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Eminem & Lil Wayne “No Love” Music Video Drops Tomorrow x More

Thu, Sep 30, 2010 by

Eminem & Lil Wayne No Love Music Video Drops September 30

Eminem will debut his music video for “No Love” featuring Lil Wayne tomorrow (Sep 30) at 7:56PM EST on MTV. As soon as the video premieres, we will post it up here on LilWayneHQ for you to watch.

After the jump, you can watch a video of Birdman speaking with MTV about dropping Like Father, Like Son Part 2 with Weezy in 2011, and producer STREETRUNNER speaking with VIBE about working on the I Am Not A Human Being album.

Birdman speaks on dropping two mixtapes and his part 2 collabo album with Wayne:


Producer STREETRUNNER Talks Working On Lil Waynes I Am Not A Human Being LP

“I just was digging one day and found this beautiful Valerie Simpson record, but kept it in the stash for a while,” STREETRUNNER tells VIBE of the sample used on “With You.” “Normally, it takes me a long time to feel like I have a beat just the way I want it. But ‘With You’ came together in about an hour.”

“Our intention was to make sure the sample wasn’t so low and in the cut. Some producers tend to boost up the drums and drown out the sample.” added STREET, who’s first big look came via Terror Squad’s “Take Me Home” in 2004. “I wanted Valerie’s voice to be right up there with Weezy and Drake’s voices. It was about making everyone mesh together.”

Street says he originally thought the song would be included on Wayne’s forthcoming Carter IV album, but received last-minute word that Weezy wanted to release “With You” immediately. The last minute addition joined STREETRUNNER’s original I Am Not A Human Being contribution, the Jay Sean-featured “That Ain’t Me,” which came together with the help of another Cash Money family member.

“Jay Sean got the record when he was on the plane flying back from the Philippines, and ‘Im serious—he knocked it out as soon as he landed and sent it to me the next day. It was perfect—he had the melody and everything, first take.” STREETRUNNER continues. “Wayne first rapped over just the shell of the beat. There was no hook or anything on it. But after he finished it, I felt like it needed a little more of an orchestrated sound. I wanted that superhero music.”

You can expect more to come from StreetRunner and the Cash Money/Young Money crew. The producer is lined up to work with Birdman, has a record on hold for Weezy’s pending Carter IV album, and is also contributing records to Game and Twista’s forthcoming LPs.

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  • FIRST!!!

  • Drew

    @ jodizzo21 Dude it doesnt matter that your first, what matters is that NO LOVE IS DROPPING TOMORROW!!!!!!

  • Wayneandlink

    Damn wayne and eminem. One of the best collaborations!!!! free weezy

  • YungNizzy14

    Man 2011 iz gonna be big Cash Money/Young Money dnt stop, can’t wait 4 the Carter IV to drop and Like Father, Like Son part2 FREE TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gary

    No love has been the best song in 2010

  • ok everybody in denver colorado is fuckin wack. they all think tech n9ne and eminem are better than weezy. wtf? waynes would be mixtape is already above ems wack ass album and it dropped like a month ago. and tech is just fuckin wierd

  • RD

    Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

  • RD

    Yea fuck denver colorado!

  • i hate it here bro they are all stupid

  • C.R

    FUCK EVERYBODY THATS NOT FROM C.O everybody in denver fucks wit wayne except for the FEW weak ass niggas that you know down here

  • Bilin

    my nipples are hard.

  • MANN dat carter 4 shit go be gudda as fuk imma be bumpin dat shit all day and tha no love song lil wayne and eminem went hard on dat shit ………………. free weezy

  • o and u boys sleep on dat im not a human being album went hard as fuk but the hardest song is bill gates



  • JakeSawyer

    Awesome. Free Weeezyyyy!!

  • FlyAsHell

    wtf i just woke up and read about the no love video i can wait to see it:)) in my country i think theyl launch it afther a few dais:(

  • FlyAsHell

    up ^^

  • Rhupa (Rhuu Kelly)

    how long i have been waiting for this video, chicks are dumping us like no reason. SO NO LOVE GUYZ

  • samir23

    wtf denver bein wack? maaaaannn were all weezy fans here! aint nobody like tech or em down here no more man..shit stop hatin..we love weezy as much as anyone shit..

  • Thatruthbutnothating

    birdman lyin…there aint gonna be no LFLS2…ol coon ass

  • WiccaWeezy

    OH MY GAWDD i cant believe its out tomorrow!! i’m soo excited, I couldnt sleep last night I was just constantly thinking about it. FREE WEEZY! I cant honestly wait till he’s out, he’s the only person in the UK he’s written back to in prison, because he likes me the best and we are going to play Halo together when he comes out 🙂 I love you Weezy Woo, stay strong for me wont you 🙂 See you soon x Love you hunny x Craig Wicca <3 xx

  • Tayloe


  • wiggy

    you think waynes no love verse was hard fuckin inkredible was hard as hell ” tatted up im scarred for life tell the cops i know all my rights got choppers i dont mean harley bikes drop em like a bag of ice” sexy as shit

  • Doooooooooooooope ! Hardhitta , can’t wait to see them perform it !

  • u cnt be me

    man f this shhhhhhhhh all the mf’s hatin on Weezy F all yall … yall aint shit ya need ta get ya broke asses up & do sumthin yaself.
    FR33 W33ZY !!!!!!!!!