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Lil Wayne Scan & Quote From Ozone Magazine x More

Fri, May 7, 2010 by

New Lil Wayne Scan & Quote From Ozone Magazine
“Pistol on my neck, you don’t wanna hear that thing talk!”

Check out a new photo of Lil Wayne from the latest issue of Ozone Magazine, which is in stores now! You can also read what he tells Ozone in their sex issue about why he is a great Father to his kids:

“I’m not on child support with none of my kids cause I’m a great father. So it’s not determined by how much money you’re paying at all. That’s not what it’s about. It’s about being there and being that important person in their lives. It’s about being #1 or #2 in their life. That’s very important for your child, to make sure you’re that #1 or #2. Because if you’re not, you know what #1 or #2 could end up being. That’s the most important thing of all. I just try to make sure I’m of the highest importance in their lives, next to their moms.”

Hit the jump to watch episode 4 from Tiny and Toya’s reality TV show, read about David Banner suing QD3 for using his songs in “The Carter Documentary” without getting his permission, and “Lollipop” getting sued again:

David Banner and producer Deezle sue “The Carter Documentary” maker, QD3:

David Banner Sues The Carter Documentary

The latest lawsuit filed in connection to Lil Wayne, comes from none other than David Banner.

The Mississippi MC/producer is suing the maker of the infamous “The Carter” documentary, Quincy Jones III better known as QD3.

According to Courthouse News, Banner, real name Lavell Crump, producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison and The Royalty Network Inc. filed a lawsuit in New York Southern District Court Thursday claiming copyright infringement against Jones.

CN reports that in the lawsuit, QD3 used two of Banner’s songs in the documentary without his permission; “La La” from Tha Carter III and “Pussy Monster”, a track added to Tha Carter III after “Playing With Fire” was removed due to previous litgation.

Courthouse News also reports that named in the lawsuit is Virgil Films and Entertainment, LLC, the distribution company for the documentary. – HotSpotATL

Tiny & Toya episode 4 from season 2 of their reality TV show:

Previous: Tiny & Toya Season 2 Episode 3

Lil Wayne and producers get sued for Tha Carter III single, “Lollipop”:

Dirahn Gilliams Sues Lil Wayne For Lollipop Single

Young Money CEO, Lil Wayne has been slapped with yet another lawsuit surrounding his 2008 hit Hip Hop music single “Lollipop“.

Philadelphia rapper Dirahn Gilliams filed a lawsuit in the United States District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania on Friday April 30th for Work ID: 371875615 which is listed with ASCAP. Gilliams is claiming that the song “Lollipop” was based on his 2007 song “Grindin’ Like a Goon”.

Lil Wayne, producer Darius “Deezle” Harrison, James “Jim Jonsin” Scheffer, Rex Zamor, Cash Money, Young Money and Universal have all been named in the lawsuit.

In April 2007, Gilliams sent out a copy of his song to Flo Rida, Brisco, executive Kevon Glickmon, and producers Deezle and Jim Jonsin claiming Young Money received the copy from one of these entities though Flo Rida and Glickman were not mentioned in the lawsuit.

Gilliams is accusing Wayne and Jim Jonsin for illegally using portions of his song for “Lollipop” in 2008.

Jonsin and Deezle are both suing Lil Wayne as well, making the situation more complicated.

Gilliams is seeking to prevent further sales of Tha Carter III and “Lollipop“, not counting monetary damages, lost profits, actual damages, restitution and compensatory and punitive damages that he is suing for. – HipHopRX

Previous: Jim Jonsin Sues Lil Wayne For $500,000

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  • domo


  • Judah

    Fuck that shit. they gotta do when he’s helpless.

    Follow for follow

  • Fresh King

    That gun tattoo is ill and why is everyone sueing wayne while he is in prison fucking cowards!



  • lovalle

    Sued again..thats crazy.

  • ^ 100% Right

    And where is the forums?!, ive been gone for 2 days and when I get back the forums still arent back 🙁

  • u ant u in prison

  • SANKiso

    oh man

  • MO


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  • man i like the way u rap..

