010 by

New Lil Wayne Scan & Quote From Ozone Magazine
“Pistol on my neck, you don’t wanna hear that thing talk!”

Check out a new photo of Lil Wayne from the latest issue of Ozone Magazine, which is in stores now! You can also read what he tells Ozone in their sex issue about why he is a great Father to his kids:

“I’m not on child support with none of my kids cause I’m a great father. So it’s not determined by how much money you’re paying at all. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being there and being that important person in their lives. It’s about being #1 or #2 in their life. That’s very important for your child, to make sure you’re that #1 or #2. Because if you’re not, you know what #1 or #2 could end up being. That’s the most important thing of all. I just try to make sure I’m of the highest importance in their lives, next to their moms.”

Hit the jump to watch episode 4 from Tiny and Toya’s reality TV show, read about David Banner suing QD3 for using his songs in “The Carter Documentary” without getting his permission, and “Lollipop” getting sued again:

David Banner and producer Deezle sue “The Carter Documentary” maker, QD3:

David Banner Sues The Carter Documentary

The latest lawsuit filed in connection to Lil Wayne, comes from none other than David Banner.

The Mississippi MC/producer is suing the maker of the infamous “The Carter” documentary, Quincy Jones III better known as QD3.

According to Courthouse News, Banner, real name Lavell Crump, producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison and The Royalty Network Inc. filed a lawsuit in New York Southern District Court Thursday claiming copyright infringement against Jones.

CN reports that in the lawsuit, QD3 used two of Banner’s songs in the documentary without his permission; “La La” from Tha Carter III and “Pussy Monster”, a track added to Tha Carter III after “Playing With Fire” was removed due to previous litgation.

Courthouse News also reports that named in the lawsuit is Virgil Films and Entertainment, LLC, the distribution company for the documentary. – HotSpotATL

Tiny & Toya episode 4 from season 2 of their reality TV show:

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Lil Wayne and producers get sued for Tha Carter III single, “Lollipop”:

Dirahn Gilliams Sues Lil Wayne For Lollipop Single

Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne has been slapped with yet another lawsuit surrounding his 2008 hit Hip Hop music single “Lollipop“.

Philadelphia rapper Dirahn Gilliams filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Friday April 30th for Work ID: 371875615 which is listed with ASCAP. Gilliams is claiming that the song “Lollipop” was based on his 2007 song “Grindin’ Like a Goon”.

Lil Wayne, producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison, James “Jim Jonsin” Scheffer, Rex Zamor, Cash Money, Young Money and Universal have all been named in the lawsuit.

In April 2007, Gilliams sent out a copy of his song to Flo Rida, Brisco, executive Kevon Glickmon, and producers Deezle and Jim Jonsin claiming Young Money received the copy from one of these entities though Flo Rida and Glickman were not mentioned in the lawsuit.

Gilliams is accusing Wayne and Jim Jonsin for illegally using portions of his song for “Lollipop” in 2008.

Jonsin and Deezle are both suing Lil Wayne as well, making the situation more complicated.

Gilliams is seeking to prevent further sales of Tha Carter III and “Lollipop“, not counting monetary damages, lost profits, actual damages, restitution and compensatory and punitive damages that he is suing for. – HipHopRX

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