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Videos: DJ Scoob Doo’s “Entourage” DVD Trailer x Bow Wow Shares Advice From Lil Wayne

Fri, Aug 20, 2010 by

You can watch the official trailer for DJ Scoob Doo’s “Entourage” DVD above which features Lil Wayne, Birdman, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Gucci Mane, Jadakiss and plenty more rappers. I have no idea when this DVD is dropping along with the “Nino Brown Story Part 3“, but we should be getting them this month or next. In the trailer, you can see Weezy showing off how many ringtones he has sold and a little bit of footage from the “WTF” video shoot with Shawty Lo.

Hit the jump to watch Bow Wow sit down with Houston’s 97.9 The Box Madd Hatta Morning Show while promoting his new movie, Lottery Ticket. They talk about Cash Money and the advice he received from Tunechi when he visited him at Rikers Island.

“It was a humbling experience and one thing he told me when I went to visit him was ‘Bow, This ain’t for us, this ain’t it… This ain’t built for cats like us. They don’t understand us we don’t understand them… don’t do it man, just stay out of trouble, you and Drizzy y’all stay clean, y’all stay doing what y’all do, y’all can do this forever. All of this, it ain’t worth it. I knew he meant it, cause Tune never lectures me like that but he was serious.’ His spirits are high. When he gets out we definitely planning on this Young Money Cash Money Tour, myself, Nicki, Drizzy, Wayne and the whole entire family.”

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