  • O.


  • smjc

    when you have that money everyone wants it.

    less friends more bread
    less shit more head.

    weezy been doin it and keep doin it

    throw your b’s up for the hatin bitches

  • jemmaaa

    why are sueing now, the song came out 2 years ago
    they think there smart doing it while his locked up but baby will sort it out 🙂

  • AnDz


    Why the hell didn’t they do it when he wasnt in jail? The album have been out for like 2 years all most..

  • LOL imma gonna sue wayne now cause i forgot to study and waited for rebith to leak instead. Fucking idiots. Hi Lina!!!

  • KikiNeShay

    *f0llow m3 @…♥ y0UNq M0N3y N fR3e W3eZy f. bAby!!!*

  • 😆 @Frankenstein

    But Yeah This Suing Is Gettin’ Crazy Now, Birdshit Better Be Takin’ Care of It, If Not, Wayne’s S C R E W E D

  • for how much is he getting sued?

  • Pestrator Productions

    WOW thats ridicolous bout tha guy suing wayne, its been 2 yrs allready lol thats just ridicolous

  • muho

    this bitch as niggas can only sue him because he is in jail…they only think on their profit and nochting else…why didnt they come out with that shit when it was 2008 or at least 2009… but its 2010… that could only mean that they waited that wayne goes to jail and wanted to sue him…

    shame on you…all the producers are greed for profit!!!!

  • Weezyffff

    wtf people do anything to get that lil extra money, give them a inch they take a mile. Fucking ridiculous.

  • Marissaxnicole

    Fuck these hatahhhs,freee weeezyy<3

  • sashaj

    this is getting ridiculous lol

  • NOLAKID504

    @FRANKMULA, smh for u carin about anotha niggas ear . .

  • 3la

    Y would erbody suetin’ wayne while in his absent, let them til he got out if it’s really truth

  • tobes4twinky

    WTF D Banner!! u’s from my hood nucka!! we rep the south brah!! u cant sue somebody from ur own neck of the woods!! lost mad respect for banner..BUNK!!

  • Great, how much does he owe now? did anyone listen to Grindin Like a Goon or whatever?
    Anyone got Drake Swagga Like Us Freestyle Acapella? I need it for a mix, post the link if you have it, thanks!

  • WeezyFtw

    whyyyyy does shit have to be so fuckin complicated!
    does wayne rly gotta start making his song ALL by himself not to get in any shit like this? 🙁 well, im shure they would be dope as hell anyway!!!11111
    free weezy

  • ViiLLAiiN

    niggas stay tryna get wayne’s money

  • wolverinebball11

    This shit’s gettin ridiculous. If you really wanna sue him, do it while he can actually defend himself you cowards. Also, not a big fan of Wayne gauging his ear…

  • wolverinebball11

    Oh, one more thing. What the hell is going on with the forums????? We were originally told they would be down for about ONE HOUR and they have been down now for like 4 days… Come on guys

  • google news reported that wayne is getting sued for a millie for about 500,000 dollars. im guessing lollipop is around the same. this is such bullshit. there getting all exited while hes in jail, trying to take advantage of wayne whiles hes locked up….. they want to bring him down badddd cuz they produce for others that dont make it to the top. they want his money dude! fuckkk i wanna kill them. wayne aint going nowhere and us fans need to keep that as a fact!

  • NolaKid504

    smh @FRANKMULA for carin about another niggas ear . .

  • Artille

    UPDATE ON THE FORUMS: Danny has informed me that he does not have the time to code out the layout/color scheme for the new forums. He has found someone that will do it for him. Still no certain time frame as of now.

    @Wolverine – I stated it could be anywhere from an hour to a few days. Just be patient. At least we have a forum unlike the competitor site.

  • Co-Sign With Wolverine. What’s Goin’ On?

  • lovalle

    Hi Franknstein 😆

  • a.m.g.

    isnt him n deezle cool wit each otha?

  • BrittBritt

    Man they have every right to sue, it doesn’t matter when. Me personally I would of did the same thing, okay you don’t wanna pay me? ima get you when you lease expected, when you think i forgot all about it.

  • blownoffkush

    yea we need the forums up today

  • SO

    any news on the drought 7…or was it bullshit

  • Yeah I want the forums back for new music/a Drake acapella I need that I can’t find on any site :/

  • Mr Xclusive

    this is ridiculous…why are the forums still not up? smh

  • DC

    check my boy out. new stuff on the way


    producers have bills to pay. they just don’t go around giving their shit away. artist have to pay. wayne is no exception. if you use their shit you gotta pay up.




  • dee

    can people seriously grow the fuck up and get money their own way? itd be nice to see some artists focus on their own work rather than the work of successful artists.. maybe they’d do a little better if they tried that.

  • lilwayne602

    i hope the forums are up tomorrow

  • Can someone explain why they waited so long to sue like come on its like a fad one person sued wayne 20 decided to join him. Lol

    Lina you didnt talk to me yesteday not happy :X

  • Mr Xclusive

    how about we get the forums up by this weekend!! ? its going to be 1 week tomorrow ( in 1 hour)


    I doubt the forums will be up before Tuesday, or better yet Wednesday.


    Stop raging people, it’s not your money so don’t worry about it.

    Let the record company handle it.

    People act like it’s they’re going to die if he gets sued..

  • weezy brasil

    brasillllllllllllllllllllllllllllll— weezy fãns………..


  • Haybee_Wizzle

    free my baby moderfuk3rs, he aint owe shit.. u suppose ve sued him 2 years back wen d album was out, u afraid cos hes gonna rap ur ass off… fuck you moderfuck3rs.. FREE WEEZY!!!


    all these people crying on here about lawsuits. i bet if their ass was owed money they would sue to get it.

    no one produces for free. unless you fucking for tracks.


    and the longer the forums are down. members will move on. just ask allhiphop. they lost alot of members when their board stayed down too long.

  • Co-Sign With The Second Comment REALTALK Made

    They Were Supposedly Suppose To Be Down From 1 Hour – A Few Days. That Was 1 Week Ago.

  • lovalle

    @Franknstein I went online and you werent on so I just logged off..

  • dj

    dem niggaz pussy, suein wayne while he locked up.
    only way them niggaz can get money..they april babys

    thats sock money for wayne..

    “i call em apirl babys cuz they fools”

  • Mr Xclusive

    WOO HOO!!!

    im IP Banned from the chat !!!! and i didnt even do nuthin

    perfect great job!!!!

    • @Mr Xclusive – No, you are IP banned in the comments… so that means you are automatically banned from the Chat Box.

      I will unban you if you will be on your good behavior.

  • Mr Xclusive

    ^ alright….

  • Mr. Xclusive

    oh and Danny u should post this on YMHQ

  • FreeWeezy

    WTF?? Bitch!!!
    Free Weezy!!!

  • haha these niggas are hoes sueing wayne while he is locked up..he will get bak at them

  • taye taye f baybe

    lil wayne is dayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum BEST



  • damn wtf are niggas out here suing lil wayne? shitt when he already in jail they just want lil wayne 2 have more days in jail bcuz they kno if he eva come out he gonna go hard n kill em niggas! lil wayne is da best n i hope birdman got his back/! em niggas suing kno he killed it in da NO CEILINGS MIXTAPE n just letting em haters kno dat no1 can take over lil wayne bcuz he is DA BEST RAPPER ALIVE!! idk y just now u wanna sue him?? hmmmm….haters? or wat is it? bcuz u could had sued him way years ago but y choose when he already in jail? 2 meh i thinl yall fuckin haterz n dont want wayne out cuz he will go hard n yall wanna be rappers! love u lil wayne 4 eva n keep doin yo thang so u can have more haters n fans! love wayne 4 life!

  • szosz mizu?…………………………………………:)

  • photo credit matt conant